ABC’s ‘Flash Forward’ Could Go For Seven Years

Flash Forward

Joseph Fiennes stars in 'Flash Forward'

ABC’s new sci-fi series Flash Forward follows the story of many different characters from all over the world as they deal with witnessing a 2-minute and 17-second slice of the future.

Though previously billed as having been ‘based on’ Robert J. Sawyer’s sci-fi novel ‘Flashforward’, executive producer Marc Guggenhelm has told Think McFly Think that he prefers to refer to the series as having been ‘inspired by’ Sawyer’s book since the storyline heads in a different direction to the novel.

“If you read the book and find the concept intriguing, you will really enjoy what David [Goyer] and Brannon [Braga] did with it,” Guggenheim adds.

In the book the flash that the characters experience goes forward some 21 years but the series significantly shrinks it to six months.  The benefit according to Guggenhelm is that the future can become the present much faster.

“The real appeal when you are doing a television series is getting to see the payoff of when the future becomes the present. David and Brannon made the decision to have that payoff come in the first season,” he said.

Guggenhelm also believes Flash Forward could go for longer than Lost.

“We figure it can go seven years pretty comfortably,” he said. “At a minimum, we figure we would need three seasons [to tell the story]…I have a feeling people will start talking about Flash Foward once they see it. I think that show will inspire that much interest.”

You can read the full interview here.

Flash Forward will premiere on Thursday, September 24 at 8pm ET.

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6 Responses to “ABC’s ‘Flash Forward’ Could Go For Seven Years”

  1. Sharon E. Dreyer said:

    Flash Forward does sound more appealing than some of the offerings that cable has and will present its viewers. The trouble with “seeing the future” is that you would have to replay everything you saw if you the same outcome. Check out my first and recently released novel, Long Journey to Rneadal. This exciting tale is a romantic action adventure in space and is more about the characters than the technology.

  2. Sebi said:

    Brannon Braga is supposedly writing a show that has a 7 year arc? He was the same guy who promised Star Trek Enterprise had an overarching plot that was already mapped out. Instead we got Space Nazis and no resolution to a 3 year build up.

  3. JD said:

    Brannon Braga is just one of the writers but so is David S. Goyer and Robert J. Sawyer.

    With the writer of The Dark Knight on board I personally have no hesitations about checking out this series.

  4. Ashlyn Beccs said:

    i hope it doesn’t start to try too hard every new season, like Lost and Prison Break.

  5. LFord said:

    In Australia on holiday just now and watched the pilot episode, was hoping that it would be showing on UK tv soon, but after reading that it might go on for 7yrs i hope they dont bother. I watched prison break and Lost for 2seasons then totally lost interest..You drag out things far too long and it becomes annoying and very very boring. I wouldnt push it past 3seasons and at that they would have to be really good with a full explaination. I hate these US programs that end bluntly and explain absolutely nothing :(

  6. Hailey said:

    Saw “Flash Forward”.. and I must say that the idea was great! But the show is poorly executed!!! Beginning was fantastic but soon fail to impress me. Not enough excitement.

    I say this show will be canceled after 2 seasons! I stop watching after 2nd episode.. Too much hype and not enough action! You guys need stronger actors too..

    Take a page from “Fringe”, “Lost”, “Alias”, and “True Blood”.. keep your characters interesting and more actions in every episode or you will loose your viewers.

    Good luck!