‘Chronicles of Riddick’ Sequel Won’t Be PG-13

Chronicles of Riddick

Back in March Vin Diesel confirmed that Pitch Black was a prequel to a trilogy, and that Chronicles of Riddick was the first movie of the trilogy.  We learned that the second film in the trilogy will take Riddick to the Underverse, and the third movie will head to Furia itself – the planet of Riddick’s origin.

In an exclusive interview with ShockTillYouDrop David Twohy, the writer of the Riddick series, has added a little more detail.  He’s confirmed that the producers are not interested in making a PG-13 film and that the new film will be produced with a more budget conscious mindset.

“I’ve sketched out two ideas for the next installment,” Twohy said. “Vin [Diesel] and I have decided on one approach of those two, and there’s some interest at the studio level but it would be as a PG-13 film, and we don’t want to do that anymore. That’s one of the concessions we thought we made with Riddick that we shouldn’t have made. We also spent too much money and we were too ambitions, so yes, if we do go back to a third one, it will be focused again, hopefully again the same way that Pitch Black was, and we’ll spend less money doing it. We’re just trying to figure out how much less we can do it for, because I don’t think Vin is going to work for scale again.”

“The third movie would be more modestly-scaled and it would probably feel more like Pitch Black than Chronicles,” he said. “It will always be Riddick-centric. If the question is whether it will be more like the first one than the second one, the difference is that yeah, you can sell it on its creatures and say ‘This is a creature fest and we’re going to go out as us vs. the creatures’ but that’s like a lot of different movies. However, the hallmark of a good movie, and I think Pitch Black is a good movie, is that even if you took the creatures out of the picture, you’d still have some pretty interesting character dynamics going on within that group, and it’s almost like you can tell the same story without the creature or substitute some other external pressure on the group, because there were internal pressures as well that were interesting. So was it really a creature feature? It had the hallmarks of it, the trappings of a creature movie, but it also had pretty good characters.”

It should be pointed out that the neither the sequel nor the third film are absolute givens to go ahead.  A number of wheels still have to turn.

Nevertheless, the sequel to Chronicles of Riddick is tentatively scheduled for a 2012 release.

Source: ShockTillYouDrop

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14 Responses to “‘Chronicles of Riddick’ Sequel Won’t Be PG-13”

  1. Mike said:

    I thought the first Chronicles of Riddick movie was great but, now I see there scared to spend a little and, he is saying its gonna be more like pitch black which is a huge mistake. If your afraid to spend money on movies now days dont even make it because why make a low budget film thats just going to fail? Now if they keep it the same concept as the last one it will be a huge hit. There is a lot they can do with the Riddick name. Its been out of the picture for awhile so they need a big release to get people back in to it an prepared for the last one.

  2. Da Cat 2009 said:

    Pitch Black was good, but lacked the action that the Chronicles had. If David Twohy wants to make a film that is low budget he can, but he shouldnt. Get some money and make a good Riddick film. Riddick is my favorite movie series, and if the sequel will be a low budget, bad special fx, fake movie, then he will lose fans. Lots of them.

  3. Cassandra said:

    I disagree. I thought PB & COR were terrific! Both were on totally difference scales.

    PB was good because the creatures were a minor part of the story. The story was about Riddick and the internal pressures of the group as they tried to figure out more about Riddick and then had to ban together to survive when the creatures became known. Fight for survival movies usually do well.

    COR was about Riddick trying to learn about who is he (hence, flashbacks) and on finding Kyra (aka Jack) again. Then its survival time against people more dangerous than he is. Plus the storyline continued where PB stopped so all the characters came back & you got to see where they were at when Riddick stepped again into this life.

    3rd will be interesting, I’m sure Riddick is heading to Underverse because there he’s going to find Kyra again. If you listened to the Lord Marshall’s speech about what the Underverse was (really LISTEN…), Kyra isn’t dead in the true sense. She’s no longer 100% human….

  4. Sam said:

    I’m going to have to agree with Cassandra. I personally loved both Pitch Black and Chronicles, but for different reasons. PB is more about introducing you to the character of Riddick and making you want to know more about him, while in Chronicles you start getting to the heart of the matter and the real story kicks off.
    Also, if David Twohy wants to make the movie on a smaller budget that’s fine, just as long as the story itself doesn’t suffer and the move to continue the journey of Riddick isn’t wasted.

  5. Kyle said:

    I don’t care about the scale, I want to see the movie. I cannot believe that it has taken this long already to make a sequel. I thought both movies were amazing, and I cannot wait for the rest of the story. COR ended on a cliffhanger years ago, and I am still hanging. LETS GO DO IT! Woo HOO!!

  6. Seraphimia said:

    Hummm this does not sound at all good. I personally liked elements of both movies, but would not waste me time seeing a sequel that was essentially a re-hash of the first one for the sake of only, dynamics, creatures & budget, I want to see an actual story progression as much as action.

  7. John said:

    I like that they’re making another Riddidck movie, but I’d preder it if they did it more liike Chronicles than Pitch Black. Don’t get me wrong, Pitch Black was great, but Chronicles set up such epic special effects, story, and action, that it would be a huge mistake to go back to the series’ low-budget roots. However, if they were able to pull off a great movie without a huge budget, I’m all for it.

  8. Jen said:

    Did not like Pitch Black but loved Chronicles of Riddick.

