‘Defying Gravity’ On Shaky Ground

Defying Gravity

Two days ago I posted an article suggesting ABC were letting their new sci-fi series Defying Gravity down through a severe lack of promotion.  I love the show and have tried to promote it here at Sci Fi Scoop but have found it difficult due to a lack of promotional material.

It thus comes as no surprise to hear that due to poor ratings CTV in Canada have moved the series to the Friday doomslot.  Some are also speculating ABC may do the same or worse, take it off air.

Fortunately the entire first season has already been filmed in its entirety so one way or the other we’ll get to see it.  Unfortunately unless something amazing happens ratings wise, it’s doubtful there’ll be a season 2.

Defying Gravity is shaping up to be another sci-fi series with great potential that goes nowhere and that is a shame.

Here’s the trailer again if you haven’t seen it:

YouTube Preview Image

Defying Gravity S01E06 ‘Bacon’ airs on ABC this Sunday (August 30) at 10/9c.

Source: TV Overmind and TV by the Numbers

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175 Responses to “‘Defying Gravity’ On Shaky Ground”

  1. DigitalRob said:

    I started watching Defying Gravity because of the articles on this blog. I’d never even heard about it previously.

    It’s a great show. I hope it lasts the season.


  2. Darren said:

    Thanks for the comment Rob. Hopefully a marketing guru at ABC also reads about it here, will see your comment and realize I might be on to something regarding promotion, and promote the hell out of the rest of the season. We can only hope….

  3. buckmom said:

    ITA–it’s a fun show and I’m really enjoying it. But it seems the watchers care more about it than the network ever did…

  4. Kathi said:

    I’m so tired of TV exec’s not supporting good sci-fi. Why on earth do they think they can put a show on the air for a few episodes, not promote it, and expect it catch on???

    DG is one of the best new sci-fi shows to come around in years, and it looks like it’s going to be thrown out before it even has a chance.

    At this point, why should teh viewers give ANY new show a chance? Why would I want to get involved in the plot, the characters, or the mythology, if it’s just going to be ripped away from me? Maybe I’ll just wait for the second season of ANY show – so I’ll know there’s at least a CHANCE it’ll continue.


  5. Kevin said:

    I love this show. Just saw episode 7, WOW. I had no idea ratings were bad. Is there anything that can be done, besides praying to the network god’s for more seasons?

  6. Darren said:

    Praying is a good start, but at this stage it seems the only way the show could possibly have a chance is if it’s home was at Fox and it’s lead was Eliza Dushku…apart from that I dont’ think we’ll get a second season. But like I said, praying can’t hurt, even if you’re not religious…

  7. Kevin said:

    I wonder if this will be like Firefly, 13 episodes and a movie to tie it up? I will continue to watch, just hope they don’t keep me hanging.

  8. deiann said:

    Decided to check this out because of what I’ve read here and I must say I’m pleased I did! :D The show is brilliant and I’m so hoping there will be a 2nd season!! *crosses fingers & prays a whole lot*

  9. nerualp said:

    Just watched Episode 8 tonight and was shocked to hear that this was the season finale! What happened to the rest of the episodes that were filmed? We don’t even get to finish the season? This is a HUGE shame that ABC isn’t giving the show more time.

  10. davep said:

    I thought it was a good show!! at least it wasn’t another lame reality show. a story line you had to follow from week to week, and a cool premise for sci-fi fans.

  11. nicoleinspace said:

    I really like Defying Gravity, but have only watched it online through the CTV website because I had no idea when it was on. There was very little promotion when it started and what was out there didn’t give me any idea what it was actually about! It is nothing like Grey’s Anatomy in Space, except in the most basic levels (pretty people working in close quarters). I’m so tired of crappy shows getting all the funding. If Smallville can have 8 seasons they should give Defying Gravity more time!

  12. Polyesta said:

    If anyone wants to see the remaining episodes in the season, they are on the SPACE network (canada only). Just watched episode 12! Amazing! Too bad it won’t make it to season 2…

  13. Mike said:

    Defying Gravity is a great show..and like so many others we only get a tease. I think at the end of the year they should have an online vote to determine which shows get tossed and which stay. Disappointing to say the least…


  14. Sarah said:

    Tonight we watched the “Season Finale” of Defying Gravity. I went to see when Season 2 would start and stumbled across so many postings saying it’s cancelled. This is crazy! This was a great series. It was different, engaging, and interesting. I looked forward to it. The demise of it, I agree, comes from the lack of promotion plus it didn’t help it kept moving around. It was hard to follow with the networks changing the time or not showing it at all.

    Is there no way to bring it back?? It was awesome. I guess we have to watch more reality crap.

  15. Dave said:

    Just watched the series finale on SPACE. I am so sorry to see this show go. It is not only a good story, but well acted, well written and well … excellent! I have heard rumours here in Canada that US networks were pulling inhouse all productions to save money! What in fact they will do is to loose watchers and credibility with their audiences. Oh and by the way, this series was made in the same city as StarGate (now in it’s third TV spin off series SG:U), and other TOP quality series… Vancouver BC Canada! Only in Canada you say… Pitty!
    I hope CTV (who owns SPACE) learns the lesson soon so we can all enjoy season two through ten!


  16. evman said:

    i love the show i am sick of good sci-fi shows being ripped off air when they are just starting to hitting the big story line as far as i am aware there were 13 episodes aired there is a great program out called graboid you pay a subscription every month like pay tv and can watch shows off the net which works out great for me because i work away alot i bet they dont take those sort of ratings into account . anyway i want to see season ttwo

  17. dave said:

    The BBC has just started showing this in the UK. They’ve shown 2 episodes so far. But until I stumbled across it on the BBC iPlayer, I’d never heard of it.
    I agree with what people are saying they need to promote the series, not just start showing it and hope it will catch on!
    After the first two episodes I thought I’d download the rest of the season and watch it ahead of time. Its brilliant. I really hope they dont cancel it. Its a great programme and I really want to see where the story is going next. It will be a real shame if it doesnt go anywhere – its quality TV and it will be a shame for those who put all the work into it, never mind those of us who want to see more, if it doesnt get a second season.

  18. rmax said:

    It’s sad that ABC decided to promote “Flash Forward” instead of “Defying Gravity.” The characters in DG are amazing well considered and developed. Each has their good qualities and bad, and each in their way is likable. This is radically different than FF. I have yet to find a character in that show likable or even interesting. With DG, I feel connected with the characters, to the point where I’m concerned when one of them is in danger. In FF, it wouldn’t matter if any of the characters died.

    The loss of this show would be another blow to well written SciFi.

  19. lucollins said:

    this show is brilliant,i had no idea that it was’nt being promoted and the ratings were so bad i stumbbled across this series on thepiratebay.org a torrent site i use for downloading stuff,i was just searching for something to watch came across defying gravity read a very small pilot summary,downloaded it and was hooked i have seen the 1st series thpiratebay.org has the entire first series but only 1 episode at a time but i found that was better cause i would be constantly waiting to watch it,i also seen the Space Odyssey which was a 2 part docu/drama and loved that to so when i seen defying gravity was using the same ship and a similar set but with a longer story and more characters i was on a mission to download,there’s loads of police series ie law & order,csi,csi miami,newyork etc etc deperate housewifes,sex in the city which to be honest are a load of crap.Defying Gravity comes along the first sci-fi series in a long time worth waiting for and they bin it,what a waste of a really good show but for the people who would like to see the first series i have already mentioned where u can download it from,hope they make a second series,and not leave me very dissapointed :-(

  20. hUGH said:






  21. Alicia said:

    i also loved the show. I have watch the rest of the episodes on channel 31 here in the states. I really do not understand why we have sooooo many contest shows and reality tv shows. I is getting really old. On the other hand DG was refreshing and not at all like grey’s anatomy. It held a really interesting story line and of course who wouldn’t want to look at ron livingston for an hour.
    Anyway, I just really enjoyed the show. I would watch it online or on tv. But I certainly do not want another night of watching dancing with the stars or American idol.

