20 Hottest Male Vampires Of All Time

As vampires continue to be the current trend, it was only a matter of time before the lists of the best/top vampires appear. This one was compiled by Guide To Beauty School, so you can head over to this page and see the list in-depth. You can also see the shorter list here after the jump.

  1. James Marsters as Spike in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel
  2. Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen in Twilight
  3. Alexander Skarsgard as Eric Northman in True Blood
  4. Antonio Banderas as Armand in Interview with a Vampire
  5. David Boreanaz as Angel in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel
  6. Keifer Sutherland as David in The Lost Boys
  7. Brad Pitt as Louis de Pointe du Lac in Interview with a Vampire
  8. Jason Dohring as Josef Kostan in Moonlight
  9. Wesley Snipes as Blade in Blade
  10. Stephen Moyer as Bill Compton in True Blood
  11. Gerard Butler as Dracula in Dracula 2000
  12. Ian Somerhalder as Damon Salvatore in The Vampire Diaires
  13. Tom Cruise as Lestat de Lioncourt in Interview with a Vampire
  14. Alex O’Loughlin as Mich St. John in Moonlight
  15. Jason Patric as Michael from The Lost Boys
  16. Kellan Lutz as Emmett Cullen from Twilight
  17. Aidan Turner as Mitchell in Being Human
  18. Ethan Hawke as Edward in Daybreakers
  19. Paul Wesley as Stefan in The Vampire Diaries
  20. Stuart Townsend as Lestat in Queen of the Damned

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53 Responses to “20 Hottest Male Vampires Of All Time”

  1. ginger said:

    the only 2 i disagree with are the twilight ones… they look mildly retarded, or constipated all the time

  2. Nemisis said:

    No way !!
    Lestat ( Stuart Townsend ) in The Queen of the Damned is by FAR the hottest !!
    Then it’s True Blood’s Eric Northman ( Alexander Skarsgard )
    And I mean Wesley Snipes isn’t HOT, he’s cool and plays a really great part but… Good looking ? NO WAY !
    It’s all wrong… Wrong wrong wrong !!
    Same as the Twilight guy… He’s not hot. He’s just… Normal. I see guys like him every day ! He’s just rich and got make up on.

  3. Geraldine said:

    TOM CRUISE AS LESTAT IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  4. Judith Fong said:

    Tom cruise is the best!

  5. meli said:

    Robert Pattison 2º?
    wdjasdf he is horrible!
    Alexander is sexier than him U.U

  6. Alyssa said:

    This is the absolute worst list I have EVER seen. Brad Pitt should be number one and Tom Cruise should be number one. True Blood, Vampire Diaries, and Twilight should not even count as actual vampire portrayals. Blade is absolutely awful and so is Daybreakers.

  7. Alyssa said:

    number two* for Tom Cruise

  8. Arabella said:

    You have to be kidding. No one I know doubts for a second that Alex O’Loughlin is the best ever. I am appalled that Tom Cruise is even in the running and Robert Pattinson is a mere boy.

  9. Jo Groenewoud said:

    I like this list it is quite comprehensive but find one short coming there aren’t any mention of the Vampires in Vampire High they were all gorgeous as well.

  10. Lee said:

    Louis is #7? Really? Did these voters even watch these movies? And where is Gary oldman?

  11. Ren said:

    why isn’t Tom Cruise at the top of the list for Lestat?! he might be a loony now, but he IS the Brat Prince! and how did Antonio Banderas beat out Brad Pitt for their characters in that movie? MADNESS.

    this list needs to be redone sans the Cullens, too…

  12. dumitru said:

    stuart townsend as lestat is by far the hottest male vampire of all time… twilight and that whole fad are a joke, i can only imagine how pathetic the vampire diaries is… human/vampire teenager love, PUKE!!

    anne rice is the bar, no-one has ever written anything more creative, imaginative, enticing, enthralling, sexual or other-worldly as her…

    anne rice is the best vampire author ever!! even dracula is a bit of a joke…

    vampires should be beautiful, and anne’s writings capture that perfectly… you can see as you read… you are in another world, a beautiful world where blood and sex are the same thing: necessary but frowned upon…

    yeah, so, back to my point…

    buffy was a joke, james marsters is ugly and stuart townsend was the hottest vampire captured on film…


  13. Vicky said:

    Some vampires in this list are plain UGLY imo.
    Sure, it`s a matter of taste… but they`re ugly still.

  14. AZwhofan said:


  15. Vamp Lover said:

    Where IS Gary Oldman? He performed, absolutely, the best vampire portrayal that I have ever seen. EVER! If you have not seen Bram Stoker’s Dracula, check it out. It’s not these cutesy, pseudo, wanna be vamps in any way.

  16. Kate said:

    Don’t judge before you know, Dimutru. I have read Anne Rice and her whgole plot premise is a horrible joke. Second, if you insult Buffy (without even seeing it) get ready to be attacked by a whole legion of fans. I ahve seen both, and I can safely say Buffy is by far the winner, in every respect (though Angel was hotter than Spike)

  17. Alison Armstrong said:

    Caleb Morley (portrayed by Michael Easton) on the cancelled daytime drama Port Charles should be #1–the most beautiful, seductive, compelling, and charismatic vampire of all time.

