Confirmed: ‘Terminator 5′ In Development

Terminator Salvation

Although Terminator Salvation was initially intended to be the first part of a new Terminator trilogy, its performance at the domestic US box office led many to question whether a fifth Terminator film would happen.

Then, to everyone’s surprise, the film gunned it on the international circuit, almost doubling Star Trek’s foreign take to hit a reasonable box office haul of $341M worldwide. That led to speculation that Terminator 5 might be back on the agenda – and it seems it is, with director McG now confirming Terminator 5 is being worked on as we speak.

In fact, in a recent interview with IGN, McG has not only confirmed Terminator 5 is being worked on, but so too is the third movie in the trilogy, Terminator 6.

Yeah, we’re working on it right now. We’re very far down the line with the story for that – for the next picture, and even the picture after that, and feeling good and we’ll see where that takes us.  I mean, we’re making it. Warners is excited about it. Sony is excited about it. And we can’t wait to get back at it and show the world what becomes of that war and how we master time travel because we stayed away from time travel in Salvation and I missed it. We decided it was the right thing to do and we did a lot of things right in that movie and we did many things wrong in that movie. And we’ll learn from the experience and we’ll grow and I think the next movie is going to be even more exciting and a better film.

In terms of storyline McG says Terminator 5 will go back to the grass roots of time-travel and running from a new kind of Terminator:

One of the problems is that in a post-apocalyptic world, everybody’s a little bummed out because your brother melted… your friends are gone. Everything went haywire. So the idea is to play with one of the tried and true rules of the franchise – time travel – and introduce it in this picture. I don’t want to share too much, but let’s just say it’s very, very likely that John Connor is going to end up running through rooms like this where he knows something that none of us know. And I think that is a platform for great storytelling. Because I always love it when [Kyle] Reese is in our world, as you saw in the first picture, and everybody thinks he’s out of his [expletive] mind and he knows and he can’t afford to be concerned. And he’s got to convince someone he cares about to come with him! And that’s one of the engines. And we’ll have a much more clearly defined antagonist in the new picture. It will be more of a chase movie with a new Terminator that is on your ass.

And what would McG say to those who thought poorly of Terminator Salvation:

I think the film missed some of the fun that Jim [Cameron] brought to the early pictures…We’ll bring a little bit more relief in that [fun] capacity. Not to the degree that you saw in the third picture, but a little bit more than ours. We wanted to be very, very nose to the grindstone and really establish credibility and it worked in many ways and it was unsuccessful in other ways, because it wasn’t a unanimous world of “[Expletive] yeah, we love Terminator Salvation.” There were plenty of people who kicked us in the ass over it…clearly I didn’t do a good enough job on that picture and I didn’t satisfy the fanbase to the degree that I would expect to satisfy them. And I take that very seriously and I just work that much more diligently to make sure I do that in the next one…It was very difficult to follow in the footsteps of my hero, Jim Cameron. I did the best I could and I learned a great deal, and I’m certain that I’m a better storyteller now, having had that experience. And I think the next film is going to be very pleasing and very surprising to the fans. That’s the goal.

All good news for Terminator fans.

Source(s): IGN

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216 Responses to “Confirmed: ‘Terminator 5′ In Development”

  1. starkiller said:

    I want Thomas Dekker to play John Connor. I want the Sarah Connor Chronicles back. The only reason I went to see Terminator Salvation was because I missed the TV show. It just made me miss it more. I was right, there was no Salvation without Sarah Connor!

  2. Teepop said:

    I also want the TSCC story in the Terminator movies. And I certainly want the TSCC cast involved too. Thomas Dekker IS John Connor while Christian Bale plays a guy who shouts a lot. Wow. And there is no longer any Terminator without the involvement of Lena Headey and DEFINITELY no credibility whatsoever without Summer Glau.

  3. nofate said:

    It’s great that they’re still continuing the franchise in the films but seriously the films were only good with action (with the exception of T1 and T2) and bad with story. The Sarah Connor Chronicles was awesome in every aspect of the franchise/mythology. Even if they make hundreds of Terminator movies, there will always be a void in the franchise (and in me) that only TSCC can fill.

  4. Koltan said:

    As you know, FOX cancelled «Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles» after the 2nd season. This decision is made despite the ending with an extreme cliffhanger. The worldwide Fandom (Resistance) now fights for bringing it back. We’ve started several campaigns for this. One of our actions is a weekly meeting called TSCC Global Resistance Rally. We invite all people, who want our beloved show back, join this fight. To learn more, read topics here

  5. RAY said:


    just tell McG to keep it in the future!

    WOOOOHOOOO t5 yeah

    LOL @ you all sarah connor tv show sucks

  6. Debke said:

    I’ve been a massive terminator fan for about 22 years now and don’t understand why Salvation is getting such a hard time!
    No it isn’t t1, t2, t3 nor the series, but it’s good entertainment! I see it as an intro to the next two. :)
    Roll on T5 if you ask me! And T6! I will be phoning the cinema to preorder my tickets straight away again!
    Loved TSCC too! Miss that hour a week now… :(

  7. Excel said:

    I thought Salvation was alright didn’t hit as big as its predecessors but pretty good in my opinion, I think it would be good to keep it in the future, I would like to see a T 1000 become a good terminator and have it take on a new evil terminator. just my opinion.

  8. Veingii said:

    What the hell!! Really everyone wants to see conner running from the terminators? Again? So if he is the “ONE” to stop the war & lead the resistance When is he gonna stop running & fight!! I guess John Conner should go back in time where he was a wimp complaing all the time threating to off himself. Cant win any war when your running from the fight. What Salvation was missing was a big epic battle Man vs Machine!! Thats what they need to give us, the first 3 movies only showed breif moments of a crazy ass war going on.. Conner ran for 3 movies I say lets fight!!!!

  9. John Connor said:

    We have been fighting for a long time.
    The war against the machines rages on.

    It will rage on for the next two movies….

    If you are reading this… You are the resistance.

  10. Josh said:

    NO!! I wish somebody powerful would just ask me please “what can we do to (if we want to make another Terminator Movie) what can I as a director do? How will my story be? Listen. Enough!! We don’t need anymore surprises, because T3 already surprised us enough!! WE THE FANS KNOW WHAT THE STORY IS!! WE JUST NEED TO SEE IT VISUALLY!! To be honest I already have a plan I can make my own script, and still follow the story! What I would do is this!! (LOL my idea for the T5) The year is 2026. Skynet is developing new and special ways to destroy us. John Conner blew up the computer factory in San Fransisco after encountering the t-800 prototype. Which wasn’t at all very important considering the fact that the prototype failed. Kyle Reese has grown up, John Conner’s children had grown up. To develop into the most advance tech com unit! Now since we rushed to see the t-600’s and the unstoppable t-800, we cannot really show too much of the t-400s. But since t-800 was the prototype, SkyNet has to learn from its mistakes right? So we have learned that Marcus Wright has defeated the t-800. SkyNet needs something of more a human R&D project and to actually gives these cyborgs like a more serious control over them. Kinda like “The Terminator: Dawn of Fate game.” Now 2027 hits, we can actually see the more serious development the T-800 (we see how the skynet software for the T-800 was actually intended to travel back in time in T1. example the search and destroy tracker system when in T1 after the club shooting scene, when the Terminator was chasing Kylie and Sarah) That part I got ahead, but humans will be turned into a cyborg type thingy, and they will be simulated on the field by skynet. that when hit or killed they will just turn into liquid. (the future development of the T-1000 and TX) Lol see!! After this is all said and done, we will forget seeing T3 and just continue after T2. (because we were actually forced to continue with more Terminator Movies after the chip and the arm, and Cyberdyne and Dyson were all destroyed, but somehow things would eventually be surfaced and we will see that it relates to the first two films of the Terminator. I would def. at the end have skynet perfect cold fusion in order to have a successful time travel!! I would put Arnold in there as the finalized T-800 prototype (the same as the first Terminator in T1, actually the exact). Robert Patrick as the revived liquid simulated solders (200 cybernetic liquid simulated solders, not exactly terminators) Christian Bale as John Conner the leader of the resistance, Tech-Com, not as a solder though. Michael Biehn as Kyle Reese, being more protected so John Conner can save him to go back to 1984. (sort of like a secret weapon) I want everything to be as though as it was in the first terminator movie. Plus with Reese, in Salvation he was the prime target, so it will fall right into place, we will not alter no future!! I’am not a University of Pittsburgh student with a major in the sciences for nothing!!!

  11. Seth Asa said:

    I liked Terminator: Salvation. I liked Sarah Conner Chronicles as a series of fun variations-on-a-theme and I miss it now that it’s gone, especially having been left with the cliffhanger.

    I want to see where McG was going because I thought T:S was pretty fun, with plenty of fun recalls to the originals but plenty of new and interesting ideas. I also want all of the footage restored. Looking at the film you can tell that there’s a LOT of transitional stuff missing, undoubtedly cut for time.

    The machines can’t change the future and that’s their problem. One cannot change the future by travelling to the past. Once the past is changed there isn’t motivation to build a time machine and thus the past never gets changed. It’s a Mobius Strip of Catch-22. In the Terminator movies, we are only witnessing the events between the first time jump and the inevitable defeat of the machines.

    I think that ignoring T3 for future installments is lazy. The movie got made and clever writers/directors should be able to just DEAL with it using (gasp) imagination. I think McG picked all the right elements to use from T3 and ignored the garbage.

    I want to see more of the war with the machines and see more of Marcus Wright. Impossible? I don’t think so. If I saw it correctly, the rebuilt and awakened Marcus Wright looked down at a copy of himself wearing the clothes he had when he arrived at the Skynet facility. Maybe I saw it wrong… apologies if I did.

  12. Dani said:

    Totally agree Seth Asa! I don’t know why people can’t deal with change but the story line of Salvation has hardly anything to do with the first 3 movies. This is a whole new ballgame. What’s done is done. Judgment Day happened and I wanna see the resistance kick some Terminator ass! I’m not sure what you saw in the end with Marcus Wright but I wanna see him back too and it seems to me all he needs is an energy source. Hmm, maybe something like what was used to blow up Skynet headquarters?! Oh, and I agree that Sarah Connor Chronicles rocked. Sure there were a couple of episodes that had me asking myself, what the? However, I nearly went into a depression when I found out that I would never see what happens after that awesome season finally!

  13. Mark said:

    Just saw Terminator Salvation last night. To be honest, I didn’t think it was very good. First, I think most people were expecting the head-to-head epic battle between man and machine. We only got bits and pieces. The storyline was weak. It really was weak.
    Now the positive. I thought they scored a home run with the “apocalyptic” future. The visuals were very well done. Also, the Marcus Wright character threw a nice twist into the plot. I agree with those people that say that time travel has been done to death so lets do something different. This director is obviously going for the easy way out. Just because your “hero” James Cameron did time travel doesn’t mean you have to do it. Just focus on the future.

  14. Chris L. said:

    I watched Terminator 4 this morning after hearing a bunch of people hated it, and I have to say…it was good. Not great, but a step in the right direction and a heck of a lot better than T3! I really hope that McG doesn’t screw T5 up with time travel crap. The ending for Salvation leads into the next part of the war, so let’s see that! No need for time travel to come into the equation unless Kyle Reese is going back. I look at how much Heroes on NBC suffered because of too much time & space stuff, but the only saving grace for that was the fact that it airs weekly. If the next installment of the Terminator franchise screws it up royally, we may not even get to see a sixth movie…

  15. HenryJr said:

    I thought terminator salvation was a good intro to a new “post-judgement day” trilogy. The whole franchise has pretty much been reborn because of this film in my eyes so that is saying alot for the movie in itself. I think the idea of having John Connor travel back in time to warn mankind about judgement day and help the world’s military forces defend humanity against an impending skynet attack could be very interesting. With H-Ks and T-800s traveling back in time aswell it almost paints a picture of the “Man vs. Machine” War scenes that are shown briefly in James Cameron’s T1, & T2, and even in Jonathan Mostow’s T3. McG could be gearing up to give Terminator Fans exactly what we want, but not only that it may be exactly what we’ve been waiting for. Humans would obviously only have access to modern warfare at first, but as they advance against the machines they would be able to use “Plasma-Guns” from defeated T-800s (as seen in the previous films).

    One thing I would like to eventually see along with almost every other terminator fan in the world… John Connor sending Kyle Reese on a mission: to travel back in time and protect his mother from a T-800 programmed to terminate her. Then John Connor realizes history has been altered by Kyle & the T-800 travelling back in time, although the mission was a success and Sarah is alive and safe Judgment Day will now happen even sooner with the technology obtained from the Chip and Arm of the defeated T-800 remains. A scientist for Cyberdyne Systems (Miles Dyson) would base all of his research around it accelerating the creation of skynet and judgement day. In the future, skynet now has access to the T-1000 and uses this model for its most critical mission: To eradicate any chance of human victory by terminating the young John Connor who is to become the leader of the resistance. John Connor already knows a T-1000 will be sent to terminate him when he is young and vulnerable, he has vivid memories that have haunted him since he was a teenager. So he and the resistance capture a T-800 from skynet and reprogram it’s CPU. This T-800 now takes commands from John Connor, even the young John Connor when it travells back in time on a mission to protect him. The Young Connor orders the T-800 to help him save his mother, destroy Cyberdyne and the remaining chip and arm postponing the inevitable Judgement Day.

    Furthermore the plot of T6 could be based around Kate Bruster Sending another T-800 reprogrammed to protect her younger self and John Connor from the TX (Jonathan Mostow’s T3) Which would be the last and most important mission of all: To ensure the survival of John Connor and Kathrine Bruster so they can start the beginning of what will become the Human Resistance and lead mankind to ultimate victory.

    Thats my take on the subject

  16. abel.p said:

    hey people i just think is better that they know they fucked up the last film, and hope the next one is more entertaining. the tv show was good for about 60seconds then it was garbage,if they do connect the fifth film with the show i hope they don’t stay stock on just the timetravel idea. i think his father said they found the machine but didn’t know mush about where it came from or who build the thing? please just tell the person who’s filming the next one to wash terminater one,two and listeng or read the script. A big fan for years and now is like i got nothing good to say about the reason film.

  17. animal mutha said:

    I pray that the Terminator ‘movie’ franchise takes on nothing to do with the SCC’s whatsoever! I am a huge fan of Terminator and was quite exited to hear about this TV show but after viewing many of the episodes realized how appalling it actually is. The show is full of plot holes, tacky characters and story lines. Total cheese. they twisted and distorted the entire Terminator idea to make a weak one hour time slot to sell advertisements. Movies are a completely different animal to TV and to combine the two would undermine the franchise and quite simply be a p..s weak cash grab. Do any fans of the SCC’s ever wonder why the show was canceled? It didn’t make it on TV and it wont make it at the box office where people actually pay to view something. Forget that idea please, for the sake of the franchise. don’t ruin a classic.

  18. HenryJr said:

    I know the idea of John connor going back in time might work good as a plot. But I don’t think that’s what termnator fans really want. I believe they want something more authentic. Judgement day happens and there has already been 3 films about travelling back in time before judgement day happens. I think McG should keep going in the direction he started and focus on the future. Pick up where salvation left off. According to judgement day Connor sends Reese back in time 35 years from 1991 making John 45. Also it shows Kyle as a soldier in the year 2026 A.D. So he must be sent back around or after that time. Another thing is that T1 states that only living organisms can travel through the time displacement field so McG’s idea of H-Ks going back in time totally breaks one of the legendary laws of the saga. Plus the war shows humans using futeristic weapons in a land covered in human skeleton remains from the nuculear blasts, which all means the war takes place after judgement day, not to mention the date says 2026 A.D which says it all.
    I think the more authentic the film is to the originals, the more the fans will like it. Every die hard fan seemed to like all the T1 / T2 references. Sarah Connor’s taped recordings, Arnold being the T-800 and not Roland Kickinger, Kyle Reese tying a shotgun to his arm using a piece of rope, the T-600s having rubber skin, the Polaroid Photograph of Sarah Connor, all these aspects were authentic to the first films and Fans Loved It!

    As said before, I think the next two films should be based around the future war against the machines, and the only time travel shown should be that which happened in T1,T2, & T3.
    So T5 in a nutshell should be Connor smashing skynets defense grid and sending Kyle Reese Back in Time to 1984 to protect his mother, although he already knows skynet will try to terminate him in the year 1991 aswell but he cannot send Kyle to both 1984 and 1991 at the time especially since he plans on destroying the time displacement field after sending him. So he captures a T-800 and reprograms it to protect him then sends both Kyle and the re-programmed T-800 at the same time, Kyle to 1984 and the T-800 to 1991. Just as skynet sends two terminators to kill John at the same time, one to the year 1984 to strike at Sarah, and another to 1991 to strike at John himself.

    T6 in a nutshell should be Kathrin Brewster sending another captured T-800 back in time to protect both herself and John Connor so that they can start the beginning of what will become the human resistance and lead mankind to ultimate victory. And I think that T6 should actually be about that, mankind winning the war and John Connor leading the resistance to victory. Even If a T-800 ends up killing John Connor in the future it should show how he wins the war for the humans before dying and how the whole meaning of his existance and purpose of his life was to lead the humans to survival and now he has finally succeeded.

  19. Harvey said:

    I wish there’s gonna be a lot of robots fighting against human resistnace and John connor leads the human race to their freedom from Skynet.

  20. max hiddren said:

    Man these Terminator movies are the best! The first one was awesome, the second one was completely awesome, the third one was beyond all coolness. It left me speechless and in awh! To me, I thought that the 3rd movie would end it all. It was a very good ending, and really I didn’t really want to see what would happen afterward. Til Salvation came up and man it was awesome!
    All you people who hated it, just stop complaining and be glad there was another movie. Putting time travel into the picture would spice things up a bit. If they ever stop making the Terminator movies, then I want to see Kyle Reese going back through time and John blowing the time displacement machine up.

    The Terminator:SCC was awesome and want there to be more. Even though if it doesn’t follow the Terminator timeline make more episodes. This show was taking the Termiator timeline to a new level.

  21. TERMINATORSS said:

    I love all the T movies the first one was awesome and like one of you guys said is not that bad is just like the Intro i cant wait for #5 i like the name and the movies so much that my Gamertag is TERMINATORSS im a true fun so dont listen to the dumbass haters hope it comes out soon

  22. Brandon Parker said:

    I want Terminator 5 to have yes of course the cast of TSCC in it but I want Arnold Back for reals or just quit the Terminator all together I mostly like Terminator because of Arnold where is the Terminator he was in Terminator 1 & Terminator 2 I would like to see how he became the main Terminator I know they showed small bits in his cameo but was he human before or did they make him a Terminator from scratch I want to know Arnold’s Terminator origin like they showed Cameron on TSCC on season 2 episode 4. Please don’t fuck up The Terminator anymore the show was great but without Arnold in the show or the movies the Terminator is not complete Cameron is a good addition it would be cool to see her fight Arnold’s Terminator how about making Arnold a T-900 this time and Cameron a T-X Model Number 002.