  22. scott said:

    I have nothing to add that has not been already said. I just want to add my name to the growing list of people who want to see this show continue. I just finished watching the last episode and the thought of never ever being able to have my questions answered makes me want to start slapping who ever is responsible. I would get down on my knees and do what ever is needed to, for who ever makes the second season possible. Please dont make me die empty inside.

  23. KB said:

    This show is great and I’m sad to read that it looks like the series has been cancelled before it was given a chance. Problem is the show is too intellectual for the average american viewer and hence has had trouble gaining acceptance. The lack of proper promotion and marketing is definitely a contributing factor.

    Perhaps a movie is in order to complete the mission….here’s hoping.

  24. Jack said:

    I just watched Season 1, Episode 13. I thought the season started strong and got better from there. The character development and plot of season 1 have been exceptional and I really got caught up in the story. I am going to miss this show even though I had to watch the last 5 episodes on the internet. I will be searching the web every 2 or 3 months just in case, by some miracle, we get Season 2.
    By the way ABC, a pox on you and your shows.
    I watched the first 2 episodes of FlashForward and haven’t been back since.
    I’m so angry with the network over their asinine Defying Gravity decision, that I am boycotting their new series V. If it’s good, they will undoubtedly cancel the thing so they can run that highly entertaining “Dancing with the Stars” show on yet another night of the week.
    Seriously folks, I don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t get yet another chance to watch people I don’t care about doing something that I don’t care about on a network that, increasingly, I don’t care about.

  25. Nick said:

    This show is so good, and it’s going to enrage me when it doesn’t get picked up for a second season. When I first watched it, on Hulu, I had never heard about it and only watched it due to complete boredom – and I have been hooked since. It’s building such an amazing story, and unlike most shows today, the entire cast is fantastic. It manages to be so emotional and real, even though the story itself is a fantastical one. It takes a lot to pull that off. This is easily one of my favorite shows.

  26. francescdhir89 said:

    i totally agree… the promoting for tis show suck! BUT I LOVES TIS SHOW!!!

  27. Lee said:

    this show is brilliant, i heard nothing about it until i started to look online after seeing the first episode, i hope that it contuines to season 2 as the sorty is just getting interesting. The show should have been promoted a lot more to give it a fair chance as i am sure more people would watch it if they actually advertised it!!

  28. Alicia said:

    I too want to add my name to a list that is in support of this awesome show. I really enjoyed it. Please keep it going? Even if it is just on the internet. It is that good.

  29. peyton said:

    i love the show, i think it is briliant and amazing.
    i have realised that all the shows i seem to love are always getting cancelled. they dont even give the show a chance.

    i really hope they come to their senses and realise that they are some people out here who really adore the show and should give them a chance.

    i just hope they bring it back for a second season. i think it is amazing and awesome.


  30. Ian said:

    What a shame this will not get a second Series, The Same thing happened to Invasion a few years ago, about some odd fishes taking over people in Florida after a missive storm hits, that show was little shite, but being a sci-fi buff & Sci-Fi being little thin on the ground I’ll take what I can and defying Gravity was coo.

    Doesn’t have the battle scenes Like star trek or SG and nothing can top the end fight scene on BSG when the ships jumps next to the cylon mothership, But I found this show relaxing and calming- a slow story about mission to our planets in the solar system with underlining mystery Sci-Fi doesn’t need to be full of CGI and explosions, this isn’t but thought provoking it was- ( little hammy in the acting at time and a little to sugary) but I think it could have be great- let’s just hope they reshow it over the winter time and more people fall upon it…

  31. Micah said:

    No! not another firefly! Firefly was by far one of the best SCI-FI’s ever to reach our human minds. Then a stupid network decides that the utter mindless, hopeless, superficial, fluffy junk that is reality TV, is more important. F*CK them and their idiotic money hungry, executives. If I had the tools / resources, I’d PAY the production to keep shooting Defying Gravity, that’s how much I love it. I’m STARVING for decent, well written, engaging entertainment. And so sick and tired of the complete and utter garbage that they show now, (mostly reality tv). Can anyone else imagine how awesome TV would be if every show had the caliber that DF has? I’d by stuck to that radiation box.. well.. I also hate ads with a passion, so I’d be downloading like crazy. Anyway, I’m praying. I’m praying that somebody with enough balls and a passion for engaging, quality television, slaps some f**king sense into those in power, and convinces them, that the utter garbage they show now is wasting peoples lives, making them lemmings and stupider by the second. I’m Praying that this person or group of people will promote QUALITY shows and start supporting the inspiring and captivating entertainment that shows like Defying Gravity, not only infuse in our minds, but on a grander societal scale as well.

  32. morgan uk said:

    I first heard about Defying Gravity from a friend who read about it in a small article in a TV magazine. I looked on Youtube for a trailer and after a little seaching found one. My first inpression from the trailer was that it look like crap and I totaly dismissed it and later made fun of my friend for suggesting it to me. But being a scifi fan I decided to give it 1 last try and watched the pilot episode and wow was I wrong about the show. 3 days later Im upto episode 13 and hungery for more so you can guess how I feel when I hear that that might be the last episode ever made!!! It just goes to show how badly this great show has been promoted, from the tiny article to the crapy trailer!. A dog on a skateboard would get more publicity!. Its a real shame, I love this show and hope it gets turned around. It realy has the makeings of being highly successful for all the right reasons. I want more DG on my TV!.

  33. Koos Smith said:

    I’ve read the comments on this site before watching the last episode. Watching something this good while knowing that it’s the end really suck. Pardon my french. Actually don’t pardon my french. I wanted to use some other colorful words to to show how I really feel. ABC you’ve really missed the boat with this cancellation. Time to man-up and get the show on the road again.

  34. Tony said:

    Love The Show, why the hell do they cancel all the good ones.
    They clearly have no idea how many people love it!

    Please make a second season
    Got to know if Zoe survives

  35. marcelina said:

    I love this show so my vote goes for the second season i need to find what happens to zoey and donnor

  36. Paul Robinson said:

    Just finished watching the final episode of Defying Gravity, what a fantastic series, hope it goes to Season 2.

  37. jasper said:

    i belive this tv series is one of a kind. Totally different from the others that are broadcasting now. This show is very interesting the producers should do some publicity campaign to let ppl know more about this show if they really are concerned about the ratings.

