‘Avatar’ Leaves Behind ‘Star Wars’ in It’s Dream Run

Nothing seems to stop the dream run for Avatar as it is topping every chart that ever exists for cinemas! In its latest record, James Cameron directed Avatar has displaced Star Wars to take the third position in the list of Highest-grossing movie in America. The domestic collection of the movie that topped the box office chart for the 5th week is $491.8 million. Avatar is being speculated to raise its gross domestic collection to $500 million by the end of this week! The global collections for this cinematic beauty rose to $1.6 billion. The next few weeks will decide whether the movie would be the only one in the history of American Cinema to surpass the gross collections of any other movie.

Source: SciFiwire

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3 Responses to “‘Avatar’ Leaves Behind ‘Star Wars’ in It’s Dream Run”

  1. Jim said:

    I have always loved these unfair charts comparing past movies to the current ones. if they really want to be fair and accurate, use the number of tickets sold instead of gross. as we all know, going to the theater in 1977. a ticket in 77 was about what $2-$2.50 ?

  2. me said:

    Unfair charts indeed.
    You can’t compare a movie produced in 1977 with one from 2009.
    Different ticket price.
    And add to that the difference in the technology used, programs used, aso, for creating the movie. Therefore, at the end, the movie from 2009 will be more ‘eye-candy’ (and loved even if it’s worst when compared, from other points of view, with the older one) when compared with the one from 1977.

  3. TheCritic said:

    George Lucas should be ashamed!