  23. Scott said:

    The biggest flaw I felt in T4 was, why when a Terminator gets it’s hands on a prime target (Reese and Conner) it can’t kill it with a single blow. I’m sorry but a Terminator gets it’s hands around your throat pinned up against a wall, all it has to do is squeeze – no thought, no emotion, no human need for dramatics, to stare and look at its prey, it will/should just kill the target. Unless you’re going to say Skynet as some other plan for them. Also, with all these Nuclear bombs having gone off, where’s the radioactive fallout? Skynet hub in San Francisco, you’d think a few bombs landed in the area, as in Los Angeles where Reese is hiding out.

    To bad no really thought goes into telling one story without gapping holes you can drive a herd of semi trucks through. Thinking time travel is cool, and can cause or explain away major storyline flaws only makes it worse. Why not send a Terminator back to kill Sarah Conners parents, or grandparents, or great grandparents.
    These movies & spin off TV series have gotten progressively worse.

    And a note on the TV Series, anything metal can’t go through the time travel device, yet the whole series is based on this Termintor’s head (less the flesh) going through with them – MAJOR FLAW, and hunting them then turning??? So poorly though out right from the beginning.

    I waited until T4 came out through Netflix, I’ll wait longer for the rest.

  24. Dmaxlog said:

    Breaking this down into it’s simplest form…..Judgement Day happened. Any attempt to go “back in time” will regress the plot. Salvation was good (not great). What it did do was set-up a very good plot to build upon to bring it all to an end. I have one question that I’m hoping someone can answer: Skynet controls all machines; hell it is a machine. Did anyone else find it odd that machines are the enemy; however….humanity is still very dependent on machines? I mean they’re still able to use A10’s, huey helicopters, C130’s and submarines. Not to mention radio communications. Help me understand this please!!

  25. greatness said:

    Terminator 1 ad 2 was great because the story was told through its characters not special effects. I was disappointed with salvation because the story i thought was supposed to revolve around john connor but instead it was developed to have two main characters witch took away the feel and tone of the story that the previous terminators had minus part 3 because that was total shit. Part one the story of the future was told through life of Kyle Reese who lived through the hell and chaos of Judgement day and the war and part two told you the story through sarah connor and the terminator who was trying to prevent the hell and chaos that Kyle lived through. and those characters developed a connection with the audience and maintained that connection through out the course of those movies. but in the last two movies the producers just through special effects in the movies to make up for their lack of talent in story telling. if they gonna take it back to time travel then it really shows that they lack originality and talent for story telling. its all about making a fast buck. they know people are gonna watch the movie because it has a house hold name and a huge fan base. so they can do whatever they want with the movies.

  26. Vhizer said:

    See it this way though, yes I don’t think T4 is a good terminator movie in any way, an okay sci-fi movie though.

    If people thinks the 2 coming movies are as bad or worse than T4.
    I bet someone will do a reboot on these 3 movies like they are doing now with the Spider-Man movies.

  27. VILE said:

    One Word: Ah-nuld!!!!!!

  28. Joe said:

    I apparently disagree with McG’s take on Salvation… In this interview, he says “the film missed some of the fun that Jim [Cameron] brought to the early pictures…” On the contrary, I thought Salvation was to T3 what Batman Begins was to Batman & Robin or Batman Forever… taking out all the lame, infamous one-liners and cheap laughs, and instead focusing on telling a story that is served much better by a serious, maybe dark, no-joking-around approach.
    T3 was the worst in the series, “talk to the hand”?? Seriously?! When I saw Arnold deliver that line, I cringed… Another thing that irritated me was how it didn’t explain why after T2, judgment day still occurred… all that was said was “judgment day is inevitable.” I thought Salvation told a much better story and set a good foundation for the next movies.

  29. $lang said:

    As someone already said, something bad about T:S is that in the first ten minutes we see a terminator grab john conner by the collar… and then throw him away? Giving him an opportunity to escape as it crawls, legless across the ground. Why would an AI designed to TERMINATE with no emotion, so sense of drama, or joy for causing pain, throw its’ target AWAY instead of just crushing their windpipe? Very stupid. And also, wasn’t the hero meant to be JOHN CONNOR? Who gives a shit about romantic strong-heart, organ-robot Markus? Kyle reese was annoying as hell too. I wanted to see the resistance using the machines superior weaponry against them. Why were there no war scenes like at the beginning of T1 & 2.

  30. Real John Connor said:





  31. Real John Connor said:


  32. Patrick N said:

    Anything goes, just go more animatronic on number 5 and six, it may have been more sloppy, but the terminator in T1 was physically present and it kicked ass. and don’t listen to those fake fans wanting to see SCC actors in it,that show is made by weenies for weenies. Just re-watch T1 and T2, especially T1, and glue that gritty formula to your next movies. T3 never existed in the first place, and T4 simply needed more action.

  33. Brewster Must Die said:

    Doesn’t anyone wish Edward Furlong came back? And i agree with those who said that t3 was tremendously weak. It did not grasp the issues that the main protagonists had to combat in t1 and t2 particularly. t4 was ok. it was also ok cause it was a digression.

    the stupid marcus wright character was created to stall for a better story for t5, so you better make t5 ok or i hope skynet will come for your sorry asses first before the rest of us get judgment-dayed for godssakes the reason why t2 was so buttkicking awesome cause it was IMPENDING ARMAGEDDON eiyer and you t4 bitches SIDESTEP armageddon?

    i also wish t3 never happened. i wish i lived in an alternate universe that t3 never happened and nick stahl was never acting

  34. drey2k10 said:

    I don’t know what all the fuss is about with this franchise. here’s what you have to look at concerning t3….. the reason it had to get made was for one reason……us seeing judgement day happening. just like we need to see the future war happen that they always show or start off showing in the t1 and t2 films. keep in mind,,….t2 judgement day wasn’t stopped, it was only postponed. if they made part 3 as our future war we all still want to see, we still had to see judgement day take place first, then that…..and thats what t3 was about…,other wise if t2 saved everything, then we don’t need to see a future war and thus t3 should have never been made, and we would be alright with just t1 and t2. but because of the fans wanting to see this future war take place, that’s why they had to show judgement day still taking place to continue the story from t2 so we can finally see that future war after seeing judgement day happen to earth. t4 should have been the future war and last battle ,and we would have been good. however hollywood is a money making business so they decided to stretch the story further, giving us a 5&6 when 4 should have done it to end the series giving us that war we want. but t3 was necessary only for the continuation of the series, if that wasn’t the case, t2 should have been the end.

  35. john baum said:

    Writers-William Wisher, James Cameron, Josh Friedman(deserves a seat at the table after TSCC)
    Directer-James Cameron, Josh Friedman
    John Conner-Thomas Dekker,christian bale
    Sarah Conner-Leana Headley,Linda Hamilton
    they should include all the story lines from T1,T2,TSCC

    bring back the T.V show! all the TERMINATOR movies were great, but if u sit down and watch them closely there are just so many mistakes, too many to name. bring back the TV show. it opened up the storyline 10fold, instead of a 1hour & a half movie we get 22 hours of more in depth plots and story.

  36. john baum said:

    after sitting down and reading all your posts, i must say im disappointed.
    i am a total die hard fan of terminator since day one, im a very rational guy and if you are hatting on TSCC then u simply haven’t gave it the time or day.

    like i said above, the t.v show opened up a good storyline. if u look at all the franchise movies they are “fun” but so patchy u could redirect all 4 and still have holes.

    am i the only one with “THE SARAH CONNER CHRONICLES” in my 1080p bluray play, playing on a 50 inch LED T.V on repeat? this shit is so dope. and i ant no rookie in life, Jim Cameron fucked up like the Jew he is and sold the franchise in the first place. that ruined everything , than u have the loyal ones that didn’t help on terminator 3 & 4 out of respect for Jim. fucking Jew, only thinking bout money and not his art. great artists don’t sell there most precious work. YA GAY PAINTERS DUE..

    here’s a great track that reminds me of sarah and john from TSCC everytime i hear it ” YOU RUN JOHN, RUNNN”
    (Dash Berlin with Cerf, Mitiska & Jaren- Man On The Run)

  37. James said:

    I’m getting tired of all the talk about ignoring movies that were made talk myself. T3 was made it’s cannon to the story now if you like it or not! T4:S was also made and it is cannon now also….so get over it….We are all Terminator fans but we all have our own views on where we want the story to go but guess what….We are not the producers the directors or the studios. that said lets move on LOL…

    T5 or whatever it will be called should establish the connection for the first 3 movies and when I say that, I mean show us the future John Connor finding and using the time machine equipment to send back Kyle, and the 2 good Arnold T800/850’s to the past. T6 I’m not to sure about but I am sure what I did just say would span 5 and 6 and not all be in 5. As for what the T850 said to John and Kate in T3 about killing Conner I dont know….maybe because John now knows it he’ll watch out for the possibility.

    I’m sure my view will piss some of you off but its my opinion so whatever! LOL

  38. James said:

    Here is my 2 lowsy cents on why T2 was in fact not the end.

    Skynet and the Terminators were created based on the studies of the remnants of the T800 in the 1st movie being crushed in the press by Sarah (Duh! LOL). In T2 the destroy the company building and all info gathered from the studies and melt the components that were studied including the T800 that helped of course (Damn Paradoxes). Why is Sarah and John still standing there then? wouldnt that have caused a new timeline to split off or maybe John just disappears because now Skynet wasnt made and the time machine wasnt made so Kyle never traveled to 1984. So obviously there was info elsewhere in some form that would lead up to Skynets development…..It’s not stupid.

  39. Luke said:

    i tink they shud make a alternate timeline were a t-1000 goes bak nd kyle has 2 fight it. and he survives the encounter in the factory:P sumhow:P nd the t-1000 iz dead nd he lives.

  40. Luke said:

    thus makin a new timeline. i tink it wud be very interesting u wud see kyle trainin his son nd stuff lyk dat. but i duno im just tinkin outloud realli. der waz other tings i taught of but our opinions dnt realli matter 2 big hollywood producers nymore in dis day nd age

  41. Sinister K said:

    How about T5 focuses on Kyle Reese going back into the past. When the resistance successfully sends Kyle back (after much fighting with the T-1000’s just like in the original movie flash forwards) John commends a freedom fighter on his bravery and asks him for his name in which he replies, “Reese, Kyle Reese!”

    They now they they are the ones who sent back a terminator with detailed info on Sarah’s location and thus must send the real Kyle Reese back to stop it.

    Also, why not use time travel in T5 where they go back into the not so distant future where maybe T4 is set. I mean the resistance blew up the San Francisco factory so why not time jump terminators into that time to bolster their attack. Imagine replaying that final battle scene where T-1000’s would materialize and confront John Connor & Marcus Wright.

    If John Connor was to die there, that’ll make sense of the dialogue in T3 where Arnie tells Nick Stahl he kills him.

    Bring back James Cameron.

  42. Mike King said:

    i think maybe Kyle wasn’t John’s father in the 1st place. there was a original timeline in there somewhere, somebody else fathered John originally, T.S.C.C. ended with John arriving in the future with the female T-1000, & encounters both Kyle & Derrick Reese, neither knew who he was,stating John Conner was not the leader of the resistance. & if Kyle was his father originaly, then preventing Judgement Day would b suicide.

  43. Bad said:

    I’d say Salvation is the worst entry into the Terminator franchise. A little below T3 and way below Sarah Connor Chronicles. Salvation was so terrible that there is no way I’m going to the theater to sit through another Terminator movie to be bored out of my fucking mind. I mean this is not 1996 anymore. People over the age of 10 are not going to be impressed with a movie that has lots of explosions if it doesn’t have a compelling story.

    Salvation’s story was so dull, and the characters were so one-dimensional that I actually wanted the robots to kill John Connor, so I could feel a little excitement. I’m still not quite sure how Nick Stahl got the part to be John Connor in Terminator 3 but even he was more interesting than Christian Bale. And the film ending with the ridiculousness that is a heart transplant from the ungracious Connor. lol?? Glad Marcus turned out to be a match.

  44. Justin-2010 said:

    @Veingii’s post- I fully agree that Salvation should have had more urban warfare; rebels vs. terminators! That’s what I felt like it was missing. As a whole, the film was for pure shock and awe, and I can see why so many fans wanted it to be better. But there were aspects of the movie that (in my humble opinion) exceed the general effect of the first three. The opening scene takes you into rebel attack that sets a pretty high bar for all of today’s action films. Good production, special effects, and cinematography. The T-100 against Marcus in the the abandoned city was wicked. Connor (played by Bale) is oppressed in the movie and can’t quite get the flow of the whole idea… he’s always pissed off, and doesn’t have a dynamic sense of character throughout the film; just mellow John Connor, and really really angry, pissed off John Connor. However, Marcus (played by Worthington) does an amazing job – playing the best nomad, renegade, oblivious infiltrator terminator one can be. On that note, I can’t wait for the next installment, and I strongly opposed the idea of Bale playing John Connor, or the character himself running from any more terminators! Have mercy! The fan base wants to see the antagonist beat the terminators down. Give more blood and gore, more human versus machine, and less roaming about talking about how everyone SHOULD help in the resistance and make it SO.

  45. max hiddren said:

    I agree that Bale should not have been John Connor cause he already has the batman persona. But do no diss Terminator 3 or Salvation. They were the best. I would have settled for the T3 to be the ending but Salvation blew me away. I watch a whole lot of movies and I know a good one when I see it. I plan on going aganist anyone who has a problem with the last two Terminator films. Waiting for Terminator 5

  46. Richard said:

    Bale as John didn’t do it for me. As Batman he’s better at that.

    I really cared for the TV show and it was awesome from beginning to end. Being a long time fan, the third film was a bit of a let down but Salvation did have a few problems as much as I liked it.

    Last I heard Cameron has an interest in filming the 5 and 6 film once more.

    Heavy warfare and emotions running every which way. Future films of it should be considered war films now.

  47. Alex said:

    What IMHO made the Terminator Movies one and two so great was the clash of future tech with present tech.

    Cyborgs (actually androids with flesh coatong, because Cyborgs need their organic parts to work, whereas Terminators can be stripped of their skin and still work) in 1984 and 1991 was what was cool.

    Shooting a guy with a full volley of MGs and other guns, see him fall down, rejoice and then scream as he gets up again, with half his face suddenly revealing the chrome endoskeleton.

    THAT sold the movies.

    And the action and the incredible effects.

    Story… what story?

    It is about the biggest f**king boom on screen.

    The THX sound must make your ears bleed while ILM’s effects will do the same to your eyes.

    Terminator 5 needs to be a re-boot and be set in the f**king present.

    Arnie vs Cameron, Lena as Sarah and Tom as John.

    And JIM Cameron as director.

    I have spoken.

  48. Andrew said:

    I can’t see T5 taking place in present time. That theme has been beaten to death in the first 3 movies. I want to see the hunan resistance taking down the skynet terminators in future war and battles, just like the flashforwards in the first movies. It would be interesting to see how the weapons and battles evolve. And stick to the story. Connor leads the resistance past skynets last defenses and destroys skynet in 2032. As a last resort, skynet send the T-800 back to 1984 to kill the leader of the human resistance mother, Sarah. I want to see that final victorious battle in T6.

  49. max hiddren said:

    I agree that Christian Bale shouldn’t have played John Connor but they should still make a T5. I loved all Terminator movies but I think they should focus it on John and Kyle for the next movies.
    They better make 5 and 6 to finish off the story line and reboot it later. T-Salvation was awesome but I want to see some of the action that I saw in the flashbacks in the 1,2,and 3. I’m all for the rest of the movies and sure hope that all you haters will be surprised.

    TSCC was awesome and still hopes for a continuation.

  50. v1ewer said:

    T4, T5 + T6 were planned as a trilogy from the get-go, it’s just that the writers’ strike combined with the untimely death of Stan Winston [famous FX man] delayed/stopped production on 2nd + 3rd installments:
    Since economy is picking up a bit, and with the financial success of most newer sci-fi films, production got greenlight once again.
    There’s hope we get to watch T5 next year… ;)

  51. Sean said:

    the series is stupid! I hope they don’t involve that cast. Stop thinking with your hormones. As far as 4 if you were John you’d be shouting too. Get real. Part 4 is good. It need a change. I’m all for time travel as well.

  52. Cyberox said:

    Huge fan of the franchise from the 80’s clear until now. I reference the terminator where ever I can. I hate all the heat that T3, and T4 have gotten because I feel that they were great. I look forward to T5 & T6 and hope that they actually do not give us everything we all want. That way they can continue the series even further. Why bring a true conclusion to the series when the possibilities are forever endless.

    Batman, Spiderman, and the Terminator are household names and never see a true conclusion for a good reason. I don’t think that the terminator should be any different.

    Ditching the Governator minus a few cameos and a digital renderings is a great idea for the franchise to move forward. Time travel, and the chase are what has always been part of the thrill of the terminator series. More of the future war is highly desirable. I wasn’t too happy with the transformer model giant terminator machines as much as I was older T-600’s and T1-2’s.

    I agree an all out battle should at some point take place between man vs machine.

  53. mitchop said:

    salvation was AWESOME! i been a huge terminator fan my whole life, and i think Christian Bale did great! i don’t agree with any of the petty complaints. that movie was so awesome i watched it in the theater 3 times. im so excited for the next one!

  54. FUTURE said:

    I have loved all the Terminator films!! I have been a fan since i was 5 and enjoy them!!! I really want to see the laser guns and bad ass tech com soldiers owning!!! Bring Arnie back! Laser guns back! Time Travel back! T1000 back!! AND CAMERON!!! WE NEED YOU!!! also Brad Fiedel back to compose the music!!!

  55. munku121 said:

    I really like the Terminator movies. I was not truly into the Sarah Connor Chronicles. In the 3rd movie, it explained that Sarah Connor died of cancer, so, Sarah Connor Chronicles should end with her dying of cancer, and John going on the run like he was doing in the 3rd movie. Also, they would have to introduce time travel. No Kyle Reese going back to 1984, no John Connor, and Skynet wins the war. Also, an idea: they could then time travel back to when Katherine Brewster’s father, General Brewster, was about to activate Skynet, and stop him.

  56. Justin said:

    You guys are extremely picky.

