First part of Battlestar Galactica finale airs March 13

Battlestar Galactica finale approaches

Battlestar Galactica finale approaches

The series finale of Battlestar Galactica will span 3 hours, but you’ll have to watch it in two parts.  The first hour of the finale will be aired on March 13 at 10pm ET on the Sci Fi channel.  The second two hours part of the finale will follow on March 20 starting at 9pm ET.

To make things tricky, Sci Fi will re-air the first part on the same night as it airs part two.  That is, the March 13 episode will be shown again only at 8pm on March 20.  So basically there’ll be a 3 hour BSG fest on March 20.

Apparently some sources at the Sci Fi network believe this finale could draw the biggest numbers the channel has ever experienced.  I’d say that’s a fair bet.

Source:  SyFyPortal

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