  18. Laurie said:

    I have seen almost everything ther is to see with vampires in it. Buffy is a joke. The Interview with a Vampire was awsome, Twilight is for the teeny Boppers and so is Vampire diaries, Bram Stoker’s Dracula is anothe awsome movie. My vote for the hotest vampires goes 1-Brad Pitt, 2- Tom Cruise 3-Antonio Banderas, 4-Keifer Sutherland 5-Ian Somerhalder

  19. Laurie said:

    I have seen almost everything there is to see with vampires in it. Buffy is a joke. The Interview with a Vampire was awesome, Twilight is for the teeny Boppers and so is Vampire diaries, Bram Stoker’s Dracula is another awsome movie. My vote for the hotest vampires goes 1-Brad Pitt, 2- Tom Cruise 3-Antonio Banderas, 4-Keifer Sutherland 5-Ian Somerhalder

  20. nicole said:

    PSH, lestat is by far the hottest one
    then eric from true blood.

  21. Mona said:

    Alex O’Loughlin will always be, in my opinion, the sexiest vampire ever!

  22. Fairy said:

    Without Gary Oldman every vampire list SUCKS!!!

  23. Spikegirl said:

    Spike absolutely rules!!!
    Oh yeah
    Stuart Townsend should be no. 2
    Ian Somerhalder no. 3

  24. Sydney said:

    Yay Buffy yay I love the show and I am in love with spike he is sooooooo sexy

  25. marlo said:

    I have to agree to whomever said tha Michael Easton portrayed the best vampire. He was everything a vampire should be on Port Charles.

  26. Victoria D said:

    Angel deserved to be in the first or second place. He is so hot, this is unfair! Angel is sexy, beautiful, great hot immortal body…

  27. Loren said:

    Stuart Townsend is the absolute sexiest vampire ever — hands down! Alex O’Loughlin is definitely #2. Gary Oldman played a good part, but sexy? I don’t think so!

  28. esvee09 said:

    Robert Pattinson deserves to be on the list. He actually have this Vampire effect even off screen! He really looks like a vampire! And a vampire should really look gorgeous not scary to attract their preys. It’s a matter of choice. for me he’s the best! I wasn’t fond of watching vampire movies cuz it’s so unrealistic. but Robert pattinson made me so attracted with the vampires. ahahaha

  29. Vanessa said:

    Spike is #1.
    #2Eric Northman
    #3Damon Salvatore
    #4Mick St.John
    #Lestat(Stuart Townsend)

  30. Kendra said:

    Spike is the best vampire there ever was and the best vampire they’ll ever be.

  31. nathalie&brianna said:

    You’ve got to be freaking kidding me. Ian and Paul rank so low? Have you not seen their perfect abs and hott performances?! THE BALCONY SCENE!!! What does Robert Pattinson have? Nothing! His character-hott. Robert himself-EW. NO. NEVER.
    I’m outraged by this and I refuse to let this be the official list!!!! At least have Ian and Paul be number one and two!

  32. Rosetta said:

    I can’t believe this list. Tom Cruise should not even be on this list. The hottest vampires of all time should be Brad Pitt as Louis de Pointe du Lac, Stuart Townsend as Lestat, Antonio Banderas as Armand, Angel (not Spike), Gerard Butler as Dracula, and newcomer Aidan Turner as Mitchell.

  33. Ella said:

    Um. All I can say is that I think Robert Pattinson and Ian Somerhalder should swap numbers…
    Damon :)

  34. amy said:

    umm… first of all ian somerhalder should be number one (=!!!
    and why isn’t stephen dorff on there!?

  35. lulu said:

    1. Louis – Brad Pitt just beautiful…
    2. Erik Northman from True Blood
    3. Tom Cruise- Lestat.
    4. Queen of the Damn Lestat.
    5. The other people…
    6. Twilight vampires dont even have fangs!!!!! i mean..is that even a vampire????? Not. Sorry.

  36. Robin said:

    How can you forget Frank Langella in the classic Dracula with the sexy Kate Nelligan as Lucy? That was one of my favorites, and I really hated it when he died at the end. He is still one sexy guy!

  37. Robin said:

    Since you are including television shows and series, four more gentlemen come to mind. I realize I am showing my age here, but Geraint Win Davies, Nigel Bennett, and Ben Bass as Nick Knight, Lacroix, and Vachon respectively In “Forever Knight.” And last but certainly not least, Jonathan Frid as the infamous Barnabas Collins in “Dark Shadows.” Sex appeal is not just about looks, ladies, there are many layers to sexiness. And these guys will always be hot to me! :)

  38. t.hi said:

    A number 1 i actually agree with, he is the hottest of all time, but rob patt shouldn’t even be on the list otherwise the list is perfect

  39. chielika said:

    EXCUSE ME! why is damon salvatore no. 12!? i agree, ian and robert should definitely swap places! :) )

  40. sophie said:

    angel/david should be number 1 he is sooo sexy nd great actor
    spike/james should be number 2 he also is sexi nd good actor but angel better lol
    i dont no wots wid every1s obsession wid robert pattinson he is soo ugly!