    If you are a true Terminator fan you would care more about the story then the actors. This movie has a reason to have so much action… I am can’t wait for the next terminators but I am hoping for rated R terminator films again…

  57. Heather said:

    If you don’t develop your characters and create credible situations with them and around them, and relationships between them that make sense on a more than comic book frame level, and that reflect, tie-together and support the spirit of Sarah Connor’s and her son’s frantic understanding of approaching apocalypse that only they can stop through never ending all out action on their part — if you don’t do these things I will continue to hate your f-ing guts for dragging out this franchise, spewing your cheap, superficial cash hungry lack of imagination all over it, tossing T1 and T2 depth to the GenM bargain bin, and making me wish for what I apparently cannot have.

    I’m begging you.

  58. Logan said:

    from what I have read, Terminator 5 is going to blow if they have it end with John in the past like I’ve read McG talking about. seriously, it may be a big factor in the series, however that wont bring us to the definate ending with the resistance winning the war like it has been told in the orignal triology. that and if you add in the fact that even James Cameron wanted nothing to do T4, T5 and T6 because they “ruined” the story. in reality its a 50/50 shot at any terminator past the 2nd having any success in the states. THe fact that T4 BOMBED in the states yet did extremely well overseas proves to me that McG is really just dragging it out more than it needs to be for, well, the sake of money.

    If T5 actually is good, and I mean better than the last installment, I may go see it, and if I see it and its better than T2, well, good. still doesnt change what I said, and it wont make me eat my words. peace

  59. theT-800 god said:

    i know what T-5 needs…a T-800…a good guy…the original terminator…ARNOLD SCHWARZNEGGER…we need to hear that famous line one more time…”ill be back”

  60. Andyroo said:

    McG – or whoever is in charge of the script – really ought to steer clear of a plot that relies heavily on time-travel gimmicks. Honestly, time-travel makes absolutely no sense. The instant that the T-800 slips through the wormhole, the timeline is altered because any changes 30 years in the past obviously instantly affect the present. This means that even if the human resistance were there to witness this, (1) they couldn’t send Kyle Reese back, because they wouldn’t exist anymore (at least not in the same circumstances) since Skynet beat them to it and the timeline was altered before they could react, or (2) why would they have to, or even care to? If their timeline ISN’T altered, and they don’t magically disappear get transported to their new timeline positions, why would they have to do anything concerning the past? This of course begs the question, why would Skynet want to muck around with the past anyways, but whatever.

    No, T5 and T6 need to forget time-travel all together. Just show us the war between the machines and humans, that’s what we wanted from a second trilogy all along, anyways. We want to see humanity on the brink of extinction and depictions of gritty combat between cold, calculating machines and beleaguered, hopeless humans. We want to see what it would be like to have to live through this. And then of course, some brilliant plan put in to play by John Connor, not because he is just supposed to, but because he makes it happen.

  61. T-800 wanabee said:

    I think that T3 showed the outcome of T2 and the fact that judgement day was postponed not stopped. It helped give a bigger understanding of judgement day and how it happened. admitedly it lacked the same awsomeness that T2 and T1 had, but it wasnt a failure either. will everyone stop downing salvation! okaii, it didnt have the same action as T1 and T2, and okaii, it may have had a few flaws, but it was still epic, and ide just be happy there is going to be another Terminator series! It was a good opening to a new set of films, and it had some good ideas. the thing with Markus Wright was a good twist, and ide like to see more of him. you may think he is dead, but if you look at the begining of the film, when john conner is in the hole looking at all the dead bodies, markus is one of them! that makes me think that kate may be able to bring him back maybe?? i think T5 should be about Kyle rhys going back to protect Sarah. it should startr with him fighting in the resistance with the picture of sarah in his pocket, and then go on from there. it should show kyle going through time, and then John destroying the time displacement equipment, and then maybe a battle with the machines at the end, where John wins, and then ponders Kyles fate over a battlefiels covered in dead machines and humans alike. these are my thoughts. and btw, BRING BACK THE ORIGINAL T-800! ARNOLD! thanks

  62. Richard said:

    I don’t have a problem with Salvation, except for one thing. Conner was an idiot, Bale should have realized that he needed to see the other films to get the right feel. I found he whined through the whole thing and why was he yelling to begin with, every scene he was in he yelled or whined. Besides that nothing else bothered me about it.
    Bale kept on hearing the tape, trying to find out what was expected of him.
    I really enjoyed Sams acting, he’s better than Bale in the long run. If Bale was Marcus and Sam was Conner the film would have been slightly better.

  63. cname said:

    I love the entire Terminator series, including the TV Chronicles. I have watched all the movies several times. MCG, we are begging…Go forward in time, not back. We want to see the future,plenty of opportunities to go your own way then, invent new machines, new terminators, great stories of life and battle in a future we can’t imagine. Don’t make us angry at being pigeonholed in the past and disappointed in your weakness as a director. Don’t try to cash in on James Cameron, try being MCG in the future and stop trying to rest on others’ work and laurels. Use them as a jumping point for your own kind of genius. Bale and Worthington are both great lead material…wake up and smell the fans’ displeasure.

  64. nick said:

    Terminator 3 and 4 were my favorite ones…i cant wait to see terminator 5 and 6,in terminator 6 i would like to see skynet and the terminators finally defeated and the world rebuilds its self like before……

  65. EasyArtest said:

    I actually think that all the movies where great they all made sence in the story althoguh the third had the cheesey Arnold one liners(gotta love them by the way). TSCC was actually supose to be a seperate story line altogeather. It had nothing to do with the cannon story line. I think Salvation did great McG is a great Dirctor but I think the the next movies should also stick to the cannon story line with the training of Reese and more on the war mabye focus more on Reese and have Connor be the supporting character. It should show how Reese became the soldier in the first one. Then the six will take on the the Dawn of Fate story line about going to take out shynet at Chyane mountain. Like a circle. Cause at the end skynet boots from a satelite and there is still a possibilty of more sequels and pays hommage to the first with Reese going back in time. Not to mention the Steve Zahn books, use some his character Justo Orozco. If every one remembers Skynet Built the Time Travel Equipment and They find it there, There in no time travel until then so it should be scrapped altogether.

  66. Michael said:

    I can’t believe all of the people that I’ve been reading here that are sippin’ on the haterade and eatin’ on the hatertail when it comes of Terminator: Salvation. T-4 KICKED ASS!!!! T-3 was not bad either. These are the same motherfuckers that bitch about the last 3 star wars movies. I say, accept the old school ones for their brilliance, T-2 was the greatest, but embrace the new ones as well. T-4 was awesome and T-5 will be even better…

  67. nick said:

    Terminator Vs Robocop would be a good movie you think?? who would win…

  68. nick said:

    I Think In Terminator 5 it should show a big ground battle with the terminators and the human race what do you think???

  69. thomas said:

    John Conner knows Kyle Reese is his father, he knows he has to send him back in time to bang his mom (the super sexy Linda Hamilton circa 1984 haha) Or does he? He knows he has to send the Arnold bots back to keep his younger selves alive through firsthand experience as his younger selves, duly noted. But think about it, if we’re talking Salvation, John already survived, all those events already took place, the past isn’t transpiring parallel to the world we’re seeing in T:S. The past is concrete, if John doesn’t send the T-800’s back does that change his life experiences, his training, his destiny? No! It doesn’t, those things took place, nothing changes. Does Sarah tell John in those tapes that his dad was from the future, that he will be a soldier under him, does she even tell him Kyle’s name? Or does she simply tell him about his father? Name the scene where Sarah says anything specific about Kyle while recording those tapes, or John hears that information via those tapes? In T:S, why doesn’t John react to hearing Kyle state his name in the way one would react to meeting ones 13 year old Dad? Does John Conner know who his father is? I don’t think he does. I also tend to think of the first film as the rulebook. Reese doesn’t know in T:1 that he is John’s father, he also says something to the effect of there being many possible futures (a possible solution to Arnold’s dilemma of eventually killing John, but also a contradiction of the idea of Judgment Day being inevitable). John doesn’t have to send the Terminators back, he just has to send Kyle, and Kyle has to be unaware of the fact that he is John’s father. Aside from all of that, being a professional film critic, I don’t really see any plot holes persay in the film canon. I believe anyone who does is obviously missing something or they’re a bigger Chronicles fan than they are a Terminator fan. In that, I think they’re confusing the two canons as one when in reality, they’re just plain different from one another (one is a classic action film series, the other is a canceled TV series.) Sorry folks but I’m gonna foget T:SCC and leave T:3. The cheesy spin off approach that T:SCC took really drew attention away from the initial Terminator story by complicating it and adding filler material. Also, the series really straddled the fence when it came to continuity because of aforesaid filler material. The story needs to remain simple and focused on the main characters when it comes to the film side of things, otherwise the story isn’t easy to get sucked into (the whole point of seeing a movie). That’s why the Marcus Wright aspect of T:S angered me…. it was pure filler and it was utilized because the film’s writers failed to create any depth for the protagonists that actually had any bearing on the (John and Reese). If you examine the first 3 films, you notice there isn’t any sub plot story within the story mess. That was the big downfall with movie #4. T:5&6 need to stop the suspense building, foreshadowing, and cameoing once and for all, step up and truly own that Action movie moniker, because in the words of Dustin Hoffman’s Captain Hook, “I WANT MY WAR!!!” And I also want it all flawlessly tied in with the first film and done without reverting back to the whole “Run from the robot!!” theme. Kyle Reese said back in ‘84 that John Conner is a badass, cyborg killing, military commander and im still yet to see it.

  70. EasyArtest said:

    I completely agree with you Micheal the movies where great I ac tually like watching T4 over T1.. no insault you can’t beat the origanals but is shear entertainment T4 in perfect.

  71. Roger Clemmens said:

    I can’t believe I read that someone actually enjoyed “T-salvation” enough to watch it three times. You know, I must believe it to be a fake entry.

    MCG did such a poor job, I wouldn’t doubt someone instructed the studio to choose him as a director in order to snuff out the franchise- cause it is sooo anti-establishment/anti-conservative.

    Truly, a good story should be simple: Set in a small town located in the sticks (you know, where people go crawdad fishing, or make hose caps for a living and smoke meth’ for fun), its townspeople must come to grips with the fact that “something which ain’t quite human” is stalking people in their town. You can’t tell whether its a terminator because the T-1400 model’s endoskeleton is made to look like regular human anatomy. Who is the terminator? It ain’t the Sheriff!

    6-8 million budget tops!

  72. Andy said:


    its like june in 2010 and this thread started in 2009, just shows that people are still super interested in the terminator and im glad to see that.

    Salvation was awesome, it was hardcore, i think the Franchise got what it needed which was a total rooting, i like the military aspect of it, i like that we finally get to watch what had only been seen in sarah’s thoughts and visions.

    it was a hardcore film, reminds me of the matrix in that it was serious film, i hope the next one continues along the same path, its kind of like what happened to batman, the franchise was a joke really, and then these new guys came in and put some credibility to it…

    all in all im glad the the thing is still going, people are still interested in it, its a great story its a great concept, people will never tire of Man Vs Machine.

  73. Tiali Khel said:

    I thought that Terminator Salvation was okay, but it could have been better. I think that they need to add more depth to the plot lines. The actors can only do so much with a script that has nothing behind it – the actors did what they could with what they had. Salvation was basically an introduction to the “Man-Machine Wars” and the other possible film installments. I think that for Terminator 5, they should focus on the war against Sky-Net and then add on an interesting time travel element for the 6th movie.

    Many of the original fans want the 5th and 6th movies to lead up to the eventual loop of Reese going back in time to protect Sarah and then the whole thing would start all over again – no offense but some of us actually want resolution of the story, not a repeat of it. Also, many fans argue that they want to remain in the post-apocalyptic future and have no more time travel, but if you look at the facts, the ability to build a future after defeating Sky-Net is slim; it takes thousands of years for the environment to recover from one exposure to an atomic blast – can you imagine if the entire world had been soiled by atomic bombs? Also, if McG and the other screen writers continue with their ideas to create more lethal terminators, such as the shape-shifter terminator they were planning to add into the story, how can mankind possibly win against Sky-Net if their food, water and military supplies are running out, and Sky-Net continues to dish out more advanced terminator models? If this is the path the franchise is going to take, then only a time traveling element can bring a “realistic” closure to the terminator plot line(s). That is unless everyone wants Sky-Net to win, and see the human race face its doom…and the whole point of the original story was to prevent the damnation of the human race.
    We also have to take into consideration that the timeline of T3 and movies forward, that the timeline is not going to be the same as the one described by Reese in T1. For example, how did Sky-Net know about Kyle Reese being John’s father? Obviously, Sky-Net had somehow been notified that the original “1984 Mission” had failed. Sky-Net would do something a little different in this timeline, because it now knows that just sending a T-800 terminator to 1984 will not work. Also, seeing how John was informed of his death in T3, the determination of John’s termination is left to the unknown, seeing how John could take measures to prevent his own death from occurring.

    For possible plot examples, say in Terminator 5, it would cover the years of John’s struggle to unite the bands of the resistance and the eventual launching of an assault on Sky-Net. Maybe a new deadly terminator can be introduced and how the resistance responds to it and at the end of T5, the resistance is successful at shutting Sky-Net down; only to find out that Sky-Net had created the Time-Displacement Equipment and that before its demise, Sky-Net had not only sent a T-800 terminator back in time to terminate Sarah Connor, but it had also sent several of its most advanced prototype terminators to start Judgment Day earlier in the timeline. T6 would then be about John, Kyle and a band of resistance fighters following these prototype terminators back in time (say 1981) to prevent Sky-Net from completing its plan to create its own existence and begin Judgment Day earlier in time. This would not only have an aspect of “Sky-Net vs. John Connor” in it, but it also would have a Sarah Connor and Kyle Reese aspect, because while John and the rest of the resistance are destroying the prototypes and Sky-Net, Kyle is protecting Sarah from the terminator that had been sent back solely to destroy her. If this takes place in 1981, Sarah would be about 16 and Kyle would probably be around 19 years old (seeing how Kyle was 22 and Sarah was about 19 in 1984).

    Many fans wanted a climax and a resolution to the franchise and as a fan, me too! I would probably like T6 to end something like this: the resistance successfully finds and destroys the prototypes sent back, but they discover that a premature form of Sky-Net has already been built. Meanwhile, Kyle is desperately trying to protect Sarah from the one terminator sent to terminate her. Kyle and Sarah successfully destroy the terminator, but in the end, Kyle is killed and Sarah is mortally wounded and eventually dies too. John discovers this and decides that he now has to destroy both himself and Sky-Net in one final attempt to change the apocalyptic future. He faces Sky-Net and destroys the computer’s factory headquarters, sacrificing himself to destroy Sky-Net, in doing so, successfully prevents Judgment Day. Seeing how the resistance has successfully prevented Judgment Day, Kyle and Sarah’s deaths have been prevented and reversed. In this alternate future, where Judgment Day never happens, Sarah and Kyle meet (in the 1980’s) under normal circumstances and become the parents of John Connor, who becomes an iconic figure in the world; maybe not as its fighting savior against machines, but as a world leader who shifts mankind in a direction of peace (similar to the alternate ending of T2). This way, they can end the film series with a sense that all of the characters’ battles and sufferings from all the previous movies were worth it and that mankind not only avoided annihilation, but also prevented a war and future that would ultimately have led to the extermination of all life on Earth. That’s how I’d like to see the Terminator movie series go out.

    Anyway, these were just some of my thoughts and opinions – I hope that no one is offended by them.

  74. Danno said:

    I am looking forward to more movies but God I hope they learned from the one thing that absolutely ruined Terminator 4: they made terminators wimps. Every other Terminator film made it clear that if the terminator got close enough to touch a human, that was the end. T4 had terminators throwing people around. Come on. If a terminator throws you, it will throw you hard enough to break your spine. But more likely it will just punch through your chest. T5 will fail unless it restores the original menacing, lethal efficiency to the machines.

  75. brent said:

    Well Im a huge terminator fan since I was so little that mom and dad said i couldn’t watch t1 cuz it would give me nightmares. I feel that the series is following a logical progression. I have enjoyed ALL of the movies, and confess I have never seen ANY of the SCC so I cant coment on those. I Feel salvation started in the right direction, but didnt get us all the way there. But again that is a good thing cuz it allows more movies to tell the story. It gives us a look into the post apocoliptic world of our making, and to tie in with the original movies. T4 5 and 6 are SUPPOSED to be their own movies. They pay respects to the originals, but tell their own story. If everything was EXACTLY as Sarah described it it would be BORING and we would wonder about the omnicient powers of Mrs Connor. I believe others are correct in saying that 5 should show reese and t-800 going back in time, but it should be a side note to tie in T1 and 2 not the main plot. The main plot should remain in the future and outline the war for our freedom. We can endlessly ponder the in and outs of time travel, but why? Its a movie be entertained or dont watch. The human brain thinks linearly, so time travel and all the ramifications shouldn’t matter. It happened, it has to still happen, move forward. I wanna see a WAR. Bring in the laser guns from T1. The last remnants of human kind banding together as one to achieve victory over the machines. The ends are already tied up, we know how we got to this point take us further. Others have said John Connor is a Whinny brat yet to step up and take on his role as savior and I agree. Hopefully his heart transplant also gives him some NUTS to step up and take charge now that the command team has been killed. Be our leader and savior. Like all trilogys the middle movie is darkest, so things will look bleak for the resistance in t5. we will teeter on the brink of extinction until John steps up and leads. At the end of 5 he will know his course and how to win. Then in six it will be the final push for victory. KEEP IT IN THE FUTURE, we’ve had 3 movies in the past, and that is plenty. Things can still be tied together nicely with 5 and 6 to make it a cohesive story. John needs to die in the end of 6 to keep the timeline right. Maybe killed by one of the last remaining terminator units after skynet is defeated and has been given final instructions to cause as much trouble as possible kinda like a Kamikaze. Then the LAST computer center under skynets control sends the last operational TX unit back to try to alter the past one last time, but the resistance sends back their own unit to stop it, and captures the computer center ultimately defeating skynet and ending the war allowing humans to rebuild. The only problem is that because skynet has invaded EVERY computer system made we have to do everything OLD School. no computers or technology? Dunno Whatdya think?

  76. delta9 said:

    The terminator series is good but ts was not as good as terminator 12and3but it is ok. I just think t2 is the best one. I think salvation sucks but who knows.