  38. Per-Erik said:

    Like so many others I had never heard of the show until just a few weeks ago when it started showing up on-line. I just love it, watched all 13 episodes in a matter of days, and now can’t figure out how networks, in this day of “on-demand everything” can be so fossilized as to rely on broadcast ratings when it comes to judging the popularity of a show?! I hardly ever watch shows on TV, because most of the time they don’t fit my schedule, and I don’t think that I’m alone… It gives me “firefly” flash-backs… yet another great sci-fi show in the making that is never given a proper chance – My plea to the networks, or anyone that has the power to do so: Please bring Defying Gravity back for a second season, and beyond! (and do some serious thinking about the rating system)

  39. Aaron said:

    Im not a Sci-Fi fan at all, always flip right past that station even though I’ve always been curious about space. Just thought the shows on there were wierd and not for me. Defying Gravity is for everyone. This show has a good cast great writers and it keeps getting better and better. I hope we get a 2nd season because this show is drawing attention from people who wouldn’t normally watch shows like this. Keep spreading the word and maybe with alittle luck we’ll get season 2.

  40. Sarah said:

    Finally watched Ep13. The show looked good, excellent script and was really getting in to its stride by the middle/end of the season.

    Problem is, the sets have been struc and well… dead show. Pitty.

  41. Acki said:

    This is my very first remark in the internet, but when I read here that there will be no next season, I just had to say something.

    This show is more science fiction than any other science fiction show I have ever seen. Others seem much more fantasy than real “hardliner” science fiction. It felt like reading Arthur C. Clarke at his best and I can hardly stand the thought this show being cancelled. Hope the fans will be noticed and rewarded (it kind of worked with the show Firefly;))

    But for the least, I would surely enjoy reading how the story goes on. So please, James Parriott, go ahead and give us the books…

  42. Ribuck said:

    Defying gravity………Wow what can i say….it’s one of the best shows i’ve watched in years, it’s had me on the edge of my seat, it has humour it has love and feelings, it has commaradrea.

    Episode 13, in particular hit a personal note for me on so many levels.

    I would be such a shame to let such a creative storyline/plot go to waist.

    TV networks / Producers, I urge you to promote this series and get the coverage it deserves. Stargate started slow and look at it now….and this is so much better.

    All the best to the cast fo the show, i pray it continues.

    Ribuck (UK England)

  43. Corey said:

    This show is amazing. I just watched episode 13 and it’s hard to imagine there might not be a season 2. This show is amazing and if nothing else there should be a very long book for me to read if not another few seasons to watch. ABC IF I WRITE IN ALL CAPS WILL YOU BRING IT BACK!?!?

  44. JT said:

    The show is great! finally a decent sci-fi – after BSG there is nothing left. And then Defying gravity came out of no where. The cast is great! the ship and its settings are amazing.

    The show has such potential – but the DAMN ACCOUNTANTS NEED TO STOP RUNNING TV SHOWS!!!!

    - i think its time to start a petition guys… otherwise all hope will be lost :(

  45. S said:

    Great show. Put a petition out there and we can get Defying Gravity back on.

  46. LM said:

    Defying Gravity is intelligent, complex, well acted, and well written. Not aimed at 12-16yr olds – so ABC will probably yank it. This is another show that should take its talent direct to viewers. I’d pay to watch it.

  47. PTremblay said:


    I have looked at all episode since it started,this show is the kind we need to see more. it is just brillant. I was shocked to hear it could be off for next season, just too bad. Another good show they hook us on and then cancell. Very sad indeed. I would also pay to watch it.

  48. D.D said:

    I can’t believe Defying Gravity is gone. I was just looking to find the date for the season 2 premiere. I can tell you that my whole household will be sad. We watch it on space so maybe there is hope that space will pick it up. It worked for Battlestar. Here’s hoping that we don’t loose another good show.

  49. Sam Russell said:

    I have just started watching it in the UK and i have came across this blog, and i really want to watch the rest of this season. I recommend this show to any one who want to watch a new program and i hope they make a season 2.

  50. matthew said:

    Just finished watching season 1.

    Great show really enjoyed it, lovely exploration of modern theoretical science ( and modern pseudo science ) ideas, a foot step in the progress of scifi series.

    really enjoyed it but seems to be going the way of many great things like firefly, therefore, i await the film ;)

    Great series scifi or not want more after all what else ya gonna do remake TJ Hooker :D

  51. Steve said:

    This is the sort of thing that puts me off watching TV in the first place. There’s so many great shows like this that simply don’t last more than a season or two. It’s very frustrating to become involved in a plot yet never to see its end. It’s like putting down a great book when you’re half way through.

    Terminator : SCC

    I’ve now taken to just waiting until a few seasons of a good show have been released then I buy the DVDs. I did this recently with 24 and Lost. Sure, I felt a bit left out at the time when they were being aired and everyone was talking about them, but I think it’s worth waiting now to see how a show will fare before really getting into it now.

  52. neo singh said:

    Come on Guys,

    This show had godd characters and was well written there was potential… what would have happpened if they had cut Star Trek after the first season… ABC… No Cahoonas

  53. Rob said:

    Defying gravity is an unbelievably good program, it is seriously the tits cant get enough of it. I would die a little inside if series 2 doesnt happen!!! Spaceships, good storyline and pretty fit women, come on its a shame if this doesnt get continued.
    ‘nough said.

  54. Connor M Hawkins said:

    I have just finished watching All 13 Shows of Defying Gravity… DAMN.. what a show…. I will be gutted if they dont make a season this show has so much potential and we have only seen them collect Gamma.. what about the others on the other planets and what about Zoe’s recovery. does she live or die.. they cant leave the series on such a cliffhanger… the TV stations SUCK BIG TIME if they dont carry this on…

  55. Chris said:

    Yeah this show is awesome, I live in the uk but am nt a fan of sci-fi at all really and started watching it WEEKLY after I randomly came across it on bbc iplayer 1 day… that was until I got impatient waiting for the next episode.

    I searched it on tvshack.net and watched like 7 episodes in 3 days, Ha. This really sucks that they might not make another series :( they need to promote it just a little… I heard NOTHING of it before I saw it bbc iplayer.

    *Off Topic* BTW I’ve not seen Ron Livingston (Maddux Donna) in much else but like him as an actor, there is 1 film I would recommend to anyone that likes comedy and that is ‘Office Space’ he plays the main character in that film like DG, only reason I gave DG a chance was because I saw him as an actor in it

  56. Christopher Bacon said:

    I have sent ABC an email..

    I live in the uk and saw it on iplayer as well… absolutely love the show.

    So send them an email saying how pathetic you think they are, and how you want a second series.

  57. charlie k said:

    what a great show, its out on the bbc here in england and its wicked, but had never heard anything about it until i watched an eposode! not really a sci fi fan normally, but this rocks!

    bring on season 2 & market it this time!

  58. Daddy_Gemini said:

    I had know idea this amazing show had been killed off until I read this blog. I’m never watching ABC again. F*cking idiots! Defying Gravity episodes 1-13 were the most Sci-Fi fun I’d had since Firefly and that show also got cancelled! I’m sticking to my Roll-Playing Video Games (RPGs) like Fallout 3 and the soon to be newest installment of the Final Fantasy series FFXIII, and other games like Dead Space. EA give me a sequel already! I’m done with TV it’s turning into a fake piece of sh*t with all the dumb ass “not real” reality shows nowadays. Ok sometimes there’s great stuff on History or Discovery and I have to mention the show Lost. ABC knows better then to let that show go. However I was even more interested in and attached to the characters in Defying Gravity. Network executives only care about money, not good television. Like I said I’m sticking to my video games and an occasional day of “REAL REALITY TV” like CNN to catch up on the news. ABC you can suck Bin Laden’s c*ck like Bush did! lmao! (Guess what party I belong to?)