  41. Bethanny said:

    David Boreanaz Is Most Defeintaily The Hottest Male Vampire You Will Ever Findd !!

    James Marsters Is To Badd Himself, But I Would Pick David Over Him Anydaay ! :D

    And Robert Pattinson Is Ugly, No Offence :)

  42. jj the jet plane said:

    ok that list SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!
    damon s. is MUCH hotter than all of the twilight dwebs together ian s. should be at least in the top 3 and paul w. around 10th. robert shoudnt even be on the list!!!! yea so his chacteris kinda hot, but him in real life? he looks like a hobo.
    he even admitted on a jay lino shwo that he DOES NOT WASH HIS HAIR or HAVE A SENCE OF HIGHGENE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. asche said:

    1. spike (totally agree), closly followed by
    2. eric
    the rest is fine except the twilight should be jackson rathbone as jasper for the top one replacing edward and godrick from true blood should replace emmett cause man he was gorgeous. oh and lesat from queen of the damned was better than douchy tom cruise and portrayed lestat better.

  44. Ivana said:

    Totally agree with SPIKE for #1! I’m also glad that Mitchell from “Being Human” is there…

    On the other hand, I don’t care for “Twilight” and I don’t find Robert Pattinson attractive at all. And there is one glaring omission: the sexiest, most seductive Count Dracula ever, played by Frank Langella in John Badham’s 1979 version of “Dracula”. He was the one that first spurred by vamp lust when I was a pre-teen… and remains my #2 sexiest vampire. Gary Oldman wasn’t that bad, either.

  45. Robin said:

    Glad someone else agrees with me about Frank Langella. He is the sexiest Dracula ever. Love him! He only gets better with age!

  46. kiragirl said:

    Hope I’m not necroposting. I would like to say that vampires are my favorite horror creature and I love almost every movie and series related to vampires. I think everyone needs to chill out and realize that everyone has different view points on what the hottest vampire is. I for one think the Lost Boys SUCKS. Kudos to the person who remembered Forever Knight and by the way did anyone think about the short but great series Kindred. Their were a few of those characters who could have made the list. I would give my own list but frankly I would be to torn to pick between some of my favorites.

  47. Robin said:

    Hear hear, kiragirl! Well said!

  48. 1superkawaii said:

    Spike all the way!!! Hottest male character on tv ever. I’d put Gary Oldman as 2. I don’t care for the twilight guys. They really don’t do the vampire thing well.

  49. kiragirl said:

    Thank you, but someone had to say it, and well said Robin on what you said about sex appeal not just being about looks. I would also like to point out that everyone on here posting is going to be of different generations and we all have different ideas of what a vampire should be. Some of us are going to lean toward the vampires of old myth like the original Dracula and some are going to lean more toward the newer genre types like Angel, Twilight, Moonlight, Vampire Diaries, etc. What is sexy to one is not to another. My sister and I are practically different generations and we argue all the time over who is sexier. One more thing, this is suppose to be about the vampires so put any personal love or hatred of the actor aside and shouldn’t we judge on the character traits of the vampire themselves. It can be done I do NOT like Stuart Townsend and have to say my opinion of his acting is lower than dirt, but in Queen of the Damned I find Lestat to be a sexy, dangerous, bad boy that you can’t stay away from. In another words one of the many acceptable ways for a vampire to be. This opinion is also coming from someone who did not like Lestat in Interview with the Vampire. He just came across in this movie as bleh…who would be seduced by this, I’d be more likely to stab him in the heart than jump into bed or whatever. So let’s be fair to the characters and try to forget the actors playing them. Feel free to defend any opinion you have to the contrary but realize for every viewpoint anyone has there is always going to be someone out there with a different one that you might not like.

  50. Shannon said:

    I agree with
    Damon/Ian Somerhalder.
    Eric/Alexander Skarsgard.
    Spike/James Marsters.
    Lestat/Stuart Townsend. (I’m not saying the others aren’t good looking, but to me they aren’t the most gorgeous ones out there)
    And everyone has different opinions so :) to everyone.
    BUT… Where IS Gary Oldman?!

  51. kiragirl said:

    Glad someone else, realizes that opinions are different. Well put Shannon

  52. NANA said:

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    The novel that inspired the TV series Moonlight puts a twist on the classic Dracula vampire tale and blends it with Chandler hardboiled P.I. detective fiction.LA-based P.I. and vampire Mick Angel has been hired by a beautiful red-headed burlesque dancer to find her missing sister. But the apparently

  53. Holly said:

    I like your choices, but I think you need to have put David Boreanaz first and James Marsters should be second. Then Robert Pattinson should be fifth.