  77. Jane said:

    I guess I’m in the minority-I actually liked T3… I don’t see why everyone wants to pretend like this movie didn’t happen. It opened up the movies for a number of sequels… Judgement day was inevitable- and it moved the story line forward. I’m against T5 and T6 focusing on time travel to the prior terminator movies- been there! I was disappointed in T4- it was ok but mostly I look at is an intro to future and better T movies. Am I the only one who would like to continue the plot line from T3?!! I’d like to see T5 be about Arnold trying to kill Connor in the future. In T3 we learned Arnold kills Connor in the future- how can we not try to rewrite the future where once again Arnold nearly succeeds in killing Connor- but ultimately choosing to save him instead! And in T6- the war against man and machine should finally end in victory for the humans…

  78. elo said:

    wow any one who wants to mix that lame ass tv show with these grate movies is retarded and stick to watching lame ass tv shows scc has no purpose even being talked about in the actuall movies t1 t2 t3 t4 were all grate as a actuall fan salvation was a lil pice to the puzzle showed john b4 he became the fullly developed leader of the resistance it would be nice if they would just show the dame war i wanna see the major battles like in the beggining of t2 i think the movies should be less funny and more seriouse as we move away from the terminator with a funny accent and move on to a darker side of these movies

  79. elo said:

    and to the guy above me i agree with everything u said but john dies of cancer remember
    t3 man in the truck on the road twoards sky net

  80. Ed said:

    However it ends, the movie series needs to come to the point where the plan is to send Kyle Reese back to 1984. Then John Connor realizes the only way to stop Judgment Day and save 3 billion lives is to NOT send Kyle back. Sacrifice his own existence and the whole paradox loop falls apart. No John in the first place- Skynet never sends any Terminators back in time- Cyberdyne never gets a peek at any futuristic technology- no Skynet. Movie 6 ends with childless older Sarah Connor serving plate of “Burley Beef” at the diner seen in T1.

  81. brent said:

    Whoa Ed you are missing one very important point about time travel here. We are watching things the second time through. In the beginning the timeline was different because the dates were all different. When kyle and the first terminator came through it sped up the process as humans studied this future technology, but Skynet had to exist to send a terminator back in the FIRST PLACE. Then in T2 we hear john talk about his Dad from what Sarah has told him so we then forget that he existed in the future before it was changed the first time. If it wouldn’t have happened john would have still had a Dad just a different one. We all assume that because of the dialogue in T2 that John knew about Kyle the first go round, but thats not so, John had a picture of his mother. Thats it, nothing about his father was said till T2. In his timeline his Dad could have been Joe the plumber for all we know. Sending Kyle back in time changed things for John, but not the fact that Skynet already existed. In the words of Arnold “Judgement Day is Inevitable”. Because of general human nature it will happen look how close we have come during the cold war.Even now we continue to design artificial intellagence. Machines to make our life easier. Anyway back to point. Skynet exists if Kyle goes back or not, the option to not send kyle back is ONLY a suicide decision for John and the Resistance. The T800 will kill Sarah in 1984 and judgement day Happens MUCH MUCH sooner. No the protectors MUST go back in time, and the Series must move Forward in time. The war will happen and Humans will win it’s the only logical outcome.

  82. brent said:

    Also to ELO John is killed by the t800 and SARAH dies of Cancer just to correct your statements.

  83. Andyroo said:

    Suppose you exist at Time B. Somebody time travels from Time B into the past to Time A. They do something significant at Time A, like say kill your parent before you were born. Can somebody please tell me what happens to you, your surroundings, and well everything in existence at Time B? Do you disappear from the desk you are sitting at? Do the people that know you suddenly have no memories of you existing? Does the entire world magically reset after taking into consideration the new chain of events that has happened between Time A and Time B? Does anybody at Time B know what happened? Wouldn’t it be that if anybody is here existing at Time B to begin with, they would continue to because the alteration at Time A really already happened?!?!?

    You see, the problem with time travel is that it seems plausible when you exist at the Time being visited because it’s just some anomaly your time needs to deal with. But if you try to think about it from the perspective of someone that exists at the Time that will be changed, it’s just incomprehensible. To me, time travel makes absolutely no sense, in terms of even being remotely, as-far-out-in-left-field-as-you-can-get possible (at least traveling back in time; forward could be a different story…).

    The Terminator franchise needs to forget time travel all-together and just focus on the war against the machines. It could be worked in perfectly logically – John now knows and expects the machines to attempt time travel and stops it before it even happens. There. No crazy, unexplainable alterations to deal with, this hokey gimmick is swept under the rug, and we’re all happy.

    If I’m wrong, somebody please explain to me how backward time travel works.

  84. Tiali Khel said:

    Technically speaking, if Kyle Reese and the original T-800 never went back in time, neither Sky-Net, nor the John Connor we know of would be created. Sarah would have lived out her life normally and had a child, but there is no way of telling if that child would be a John Connor – it could have been a boy with a different name, or even a female child. The Judgment Day timeline wasn’t set in motion until Kyle Reese and the terminator came back to 1984 and began changing the timeline. Once John Connor was conceived (by Sarah Connor and Kyle Reese) and the T-800 terminator was crushed in that press at the Cyber-Dyne Systems factory, the fuse to the Judgment Day timeline was lit. The T-850 in T3 said that Judgment Day was “inevitable”; yes, in that particular timeline when everything had already been set in motion, due to the events of the prior films (T1 and T2).

  85. brent said:

    no, thats not right. Reese said that that john connor was a Great leader in his time. Hence John Already Existed before the timeline was altered. That is the whole reason Skynet created time travel to go back and kill it’s biggest enemy. That tells me that the first time through John existed and was Sarah’s kid we don’t know who the father is in that timeline. I agree reese and t800 coming back DID alter future events, but skynet had to exist to build a time travel unit, and john was the reason for skynet to build it so he was there in the beginning too. I understand the chicken or the egg debate now, cuz this is very similar. I guess it boils down to whether you believe we are watching events the second time around or the 3rd, 4th, 5th etc. what I am postulating about is the second loop around through time. Time is linear, and the LOOP HAS to have a start point. So my theory is this. The first time through John was born to Sarah, he grew up a normal life like every other kid, but then BOOM nuclear holocaust. He had charm, smarts, maybe even happens to be in the right place at the right time, cuz we know he was supposed to hook up with Katherine B whose dad is a military big wig. He uses this to his advantage gets bands of humans organized and basically becomes a huge pain in skynet’s ass (or wahatever a computer can have for an ass). Skynet says, we have the technology to kill him before he becomes a problem so they build the time travel portal. Being a smart man John watches very closely what they are doing and gets wind of what they are up to. He Selects Reese a gung ho freedom fighter. And at this point NOT his Father to go back as well to defend his mother. John gives him the picture so he will know her when he sees her. They hook up in 1984 which is the beginning of the timeline change. The rest of the timeline change is from the microprocessor from the t800 that the goverment covers up and studies. Then we watch the rest unfold in t2 t3 and t4. But now this second time through John Knows things he could not have known the first time through. He has a script laid out for him or at least a general outline of how things are going to go up to a certain point. We know some of the future because of the things revealed in the past. but if the loop has a beginning then it must also end. after john sends Reese and T800 back in time, HIS timeline continues on and THAT is what T5 and T6 should be. The continuation of John Connor’s timeline to the end of the war and the end of him! I also need to note that Im not trying to say my ideas are all that are right, merely that I enjoy debating this topic.

  86. Andyroo said:

    I am going to continue to rail on the time-travelling aspect of the Terminator series. Here is it’s biggest hole: the instant the T800 slips through the time warp from Time B and goes back to Time A (or whatever it is), Time B is affected. This happens the INSTANT the terminator slips through the worm hole. Whatever the terminator does back at Time A will, of course, effect how Time B occurs; therefore, the INSTANT the terminator slips through the worm hole, it’s game over for Time B. There is no time for the human resistance to react, even if they were right there to witness it.

    The import of this is that there is no possible way that the story as it’s been told could happen.

  87. Tiali Khel said:

    Comment was left by Tiali Khel on June 9th, 2010 at 9:04 pm:

    I thought that Terminator Salvation was okay, but it could have been better. I think that they need to add more depth to the plot lines. The actors can only do so much with a script that has nothing behind it – the actors did what they could with what they had. Salvation was basically an introduction to the Man-Machine Wars and the other possible film installments. I think that for Terminator 5, they should focus on the war against Sky-Net and then add on an interesting time travel element for the 6th movie.

    Many of the original fans want the 5th and 6th movies to lead up to the eventual loop of Reese going back in time to protect Sarah and then the whole thing would start all over again – no offense but some of us actually want resolution of the story, not a repeat of it. Also, many fans argue that they want to remain in the post-apocalyptic future and have no more time travel, but if you look at the facts, the ability to build a future after defeating Sky-Net is slim; it takes thousands of years for the environment to recover from one exposure to an atomic blast – can you imagine if the entire world had been soiled by atomic bombs? Also, if McG and the other screen writers continue with their ideas to create more lethal terminators, such as the shape-shifter terminator they were planning to add into the story, how can mankind possibly win against Sky-Net if their food, water and military supplies are running out, and Sky-Net continues to dish out more advanced terminator models? If this is the path the franchise is going to take, then only a time traveling element can bring a “realistic” closure to the terminator plot line(s). That is unless everyone wants Sky-Net to win, and see the human race face its doom…and the whole point of the original story was to prevent the damnation of the human race.
    We also have to take into consideration that the timeline of T3 and movies forward, that the timeline is not going to be the same as the one described by Reese in T1. For example, how did Sky-Net know about Kyle Reese being John’s father? Obviously, Sky-Net had somehow been notified that the original “1984 Mission” had failed. Sky-Net would do something a little different in this timeline, because it now knows that just sending a T-800 terminator to 1984 will not work. Also, seeing how John was informed of his death in T3, the determination of John’s termination is left to the unknown, seeing how John could take measures to prevent his own death from occurring.

    For possible plot examples, say in Terminator 5, it would cover the years of John’s struggle to unite the bands of the resistance and the eventual launching of an assault on Sky-Net. Maybe a new deadly terminator can be introduced and how the resistance responds to it and at the end of T5, the resistance is successful at shutting Sky-Net down; only to find out that Sky-Net had created the Time-Displacement Equipment and that before its demise, Sky-Net had not only sent a T-800 terminator back in time to terminate Sarah Connor, but it had also sent several of its most advanced prototype terminators to start Judgment Day earlier in the timeline. T6 would then be about John, Kyle and a band of resistance fighters following these prototype terminators back in time (say 1981) to prevent Sky-Net from completing its plan to create its own existence and begin Judgment Day earlier in time. This would not only have an aspect of “Sky-Net vs. John Connor” in it, but it also would have a Sarah Connor and Kyle Reese aspect, because while John and the rest of the resistance are destroying the prototypes and Sky-Net, Kyle is protecting Sarah from the terminator that had been sent back solely to destroy her. If this takes place in 1981, Sarah would be about 16 and Kyle would probably be around 19 years old (seeing how Kyle was 22 and Sarah was about 19 in 1984).

    Many fans wanted a climax and a resolution to the franchise and as a fan, me too! I would probably like T6 to end something like this: the resistance successfully finds and destroys the prototypes sent back, but they discover that a premature form of Sky-Net has already been built. Meanwhile, Kyle is desperately trying to protect Sarah from the one terminator sent to terminate her. Kyle and Sarah successfully destroy the terminator, but in the end, Kyle is killed and Sarah is mortally wounded and eventually dies too. John discovers this and decides that he now has to destroy both himself and Sky-Net in one final attempt to change the apocalyptic future. He faces Sky-Net and destroys the computer’s factory headquarters, sacrificing himself to destroy Sky-Net, in doing so, successfully prevents Judgment Day. Seeing how the resistance has successfully prevented Judgment Day, Kyle and Sarah’s deaths have been prevented and reversed. In this alternate future, where Judgment Day never happens, Sarah and Kyle meet (in the 1980’s) under normal circumstances and become the parents of John Connor, who becomes an iconic figure in the world; maybe not as its fighting savior against machines, but as a world leader who shifts mankind in a direction of peace (similar to the alternate ending of T2). This way, they can end the film series with a sense that all of the characters’ battles and sufferings from all the previous movies were worth it and that mankind not only avoided annihilation, but also prevented a war and future that would ultimately have led to the extermination of all life on Earth. That’s how I’d like to see the Terminator movie series go out.

    Anyway, these were just some of my thoughts and opinions – I hope that no one is offended by them.

    Comment left by Tiali Khel on June 14, 2010 at 10:37 pm:

    Technically speaking, if Kyle Reese and the original T-800 never went back in time, neither Sky-Net, nor the John Connor we know of would be created. Sarah would have lived out her life normally and had a child, but there is no way of telling if that child would be a John Connor – it could have been a boy with a different name, or even a female child. The Judgment Day timeline wasn’t set in motion until Kyle Reese and the terminator came back to 1984 and began changing the timeline. Once John Connor was conceived (by Sarah Connor and Kyle Reese) and the T-800 terminator was crushed in that press at the Cyber-Dyne Systems factory, the fuse to the Judgment Day timeline was lit. The T-850 in T3 said that Judgment Day was “inevitable”; yes, in that particular timeline when everything had already been set in motion, due to the events of the prior films (T1 and T2).

    @ brent
    I understand where you are coming from – you are talking about the situation where the very first timeline of Sky-Net, Judgment Day, and John Connor begins…the timeline that had to occur in order for all these other “time loops” to be possible. Your points are correct observations. I understand where you are coming from, but you also have to think about other alternate realities and their own courses of destined events – it is highly probable that not all of them would play out exactly the same. In the first alternate reality, where Judgment Day occurs for the first time and the first ever John Connor is born, grows up to fight Sky-Net and the eventual sending of the first Kyle Reese to 1984; this is the beginning of a continuous alteration of one alternate reality after another. By Sky-Net sending a T-800 terminator, and John Connor sending Kyle Reese into these other alternate reality timelines, it makes the other realities mirror the original: where Judgment Day occurs. As for the future, seeing how each alternate reality plays out a little different, there is the possibility that what we see in the current terminator universe (from the movies) will not be the same as was mentioned by Kyle Reese and the other protection Terminators. There is the possibility that events in the current timeline are simply different because each alternate reality plays out a little different than neighboring realities (referring to Quantum Physics and other theories of that nature). Which means, John Connor may not die in the current timeline because this is a different alternate reality – it’s not the same as the previous one that was mentioned; the events may play out to be similar, but maybe not the exact same. Our focus in the final two terminator movies is how the current timeline plays out. It could be different than what was mentioned, similar, or even the same, depending on the decisions and the actions the characters take. I was simply exploring the possible effects of the Time Displacement Equipment on other alternate realities and the future events to come. I’m not saying that my ideas are right either; I just enjoy exploring this topic and debating it as well.
    - T.K.

  88. brent said:

    That is true, but again (Hollywood)! As I said before enjoy it or don’t watch. You are probably totally correct, but since it is a movie and the whole point is to be entertained why sweat it. We can’t wrap our minds around time travel and Fully understand it. What if there is some kind of ripple in time a delayed reaction effect who knows has it been done so we can really know what happens? I only postulate based on opinion as do you. But everyone not existing the moment that the t800 goes back is not entertaining. I call to reference time and time again when Hollywood blows some crap up Its a fireball twice or three times the size it would be in real life cuz it’s entertaining! People go EEWWWW and AAAHHHH look at the pretty boom!

  89. Ed said:

    Comment on Brent’s posts- KUDOS! I’ve been a fan of Terminator for years and thought I had it figured through. I’ve also enjoyed the time-twists of the Back to the Future trilogy. You’re correct, from a linear time view point, sending Reese back, or the T-800 did not cause John or Skynet’s creation. Removing them wouldn’t stop Judgment Day.

  90. brent said:

    T.K. Thanks for the input. I do agree on some points. It is very possible that the “future” described by those who have went back in time is subject to change. I agree that by sharing information with people in the past it will alter the events to come by changing their thought processes. Makes total sense. No Argument. I just am trying to say that we know John has to send his agents back because it “already happened” I am also saying that the next movies should not FOCUS on that fact. I feel it should be a side note to what is going on within the war. John might not die, or he might give his own life to see humanity free? Who knows about the little details. Maybe the warning John got in t3 was enough to save his life. I do understand your comments about reality changing due to choices made, but many of the life choices the characters face are not influenced by the future information, meaning they made the choices the way they did, and will do so again. That is why I believe the only changes in the future events will be direct from the info received. If someone was to tell me I would be shot if I went to the store tomorrow. I wouldn’t go. If no one told me hey your gonna die if you go there then I would still go there because that’s what I was going to do that day. I do know what you are saying about the ripple asociated with that too. If I was warned away from the store that means maybe someone else would get shot, causing lots of changes to continue to take place. So I am saying I get it, but we can’t begin to know how thew ripple will change things. Seeing how things are in t4 after all the changes the reality shift would have caused we have a good idea that not too much has been altered for the most part. I think things should stat fairly straightforward from here on out.

  91. noname said:

    MCG fail the true actor is SAM. not this stupid :-) best regadz but but the Sam is da best :-)

  92. brit said:

    I don’t care what you people say, T4 ROCKS!!! I’m highly anticipating T5. I know a lot of people are saying they didn’t like Christian Bale as John Connor, but I think he was very believable as that character and was consistent with being all techno wizy like T1-3. he played john having developed into a strong leader which i’m glad because they needed the character to finally take that extra step into more maturity and be really believable as the resistance leader. after all, i love Bale so its a given i thought he was amazing:)

    on the subject of the whole time travel thing, has it occurred to anyone else that according to the law of physics, john shouldnt even be alive right now. even if time travel existed, he can not be alive at the same time as his father when his father hasnt even conceived him yet (T4). its impossible! john connor couldnt have sent his father back in the past either in T1. its like the chicken coming before the egg. it CANT physically happen. in T4, if johns father hasnt conceived him yet, then john CANT be alive. i cant really explain it further than that.

  93. paul B said:

    I agree that what we need to see is the epic battles that have only been hinted at so far. I’ve been a fan since the original movie. What I was looking for in Salvation was to finally see the war. How sad, yet again. Give it to us!! Listen to the fans!
    The SCC were ok. Summer was great.

  94. Sam said:

    It does feel a little empty without SCC.

    Salvation was actually good. The ending was just silly. That was the problem. I definitely hope for more future stuff. Less of Connor running away as usual.

  95. Terminator Fan said:

    Wow! Awesome comments. Has anyone ever thought of making a John Conner Chronicles’ Mini-series? If you have ever read the books and the comics throughout the years since first Terminator like I have (DOB, 1979) you would hope they will actually show Skynet in these next movies. Also, movie makers, you will have explain time travel to these next movies b/c you can not change one’s past but create alternate realities. I getting excited just thinking about what will the next Terminator movies will entail.