    -Mr. Gemini

  59. TillyTheFukUpFairy said:

    Started watching this when I had Swine Flu and it was the highlight of my week! I’m from the UK, so I know that I’m going to get all the episodes aired, but I watched them online because I couldn’t wait for episode 7.

    If they can’t get a second series or movie then how about a series of books (one would definetly not be enough!)

  60. Scatgirl said:

    Defying gravity is a great series, despite whatever critics throw at it, it’s pure escapism. I’ll be gutted if there is no second series.

  61. Mike T said:

    A great show, one of the best I’ve seen in a long time. I didn’t even know there wasn’t going to be a second season until I finished season 1 tonight and tried to find the second, I’m gutted!

  62. Motorbike bob said:

    Same as everyone else, next series please. Seems to be doing quite well here in the UK, why the hell do they make program and then not promote it heavily enough. Idiots.

  63. Jay said:

    I saw my first add for this show a week before it first aired on ABC. Watched every week (all 8) then tried to find the rest of the shows one it was of the air. Finally got to see the rest of them this weekend.

    I really hope the somehow find a way to bring it back, even if it’s in the UK or Canada or just a movie. I really liked the writing, the acting, and the story line.

    Please, someone make more shows like this.

  64. georgiemcc said:

    Agree with everything that has already been said. I am starting to take it personally, why do they keep doing this everytime I start to get really into a show? Glad that so many people feel the same way, maybe one day TV execs will take account of popular feedback rather than so-called ratings. If Defying Gravity is going to go the way of Firefly I hope they get to do a movie to tie it up – hate not knowing how things were supposed to end.

  65. Henry said:

    I love this show!! I have watched the series as it goes through its second iteration of the first season now. It is one of the best sci-fi shows to come along, in a while. My only wish is that the ABC would realize just how good it is and continue with the adventure. It make one wonder why they didn’t bother promoting better than they did??

    It reminds me of ‘Lost’ because of the cliffhanger style of programming that keeps one wanting for more. Not only that it is an engaging and interesting program to watch.

    Fortunately “Space” is still running the first season.

  66. Jason said:

    Oh my god just watched this first season and wow but unless anything changes this will end up like firefly which is a shame this program had everyone here sitting on the edge of there seats.

  67. Boz said:

    Just watched episode 11 on BBC, I didn’t know that the series wasn’t filmed to the conclusion, they got me hooked they had better finish it!
    I saw weeks of adverts for Defying Gravity before it started so it was promoted in the UK but it’s in a diferent time slot every week, no wonder people don’t watch it, they don’t know when it’s on.
    If it wasn’t for BBC iPlayer I would have only seen the first two episodes, there were 4 episodes on BBC in the last 3 days but none for 14 days before that, who knows when the next one will be on?

  68. Darryl said:

    Just seen last episode on the BBC, here in the uk,all i can say, now i’ve heard the series is to be dropped is
    Do these people not know a decent series,till it bite them on the butt? absolute idoits, if they don’t finish this in some way…

  69. Leeanne said:

    I watched the first season .. and it is awesome! they have to do more its the best program i have watched for a long time since the end of SG1 :) .

  70. Alan Smith said:

    Stumbled on this site when I tried to find when the second series was to be screend. Cannot believe there may not be one. I am not normally a TV person but hooked on this. Characters so diverse and strong and interplay between them compelling. Was this an original screenplay or was there a book?

  71. Andrew C said:

    Just watched the season finale of DG stayed up despite a stinking cold and was as usual, blown away by the awsome production, acting and storyline. (Nice to see our own Peter Howitt acting his socks off as the “bad guy” TV journo). Went looking for info on Season 2 and then Find it’s been CANCELLED. Am stunned and very upset that we will not see the other journeys of the Antares and her Intrepid Crew.

    All the Characters were well rounded and brilliantly acted and the storyline was beautiflly arranged. Even the use of Flashbacks made sense. I wanted to see just How Zoe gor bumped back on to the crew and what happened to Arnel Poe that lost him his leg. Two of many great plot lines. Even why Jen was there even though she could not see Beta or Gamma.

    Like all the others I think ABC want their backsides kicking for letting DG go and I hope it comes back for Season 2 and beyond!

  72. Will Derbyshire said:

    Im glad that the BBC decided to air the whole season, sadly it was placed at rediculously late times. Defying Gravity is a extremly good program, with a good story line and there is alot of potetial.
    I do hope they produce and air another season of this awesome program.
    Defying Gravity is a definate replacement for “Heros” which has lost just about everthing.

  73. Druva said:

    Just seen the season finale of Defying Gravity – I’ve been hooked on it since I found it on BBC iplayer whith the second episode. I like that they played 2 episodes back to back, but now I am very concerned, for there is mention of no second series! I hereby cast my vote for funding to be approved. I have read how this can be likened to lost, but it’s not – there is a definite scope to Defying Gravity, one that has a definate crunch point – but in the future to which the entire plot is building up to! C’mon! we want more!!!! :-)

  74. jaimie said:

    I’m absolutly gutted if they don’t continue the series, I love the characters and sub plots etc.

    I found the show by accident on the BBC (UK)and was hooked.

    Their is so much more to see and find out about the characters and the journey itself.

    Firefly never got the credit it deserved, and it sadly looks like the same will happen with DG.

    PLEEEEEEEEEEASE keep it going.

  75. Raw Sunight said:

    What a great series; stirring, genuinely moving, well rounded characters in an intelligently scripted plot!
    I liked Firefly a lot, but this is smarter, and ironically more mainstream.
    It would be a great, great shame to leave it where it is… I hope they at least write a book, so we can ride along for the rest of the journey.
    Still, Firefly fans managed to get Serenity made, maybe we DG fans could do the same… I have £50 in my pocket, anyone else? :)


  76. Raw Sunilght said:

    Just found another £20 in my jeans!!!
    £70 and counting….
    Make it happen!!!

  77. Raw Sunlight said:

    What a great series; stirring, genuinely moving, well rounded characters in an intelligently scripted plot!
    I liked Firefly a lot, but this is smarter, and ironically more mainstream.
    It would be a great, great shame to leave it where it is… I hope they at least write a book, so we can ride along for the rest of the journey.
    Still, Firefly fans managed to get Serenity made, maybe we DG fans could do the same… I have £50 in my pocket, anyone else? :)


    Wait! Just found another £20 in my jeans!!!
    £70 and counting….
    Make it happen!!!

  78. JimT said:

    I’ve avoided this series like the plague …. until yesterday when I picked up ep 9 from BBC iPlayer – then watched them thru’ ep 13. Wow!

    Now hunted for info on season 2 and find this thread (along with others) casting serious doubt on it ever being made.

    All I can think is that it’s another series where you have to apply a little bit of grey matter … and not have the attention span of a gnat … to get the best from it. TV execs are obviously not interested in viewers who can think for themselves, we are the sort of people that are not influenced by the kind of adverts they court to generate income. Maybe they need to find advertisers that can appeal to us. In other words, they need to put a bit of effort into doing their jobs, and not rely on the same cash cows that are always out there flogging junk to the masses.

    Sorry, rant over.

    I have seen many good series not make it past season one over the years, and all I can think is that the lack of advertisers is to blame. If you can’t get a profit from the first season, bin it.

