Could Star Trek XI lead to a new Next Generation movie?

LeVar Burton as Geordi Laforge

LeVar Burton as Geordi Laforge

If Star Trek XI is successful, is there really a possibility that Paramount might turn their attention to producing another Star Trek: The Next Generation movie?  LeVar Burton, well known for his role as Geordi LaForge in Star Trek: The Next Generation, isn’t ruling it out.

In an exclusive interview with, Burton had this to say:

“Well here is what I believe to be true.  If there is any chance of us doing another movie, it will only be as a result of the success of JJ’s [Star Trek XI] movie.  I did not mean to infer that one would lead to another….In being an observer of corporate behavior over the years, if this one is successful, then sooner or later Paramount is going to start looking around for where else the can make some money.  What is to say that JJ wouldn’t do a Next Gen movie?”

He continues:   “…I believe – and I know the rest of the cast does as well – we believe we have unfinished business, and we would like one more shot to go out well. And this is the franchise that brought Kirk back to life how many times? And Spock a couple times as well. And anything is possible, isn’t it?”

I suppose based on those comments we’ll just have to wait until a little while after the 8th May to see if anything really is possible.

You can read the full interview at

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