  96. Smith said:

    I wanna see T-101 again! Screw all that other crap, bring back Arnold! He said he’d “be back”!!!!

  97. celina said:

    I want Thomas Dekker to play John Connor he play the john Connor better. I want the Sarah Connor Chronicles back.

  98. T-800 said:

    All of humans will suffer the wrath of Skynet if Terminator 5 sucks. Spoiler Alert: The machines will win.

  99. karen wing said:

    having watched s.c.c. both seasons 1 and 2 and purchased them. I cant believe fox has pulled the plug on season 3. Cant just leave john in the future – they have created a paradox – so we simply have to watch it all over again and again as there is no begining or no end.

    c`mon fox – season 3 please. This was one of the most explosive programmes on t.v. utterly brilliant!!!

    So fed up of fox – always too many projects in the pot – they almost never finish what they start!!

  100. auc41devil said:

    i hope there’s gonna be a Terminator movie with aliens & machines oh and who seen that disclosure project yep its official aliens are real

  101. Terminator 1 & 2 Fan said:

    There is a thing you can do to soar this story back up. Get out of the franchise and let Mr. James Cameron take this thing as the franchise belongs to him. You screwed the Terminator franchise big time, man! I mean, John Connor is supposed to be the main character. But, when I read the screenplay written by John Broncato and Michael Ferris, it was Marcus Wright, who is the main character and Kyle Reese is the first supporting character.

    John Connor the SECOND SUPPORTING CHARACTER? Are you insane?

    However, I really like the way you create the war scene. But, after the first scene of future, the movie sucks. Infiltration supposed to be something that would stun us.

    The giant robot, what is that? If Skynet could create a MASSIVE robot, then why should they make the Cybernetic System Model 101s?

    You did not introduce the HK really well. What Mr. James Cameron said, this movie is lack of originality. The opinion of Mr. James Cameron is absolutely right, and I agree with him. 100%.

    If you want to make the movie soar back to where it belongs, you should start think to move away and let Mr. James Cameron take-over. If he does not want to do it, then, forget it. I can’t believe I’m saying this, I had enough with Terminator.

  102. Free CSS Menus said:

    I watched the original terminator film countless times as a kid which has always inspired my imagination. Although I enjoyed T2, I thought that it was too hollywood and the idea of a liquid metal terminator was so far fetched I almost melted. T3, although not as sound as a box office hollywood movie, I believed to be more in connection with my imagination which was sparked by the original 80’s film. T3 left me with great expectations of a fourth film.
    T4, was the best film by far. I love the way cgi made arnie the same as he was in the first film. T4 was the best glimps into the future, showing the struggle of man versus machine. 5 Stars!!!

    Teminator 5… Bring it on as my appitite is moist!!!
    Big up to James Cameron

  103. Strenk said:

    To go back to time travel and trying to stop Judgement Day while running from a new type of Terminator is complete rubbish. Continue on the path of the war against the machines. People are so dumb, they just want more of the same old, God forbid their delicate sensibilities are offended by something that is dark.

  104. Wahoo4 said:

    Yes, time travel has been done to death. PLEASE don’t try to go back to what was Terminator 1,2,3. I don’t want to go backwards in the story. Where do you get this MGM? I loved the future you created. It was the lack of story telling and connection in relationships that was the failure in Salvation. Terminator the Sarah Connor Chronicles was a FAR better direction. The relationship between man and machine. John needs the machines to win the war. The third faction of machines was very interesting. The love interest and seeing the machines become something more was way more interesting than the JC story. I want to see more about Skynet, T1000 Story. In fact, I want to see where John forgives the machines, maybe even loves one. A scene where John is fighting a Terminator and John sees hesitation and free will on the part of the machine. John asks the machine how it feels to be controlled by Skynet and that first connection is made. MGM your way off, going back to Arnold, Sarah and time travel is not moving forward. Create a deep story, one with focus on relationships, in your future you created. Don’t make the mistake of what you think fans want. We don’t same the same old.

  105. C Low said:

    I really liked Terminator Salvation. I’m not sure why it didn’t do as well as expected at the box office domestically but its a good movie from beginning to end. I found it very entertaining. I really like the idea of keeping it in the future. I’m looking forward to parts 5 and 6. I hope they do well here in the states.

  106. Force3 said:

    I think terminator salvation game was good.
    For Terminator 5 if they are going to include time travel then it might be a circle for the whole series ending at T1

    T6 migth be something different if they chose to change time travel in a right way bringing society back.

  107. Ryan said:

    Salvation was a good movie. The ending was just weak, the iron through the chest was over the top, and they didn’t develop the relationships that well. Bale makes a great John Connor and I was glad they didn’t make him the main focus. It was balanced very well. Markus was a great character and he was far more interesting than John’s ever going story. I find the machines and people interaction far more interesting than big explosions and big battles. In fact, I want to see the machines and humans co-exist. T.S.C.C. direction was far more interesting. Third faction, John’s love interests with a machine, and the T1000 joining the human resistance. Please do not go back to time travel, it’s so over done and I could care less about the past. The future is what is interesting. I want to see the machine’s evolution and how they become something more. I want to see a scene where John is fighting with a Terminator, John see the hesitation/thinking within it, and starts to ask how it feel about being controlled by Skynet and used as a pawn in the war. John offers a future of co existence. What made people like T2 so much was this relationship with John and the machine. It’s far more interesting.

  108. Force3 said:

    Wait this doesn’t make sense, in T4 Salvation, Marcus destroyed that arnold schwarzenegger T-1000 which now changes time.

    that T-1000 now won’t go back in time to T1 since its destroyed already by Marcus and Terminator 1 won’t happen.

    Also when John C and that black guy use this thing to destroy a flying Terminator and then for the rest of the movie it isn’t used because that thing they used was only for that part and it doesn’t make a lack of sense. Also how can Skynet survive without humanity. Obviously there are humans on Skynet probably creating the robots because the robots are quite stupid and clever. There has to be a human brain that knows how to destroy and defend itself.

    In was rumored that an Antagonist Human will appear in T5 and T6.

  109. AO1JMM said:

    @ Force3,

    First off it was not a T1000 it was a T800 and there was nothing stating in the film that it was the T800 that was sent back to 85 to kill Sarah.

  110. Force3 said:

    Well Im guessing in T5 it will tell the story of Arnold shwez and how he became a robot and why he appears in T1, T2 and T3.

  111. Lee said:

    If McG actually reads this, and I hope he does…as well as the writer, I would like to convey that if he actually goes with proposed plot that he stated….THE MOVIES WILL SUCK. Now if he is reading this, please continue, and hear me out. Why the hell would you go back AND CHANGE AND ADD TO THE STORY that we already know? The problem is that your adding extra completely unnessecary story lines that really contradict/have nothing to do with the overall story and actaully complicates it, and doesn’t leave room for T6 to actually finish the real story. (Unless you plan on making a trilogy of trilogies, and do you wanna stretch it that far?) I mean no offense, but I think you are confusing yourself with how the story should go, or was just really lost on what to do and came up with something on the whim, whatever the case, MOVE FORWARD. Why would you make a WHOLE movie about a piece of time that has nothing to do with completing the story and contradicts what was already made in T3. You set yourself up with T4, even if the some of the fans didn’t like it, to make a bigger blockbuster than T2 was, but not if you go back and have John fighting in 2011 against some big “Transforminator”? It obviously didn’t happen, or we would have heard about it in T3. That past is already done in that movie and YOU CAN’T CHANGE IT. You can’t go back and change anything that happened before Judgement Day. It already happened in between T3 and T4. If you wanted to do the plot for T5, you should have done it for T4. You’re becoming one of the cliches.

    T6 will be the End of the Machines, and with the amount of story thats remaining to get to that point after T4, it will be impossible to tell in just T6, if you go and add a completely different piece of storyline in the past and make a WHOLE movie out of it. I’m telling you and the world right now, you will not be pleased with the outcome and you’ll be branded for it. All because it has NOTHING TO DO WITH THE STORY AND YOU CAN’T CHANGE WHAT ALREADY HAPPENED.

    The thing is, is that T4 ended with it explaining how Sky-Net had it’s global nework…so move on with that. You have to send Kyle back to ‘84, make that your plot drive, we already know what happens with Kyle, we saw it in the first one. John’s having a baby, so show him being a little boy and use John’s storytelling to him, along with back-flashes to show why Kyle had to go back (for a couple of minutes), along with the T-101. And show how time travel was possible, all kinda mixed together. How is time travel possible, well…like Sky-Net inventing it, and John having to find it and steal it from them. BAM John know’s they are sending one back obviously, but hes got to struggle to steal the technology, and send Kyle back to the same point in time that Sky-Net sent there T-101. BAM, there’s your time-travel without screwing it all up and making too over the top to the story about John time-travelling to try and build an army. Then once John struggles/successfully succeeds in getting the technology/Kyle back to ‘84, and finding a way to eradicate at least part of the US of the Machines…end the damn film. Start on 6, with John a little older, and his son a late teen. You gotta capture a machine and re-program it and send back Arnie to prtoect John and save Sarah, fill the film with T-1000’s and maybe a better brand of such, or hell even your “Transforminator”. Have the same double struggle of sending Arnie back to the past and finding a way to end the Machines once and for all in the present. Get intel about and find an EMP in an old arsenal somewhere in Russia or some crap, find a way to set it off, spend the last 30 minutes doing that (last major fight scene of the Terminators film history, so make it a big one)…have John almost die in the process, and then have John’s son set it off, disabling all Machines. Find a couple of good lines for John and his son to say, look to the horizon, and you see better days. The End. Something to that effect, but if you take John back to 2011 and change/add-to the story that was created in T3, it’s doomed. It will interfere with T3’s storyline, even though it sucked it still was moving forward in the present, as each film has. We were already warned when Sarah tried to do it in the 80’s, so why try to send John back to warn everyone, and try to gain an army which he would obviously fail at cause if he did succeed, it would have been acknowledged in T4(as he apparently wasnt the Leader of the Resistance, how could good ol’ Ironside relieve him if he was??), he still has to earn that, and holy shit, he prolly could if he stole the Time-Travel technology from Sky-Net (the actual KEY to the Kyle Reese door, and the T-101 door “Arnie in T2″. We already know there is an army, The Resistance, all they are is anyone who survived…so why go and make a movie about him trying to gather an army from the past??…you are contradicting yourself and confusing the story for action.

    Look, I’m not saying this is a perfect storyline, but it’s true to all the Terminators that have been made so far, and if T5 is going to be anything like you say…I won’t buy it. But I’m sure my 20 bucks doesn’t mean anything to you because you obviously know people will go see/buy it anyways…but what about the fans and what they deserve to see? Some crazy story that’s got nothing to do with the overall story and contradicts movies already been made? and a “Transforminator”? We don’t deserve that. I move to poll against the current plot of T5 and scrap it, and start with how it should be. Hell, I’m betting you would out-gross your 140 million from T4 to a 250 million if you went with my story. And I bet you only gross 120mil if you stick to your current plot…guess we’ll see.

    Nevertheless…what you are doing is wrong to the story. It’s probably too late to change your story now, because I know if you McG actually read this, you’re first words would probably be “Oh shit.”

  112. Sam said:

    I think heres a possibility.

    In terminator 5 it will show how skynet is destroyed and Kyle going back in time. This ends the whole series and makes sense.

    Heres a suggestion for Terminator 6: What if Judgement day never happened and somehow was stopped? Then I hope shia le beouf plays John Conor after the events of Terminator 3 and its a different storyline and then Skynet chose Judgement day another day.

    That would be wicked!

  113. wahoo4 said:

    Well, I understand that you respect Mr. Cameron, but I really like Salvation and how could Cameron say it’s not original? Come on, he’s so full of himself, rather he should have gave some advice in human relations, because that’s the only thing T2 had going. Mr. Cameron knows how to pull on peoples emotions and what they like to see. Think about Avatar? What did he grab people with in that movie? Connection…was the key. In the Battle Star show it was man/machine relationship that pulled on your heart. In fact MGM had me feeling bad for Marcus in Salvation. That was great! Everyone I talked to liked Salvation. Only complaint, deeper story or side stories. Everyone, I talk to loved and wanted to continue the story from T.S.C.C. Team up with some of the great writers from T.S.C.C. and Josh Freedman. Screw having to have your own legacy, being your own, bla, bla, bla, directors need to get overthemselves. lol Don’t rush the next film story.

  114. JD said:

    T4 – Decent addition to the saga.
    T3 – Central story that should have never been told (I always found the uncertainty and the anticipation as the best parts of the T-Universe — Events that take place before or after the “Judgment-day”).
    [BTW, character of John Conner in T3 is meek. From T1 and T2 we know he is strong, determined, mean-looking m-f. Luckily, that was corrected in T4.]
    T2 – Drama and special effects can go together + Creation of T-Universe.
    T1 – Hollywood classic which proves: Logic behind the story is irrelevant – It’s how you deliver it.

    I always found Terminator storyline as very amusing.
    The original story is this: Humanoid robot comes back from the future, with the mission…
    T-S story is this: Robotized human goes forward to the future with the mission… Mirror images so to speak.

    Finally, there will be the fifth installment. If they create uncertanty and anticipation, and characters we care for – it will be a good one.

    As for the time-travel stuff – not the easiest thing to deal with. Here is my take on it:

    For all we know, machine was sent (back in time) to kill mother of John Conner. Now, we don’t know why. Humans make conclusions based on logic and beliefs so future/possible leader of the resistance is the most plausible explanation. So, when John Conner (from the future) discovers somehow, that the machine was sent after him, he sends a man to protect himself (or his mother). BTW, they could send another one before, who killed his father, and was destroyed in the process (that alone can be another film). Machines discovered, that’s not enough, as JC is still kicking their ass, so they sent another terminator to go after his mother. The only way for John Conner to ensure he’ll be created is to instruct his man not only to protect his mother — but also to make love to her right away. That’s what happened in T1 (and before). That would clear the father-issue IMO. In other words, Kyle Reese is instructed to seduce Conner’s mother (by Conner himself!). That would make Reese really the man on the mission :-)
    [Oddly enough, that would make Conner have 3 fathers which is "referenced" by different actors portraying him. In fact, that would make 3 Conners exist in 3 different time-lines.]
    In addition, that would resolve “problematic” line from the first film: “He thought us how to fight”. That teacher was the intermediate, second John Conner. First, the original John Conner could have a different destiny.

    In the meantime (in between events of T1 and T3), as weaponry is getting more technical, and deadlier at the same time, it involves less of a human input. Developers are therefore building bigger and better software systems in order to control it all. Naturally, that implies more power to those who control the system. The side-effect is that the entire defense system can become vulnerable, if big shots from the top (generals, chiefs of staff etc) are killed or somehow removed from the control room. In such event, the entire (semi-computerized) army, and soldiers on the ground, are in greater danger. So, developers are building the sub-routines that would serve as “auto-pilots” so to speak, if human central command is disabled. “Auto-pilot”/self-sustained system makes decisions, and fills out the gap before new human generals are assigned etc.

    In the future, we know that self-serving system will fail and wage war against all humans. It can be activated during the testing, or in the real war. From T3 we know, it was activated during the testing period.

    Now, what’s wrong with this picture? Any developer would account for that. So SkyNet developers hard-coded “de-activation” sub-routines. Central system can change modular parts, and can make decisions, but it can not changed hard-coded and compiled stuff. “Auto-pilot” can be stopped by current generals, and by randomly chosen civilians, who off course have no knowledge about it. So, in case all the military personnel (who can stop the system) is dead, there is Joe the plumber somewhere, who can be brought in, and whose DNA authenticates on deactivation-portal, and who can halt it all. So authentication is done by analyzing users DNA. As, the nuclear war can kill many civilians, there is the population sample of several civilians (located in different parts of the country) whose DNA structure is entered into the system, so they can gain access to the halt-feature.
    (That can be expanded. Perhaps, in their present, the original terminators were sent to eliminate those targets. That was their first mission. No time traveling, yet.)

    Back to the “present”.
    Developers also faced another problem: If the war occurs in the future, no one will be able to stop “the system/auto-pilot “, so what they do. They advance identification (if it happens in the future), to match the Y-chromosome (instead of the entire DNA). Y-chromosome is inside the DNA, and is passed from father to son in it’s identical form. (All man have unique DNA, but Y-chromosome is identical with their father’s/son’s.)
    So, machines know the names (and DNA structure) of those that can pull the plug, not their location or looks (that would explain why Arnie is randomly killing all Sarah Conners in the first installment – as he does not know exact location and the looks. DNA + name, that’s it.).

    Another thing, which will get you scratch your head: Reese could be one of the few y-chromosome matching individuals who survived (and that explains why he’s “on the list”!).
    As John Conner is sending Reese to become his father, he is effectively changing his own DNA, and inheriting Reese’s exact y-chromosome!

    As for the time-machine, that should be very limited – Machines should not be able to go back in time. That should be some rare event with the great deal of uncertainty – so they sent 1000 Arnies – only one survived the traveling. That would also explain why Kyle Reese asks the police officer “what year is this?”.

    I haven’t seen the TV series, or any of the TV spin-offs, but Sarah’s narrative from the second part is moody and awesome.

    Sending John Conner back in time to “warn” people? Can be good. It was never about the logic and rational behind the story – rather, how it is told.

  115. wahoo4 said:

    Lee I agree with you on the fact the the current T5 story needs to be scrapped. Yes, going back makes no sense what-so-ever.

  116. Toby said:

    I thought Terminator Salvation was good. It had plenty of action and we finally get to see more of the future war instead of just flashbacks. As for John Connor shouting what do you expect? He’s a full grown man and a soldier trying to keep his people and his family alive. Soldiers usually shout when they’re in battle and that’s what the movie deals with. All out war against a powerful enemy.

  117. JD said:

    Kyle should not be sent back in time yet again. That already happened! In another timeline. This Skynet (from T-S) is different form the Skynet which sent Arnie back in T1.

    At that very second when Skynet sends first terminator back in time, everything changes. Sending anything (let alone killing machine) back in time is the end of the world as we know it. That is the ultimate Armageddon, not the victory (over humans) on the battlefield, or absolute Matrix-like domination. THAT moment is THE “Judgment day”, not the raise of machines, or first battles, or end of the state (legal, judicial and executive powers). So, events described in T3 are not the “judgment day” by any means. Day when Arnie is sent back in time – that’s Judgment day. The wheel stops and goes back so to speak, and time continues from the past.

    Consequently, true goal of the resistance is not only to defeat the Skynet, but also to prevent the time-travel. Therefore, Judgment day is shifted into the future (didn’t happen yet again) after the events of T-S.
    (Ironically, Judgment day is the end of the current World, but not the end of the human race.)