  79. Kathryn said:

    I saw the last two episodes on BBC 2 in the UK. I LOVE this series. Intriguing, great narrative, bitter sweet romance etc etc

    Is there any hope at all of a second season?????

  80. Louis said:

    this show needs closure, its soo good, and need to continue!

  81. P'd off from London said:

    Just watched ep 13 on BBC and I am really disappointed that the series has been canned. I V+’d the series and knew things were bad because when it started it was a 21:00 show and the slowly slipped into the coma zone (middle of the night). Just not fair as I was ‘in to’ this show.

  82. Madlawzy (uk) said:

    I too am totally disappointed. Defying Gravity was a fresh idea which really hasn’t been given a chance. There is still so much story to tell. If there really isn’t going to be a second series or a film, then lets hope there will be a book!

  83. Chris said:

    I caught the first episode by channel hopping one night and decided to give it a go and glad I did, although following the BBC Schedule moves wasn’t easy and had to watch episode 12 and 13 on iplayer as i missed it on TV. What were the BBC thinking moving it around, not surprised the viewing figures dropped.

    Great series, great suspense, great characters and much better pace than a show like LOST which is so grindingly slow with no apparent goal in sight. Real shame it has been cancelled. Maybe a novel would be good instead.

  84. Dave UK said:

    I can only echo what everyone else has been saying. I’ve been watching this with Sky+ so all I had to do was hit the series link button to record all the episodes; I’d have missed half of them with the crazy times slots it was on at on the BBC!

    I’ve thoroughly enjoyed watching the whole series and as others have said I love the characters, the writing, the plot and it just generally puts a massive grin on my face all the way through. Maybe it sometimes pushes the sentiment a tad far, but I’m a sucker for that anyway…

    If it doesn’t get picked up for another series, I’d definitely pick up the book(s), simply have to know what happens next!

  85. Anne said:

    Ive just finished watching DG on BBC 2- it was amazing and left with lots of unanswered questions- i liked the characters – the storyline the effects everything- I would LLLOOOOOOVVVEEE a second series- so sad if its just left- what happened to arnel legs? what about the other objects, how is zoe? what happens to jen and rollie?

    what a shame : <

  86. John Phee said:

    I can’t believe that this series has been cancelled. What is in the heads of those TV execs? It’s rare to a programme with such a well thought out plot and characters on TV today.

    And what do we get instead of Defying Gravity? – Flash Forward. Possibly the most boring, 2D character filled excuse for a ‘LOST’ wannabe.

    When will TV execs learn that the secret to keeping viewers on one TV channel is QUALITY – NOT QUANTITY.

  87. frank said:

    i loved this programme there really needs to be a season 2 to tie up all the loose ends mabe some one out there could start an save our defying gravity campaign i would defo sign more than once if i could come on some one please give it a go

  88. oli said:

    well just to add my 10 cents i think it’s a great show and i love watching it. However, it’s now getting to the point where i think they should focus directly on the ship itself and forget the “cutbacks” to the past as they’re looking a little repetitive. Plot development i hope will focus 99% on the ship and ground control Present Day.

    As i’m watching in the UK i am only up to the venus landing.

    V good show, can’t believe that ratings are poor…

  89. sheila1973 said:

    watched episode 13 today after recordin it from bbc2.
    sad to say it was tucked away late at night,and i only stumbled across it due to a case of insommnia.thanks insommnia!!
    gutted that theres no more,but it comes out on dvd in the uk at the end of january…result!

  90. Jason (london) said:

    What a great series, there is so much they can do with this show, all my friends and family watch this and they all love it, pls, second series most def needed.

  91. Steve said:

    What do we need to do to get a 2nd Season??! Just finished watching the 13th episode and would really like to see more! Great series, well acted, engaging, different – why do they make so many series of shows which are so much worse than DG, it’s unbelievable! We want more, we want more…

  92. Justin (London UK) said:

    OMG…. just finished watching EP 13 (amazing!) and instantly searched the net for talk of when it was due to return for season 2 only to discover that my hopes are potentially shattered. I thought DG was awesome and far better than Fast Forward or any of the other recent rubbish attempts at a good sci-fi drama. Very well acted, a great plot and has SO much potential to be an excellent show. How could the networks have been so short sited to have not marketed this show properly to get the exposure and attention it deserved?

    Hopefully the amont of torrent downloads, discussion and great comments this show is receiving will make them reconsider their hasty decision…

    As Steve said… WE WANT MORE!

  93. Louise (London) said:

    Agreed with all the previous mailers. I think this series is intelligent, makes you think and the exploration of the relationships and physche of the team are great! Bring on the second series…

  94. andrew tebbutt said:

    i have just finished watching the last episode of defying gravity. what a show so many questions unanswerd.but just read on the web that they are not making a season 2. i would like to see more……

  95. chintu said:

    Brilliant Show…watching in India (everyone knows internet makes world smaller). Please do continue. Would indeed be a shame not to.

  96. Neil said:

    I might not know alot about what it takes to make a good show but it looks like the ABC people don’t know when they have a good one. I really did enjoy this one and was upset when I saw that there wasn’t going to be a season 2!!!!! Please make more seasons!!!!! How do you get through to these people?

  97. Mike (UK) said:

    So many sci-fi shows have gone the way of Defying Gravity. Odyssey 5 to name but one. What is wrong with programme makers / tv channels these days, they start a show and chop it before it gets going. Going back a few years programme makers used to produce pilot a show to judge the audience reaction.

    It seems that reality tv shows are taking over, why is this, I’ll tell you why, MONEY. Its cheaper to make reality tv shows than drama series. No need to build big sets, no expensive computer graphics.

    I can hear you all screaming at me from across the pond, we too, in the UK are guilty of chopping good series.

  98. Claire said:

    was looking for series 2 info when i came across the bombshell that DF has been cancelled! Gutted or what! Can’t they see that this has ‘Lost’ potential, that slow and mysterious can be as good as lots of CGI and explosions (and I say this as a fan of fast-paced sci-fi with lots of battles and explosions!)

    I’m a Flash Forward fan too, but think that DF is vastly superior, much more interesting characters and storyline. Frankly, I’m losing interest in what caused the blackout but am gutted that I won’t find out what happends to Donner and Zoe and what the objects want!

    Please, please, please ABC at least tie it all up, if only with a film (although another 5 series would be better!) I’d watch, have even been encouraging friends to watch DG, wish I hadn’t now as they’ll all end up disappointed too!

  99. Trik said:

    I loved Defying Gravity, I found it to be one of the most soothing and relaxing series I have watched. Perhaps not the producer’s original intention, but thoroughly enjoyable none the less. Tragic that there looks to be no second season on the way.

  100. Nathan Hughes said:

    I like many others love this show. I’m a huge Sci-Fi fan but like this because most don’t have such a great story arc as Defying Gravity.

    On another note though. I’m not sure If people realise this but the series was part funded by the BBC so if we want this to continue It might be an idea to lobby them as well as ABC and all the othewr Networks who show it.

    Bring on series 2!!

  101. kevin grant said:

    Cant beleive this will end up like Firefly. Great story, compelling viewing, great cast…….. there is nothing worse than an unfinished story…….i sure hope it gets a second series

  102. Karen said:

    OMG just finished watching ep 12-13 on bbc i player and like most of you tried to find out about season 2 am gutted to find out there wont be a 2nd season what are they thinking.

