Brandon Routh’s ‘Superman’ Contract Expires

Brandon Routh as Superman in 'Superman Returns'

Brandon Routh as Superman in 'Superman Returns'

Back in March we learned that a Superman Returns sequel was in stasis (rumored to be titled Superman Unleashed).

To add salt to Superman fans’ wounds actor Brandon Routh has confirmed his contract to return as Superman has now lapsed.

“The contract has expired,” Routh said.  “I don’t know anything.  I’m sure that Warner Bros’ are moving on it, but it’s all uncertain. I really don’t know.”

Although plans for the sequel remain unknown, Routh offers some comfort to fans.

“If they called me for another time I would return without a second thought.”

His comments came from the set of Scott Pilgrim vs The World and were published on The Omelete in Portuguese – the above translations are loose (thanks to a free online translator) but you get the point.

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5 Responses to “Brandon Routh’s ‘Superman’ Contract Expires”

  1. Tina said:

    Best news ever. They finally kicked that loser to the curb and can start fresh. Was there ever such an empty suit at the middle of a movie? But he’s gone now so it doesn’t matter anymore.

  2. JD said:

    You’ve got to be kidding. Routh was the perfect Superman. It was the story that let it down, not Routh.

  3. Audrey said:

    I’m just glad that if they do decide to make a sequel, he is willing to do it even though his contract is over.

  4. Vanessa said:

    I Agree with JD, He was actually really great with Superman. The story, and the boring Louis and Lex characters are what spoiled it for me.

  5. Chika said:

    Brandon Routh forever