2012 Release for ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine 2′?

Hugh Jackman is 'Wolverine'

MTV caught up with Hugh Jackman after X-Men Origins: Wolverine won the Teen Choice Award for the best action/adventure film over the weekend.

They posted a snippet of their interview a few days ago in which Jackman confirmed development on the sequel had started and that it would be based on the Japanese story featured in the 1982 Chris Claremont and Frank Miller four issue miniseries Wolverine.

They’ve now posted another snippet from the same interview in which Jackman says the sequel will be the “sexiest” yet and hints at a 2012 release date.

Watch the snippet after the jump.

If you missed the first snippet of the interview, you can watch it here.

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12 Responses to “2012 Release for ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine 2′?”

  1. bditm said:

    Oh, great.

    I want to be excited for this; I really do.

    But all that fudging near the end–”pretty close”, “lots of new mutants” . . .

    They’re going to make me cry. Again. And not in a good way.

  2. wolverinefan said:

    well i think it will be cool because all the x-men films were cool but people didnt like x-men 3 and origins wolverine for sum reason but the the writer of x-men 1 is writing wolverine 2 so people might not give this bad reviews. i think each x-men film gets better and better i dont care if other people dont like it x-men origins wolverine is my favourite marvel film.

  3. keith said:

    there shold be a wolverine 2, because im a big marvel comics fan and, it shold be on lady deathstrike origin, ( might hav deadpool because hes my favorite guy) email me at deadpool10177@aol.com if you would like to disscuss it.

  4. wolverinefan said:

    lady daeth strike, how about x-23,omega red and silver samrai.


    I love the idea that the next x-men movie is going to be taking place in japan also i am a big fan of the marvel comics and silver samari should be the bad guy in the movie just like in the comic book and i think this movie is going to be a sussess also wolverine is my favorite x-man and should have new mutants like omega red, arcade, quicksilver, or graydon creed and wolverine’s love interest should be Mariko the woman he fell in love with in the comic book. If you want to ask me more go to my myspace email: kiolipr_2006@yahoo.com .

  6. wolverinefan said:

    this movie will be the best thing ever!

  7. DingDangDoo said:

    Will there be a Ninja Assassin part 2?

  8. septult said:

    i hope that they do a wolverine old man logan movie too

  9. daniel said:

    dose anybody know if this movie is after x-men 3, are is it in the past?

  10. Amit patel said:


    One of greatest movie i had seen is the ” x-men origine wolvorine”
    the next it must be great and must prepare the after 2012 sequ.
    The great timing but must prepare the next sequece after 2012

    Amit patel

  11. Rushdan Rashid said:

    The most important thing is HUGH JACKMAN must reprise the role as James Howlett/ Logan or Wolverine. He is well discipline and serious about the role. Job well done, Hugh. Two thumbs up!

  12. sagi said:

    this movie is after xmen origins wolverine and before xmen 1