  103. susan said:

    OMG! there’s no season 2???!!!!

  104. Paul Rand said:

    How typical of shit-thick execs who couldn’t see a quality show if it bit them on the arse.

    Someone seriously needs to pick this show back up, as it’s one of the best on TV for a long time.

  105. joanne said:

    i cant believe they canceled the show!! what a shame, watched it on the bbc and loved it!, even thought they changed the time and day it was on every week lol. seems as if it wasnt advertised enough.mabye they should have a really cheep second season all inside a cardboard shaceship with the crew just staring at an empty jam jar. jen oboisly still cant see it. well i loved it anyway mon the defying gravity.

  106. Scott said:

    This is a great series just getting into its interesting parts now… what the hell are the networks thinking? … maybe if they showed less commercials and stuck to a schedule they would do fine. I personally do not watch this on TV as I work graveyards. I watch them online instead, get it through your advertising heads ABC… people hate commercials show too many and people like me wait for a online version with all them ripped out!

  107. Gadget said:

    Defying Gravity was a fantastic series offering some much needed great quality Sci-Fi on TV. To me it felt like the new Star Trek and I was really looking forward to seeing more of it so I’m really disappointed to have just found out there’s no more planned.

    I too am fed up with all the yawnsome reality TV and could really do with some more Defying Gravity.

    Someone should start a ‘Bring Back Defying Gravity’ Facebook group.

  108. J said:

    I’m in the uk and watched all 13 episodes through the beeb, though between the time shuffling and my mythbuntu going down I watched the second half of the season through iplayer. Most execs seem to be clueless about scifi, but put a buch of wannabees on stage with a mike and they’re all over it. This is’nt the first time they have destroyed a series because it is’nt mainstream enough, and it won’t be the last. Anything more science based than cookery seems to be on rocky ground and untill the general public becomes more interested in science it will always be the case. Sorry to rant.
    If they finaly work out their issues we will get more seasons, until then, it’s just more variations of xfactor and dancing, even though they still want someone to comeup with their gadgets. oops, still ranting :(

  109. DG fan in Oz said:

    Just wanted to include my name in the fan base and express my distress at the cancellation of one of my fav’s.

    FYI it was promoted in Australia on pay tv network.

    Still holding out hope for a season 2.

  110. Greg said:

    Just finished watching the first 8 episodes from season 1 which I downloaded from iTunes. I missed this show somehow when it was aired (on ABC?). I add my name to the list of people that cannot believe that they would cancel such an intriguing show of such quality and story line. Unbelievable.

  111. TEKRYTR said:

    I get so tired of losing shows that have such good potential. Just like “Joan of Arcadia”. This one has such a different concept to it as well. I ‘m so glad that they renewed the series “CHUCK”.

    Anyway, there aren’t too many space series that have captured my interest, but Defying Gravity not only caught my attention, it was the way it did. It provided a closer to home look at some of the trials that not only affect humans as a whole, but also the riggers of day to day activity that might resemble what happens at NASA. Stuff that’s really not so far fetched. We almost always deal with some sort of alien beings, but no where so far have we looked at doing it anywhere near our current (for the lac of a better term) “Star Date”, We really need stories like this.

    We need a Defying Gravity.

    There is a complete story here and we the fans want to get to the end. We don’t care about the time slots, because if we miss an episode, we can always get the seasons DVD’s.

    nuff said

  112. TEKRYTR said:

    Space channel has it most consistantly has been seen twice on Saturday.

    As a previous comment was made “Firefly” was another series that left before it’s time. If this is the case for “Defying Gravity”, then please, seriously think of making a movie also so that the story can be completed.

  113. lauren said:

    hey, if abc and that canadan channel dont want to air it, can someone like scifi buy it and make a second season. It is a really great show.

  114. Bob said:

    Watched the 13 episodes (unlucky for some?) online and think this show is AMAZING! Sci-fi is about provoking thought not big explosions. Hope you moron execs look beyond the bottom line for once!

  115. Bill said:

    Defying gravity has gotten off to a reasonable start and has gotten a lot of us interested,to the point where we are looking forward to the next series.The groundwork has been laid and we are aware of what has been and hopefully what is to come.If there are those that don’t rate this series I can only point them towards the first series of Star Trek.I rest my case

  116. Yulya said:

    Anxiously wait 2 season!!!

  117. Jeffrey said:

    The thing that didn’t work in Defying Gravity’s favor was something Sci-fi has been avoiding for a long time. Character Development. DG has tons of it. And I think that may be why it didn’t catch on for the major viewing community. I personally think its about time! Someone had to make that step. But 13 episodes to get to a single planet is a bit much. Doubt the show will go on. Wish it would. I dare say there are 6 more planets to go to. But if it takes a season to get to each planet. Theres no way anyone will follow. Best of luck to the show! Crossing my fingers for more.

  118. matt said:

    i love this program its amazing!! they should defo make a new series as it was the best program on tv at the time:D:D:DD:D please make a new series!!!!!!!!!!!

  119. Adam said:

    wow guys finally a show worth staying up three nights to watch just like a great book.

    and of course you cancelled it, I guess there was no pepsi, nra or viagra subads that they would use as sponsors.

    Come on networks read these comments and find some sponsors.


  120. Adam 2 said:

    You are right! That show was and is a surprise. I cannot believe the politics of the movie industry, presenting a new series – not really making it visible for the potential audience, then crying about the ’so called ratings’ and then – just taking the whole thing of without a real ending to the story. The Nielsen methode is a joke. what really should be done is – a control unit within every TV set – if you as a customer want it – you pay 25% less when you by the TV Set. And if there would be around 5 Million or more people using this – then you could talk about Ratings.
    The Show is great – do not dare to take it off.
    Adam 2

  121. alex said:

    I thought this was a great show , even better and more realistic then the star trek( more like a comic) . Why they cancelled? I think partially due to its more core ” Science oriented in nature” so that there are limited audiences. Plue I think They might have been pulled due to possibilty of it promoting future funding to NASA in general? I wish there are more seasons to this show. it was a great show. I wanted to see whole trip completed but its sad to see it go. Hope they decide to bring them back on air.

  122. alex said:

    cable network such as SCIFI channel should continue where they left off. They will draw alot of fan on this . Restart the series Please!!!

  123. Sarah said:

    I just recently watched the whole season and found out they weren’t going to run the next season. What a disappointment! It is an awesome show and they need to give it another chance! I’m sure there are shows out there that need to come to an end, but NOT this one!

  124. Jools said:

    The First season of Defying Gravity was shown UK telly on the BBC which means that there were no commercial breaks and presented in HD. It is a first rate Sci-fi programme. There is only one time zone in the UK so it would be shown at the same time nation wide. The first two or three episodes were shown at around 9pm on a Tuesday or Wednesday evening which was great but it was then moved to after 11pm on saturday night, some weeks it was on, some it wasn’t which makes it impossible for a new show to pick up a fan base. The same thing happened several years ago with another amazing Sci-fi show, Space:above and beyond which ended abruptly (I still have not found a region 2 DVD box set to buy!). Studio execs can sometimes see the light with shows like Babylon 5 and then show how obtuse they are with shows like Firefly and Star Trek Enterprise(a breath of fresh air after DS9 and Voyager). Bring defying gravity back for another season, You know it makes sense.