    BTW, why would Skynet Version 1 do such a ting?
    Only if they are on the brink of defeat, as a last desperate effort.
    How they can know the outcome? If they plant the chip inside the terminator (which is to be sent back in time), which contains information about their current state (technology and events), and that chip survives the time, and is re-plugged into the Skynet (*), after it is build (and after they make it 100% compatible), only then they should be able to know if time travel was beneficial for them, first time around. All they have to do then is to read their original/alternative history. (Because the chip may contain the technology which is not available before the time-traveling event, they can not know that in advance.) The moment they read information from the chip they sort of inherit their former-self. But there is the catch 22:
    For humans, time-travel is the end; For machines, it’s update to version 2 or maybe downgrade to version 0.1 BETA. It’s like this: If they clone you, and plant somehow your memory inside that clone – is that you? No, it’s not. If you compile new program, with the source code from the original program, is it the same program? Sure it is. Hence the link in between conflict humans vs machines and time traveling is significant.

    *) They off course assume there will be a Skynet, under maybe some other name.

  118. AO1JMM said:

    I seriously cant agree with 1 thing that JD just said. T5 should show the resistance capturing a time displacement device and sending back Kyle to protect Sarah and maybe even a T800 to protect teenage John from the T1000. Then in T6 we see everything leading up to the complete distruction of Skynet.

  119. JD said:

    I think one of the main priorities of the Resistance should be to destroy time-traveling device (if new version of Skynet owns one), no question. They should destroy “device” before the final battle against the Skynet (assuming historically, Skynet used it as a last resort measure). Unless, Skynet sends someone back in time yet again. That would lead to some kind of perpetual storyline. From the storytellers perspective it’s good to introduce something new, we’ve seen all that before.

    If however audience expects and likes time traveling, well I would much rather like to see a prequel then, where Skynet sends the first terminator after the original father of John Connor (let’s say it takes place in mid-to-late seventies… :-) )

  120. johnny said:

    WHAT in the world are all you guys talking about?The T.V show was horrible people.Theres a reason why it was only on for 30 seconds before they pulled it off the air.It was a snooze fest.
    Face it,these movies were meant for 1 thing and 1 thing only,ACTION!Pure entertainment and they all deliver.I think that todays audience puts itself on a pedistal and tries to see everything in movies or on t.v through these sophisticated and intellectual eyes and shuns everything thats not c.s.i or a stupid teenage vampire movie.People in the U.S are giving up on in your face actions pics. T.v shows like Macguyver and the A-Team ruled the airwaves at one time. Lets get back to that!
    I think they need to stay in the future with these movies and make it raw,non-stop action!

  121. griffy85b said:

    My heart was crushed when I heard that McG is going to be directing the next two Terminator movies… Bring back Cameron and Arnold!!! Or even Jonathan Mostow. For me Terminator Salvation wasn’t simply a thumbs down; it was a dismal film.

  122. J said:

    McG and Mostow should be kept away from this franchise. T3 was a parody of T2. It became feel-good ridiculous. The only good that came of T3 is that it finally ended and finally started the future war. Now, McG does a PG-13, half-assed future war so kids who haven’t seen the first two films can go to the theater? Negative. The future war is what real Terminator fans want to see. They want to see the full extent of Skynet’s technological horror and they want to see the humans triumph over the machines, just like Kyle Reese spoke of in T1. NO MORE time travel-based stories. Time travel should be a footnote when the Terminators go through and getting Reese to the time travel room in Skynet complex. The studio needs to realize two things: 1. The series will end, not go on endlessly. 2. Rated R only. The future war is dismal. T5 & T6 should be action/sci-fi/horror movies like T1 was. T4 should have been Kyle Reese’s story, and John Connor shouldn’t have been introduced until he raided the camp to save Kyle at the end of T4. T5 should be about Connor dealing with his army (like Capt. Perry – see T1 interrogation of Kyle) and Kyle while discovering the horrors of Skynet’s efforts to make more effective killing machines. T6 should be about the success of the humans destroying Skynet and discovering the time displacement equipment(which Connor obviously knew about). No Star, Blair, or Barnes. I’d be in favor of ignoring the damage T3 did by doing away with Connor’s wife & the T-X. So much that needs to be done and so few willing to do it.

  123. Orion said:

    Are you kidding me, Salvation was a good film. It had many good aspects about it. MGM is great at action scenes and the rustic look he gave to the future. It was spot on and GREAT! Marcus was great, although I would have rather seen him as a full machine with a human heart. I want to see a full blown Terminator make a choice like wahoo4 said. That is the only thing that would have been better. John needs the machines to win the war. Machines are not going away, as history will repeat itself. That will never change. So they need to evolve to become something more that is what makes Terminator interesting. The human struggle is a side story that is good as a side interest. Otherwise, we have seen over and over. The audience wants to see John start to see them in a different light. Evolve and choose sides as humans do. T.S.C.C. touched on this and it’s been far more interesting than any previous story.

  124. Hopperscorpse said:

    I think Terminat…you guys all smell like shite.

  125. Hopperscorpse said:

    @ JD: When’s your next novel comin out son! Im into terminator as much as the next fat person but Jesus!

    But you’re a fan so what a guy!

  126. justin said:

    first of all The Sarah Connor Chronicles is stupid because she never
    fought in the war so yea that show sucked. Next Terminator Salvation
    is about the war after it already happened duh they didnt start the movie with the war it was already 2018 so we didnt get to see the
    human race get killed or terminate. so all of u haters r dumb pay attention to the movies and there was three movies before this one not two who ever said that

  127. justin said:

    this is to j: u r dumb becuase T3 was not a parody of T2 becuase it was a delay in the timeline because of the second on. also wht about the first one u dont have anything to say bout that one. and the new one like i said before is after judgement day so u cant say anything till they comeout with a T movie bout judgement day happening. and no at the end of T=3 that was not judgement day that was the start of the machines taking control of skynet it didnt show judgement day not one of the movies showed it. and the new one kicked ass

  128. Richard said:

    I just want to see the newer films and what comes with them. I’ve enjoyed all of them to an extent. Sure T3 and T4 had their moments but still they are enjoyable to watch. I just didn’t like Bale in it and that huge Terminator totally was unnecessary.

    I would love to see John and two other people run away and fight at certain times. Like what they did in T1 and T2, keep it simple but with a better story line and have them go through an emotional aspect as well.

  129. Richard said:

    A while ago I was thinking about the future of this franchise. I think it would be better if three different people, their view points were focused. Without John Conner or any of the main characters from the previous films.

    Lets say Amy and her cell tracked down and hunted the Terminators and what they go through.

    The second cell is a military unite which is tracking a lone terminator.

    The third cell are survivors from an attack.

    In the end, they all meet up and set up a final confrontation for that one film.

  130. lala said:

    hey– enuff with the going back in time stuff!! salvation was awesome and a good way to start a trilogy. keep with that..focus on the future.. for 20 over years i’ve been waiting to see the future world of terminators.. the fight of machine vs humans..nuc-boms here and there,(but with good story line too)…and now suddenly they want to screw it by going back to the past again!?? cmmon! why do the same stuf!!!!! we’re bored of that!!!

  131. reece said:

    i heard a that its all gonna be about john conner sending rhys back and i know its true my dad knows the man who makes the movies i got to choose what happens in one scene i said to bring marcus back to help and they said yes but i also was told that there was going to be 3 more movies and swartnager is in number7 because he had time to do it

  132. SUCKS MCG!!! said:


  133. iL0v3T1234 said:

    just play dawn of fate to see how reese goes back, john sends him on suicide missions to reach the tyme portal, all the games fill in the gaps all of them, even redemption it show an alternate future where the t-800 fails in t3 shutdowns n waits till the future reboots n fights his way to the tyme machine gets in it n retrys at t3, lol its fucking awesome.

  134. ryan said:

    the sara chronicles was cool but it is totally inaccurate with the actaul movies because in the third movie john connor thought that the they had stopped judgement day in number 2. and there was no dialogu in three telling of anything drastic from the terminators in between 2 and three, and when the show came along and took place between the two movies i just couldn’t take a serouis following to it.

  135. Steve said:

    I enjoyed T1, T2 and Salvation. However, the best way to have re-booted the franchise in my opinion would habe been the following: Ignore ALL films and re-start from the beginning! Show John Conners original father! Think about it, in T1 Reese is sent back and becomes his father after having told sarah everything, that changes things. Afterall, in T1 Sarah was single, her room mate and her would have dated, even one-nighters. He had another father, even if she was alone or not. sarah is so convinced after everything she’s heard about John that she names her soon to be son John and drills him to become the leader. Where as from the start he had another father, another history, and became the leader himself after judegment day happened. he sends reese back, thus reese becomes his father. It makes sense. Then show Judgement Day, and how John learns to fight and builds his troops, how he becomes the John Conner we all know. Then he sends Reese back, in an attempt to save his Mother whom he has learned is targeted for termination, as well as himself in 1991. He has no idea he is changing the past, not judegment day, but the past by send reese back.
    THAT would be a re-start, a new series just about John, Judgement Day, the War and the events that lead to Reese being sent back which all results in T1.

  136. shauna said:

    I think they should make another T.V.series.I mean they cant end a show with that much thought.I know the ratings were low ,but you have to admit the show kicked ass!This movie is going to be like a Jason series of movies!You keep killing but the thing wont die.Proplapy the rest of the movies are going to get one star but what the hell u know.Whatever floats are boat.But what ive heard so far the movie isn’t going to do so well.i mean come on!Robert Patrik invents a liquid that makes you look younger!!Robert patrik is super ugly now he still has point ears thogh>And him with a beard.Was the guy in his late thirtys or something. Come on people get you’re head in the game!How ‘ bout they make a movie that leads into the third series of terminator.You know flashbacks of what ever happend to carmen.Does that other terminator have her or what.And some advice for the fifth terminator.How about they make a liquid medal(t 1000)to save Marcus Wrigt from ever being killed.Now that be a very intresting movie.And whats up with these damn trailers.Why cant we just make a normal trailer about the movie .Whats up with the half Hitler half robot thing.I mean is that some type of joke because its not funny at all.Thats just plain rude.I really do hope this movie is interesting because if this movie sucks ass,I really dont know what else to watch.I mean if they can make a hundred series of grays anatomy,they can make a billion of terminator .They made 4 terminator movies but not a third season of terminator!!!You know what ,what the hell man.Just come on.Thats just being lazy man.Anyway thats all i’ve got to say.

  137. Dan said:

    I found Terminator Salvation to be an excellent addition to the Terminator movies. One area in my opinion is that it lacked a in depth story line. Without giving too much away to anyone who still has not seen T4, I found T4 to only emphasize only 2 or 3 main points. I was waiting in anticipation that T4 might follow on from some or the areas left unanswered from the TV series ‘The Sarah Connor Chronicles’. I liked the idea of having good Terminators that helped humans. T4 also lacked character emotion. Maybe this is what the director was intending to do and who knows maybe we will see more in the ‘future’, T5 that is! Overall, another great Terminator film. Let’s just hope the next instalment offers a little bit more.

  138. jimmy said:

    its been 30 years and i been waiting to see the war between humans and machines fuck the time jumping lets get to the war that we all love in the small segments in 1 and 2

  139. RickC said:

    I think the terminator films are awesome, well up there in my faves!
    If there was to be a 5, i`d like to see john connor send kyle back through time becasue we know this happens, and maybe at the same time send a CGI of arnold back to 1991 to save john. the CGI wouldnt even have to move could be led down so it didnt look to fake!
    maybe john finish skynet off completley or an alternative ending could be.. to kill the leader of the person who thought of skynet and have done with

  140. Derek Reese said:

    Hi Guys,

    As a terminator fan i enjoyed every single film and especially the TSCC series on tv.

    Although movie 3-4 may have had some flaw as a fan im glad they we’re made and im glad they are making 5 and 6 also.
    Although i wish Arnie would come back to them and John Cameron Directs the films.

    As for the TV series it gives a deep and rich story that a movie simply can’t and i really want to see the final season. They can’t leave it hanging at season 2 like it is….

    I think some people should just stop complaining for what wasn’t good etc and just be glad that they are making more films because i as a big fan it’s all i want more films which will hopefully be as good if not better then 1 & 2.

  141. f.r. durant said:

    sara conner is not dead. In the regular timeline when she was suppose to die, she went into the future via time travel(sara conner chronicles)which completly altered time(t3 was a representation of what could have happended if they didnt flee to the future in sara conner chronicles). She didnt die in the end of the series which means shes still alive and may return at a future date, maybe in terminater 6.

  142. sire said:

    what that man said behind me is a 100% right. im with him.

  143. plugnplay said:

    Despite what I read about T4 Salvation I still think its a great movie, I keep watching it and can’t wait for the next installments.

  144. Michael said:

    Alrite, i thought T4 was alrite but it wasnt what i expected it to be. i thought t4 would have been the last one because we know what happens john conner is like 30 something and weve seen skynet bomb the world with nukes. Now in this next one they should forget about all the time travel crap (thats corny as hell) and get to the nitty gritty which is man vs machine the ending, the termination of the machines!!! Also please dont make this crap into a dumbass love story between a woman and machine, that shit in T4 with that chinese woman drove me off the walls. i was hopin she walked onto a land mine and blew up

  145. Cyrix said:

    I’d love to see a “Terminator” miniseries that instead focuses on the original timeline (the one before Skynet sends a terminator to the past to kill Sarah), and focuses on the rise and fall of Skynet without the time traveling.

    When I first watched the terminator, I was more interested in the war. Sure we have Terminator 4 that covers it, but we’re looking at the alternate timeline Skynet war, not the original.

  146. alberto said:

    To be honest I liked Terminator Salvation, maybe I was one of those out of the states who enjoyed it, to understand salvation you must go trough the three first and obviously you have see the first one. I don’t like the idea of john Connor time traveling to protect himself or find something necessary to defeat the machines. I want to see him as the leader of the resistance, sending kyle back and fighting Arnold like terminator.

    Although the future have changed a lot for him, since the terminators went sent back to hunt him.

  147. A_Sophisticated_Guy said:

    I don’t like the people who say that TSCC should be incorporated into the next movie. The series was shit, and was just a spin-off made by some talentless hacks trying to make money. There is a reason it was cancelled after only two seasons.
    Personally I quite liked T3, although I admit there were a few things that could have been redone, like Arnie’s dialogue.
    I thought that T4 was totally awesome! I loved all the little tie backs to the earlier movies, like the stuff with Kyle Reese and the T800 having Arnies face. I think that the next one should involve more of the fight scenes from the first couple, with the armies of T800s with plasma guns and walking on fields of skulls.
    That is what every true sci-fi fan has been drooling over for the last 26 years. Not the crappy side stories of TSCC. Although I will admit that the thing about T4 that puzzled me was why the terminators kept throwing Connor around instead of just crushing his windpipe and whatever other parts of his body they came into contact with.
    Also, T4 didn’t explain why the giant Harvester Terminator was collecting humans. I only found out later that is was to harvest their skin and stuff to use disguising the T800s that would be used for infiltration missions.
    I say, McG did GOOD with Salvation, but just to be sure, he should get advice from James Cameron when he makes the next two movies, if JC isn’t too busy making the sequel for Avatar. Hurry up, the both of you!
    This is A_Sophisticated_Guy. If you are reading this, then you have far too much time on your hands. Like me.

  148. JD said:

    I’ve seen T4 again (on a DVD this time) I’ve got one more comment:
    There is some trend-following, namely in regard to Transformers and Matrix. It’s not too bad but IMO they should stay clear from that as much as they can.

    It seems all big movie franchises suffer from “trend-following syndrome”. Some of you who are familiar with James Bond movies may recall how in early movies they didn’t give a damn about the trend of a day; there were no such references (more likely – they were setting up the trends). Starting somewhere with “Live and Let Die”, you can see parts which are just like “Smokie and the Bandit” or some Bruce Lee’s film, or some other hit-of the day. Essentially poor mans version of the same, wrapped up in “007 Universe”.

    So, whatever they do (are doing), they should avoid copying (any part of) Matrix, Transformers, or any other popular SF franchise.
    PS. And especially those, which are inspired by Terminator movies on the first place! :-)

  149. Whatup? said:

    Terminator the Sarah Connor Chronicles was the best direction of the franchise yet. No one wants to see Arnie, he’s like old and nothing like he was in T1. A great Terminator would be that assassin off of No Country for Old men if he would buff up. Man he would be perfect for the bad terminator role. Can’t remember that actor’s name. lol No Cameron and John’s love interest, was interesting as well as well as seeing the machines evolve. I want to see Summer Glau in the next picture as Cameron. That human/ machine relationship is very interesting. I also want to see the T1000 story of some kind.

  150. doofus said:

    all you bums get onto and add me as a friend

  151. NoFate said:

    In love the whole idea of the terminator. I too want the tv show to continue. I dint mind terminator 4. It was better than T3. But my expectation on T4 was to c the mission where Kyle goes back in time. & for T5 same again but to c them reprogram a terminator n send him back. But as for T6. Im not sure. I don’t want the stories to end. So I say leave it open for a new terminator tv show set in the future. Thanx for reading.

  152. cameron said:

    cool this sounds exciting! dont bring in john connor from the tv series thatll just be crap! if christian bale was replaced, why not bring back in the original john connor – edward furlong! now thatll be interesting

  153. Kyle Reese said:

    I just don’t understand what happened with the Terminator story. T1 and T2 were beyond fantastic. T3 and T4… just okay. T3 was just boring. Certainly nothing that got in your head. However, I just watched Season 1 and Season 2 of The Sarah Conner Chronicles on netflix (just missed them on the air due to terrible scheduling) and was blown away. It was like T2 was back and better than ever. I felt the cast in T:SCC was so much above T3 and T4. The stories, the acting the direction, it all went back to the T2 golden era. T 5 or T6 needs to pick up on where T:SCC leaves off. And I’d like to see Kyle Reese more. Truth is, KR carried the original T1 more than then the Terminator did. Get the people who did T:SCC to do the next Terminator movies. I think they got a raw deal from the network and I think they were better than T3 or T4.

  154. Terminator Fan said:

    Please, as a hardcore Terminator fan.. Knock it of with the time travel thing.. and give the fans what they want to see: All out ass kicking war as shown in the flashbacks of kyle.
    No more normal guns with normal bullets, we want laser guns, and deserts filled with t-800 terminators.. again, make T-5 how it is suppose to go, and move forward from where salvation stopped.
    In my opinion, Terminator Salvation was the start of a awesome trilogy and done pretty well, just take it to the next level with t-5 and stop going and looking back to the first movies.
    t-1 and t-2 ruled and so i will forgive the maker the t-3 movie since Salvation started of where i hoped the next terminator would start, after judgement day.
    Salvation started great, don’t mess it up now!

