ABC Talks To Pick Up ‘Ghost Whisperer’ Confirmed

If it is not CBS then it is ABC.
Last week you must have heard the news about CBS that they had chosen not to renew their supernatural investigations series The Ghost Whisperer, which starred Jennifer Love Hewitt as a woman who is able to communicate with ghosts. Recent rumours have suggested that ABC is looking to pick up the series. Well this rumour has been cleared somewhat when in a recent interview for WENN, Jamie Kennedy, who played the role of Eli James, revealed that the rumours are in fact true. He said that they are talking about it, so that’s cool. Well, no one could say exactly what the truth is.

Source: Sci-Fi Wire

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One Response to “ABC Talks To Pick Up ‘Ghost Whisperer’ Confirmed”

  1. said:

    That’s too bad. Hopefully ABC can keep it for a while. I like the show.