Demise of Dan O’Bannon – A Big Loss for the SciFi Cinema World

Famous director, screenwriter and special-effects master has passed at the age of 63, creating a huge void in the world of Sci-Fi movies. The Sci-Fi world knows him better for his magnificent work in the cult film Alien. It is a big loss for the Sci-Fi cinema world and all fans of the Sci-Fi movie world would definitely miss him. He had been the mastermind behind many Sci-Fi thrillers that created the awe-inspiring aliens that took every single moviegoer by surprise. How can we forget Alien in which the alien creature burst out of John Hurt’s chest? Mr. Branson you are one of the creators of the Sci-Fi platform on which films like Avatar and all will keep on enchanting the viewers. You were the inspiring light for the Sci-Fi thinkers around the world and would always remain so.

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One Response to “Demise of Dan O’Bannon – A Big Loss for the SciFi Cinema World”

  1. Jack Eason said:

    With Dan’s passing, who among the army of directors, both in Television and Film, will be brave enough to create new work rather than rely on regurgitating old, hackneyed failures from the past just to stay employed? The Camerons, Spielbergs and Lucas’ of this world certainly will not. Only someone like Peter Jackson is capable, and brave enough, to try. Peter has always had the courage of his convictions to go his own way. He is the new Dan O’Bannon…