7 things we liked (and 1 we didn’t) about the insane Sucker Punch trailer

Oh God, I still cant come out from the marvelous experience that I had after seeing the trailer for Zack Snyder’s Sucker Punch which debuted over the weekend at the San Diego Comic-Con. I really wish I could rewind and play it over and over again, but then, I know that this is nothing but just a dream. Fortunately, Warner Bros. has released it to the public!
Some of the things that I appreciate are-

• Our heroine
• The film’s pedigree
• A fire-breathing dragon
• We can go anywhere
• Girls with Guns
• We’ve got Samurai
• Zeppelins
But there’s one thing that pisses me off and that’s the release day- March 2011- it’s too late folks!

Source: Blastr

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