  125. ksmith said:

    Well i live in australia and LOVED this show. we only just had it showed on pay tv.I was so interested in it and i never watch sci fi shows. I am so dissapointed there is no 2nd series. I figure if this many people want it continued how were the ratings so bad. Its almost like the network set it up to fail. Which is such a shame, there was nothing i didnt like about the series. So someone please bring back Defying Gravity!!

  126. Belynda said:

    I love this show……I actually searched and searched for the DVD and the second I found it I bought it.

    They absolutely need to continue this program.

  127. Joe said:

    Again this happens to me!!! I invest in a good show and start to really get into the plot and they cancel it… What ever happened to finishing what you started???
    In the true spirit of Firefly, they should release a movie to cap it off. How about Donner rapes the airlock console and they all get blown out into space? Choice! :D

  128. Tim said:

    I have been waiting for this kind of show for years, do not cancel it!!!!

    Adding my name in the list.

  129. kansala said:

    This was a wonderful show, hope it will continue

  130. ultra114 said:

    im starting to get a bit sick of these companys comeing up with great ideas for sci fi programs and not finnishing them i get so hooked then find out that they decided to stop production lets list a couple stargate alantis great idea could of had a long life maybe even rivaled sg-1. firefly really liked it whatch first season to my suprise no more seasons. and now lets cuck another fantastic series on the scrap pile of half ended stories. and to be honest wouldnt be suprised if stargate universe goes the same way.

  131. Edd said:

    Defying gravity is one of the best sci-fi dramas i have ever seen, if not the best. It is a shame that no 2nd series is on the cards because the show has great actors that convey everyday human emotions so well and viewers can take different things from the show as there are so many issues the first series deals with like friendship, love, trust, regret, courage etc, etc. Many people can relate to these elements we all experience in life, and Defying Gravity conveyed them in such a beautiful, well executed way. It was by coincidence that i stumbled across the first episode on tv and after that i was hooked. To add to this, the story at the end of series 1 was left wide open for the following series, it is such a shame that the rest of an excellent story may never be told.

  132. Don said:

    I recently bought the First Seacon DVD and I think it is a great show. Is there any news from ABC? Will there be a second season?

  133. neil G said:

    I only discoved DG today and i have watched the entire season all at once i was hooked i haddent even heard of it before in the uk altho i hear it has been on. i then serched for the season two release and found this sight i will be gutted if there is no season 2-3-4-5-6 etc. it seems F-ing stupid to do such an intergrated background and well thought out story to not advertise it properly and to take it off air. it was the same story with 4400 and threshold i get into the show and it gets dumped. i really hope it continues and for that matter bring back 440 and threshold!

  134. Matt Fenwick said:

    Defying Gravity is a truly entertaining show. I am really shocked to hear that there might not be a season 2. There has to be a season 2, The actors are good and the plot is great.

    I also enjoy the Romances that go on through out the show, the flash backs are enjoyable and helpfull. This show is great. Please let there be another season.

  135. Kerry Wilson said:

    I saw Defying Gravity when it aired in the UK and I was hooked from the word Go! It’s a refreshing storyline and keeps you guessing as to where it is going to go.

    I will be sorely disappointed if they discontinue the show as it’s been the first in a long time where I feel genuinely interested as to where the plot will take me.

    Please, please, please let them give it another season, and this time promote it better as I only came across it by pure chance.

  136. João Calheiros said:

    Defying gravity is brilliant…
    I live in Portugal, i saw it and i love it, why cancel?
    Guys, Petition is the right word an attitude.

    Please do not cancel it, we need more series.

  137. Lilly said:

    There HAS to be a season 2.
    The finale left so much unsaid- the flashbacks-the fate!! I am in no way a Sci-Fi fan… Defying Gravity was the first show on the Space channel to keep me interested..


  138. ace said:

    get real people. they are not making the show to make you happy. they make it to earn profit. and if the majority is stupid enough to ignore this show it will be dropped. and it has. stop watching tv. read books. they disappoint much more rarely. haev fun.

  139. blazer said:


  140. Anthony Martin said:

    I have never heard of Defying Gravity before? I happened to watch an episode last week and loved it. I could not wait and downloaded the remaining 12 episodes… The show e displays a full spectrum and range of emotions … Fear, faith, trust, mistrust, jealousy, ownership, arrogance, greed , pride , empathy , love, mixed with an ingredient of the unknown..This show challenges those of us who often ponder and wonder “why”, or what else has to be is out there? To think we are alone in the universe full of galaxy’s and solar systems is to be very close mined.. The writers have looked outside the box and opened the possibilities for a paradigm shift into the depth of the unknown. My personal view is that if the network promoted Defying Gravity that it would take off into season two , three and four?
    Anthony Martin
    West Vancouver

  141. José said:

    I hope that have a second serie of “Defying Gravity” !!!!

    Do’t have any petition for that???

    Greatings to all fans of siphi!!!!

  142. me said:

    once more, scifi serie gets canned.

    once more, viewers get driven away to the internet.

    once more, viewers get driven away to the video store.

    TV is dying.

    i’m not crying.

  143. Kate said:

    I had never heard of Defying Gravity? I show a trailer and this made me download the whole 1st season. No it is one of my favorite TV shows. It will be a shame not to be continued.

  144. Katherine said:

    I had never heard of Defying Gravity before? I happened to watch an advertisment for Defying Gravity (on a dvd) on a dvd set for Stargate Universe: SGU. It looked like it would be a good show to watch, so I went out and bought the complete first season.

    After watching the 1st epiosode, I was hooked and proceeded to watch the remaining 12 episodes. Once I was finished, I went online to see when Season 2 would begin or be released. And to my disappointment, I discovered there are no plans of continuing it.

    This saddens me as DG is a great show. It had great storyline and character development. There are very few good sci-fi shows out there and it would be a shame for DG not to continue.

    I really hope who ever makes the decision on DG realizes how much people love this show and decides to continue it. I know I would watch it and so would many others as long as it is advertised/promoted. Or if it was just produced for dvd only, I would buy it.

    I hope to see it soon.

  145. Michel said:

    Never heard of the series either, stumbled upon it by coincidence.
    I can’t understand that this show is not promoted!
    The potential is far greater than the network has given it credit for.
    Ok.. i do like my sci-fi, and i am aware that i am part of a minority.

    lets send some angry e-mails !! Muhahahahaha!

    Do the same : programming@ctv.ca

  146. Juggalo said:

    People need to accept that this show was trying to hard to be like LOST.

    The cheesy flashbacks and the super slow storyline just didn’t get made up for by the special effects and great spaceship sets.

    This is what happens when you cast 39yo women in lead roles for supposed fit young astronauts on a 10 year mission. The way they tried to force their sex appeal was bordering on disgusting.

    I was really getting into this show but I have no illusions about why it failed.

  147. Emlyn UK said:

    Just finished watching Defying Gravity Season 1, started watching them a couple of days ago, i was hooked on by the second episode. I agree with the comment on Fast Forward, i watched 3 episodes and that was enough. I guess vampires are the all new scifi’s at the moment, what with True Blood, Vampire Diaries and Moonlight.

    It’s was nice to see a bit of space exploration again, in reality this planet seems to have given up on it, i doubt men will be landing on Mars in my lifetime, let alone Venus.

    I hope they decide to make season 2, just as much as i hope they decide to make a final season 7 of The Dead Zone.