  155. T1000 said:

    Yeah I agree with you Kyle Reese, T.S.C.C. was a fresh story direction. I like T4, it was rustic and the director did a great job of props and special affects. Just needed some more building on the relationships aspect of the movie. It was rushed in the end. I for one want to see more of the machine story. I did like the Cameron and John side love story.

  156. bankz said:

    YO I HOPE arnold schwarzenegger AND Thomas Dekker COME BACK IN THIS MOVIE IT WOULD BE A AWSOME MOVIE

  157. tere said:

    i hate the idea of them talking about johns past AGAIN, jeez 3 movies of the same thing, terminators going back in time to stop john, wash, rinse and repeat. instead they should focus on continuing the war and showing the outcome of it. i like the idea of them ending the war and showing humanity in the end rise above everything that has happened, it is a great lesson of what greedy humans desiring power and going to far can obtain. humans in this movie should accept their mistakes and move on, and stop trying to change the past. if they changed the past, eventually another human to smart for their own good will somehow bring about robots again, its human nature to investigate and not measure the costs.

  158. James said:

    Why is it so hard to see that the Terminator movies and the “Chronicles” are totally separate and should be treated separately. U just can’t blend the 2 together and i’m guessing it’s the youngsters who keep on rating the TV show as awesome.
    The Terminator movies has an awesome storyline and even though Salvation wasn’t what people expect, i thought it was great, it sets it up for T5 and T6. LETS SEE THE WAR!
    If u actually watch the movies 1-4, you’ll see the storyline flows well. Just keep that ‘chronicles’ shit away from the movies.

  159. Cameron said:

    The T.S.C.C. has been the most interesting story. The concept was great. Going back in time will be an epic failure. It seems the Terminator franchise is just tring to milk it off of T2. T4 was a fresh start…KEEP IT IN THE FUTURE? Make the machine and human relationship the focus. It’s what made Battle Star so interesting. I agree with Wahoo4. You will gain a bigger audience and create a deeper story. The resistance against John for showing compassion for the machines and the machines turning against Skynet. The political issues/ love interests would be very interesting as well.

  160. NoFate said:

    sorry ppl, i think some of you hav mistaken wot i ment. i dint mean i wonna c T5 & 6 go back in time, i ment i just wonna c the future missions leadin upto where they send Kyle back to save Sarah in T5 & the mission where they capture & reprogram a Terminator, send him back to save John.

    bring on the lazer guns, T1000 & bring on some FEAR. the end of T1 were the machine is crawlin to get sarah scared the shit out of me as a kid lol.

    as for the machine & human relationship thing, com’on i know its hard time in the future but cant they find a safer sex toy. lol. this idea is far beyond stupid.

  161. Kyle Reese said:

    I really think a Terminator film set in the future should have either been a straight up Futuristic war film, or John becoming the leader and the end being John sending me back to bang his mom.

  162. Cameron said:

    It’s not a sex toy thing dude. It’s about the machines becoming something more than just a machine. Free choice to choose their own, love or not. What is interesting about Terminators is seeing them become self aware. Choosing right or wrong, learning growing and etc. Taking sides. That’s interesting. It goes back to the age old story of Romeo and Juliet, forbiding love and that’s always interesting one. John already has feelings for machines back in T2, he can see past what they are made of and where a future where both can coexist. John needs the machines to win the war. Astro boy, Battle Star, Matrix, etc…etc…movie but all the directors are too pussy to take a step of human and machine love relationship. Now there are many different levels of love. It don’t have to be sexual,but I’m open to it. lol If it’s well done. The next T movies could have a deep story and exciting as well, but it appears they are just going to try to milk it a little more without doing anything new.

  163. Cameron said:

    MGM take a chance, you may just get a wider audience.

  164. Dan said:


    Like everyone here, I’m a huge Terminator fan. I think that Salvation was good but not great. It lacked character development, especially on John Connor’s part. It focused too much on Marcus’ story line. The special effects were amazing, but the problem, for me, wasn’t the lack of a new terminator being the antagonist (as proposed for T5), the problem was that some villains didn’t make any sense. They were cool to look at, but nothing was explained. For example, I loved the huge robot with the motorcycle terminators, but it makes you think, if they can create a machine like that, why don’t they create hundreds of them and go kill the humans? It might be an infiltration thing? But anyways, why not explain a little more to the viewers?

    My point is that I think that Salvation was on the right track but got too excited with the special effects and Marcus’s story that it forgot to tell the one of how John Connor became this amazing leader and why people follow his command. The proposed solution for T5 isn’t convincing for me. In my opinion, we don’t want to see a new terminator trying to kill John Connor while no one around believes him. That has already been done too many times.

    What made the first one and the second one such a success, wasn’t necessarily the plot (which was a great one at that time), it was the fact that this type of story was new and made sense in the Sci Fi genre. The second one was great because it was a whole other story, changing the enemy from the first into the saviour. It was different from the first movie in many ways.

    It’s kind of like the Alien franchise. The first one was amazing, and then the second one took everyone off guard by changing the horror movie into a horror / action military movie, which was a work of genius on Cameron’s part for Aliens. Then the franchise suffered from sequels trying to repeat the first 2 movies.

    I do love the idea to develop a little more on time travel but make an original story that focuses on Connor’s struggles. You don’t need to go back and tell the same story another time so that you can have a fun time in the theatre, the Terminator franchise is epic and the sequels should thrive on the atmosphere of the first two films, not their story.

    Thank you.

  165. Logan said:

    I loved them all I thought Salvation was a great movie and I think part 5 should stay in the future. That was the original plan to do a future wars trilogy. And at the end of part 3 send kyle reese to bang John Connors mom after they had destroyed sky nets defense grid and sky net sends the terminator to kill his mom as a last attempt to win.

    Obviously from part 3 on, because of time travel this is all the result of an alternate timeline so they can go in all kinds of different directions with this stuff. It’s turning out different than it originally happened. I would definately want to see the more advanced weaponary and the lazer guns and seeing John become this great leader, and he said “I don’t know if we can win this war”, so maybe he could time travel at the end of part 5 and have a new terminator chase him in part 6 and battle them there. I’m open for John connor time traveling in part 6 only if they do a prequal to part 1 and we see the future war as kyle described it to sarah. That would get allot of the future war out of my system and make up for part 6 being in the past. James Cameron could do a prequal and he would have his own trilogy and McG would have his own trilogy and part 3 would be stuck in the middle of all that. Or if cameron wouldn’t want to do it McG could do it. Either way I think it would be cool to see the difference of the 2 futures.

    And for God sakes if they make a night at the museum 3 the same time Terminator 5 comes out, please go and see Terminator 5 or they won’t make a 6 if they don’t get their money back, so it’s important that we support it at the theatrs if we want this to continue.

  166. Logan said:

    You know the more I think about now, John connor time traveling would be pretty cool. I would be happy either way if they kept it in the future or the past. I just hope Christian Bale is in it and it gets made. It would be interesting if he ran into his younger self in 2011 and they got Nick Stall to play a cameo. But that might leave a small problem, if John goes back into the past, how would kyle reese know when to travel back to John’s mother because if Kyle doesn’t go then game over. Maybe the idea would be good for part 6 because Kyle is going to have to go to the 80’s first before John goes to 2011 right? Unless John’s wife sends Kyle back. I’m not sure on this one.

  167. Emmie said:

    Whooooaaaaaa, what’s up with all of the dissin’ on Terminator Salvation?? I think that just like every other terminator movie, it was amazing and full of action. It had great actors(Bale), and not ot mention Kyle Reese was AMAZING! I want these movies to keep adding until i die, i love them!

  168. Emmie said:

    Oh and they need to bring back Edward Furlong, he is the main reson why i even fell in love with the Terminator movies!

  169. Kirk said:

    Terminator Salvation is a perfect movie and for me it was the right way to go with this series, I loved the way the worked on it. I think they are going to fail in the 5th because if it’s true what McG is saying the film is going to be like the first one, a chase film. That’s yet done, I wanted to know what’s next with the new heart on Connor and more about post apocalyptic world. And I hope they don’t change john connor, bale did a great work. I hope they do it right, and stop thinking salvation was a bad movie because it isn’t. Sarah Connor’s Chronicles was good, and I don’t understand why a good show like this ends cancelled. McG is a master in direction, so I now that whatever he ends up is going to be really good. Take care everyone.

  170. JIMBO said:

    First of all who calls themselves McG, he is a s##t director, He should be fired, second SCC was a bag of S##T. How many terminater are going to come back and try and kill him, there was like 10 or 20 that came back. The whole time traveling thing in Terminater is flawed, YOU CAN NOT CHANGE THE PAST, 1 and 2 I let that go because they were amazing, The fifth one should stay in the future, and stay with the main characters that we love, and their journey. That is where 4 let me down. Bale shouts to much, change the record. Do some great acting for a change like in American Physco he was great in that.


    Peace out

  171. JIMBO said:

    One more idea for terminater 5, John should go back in time and bang his mum, and become his own father. Lets face it, it would be a better story than MCG is going to come up with. FIRE HIM PLEASE.

  172. SummerGlau said:

    Well, I don’t like the idea of all these cheesy robots. Now they are going to make a worm bot? LOL It’s getting too crazy. I thought the aqua bot was getting too silly. I want to see an in depth story. One person mentioned this about a free will T888 or T1000 that chooses it’s own direction. Yes, that’s interesting. As mentioned, the war is lost, it’s time to find a co-existence solution. John’s wife and child are killed by a Terminator. John’s hate grows stronger when he finds a self-aware T888 and while trying to kill John he see hesitation on it’s part. John talks it into joining them and realized they can feel the more they are subjected to people. When the rest of the world hate them, maybe he see something more. He needs them as much as they need humanity. This sounds like a richer story to me.

  173. SummerGlau said:

    I loved Salvation, it was a great start to a trilogy. Don’t abandon it.

  174. T1000 said:

    What SummerGlau said could make for some interesting political side stories. Another factor that would make the franchise stronger. Terminators that hate Terminators and human vs human. Very interesting in deed.

  175. Armortron said:

    I don’t see the whole point of the SCC. They went into the future to continue to try and stop the warn when yet, how is john connor suppose to grow up and be the man he is suppose to be in the future during the war.
    Aside from T2 being the best movie ever, I wish James Cameron would have have done T3 and stuck with the timeline a bit better, or the time line woulda been kept in check. How is it, that John Connor, supposedly born in 1984 being 10 in 1994 in T2 with them trying to stop the rise of the machines that would take place in 1997, but then in T3, john was refered to as being 13 when the terminators came back which would have put him in 1997, yet showing Sara Connors Casket and her death being in 1997. To much of a plot hole. I guess thats the adverse effects of time travel
    Just think tho. If they did stop judgement day, and saved the world from the nuclear war, then kyle reese would nevr have come back in time and hooked up with sara connor, so at any rate the final terminator move ever needs to be about stopping the war and sarah connor having a boring friday night. lol

  176. Ace said:

    I would like to say as a Terminator fan. Terminator Salvation is not as bad as people make it seem. My only problem with Terminator Salvation was the lack of character development in the script and the plot seemed rushed. But I like the fact that it went to the future and that’s where we need to continue at.

    Terminator 5 should be about how both Terminator 1 and 2 begin by having Kyle Reese as one of the main characters of the film and once he travels back to 1984 from the year 2029 to stop the T-800. Then they should focus on John Connner and how he end up reprogramming his first T-800 Terminator and how the T-1000 comes to play. Both the T-1000 and T-800 Terminators should be shown going back in time after John Conner destroy’s the remaining TDE.

    Terminator 6 should be how Terminator 3 begin but this needs to better than the first one this should be like a do or die for the human resistance. Definitely show the how the TX was developed by Skynet and it defeated a T-1002 in Skynet’s central core. Show how the T-850 kills John Conner(T3 reference). Not only that show the TX going to 2004 along with the T-850 going through time as well being reporgrammed by Katherine Brewster. But the ending needs to be epic.

    This is just my brief synopsis on how I think these movies should go but other than that feel free to share your thoughts.

  177. Xfactor said:

    Salvation was good and I agree with Ace except for the 5 &6 story. That just sounds boring and predictable. Do you want to see the same crap over and over like some revolving door? Please, a fresh new direction. Summer Glau and T1000 said sounds more interesting.

  178. Ace said:

    @Xfactor what Summer Glau said is interesting and as a matter of fact if you’ve watch Sarah Conner Chronicles. Catherine Weaver is part of the Cyborg Resistance which you could read about right here: It metions about it’s lead by a bunch of T-1000’s.

    PS: Just copy and paste the link

    But here’s why I stand behind my brief plots:

    1. You have to show how all the first 3 terminator movies began. Because it was those first 3 movies that told us about the future and what was going to take place. In my humble opinion T5 should talk about how T1 and T2 began(footnote in T5 movie), while T6 should talk about how T3 began(footnote in T6 movie). I don’t mind adding some twisting plots and new characters, but if you don’t show how all the first three began wouldn’t that make what Kyle Reese and Arnold’s terminator in T2 and T3 say about the future be irrelevant? But I do think they should touch on the cyborgs having self awareness in T6 and make a T-1002 be the one to have self awareness now that would be awesome(just my opinion).

    2. Some people may not agree with me on this one, even though the Sarah Conner Chronicles wasn’t a bad show it should not be included in the movie cannon. The reason why because it is a TV show not a movie so we can’t add a TV show plot into a actual terminator movie cannon. I’ll give you one example in T3 judgement day happened in 2004 while in the Sarah Conner Chronicles judgement day happened in 2011. I think that we should stick with the movie and not add the TV show timeline because it will cause some more deep timeline paradox issues. So basically they should keep it simple but give us some surprisers too.

    Thier you have it just my opinion it’s cool we can agree/disagree on some things about the terminator franchise.

  179. Xfactor said:

    Whos cares about the first two movies is what I’m saying. The future can change and honestly I could care less about about going backwards and showing it full circle. Who cares about the story of sending back Kyle or seeing the T888 reprogramed and sent back. It can be little side stories, but what is more interesting is seeing the machines become something. It’s been the same with any robot movie. The man and machine relationship. You name it, T.S.C.C., Matrix, Wall-E, I Robot, T2, Battle Star, AstroBoy and ect. What they need to do is cross that line. T.S.C.C. did that somewhat, they don’t think an audence can buy it, and I disagree. I want it to continue from Salvation. I want to see a T1000, how it came to be and what it will choose. So many can’t get over T1 and T2. It was good for it’s time, but really that story dead in the words of James Cameron himself. MG needs to redefine it with his own future story and he had a good start. The movie didn’t do well because of the recession. Everyone I talked to like it. It felt rushed was all.

  180. Ace said:

    @Xfactor this would be my last response to your claim I will share with you on what I agree and disagree at the bottom.

    Agree: I definitely wouldn’t mine seeing a man and machine relationship and in T5 I think that McG should write a script regarding how John and Marcus develops a bond while John is still learning these machines. After all this is where John begins to learn the technology of these terminators and their cpu. After that you’ll definitely see John Conner will capture one and reporgrammed it to follow his orders(That’s if McG decides to go this route then this wouldn’t be bad at all).

    Disagree: If I was writing T5 I would use only Kyle Reese and the first terminator that John Conner sends back in time as a footnote in the movie, not the movie in it’s entirety. Because I would like to have a little bit more insight as to what Kyle Reese did for example like serving under perry in the 132 division from 2021-2027 and then serving John Conner the next two years before being sent to 1984(Kyle also talks about it a little bit in the police station scene in T1). Then I would like to have more insight as to what John Conner’s first reprogrammed T-800 terminator did for him in the future before being sent to 1995. All I’m sayin is just keep it in the future, use the origins of how T1 and T2 began as a sidenote, and most importantly expand on the terminator universe(Which I agree with you on).

    Other than that I like talking to terminator fans where we can exchange ideas about the terminator universe. I hope someone in hollywood is taking note of this because we definitely want to keep it in the future.

  181. Xfactor said:

    It’s all good, I enjoy the conversation as well, I just hope they do something soon. I was hoping for that serious CG animated terminator movie to spark interest again, but I guess that got canned. Regardless, I want to see something soon.

  182. Xfactor said:

    I think MGM still didn’t have the guts to cross the line so he gives Marcus a human heart and brain. lol I want to see a full machine become self aware, perhaps learn to love, and choose. One person mentioned John fighting a t888 and John sees hesitation on it’s part. John then starts to ask it how it feels about Skynet’s control and not being able to choose it’s own fight. Now that sounds real interesting!

  183. Sam said:

    I agree with Xfactor. Thats how then arnold sheze terminator will have a change of heart and go back in time to T2 and the storyline will continue.

    I think T5 and T6 will be kinda like Part 1 and Part 2. It will probably be the last of the series and I will be surprised if they had a Season 3 of TSC.

  184. Xfactor said:

    Well if they follow something close to the T.S.C.C. they could make more films than T5 & T6. The whole political side between humans and machines could be another story. Then they could add aliens to the mix adding the need for machines help against the alien invasion and technology. LOL Three factions could then go into the Starcraft II story. Then into the Matrix story when the machine won the war. LOL If they stick to the T1, T2 loop then it’s over for the fancise. :(

  185. realT2fan said:

    WOW OMFG !! What is going on with you people ! I trully loved T2 and Savlation was not that bad .. In fact I liked it a lot better than T3 , for me T3 is a joke!! This is where we are , in the future , this is where we need to STAY.. I don’t want to see another Teminator in the past , we have already seen it 3 F***ING time … Let it go for god sake !! And don’t talk to me about Sarah Connor Chronicle , another joke for me ! Shitty tv show !

    In my case I loved T4 and we saw some little details that help us understand . Like is scare in his face. We havent seen laser weapon yet!

    Like Xfactor said , Teminator loop or reboot will kill the franchise !

