Predator on Alien horse collectible statue

Predator on an Alien horse replica statueSo far this week I’ve cast my eyes on some pretty cool stuff, especially the life-sized Terminator T-800 replica.  But I’m not only a Terminator fan, I’m also an Aliens and Predator fan, so when I spotted this little beauty, my eyes lit up.

Ever wondered what an Alien horse would look like?  The guys at Sideshow Collectibles obviously have.  They put together this limited edition statue of a Predator riding above an Alien horse.  Pretty sick in my view.  If you’re a fan you’d no doubt want this, but alas, it was limited to 750 editions and they’re all sold out.  Sorry if I got your hopes up.  Still, if you want to check out a few screenies of this awesome collectible just for the hell of it, you can do so here.

Oh, by the way, there’s a waiting list button.  If you lodge an order, you could possibly still get one if someone who has already ordered cancels.  Its a remote hope.  How lucky are you feeling?

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One Response to “Predator on Alien horse collectible statue”

  1. Taco Pete said:

    Easily one of the lamest things i’ve ever seen…shocked that Dark Horse hasn’t further muddied the franchises by doing something like this in their comics.