‘Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark’: Trailer

Not a long time has left till the suspense around Broadway’s the most expensive play (its cost is estimated at $60 million) will be over, and the musical Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark will open its doors to the multiple fans! Directed by Julie Taymor and featuring original songs by U2’s Bono and The Edge, the musical has been in development for over three years. Due to a number of factors, among which the musical’s having been delayed several times, people are eager to hear every tiny detail about the play, and here we go – a trailer combining the moments from the musical with its behind-the-scenes footage has been released. You are most welcome to watch it after a jump.

YouTube Preview Image

Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark stars Reeve Carney (Peter Parker), Jennifer Damiano (Mary Jane Watson) and Patrick Page (the Green Goblin) and is expected to be the best superhero musical.  The decorations (namely, the sets to the Oscorp lab) look fabulous, and there will be a number of villains – each of them is sure to have an amazing costume, taking into account the play’s budget. According to Julie Taymor, apart from the green goblin, there will be a number of foes for Spiderman to fight: The Lizard, Rhino, Swarm, Kraven the Hunter, and Carnage.

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