‘Avatar’: New Viral Website, Viral Video, and Images

Avatar Concept Art

Avatar Concept Art (click to enlarge)

The first viral website for James Cameron’s Avatar has gone live.  Unfortunately there’s not a lot there yet (be it quantity or quality).

It does however feature the first viral video released for the film. In the video Stephen Lang exerts himself as Colonel Quaritch, attempting to convince us he’s a tough military man by rambling on about how we are not in Kansas anymore, we are on Pandora…

Whilst Lang’s video slots into the lack of quality I was referring to, the new site does feature a few images of concept art that are worth taking a look at.  The image above is my pick of the bunch.

You can also join the AVTR twitter campaign which is another one of those annoying spam tweet marketing gimmicks that I refuse to participate in (the “Hey, I just added you to my Mafia family” one has driven me insane).

Visit the AVTR site here.

In additional Avatar news, a new image featuring Lang as Colonel Quaritch has been released.  Check it out below courtesy of Market Saw:

Colonel Quaritch

Stephen Lang as Colonel Quaritch in 'Avatar'

Finally, if you don’t have the energy to click your left mouse button and visit the AVTR website but still want to waste a few seconds of your life checking out Lang’s viral video, our good friends at Trailer Addict have made it available.  Watch it below:

Avatar hits theaters:
Australia – December 17, 2009
USA & UK – December 18, 2009

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