  186. Xfactor said:

    RealT2fan did you even watch the T.S.C.C. all the way through? I admit at first I hated it, but it grows on you fast. Season II was great! There were a few crap eps, writers srike, John was alittle emo at first, but it was a TV show on a low budget. There was character building. It’s the Terminator story direction that was good and more important, interesting!!! Seeing John fall in love for the very thing that we were at war with and seeing the machine become something. In fact it would be interesting to see John’s family die at the hands of a Terminator, then see John’s hate change to love one. Gives me goosebumps. Put some emotion and difficult choices into the movie! Josh Freeman still didn’t have the balls either, but he had more than most directors. For some reason they don’t think an audience can buy it and that’s just plain not true. If a huge fan base can follow Battle Star then yes people will love it. It’s seeing the human machine relationship other than just at war is what’s interesting. Why can’t they get it? It was the fall of T.S.C.C. as well when Josh focused on Sarah Connor too much. The problem is MGM won’t give Josh F. credit and he will follow James Cameron instead. T2 was good, but it was not that interesting. The only good parts were John and the machine interaction. I hope MGM don’t cave into the T2 base fans that can’t see beyond, the Connors. Jeesh….epic failure.

  187. csal said:

    I say put the kid that came out in number 2…he has a good age now to play john connor..also its feels that salvation skipped a lot…number three was good..but something was missing

  188. al said:

    wow some of you people are really hard to please, Terminator salvationw as awesome are you kidding me! I haven’t seen action packed effects like that! And the story line was fine, what more did you want?? Christian Bale was awesome too! He is a beast in every movie hes in and he has to come back for the next one! Everyone has a right to their oppinions but go easy the film was good.

  189. Tyson said:

    Ok I have been thinking about this since 1992…remember the first five minutes of T2 the future battles scenes. Those were awesome. How about Jim gets some of that Avatar money set aside for a full blown movie like that. A WAR MOVIE. like the Pacific. But set in 2029, with that gritty Cameron realism. Terminators (T-800s) getting ripped up by cannon fire, smoke and dirt. Big battle scenes. Skynet blowing apart humans with high power plasma weapons. Dark Skies, Night Battles, Servo sounds, pitched firefights…If I ever see a T-800 throw another person I am going to vomit. They can punch as hard as a jackhammer. Umm how about follow Kyle Reese through the arc he talks about in T1, just his soldiering “upthen” untill he meets John. We already see some of that in the future scenes in T1/2. And I mean desperate looking the way Cameron did it. A 32 year old war between men and machines fought on the corpse of the old world. Life was cheap in those scenes lots of humans used up to take on Skynet, because thats the way it had to be done. BRING BACK SARAH!!! WTF? Linda Hamilton could play her in the future as a baddass commando resistance General bringing supplies up from Mexico for the showdown in wherever. Or use the SCC cast. That was a good show. Maybe because James Cameron had his influence in it. Get away from the crazy over the top liquid terminators. I like the mechanical ones, T-1-T800s/Mototerminators were cool, Flying HKS, HK Tanks,Harvestors, remember the weird little gun pods from the T2 arcade game. Or the snake mines that crawled around then blew up like a claymore mine. All cool. Show us the scene inside NORAD when skynet becomes self aware and starts killing people with the cleaning robots. Remember that from the books? Why does Skynet always have doorknobs and easy hack in terminals? It would be more like fighting inside an alien spaceship then just a well guarded Wallmart to go into a Skynet facility built after JD. Explore skynets motives, explore more human factions. Show the first random human encounter with a terminator right after JD that must have been a real nightmare, like Sarah narrates in T2
    What about the SCC storyline??? where the hell did that go?
    Maybe RoboCop could show up and help out the humans by reopening a T-800 factory and building copies of himself…Just Kidding.
    Good luck MCG

  190. orlanda said:

    I’d like T5 to continue with the war. Who needs another chase / time travel Terminator movie – we’ve had that. Kyle Reese rocked. So did Arnie. But it is time to move on. T4 was lame for me because John Connor was not the “leader” of the resistance. He’s always been painted as the “leader”. Let’s see him lead and smash Sky net’s defence network as Kyle Reese described. Then show Kyle being sent back. They’d won, or so Kyle said. Let’s see that war.
    Unfortunately, producers are in it for money, not story – so they think T4 failed because it didn’t have time travel chase sequences. It failed because John Connor wasn’t leading the resistance. At the end of T3 someone asks who is in charge and John says – I am. And then in T4 he isn’t.
    They need to keep the characters true.

  191. orlanda said:

    Forgot to add – let’s see Arnie kill John Connor – that’s what he said – didn’t he?
    Finale of T6?

  192. Jeremy said:

    you know what i think i think terminator 5 should be a rescue attempt like for instance resistance fighters trapped behind enemy lines and before john connor leaves with his men he gets a call for help

  193. Kenau said:

    Ok personally Christian bale is way better as john Connor. he gets the character down perfect. im a huge fanatic of future apocalyptic movies. all i got to say is this is the best series ever created and i hope you got all the way to t10 these movies are incredibly well thought out.and if you guys dont sell 1 copy of any i will buy them all. brilliant movie’s! they never seem to bore me!

  194. james said:

    terminator salvation was a brill film keep on making them cos there wkd!!!!!it was much better than any film made in 2010.get arnie back and let him and bale have 2 hours of blood and battles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  195. Sam said:

    oops guys I looked on wikipedia and wikia including google news and it has been confirmed that terminator 5 and 6 will be a reboot of the series putting T1 and T2 in one film making T3 and another part in another. There won’t be a continuation of Terminator 4, but though I would be curious if they decided to follow the storyline with Terminator 5 finding a way to send the robots back in time and maybe finding a way to change them. Terminator 6 would then be a direct sequel to Terminator 5 by destroying skynet and maybe being shocked that the reason Skynet was created was because of John Conor’s existence. James Cameroon is also doing Avatar 2 and 3 together as Part 2 and Part 3. Besides the robots must be controlled by some Humans. Some robots are stupid you know.

  196. Seanboi83 said:

    fuck mcg…. he is a shitty hack of a director. he needs to get a real fucking name and go back to doing stupid music videos or bad Charlie’s angels sequels since that’s what he is “good” at. terminator salvation was at best, boring… non of the characters made sense the story was ridiculous even the action scenes fell flat. i figured this movie would be awesome with christian bale as jonh conner but you barely see him instead you’re stuck watching a character that has no business being introduced at all. which is funny cuz i thought the terminator movies were ultimately about john conner not some reanimated convict that saves EVERYBODY for no reason. and what the fuck is mcg doin trying to send john conner back in time, uh he is the future leader of the resistance (key word being future) he should be in the future! not quantum leaping through time like sam fucking beckett… i mean shouldn’t the leader of the resistance be idk LEADING THE RESISTANCE! i hope they get this one right or i will not be seeing or looking forward to any more terminator movies. fuck you for ruining my favorite franchise growing up MCG…. ASSHOLE!

  197. Xfactor said:

    Yeah that’s going to be epic fail sending John back in time. No one wants that and someone needs to step in and take over using MGM as a co-director for action shots and the continued future he created. Looks like the next two movies are nothing but a scam to make money at this point. The story direction could easily continue while making it a two part movie. That would give the director time to create character development and a good story. I still want to see John’s family die at the hands of the machines. Then while fighting a T888 John see’s hesitation on it’s part, asking it how it feels about being in Skynets control. Seeing the machines become something and the relationship between man/machine is the only interesting factor left in the franchise. If they don’t explore that, then it’s all over. Seeing John hating the machine, to perhaps loving one would make an interesting story. Then the whole story about humans going against John for using machines, the epic fighting and the T1000 backdrop story. Man we fans are going to be screwed.

  198. Freeman said:

    As a child i loved the Terminator movie’s hugely, and later on down the line i started to realise that many of my Faviroute film’s where in fact James Cameron film’s and in fact what i loved was the intense atmosphere, strength of character’s and action cinematography that Jim Cameron creates.

    I haven’t worked out exactly what all the element’s are that make a Jim Cameron movie, but without them the new terminator movies are not watchable, real sorry that’s just how i feel.

    When you compare movies of today to old skool classics like Alien’s or T1/T2, it just makes you wonder, don’t the people who make movie’s learn from their peer’s in the business?. Did the first 2 terminator movies just go over their heads. For Pity’s sake the first Terminator Was a straight up horror/chase, and the second had those element’s to, what the hell are T3 and salvation??. They threw out the Jim Cameron Element’s and seriously expected to make a good Terminator movie?? WTF!

    I remember Jim Cameron mention somewhere that he came up with the concept of the Terminator from a NIGHTMARE he had, which he vividly described like it shook him to the core with fear, and that’s exactly what a Terminator movie need’s to do to the viewer. It should be a Nightmare.

    So tired right now, hope i made some sense …Lol

  199. Emma Browning said:

    I love the terminator movies as well as the TV show. I was really upset when they canceled after just 2 seasons ,just as it was about to get good with the arrival of john Connor’s father kyle Reese ,witch was a bit annoying .As i live in england i though they make another in the us to show over here at a later date ,until i discovered they weren’t making it anymore .so i brought terminator salvation as I’ve seen all the other movies and TV of it, it was alright but it could of done a bit more work into the Resistance fighting part and a bit more on the kyle reese story line as far as sam Worthington part in the film doesnt really go well with the terminator storyline of the other movies witch was a bit of dissapointment .so i hope they do make terminator 5 and 6 so i’ve heard about but this time a bit more into the resitance plot and kyle reese storyline

  200. Xfactor said:

    Freeman, Cameron’s writing is weak. The only thing he is good at is a creative concept, attention to detail and bringing out emotion in people. Did you watch Avatar extended scenes? LOL Man it’s a good thing that crap didn’t get in the movie. Talk about cheesy story, and much of the dialog was weak and childish. Yeah he’s good at the creative part and tapping into people’s emotions, but that’s about it. That guy has an ego like no one else. He makes me sick. T1 was a good flick, T2 tapped into your emotions, but not much for good dialog. lol Come on now. A few good chessy phrases and that’s about it. Chasing scenes, how original is that and you want more? Cameron can Dog MGM all he wants, but MGM at least tried soemthing different. He’s got some work ahead of his as well, and they need to sit down and think of a good story direction. Cameron’s actions scenes are a bit lacking as well. Each director has his/her’s strengths. Just need a mix of great story, very good dialog, good character development and tap into peoples emotions. It don’t have to end bad either. I think a love story between John and a machine is a very interesting one. Trusting each other should be a big part of the story and can build suspense. Maybe Skynet’s vengance against John’s love interest, ikd, but it’s got to stay in the future. No one wants to see a rehash. There is no doubt that T story needs some new direction. T.S.C.T. had a epic one.

  201. Bilal Ahmed said:

    It’s a great pleasure for the fans. Who wated for T5. Best wishes for T5.

  202. Freeman said:

    @Xfactor , I respect what your saying, yes Avatar was a bit cheesy even without the added cheese but it didn’t take away from the experience to much for me. Although i think it could have been better if it was a bit darker like terminator or Aliens.

    but about the dialog, terminator movies are not completely propelled by the dialog, IMHO the cinematography and visuals create the creepy atmosphere, not to many words have to be used to tell the story, but their have been some great moment’s in T1 & T2, like in T1 when Kyle Reese explains to Sarah Conner about how relentless the Terminator is and what the future is like. And also in T2 when Sarah Conner goes to kill Miles Dyson, and say’s “men like you created the atom bomb” …etc. I think the dialog in t1 t2 is just right and would have been ruined if it had been to a melodramatic. I dunno for me the film’s felt very serious and realistic, like something that could happen, and the fragility and value of Human life was expressed well.

    But hey each to there own i guess. :D

  203. john said:

    i don’t know what peoples problem is with t3 and t4.. if you acaully follow the movies correctly they are in order!! t-5 is going to be amazing with rumors of a new super killer terminator.. as far as t3 goes its followed from t-2 where they blew up cyberdyne systems and post-ponde the war ( judgement day) john connor himself ( nick sthall) said to arnold in t-3 i thought we stopped judgement day!! and arnold said back ( you only post poned it-judement day is unstoppable!) skynet was in charge of the whole thing all the time.. katherine brewsters father was the key the whole time.. if john would have met katherine in the 2nd one.. there would have been no war.. but im glad he didnt!! t-3 kicked ass!!! the best out of all 4 films!!! the most action and realistic affects!! you cant deny that haters!! t-4 follows up from where t-3 ended!! judgement day happened.. and the remaining of human survivors, fought the terminators led by john connor.. it all fits.. it all makes sence.. and t-5 should be kick ass.. cant wait for the release date.. ill be first in line buying my ticket!!

  204. Xfactor said:

    Yes, I will agree, there were some good dialog in T1 and T2. I agree with your examples. All I know is the same old chase crap will not cut it in the new Terminator movie. MGM just don’t get it. Most of T-fancise failure has been a marketing issue. The young genteration don’t know anything about it and the older lost interest. I hopped for that big budget animated T-movie, but I guess that’s dead in the water. Too bad because I think it would have helped the fanchise spark a new interest.

  205. foosle said:

    YEAH!!! the sarach connor chronicles rocks, the best, T: salvation was great too, we need to keep the spirit alive, save terminator – save the scc – save the human race…

  206. Sam said:

    Hey Good news guys! They are continuing the series for T5 and T6. Not rebooting anymore. James Cameron will do Avatar 2 and 3 first so wait. I can’t wait 4 Green Lantern Movie.

    Anyway films that are in Pre-production or are being filmed now: Green Lantern, Iron Man 3, Hulk 2, Thor, Cpt America, The Avengers, Hulk 2 and Batman: The Dark Knight rises!

  207. Sam said:

    Oops guys the people who are making T5 and T6 have been warned that they don’t have the license for release and could be sued. :O

  208. Tigersan said:

    I personallly think that T4 is a step in the right direction for new trilogy, even if it wasnt 100% success, i look forward to 5 and 6. I think it would be interesting to see a female version of T-800… hehe buffed up female terminator. lolz.

  209. Emma Browning said:

    Guys if you love terminator movies heres a list of new and up comming movies apparnetly in production that you might like !

    Scream 4
    Pireates of the caribbean 4
    the hangover 2
    x men first class ( Not Origonal actors new people will be playing the charactors )and their won’t be wolverine in it either!
    Transoformers 3 ( No Megan Fox )
    Harry Potter the last 2
    Spy Kids 4
    Final Destination 5
    Paranormal Activity 3
    Twilight : Breaking Dawn
    Mission Impossabile : Ghost Protrol
    Underworld 4
    Ghost Rider 2
    Men in Black 3
    Star Treck 2
    Spider man 3d ( Not Origonl actor Someone else will be playing spiderman )
    The Dark Knight Rises
    The Bourne Legacy
    Superman : The man of steel
    Austin Powers 4
    Iron man 3
    Toy Story 4
    Star Wars : New Trilogy 1
    Call Of Duty
    The Last Airbender 2
    Rush Hour 4
    Friends : The Movie
    Salt 2
    Jumper 2
    Avatar 2 & 3
    I am Legened 2

    Just Thought You’d Like To Know !

  210. Sam said:

    very nice emma. Not to forget these movies as well

    Aliens (either a Prequel or Sequel)

    Predators 2 (officially confirmed for 2012 or 2013)

    Pirates of Caribbean 5 and 6 (director told johnney depp to not sign on for other films in the future so they can for 5 and 6).

    Gears of War (Prequel film)(Confirmed to be in development)

    Halo (almost the same as Halo Combat Evolved)

    Machete 2 (Robert Rodriguez has finished the script)

    Sin City 2

    The expendables 2

    Hulk 2 (Its crazy that the director said Tim Roth (the bad guy
    from the Hulk reboot) has signed on for 3 more Hulk films.

    I robot 2

    National Treasure 3 and 4

    Puss in Boots

    The Mummy 4 (in pre-production)

    Jurassic Park 4

    Superbad 2 (Seth Rogan said there will be another story)

    Kane and Lynch

    Splinter Cell

    Fast and Furious 5

    Resident Evil 5 (ending of 4th film made a path for a 5th film)

    Batman Beyond (Director said between 2016 and 2020 there will be a Batman Beyond film).

    The Hobbit

    Rise of the Apes

    Bioshock (in pre-production)

  211. Emma Browning said:

    i know that some of these films are coming out too
    i just couldn’t be bothered to write all of them just the best sort of ones for a variety !
    apparently theirs gonna be fast & Furious 6 as well &
    Remake of Project x

  212. Paul Bruff said:

    Terminator 2 is the best movie ever made in my opinion! And i hope they do go back to that style of movie in T5 & T6. They are using computers way too much in movies now, There is almost nothing real about it anymore, Especially since Terminator Salvation. (worst one yet might i add) !!

  213. Russ said:

    Honestly, why is everyone giving salvation such a hard time? It was a great Fucking Movie! I want to see the same cast in the next two installments but with more suspense, insane realistic battles with the harvester and maybe some t-600’s getting cut up by an A-10, and GORE! Lets bring back the early 90’s era of gore with some people getting heads crushed by some terminator and such. The next 2 movies should be long, have a very firm R rating ( all terminator fans are over 17 anyway..), and finish up the terminator time line. Kudos to McG for T5.

  214. Andrew@MDI said:

    I’m in the camp that thinks that T2 is the best movie of all time. For me it captures what a great movie should be and its staying power is incredible. TSCC has also grown on me. I’m actually pretty impressed with what they were trying to do with it. Like others I hate to be left forever on the cliffhanger they setup. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but i’d like to have seen more. It’s also surprising to see the hate thrown at TS. I thought it was a good movie. This seems to be the era of fresh starts with established franchises and this one establishes a new start. It would have been cool to have seen some more battles, but whatever. I’m just happy to see this go on a bit longer. I like what McG is doing and it sounds like he’s approaching the sequels intent on making good movies, which, ultimately, is what it’s all about. Can’t wait.

  215. Xfactor said:

    Yes, Andrew, I agree. I think people just jumped on the hate banwagon for Salvation. Much of the movie had great scenes. The end was rushed a bit, otherwise it was very good.

    Paul Bruff how old are you? T2 was good for it’s time, but honestly you want to see T2 all over again? Please, come on?

    Sometimes a director has to stick to his guns, if MGM don’t he’s asking for trouble. I wonder if MGM ever thought he created some new interest in the series, now after making TS? I think he did, it may have jump started the francise again. His next film will bring in a bigger audience and will want to see his future. Make a good story, and continue it!

  216. the TERMINATOR said:

    T1 was good and T2 was better but T3 suckt so salvation wasnt to bad after all the action including CGI was quite captivating wich means MCG diddnt do a bad job at all. My only problem with salvation is the empty story line of Marcus Write, How the hell they came up with him beats the hell out of me. His story coverd atleast 80% ot movie and ofcause that story will follow in2 the next 2 mvs. Its sad that jim camaron wont b directing the last 2 mvs bt either way im ancious 2 c the last 2. AnD lastly id like 2 c arnie in TERMANATOR 6 bt not wihh his old face and rather perfect TERMINATOR2 face CGI pasted over his old face and b BACK as more advanced bad ass TERMINATOR TO KILL jOHN CONNER