    “We live in hope”

  148. i34 said:

    I love this program, im also from UK and just stumbled across it, ended up downloading as many episodes as i could after i started watching on iplayer, i cant believe they wont make a 2nd series, i hope they change their minds.
    I also like Flash forward but overall if i had the choice between one or the other it would be DG all day long.

  149. Hope said:

    I’m in Defying Gravity withdrawl!

  150. Robyn said:

    Ireally really hope that they have a second season or even make a movie to show the rest of the mission. Something needs to happen because this is a great show and it has such a great story.

  151. Jeremy said:

    Wow! Season 1 is great, I am amazed it has not gone into a season 2 ! We need to start a petition to bring it back! I am willing to believe that scy fy channel would pick it up, they always seem to pay attention and give viewers what they want. Anyone interested in starting this petition?

  152. Yeye said:

    please please this was a very good tv series…..what else they want to prove….goshhh

  153. Nunja BUsiness said:

    With the complete and utter crap that passes for TV shows in the US right now, and the cobbled-together ScyFy originals re-using props from other movies, someone should be able to justify bringing back this incredibly good series.

    The problem may be that Darwin’s law has been repealed and the smartest and fittest no longer persist. Instead, with the government propping everyone up and encouraging ignorance, the stupidest of the monkeys are in charge.

    It is a sad sad shame that quality, thought-provoking television is relatively rare. People would rather watch and talk about 3rd-rate actors falling on their asses and fat people getting thin.

    I want to cancel my membership to the human race.

  154. KevinW said:

    Why wouldn’t the SyFy channel pick this up? It would be a great addition to their fledgling line-up. It was a great show on it’s way to a great story arc. 90% of the episodes left me thinking of grander and larger things and usually in tears. I know it’s probably too late, but please someone pick this up and start it up again!!!

  155. John said:

    I don’t usually leave comments, but hearing that Defying might not make a second season, I felt I had to write something. I started watching Defying Gravity by accident, I was just flipping channels and came across it. and from the start I was hooked. Hopefully ABC will give it a chance, and throw some needed support behind the show. I never belived that a series should be judged in the first season. Look at Cheers, it had awful ratings in the early seasons, and look a what it became. What the suits in the big offices should do is read sites like these, and see what real people think. I told a guy at work about the show, now he’s addicted to it, that’s how good this series is. it will be the worst shame if ABC dooms it. It’s really sad to think that the future of television seems to rest on these so-called “reality TV” these shows like Big Brother, Housewives of every city and these weight loss shows. If any one else is like me, If I wanted to watch ungrateful gold-diggers, or see people people losing weight, I’d would walk around downtown or stare in the window of a gym. I read in an earlier post about a slow story line, it’s called character development. the story line can only pick up from there. And I think the cast was very well chosen (Ron Livingston is in my view one of tthe best actors on the small screen, Sex and the City, Band of Brothers, Office Space, a true artist). I just waned to write this to hopefully let ABC know that this is a good show that deserves a fair chance, not only for the fine people in America, but from your brothers and sisters up above here in Canada. I do apologize for rambling, bu I just had to say something. I haven’t enjoyed and became so addicted to a TV show like this in a long time and it justt bothers me to think it might end before it even gets started. Thank you for your time.

  156. blazer said:

    What he said :’(

  157. jim said:

    Great show, they should bring it back. I love to see another couple season. This show was big surprise the feel of the show was should been on HBO.

  158. marjorie said:

    i love defying gravity, i really hope there will be a season 2. it has so much potential to be wonderful.

  159. Lors said:

    Has it been confirmed if there will be a season 2 or not? This was a great sci-fi series which I stumbled across by accident as it wasn’t advertised greatly in the UK.

  160. Blake 7 said:

    Great show – got hooked from episode 1 and grew more interested. The network kills another good show. Firefly went down in the same flames. Hopefully it will rise again or at least a movie. And the show theme music( intro – exit ) can’t be found anywhere – more frustration….

  161. Matt R said:

    @Blake 7 – The instrumental music in the show was compsoed by SHawn Pierce, I’ve contacted him myself and he said that once his site has been redesigned, he’ll put up a select 50 or so tracks which he compsoed for Defying Gravity.

  162. vortels said:

    Outstanding show, deep intrigue however easy to follow it, characters have a lot more to say, perfectly interlaced current time, in the show, with flashbacks, excellent soundtrack. I wanna see this show through and up to the final word from the script.

    You’re all right, a total lack of appropriate promotion, you know, internet is cheap, use it, you’ll find us, a huge bundle of FANS (millions) waiting to see what’s going next, keep it up, we want a second season.

  163. vortels said:

    ok, sorry….

  164. Dale.E said:

    Well I just took a look at the first 10 min of the pilot to see if this was worth a look, it looked great! I started to download it, then I took a look to see when season 2 would be out.
    Hmm Canceled… ok, stop downloading it…
    Now the first thing you mihgt think is I am part of the problem, low rateings, well no. I simply dont trust the networks to tell a story. They have let me down far too many times.
    I dont waste my time watching shows they dont finish.
    Its really that simple. Even free, at my leasure and comercial free. A show with no ending is not worth my time.

    Take a bit of advise, stop giving the networks your veiwing until they can be trusted.

    Turn off the TV

  165. Brandon W. said:

    I downloaded the first 3 episodes and got interested in the show immediately. I now have the whole first season and JUST found out its been cancelled….. i honestly want to hurt somebody cause this show is AWESOME! i cant believe i have to imagine the rest of it. this is soooo bogus =(

  166. Zack said:


  167. Zack said:


  168. Tracy Barnes said:

    No season 2, now that really sucks big time. I’ve been waiting patiently, watching the reruns and wondering when my fav show is going to start the next season. I’m seriously disappointed, how can a show this great not continue? Give it time to generate more fans, it will happen.

  169. borris said:


    James D. Parriott sold out!

  170. Farar said:

    Hello to everyone!
    I just watched first (unfortunately the only) season and I’m surprise!
    There is really a lot of potential in this story but somethings wrong happen and lower rating postpone this season to the bad time. Defying of great actor’s performance, perfect story and possibly of continuing the insufficient publicity before releasing of this serial story result in cancellation of another episodes or series.
    I hope that the fans will do a lot of receptions and they’ll continue in a seasons or at least will make a final movie!!



  171. Farar said:

    To Michel:

    I sent an email yet (-:

    You all should, you must to do it too (-:

  172. Christopher Gardner said:

    What is it with Fantastic space orientated shows. FireFly was a biblical series and should of continued for so much longer and now defying gravity failing to traverse a fantastic storyline and crew to new levels cos people in charge are clueless (personal opinion). Ok Buffy held a immense audience but comeon kill enough vamps and even a bloody hungry slayer would get bored…Sorry Im ranting i just miss Serenity :)

  173. RV said:

    I finished watching Season1 – till episode13 just last night
    (ok so living in S.A. we get these things much later than most of you guys)
    Anyhow I was so eager to get my hands on Season2, now I read there aint not more……so is this it…..is this where it all ends……with the KISS?

  174. KimmayGirl said:

    I miss watching this show , i think it really good on many level and i really want a second season!

  175. Candy said:

    I tried to watch this on directv. It was shown only on a sports station that was blo ked in my area. I had to get it from netflix to watch it. I can,t believe it is going the way of earth 2, another of my favorites that was canceled.