Christopher Nolan confirms: Joker will NOT return in Batman 3

No Joker from now! In an interview with U.K. Empire magazine director Christopher Nolan has confirmed that the Joker will not return in Batman 3.
Well, this time when Nolan is asked about the Joker coming back, then Nolan emphatically and without hesitating replied ‘No’.
There’s been speculation almost since The Dark Knight came out in 2008 that Nolan might consider recasting the role, which was played to perfection by the late Heath Ledger. One name even floated as a possible replacement was Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who resembles Ledger and appears in Nolan’s upcoming Inception. The thinking was that the Joker would act more as a puppet master from inside Arkham Asylum, pulling the strings for a new villain or villains. But Ledger’s Oscar-winning performance was so iconic, and Nolan was reportedly hit so hard by Ledger’s untimely death in January 2008, that the idea of putting another actor in the role seemed far-fetched at best.

Source: Sci-Fi Wire

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