  9. Angie B. T. said:

    I too wish a sequel had been faster in coming, because I too love both movies! (Recent addict talking here – I’ve watched both movies 3-4 times in one week. Last flick I did that with was Fellowship of the Rings)
    And as for comments on costs and special effects – hey, if they took this long to make sure they did a sequel justice, they won’t make crap. And FYI Lord of the Rings was considered a low budget film. hehe. so I’m not worried on that aspect. My one worry would be that it would just be an empty action flick with monsters. As Sam said, I too would like to see the character of Riddick progress and grow. That’s the main thing that keeps me going back to watch the movies. in the first one he discovers his humanity, and in the second movie what he discovered in movie 1 is reaffirmed, and he discovers a bit of a spiritual side, aka destiny and he is a major player in the universe and his actions help/hurt many others, etc. LOVED that! I hope the third continues the character growth – don’t care what vehicle they choose to do it in as long as it gets done. Personally I hope the F word is not as prevalent in the third movie as in the first. use some creativity in the swearing! I mean, the F word is so high school, angsty teen who’s just discovered the true meaning of the word and thinks it’s the most bad-A thing since Chocolate. give me a break.
    but I’m excited! can’t deny that!

  10. Mr B said:

    I’m amazed to hear people say that Chronicles of Riddick was a bad movie ! The professional critics can go to hell ! To me it was one of the best, most under-rated sci-fi movies ever made. Just the look of the movie itself via amazing production and artistic values was light years ahead of most other feature length films. I really thought I was watching events occur in another far off world. I’m sad to hear that the sequel will be more like Pitch Black.

  11. BigGuy101 said:

    Great to hear that this franchise has not been forgotten. I loved Pitch Black, And at the same time it came out sifi channel aired a special which was the story of how Riddick escaped in the first place. It was good and inhanced the movie. So I was excited to see Chronicles of Riddick, got my ticket and saw it opening night and was kinda disapointed, but still liked it. Then the dvd release came out with extended directors cut with like 40 minutes of more story. Which made an ok movie into a Damn good movie. Which proves that when studios put to much pressure or control on the film it suffers. I hope these new films get made and the studio restrictions dont kill this franchise.

  12. Will said:

    I loved Pitch Black.

    The first time I saw Chronicles of Riddick, I thought it was a little goofy (and the PG-13 rating didn’t help). I’ve liked it better on subsequent viewings. But…

    … Riddick’s character works best as a spoiler to the plots and plans of others. He’s the wrench in the works, the fly in the ointment, so to speak. And one of the great things about the character is the aura of mystery around him–how did he get to be such a bad-ass? What horrible situations did he have to fight his way through that made him so resilient? Is he evil or not? He’s not (anymore, anyway), but he’s no goody two-shoes either. We saw how he liked to probe for the hypocrisy and dishonesty in others in Pitch Black, their foolish notions about how the universe works, their misplaced hope. Chronicles kind of killed the mystery of Riddick. The whole mythological aspect of the film was goofy. He was turned into just another super-hero. “Ooohhhh, he’s bad-ass because he comes from a race of bad-asses!” Hello? Just like Superman, yes? (but with an attitude). I think it cheapened the character. I think there was an opportunity there for further exploration of Riddick’s psyche, more depth to be revealed, more development, and all we really got was a caricature.

    Honestly, I feel that the best way to rescue this series would be to have Riddick “wake up” on board the skiff and turn to Jack and the Imam and tell them he just had the most f’d up dream. And that would take care of the Chronicles mess, and then the real story could resume. And by “real” I mean no more mythological garbage, no “chosen one” crap. Just Riddick vs the universe in all his bad-ass glory, dealing out menace and psychological manipulation and violence in equal turns. Stick him with another group of people in some new, more twisted situation and watch the dynamics play out.

  13. Sarah said:

    Look Twohy, stick to your damn guns and don’t let PB purists destroy this story. COR may have been a pricey flick, but the effects take my breath away every time I watch the film. The characters, the timing, the careful orchestration in every scene were all worth it! If I had known about this movie in 04, I would have seen it in on the silver screen at least 20 times. It’s one of the few movies I can watch over and over and not get bored. Riddick’s brash exploits kick ass. Riddick kicks ass. This story kicks ass. COR’s ‘cg overdose’ KICKED ASS. (All the Necromancer artwork kicked….ASS.) In an era where 3D movies and effects technology has FINALLY caught up with the vision of COR, please don’t skimp out too much. Please. This isn’t coming from a knock-kneed snot-nosed mouth-breathing four-eyed LARP trekkie trapped in a WOW game. This is coming from a 30 yr. old female journalist whose boyfriend responded to her COR fandom with shock. (And shock to her trekkie fandom, too.) RIDDICK ROCKS!!!

  14. Renee said:

    I am delighted that there may be two more films. I LOVED Chronicles of Riddick. I want to see Riddick rule the Necromongers and I want to know the origin of their religion and all that.

    Riddick is awesome. The CGI was amazing and I cannot wait to see what better technology cna bring to this story. I was not a big fan of Pitch Black. I would like to see Jack/Kira grow up and stop being such a drag. Twelve year old girls seldom carry a pre-teen crush into adulthood. It is sickening that even a kick-ass murderer/assassin like Kira acts like such a whiny baby around Riddick.

    There could be endless movies about this reality. Let’s see them.