Details on ‘V’ from the San Diego Comic-Con

The 'V' panel at the San Diego Comic-Con

From a preview night that saw the premiere of the entire pilot episode, to a Saturday panel and a number of interviews, the San Diego Comic-Con 2009 has served up quite a bit of information about ABC’s upcoming new sci-fi series V – and a little bit of controversy too.

Attendees at the panel included producer and writer Scott Peters, actors Elizabeth Mitchell, Morena Baccarin, Morris Chestnut, Joel Gretsch, Jace Hall and Scott Wolf.

Unlike some panels where not even a snippet of footage was shown (yes Fringe, I’m looking at you), Comic-Con fans were treated to the premiere of the entire V pilot episode.  Unfortunately this left little time for a Q&A session.

There are some pretty big spoilers in this article, so read at your own risk (as with any comic-con panel interviews).

We learned:

  • the pilot is CG heavy and the spaceships look real enough
  • the pilot is about 43 minutes in length and extremely fast paced
  • the Visitors arrive in 29 motherships
  • it is suggested many of the world’s problems are caused by the Visitors, who have been living here as clandestine humans for some time
  • the theme of the series will be “blind faith and devotion”
  • they plan to let the characters dictate the story
  • season one will focus on fact-finding
  • preparation on the series starts Friday July 31
  • shooting of the series won’t start until August 10
  • the series will air in November
  • Alan Tudyk of Firefly fame received the biggest cheers (in the premiere, he wasn’t on the panel)
  • the aliens won’t be fully revealed until the show creators have their look down 100%
  • producers say they didn’t want to mimic the original series, but pay homage and honor it instead

Quote of the pilot:

“Dude, this is just like Independence Day which was a ripoff of any number of alien invasion predecessors.”

Baccarin on the original 1980’s V series:

“I was totally into the original V. I used to watch it with my brother. I thought it was genius.”

Mitchell on the original 1980’s V series:

“I have huge memories of the alien baby.”

The panel wasn’t without its controversy.  Towards the end the audience were told there was time for just one last question.  Morena Baccarin exclaimed, “Please, feel free to ask anything.” An audience member rose to the ocassion and asked the panel how the producers were going to address the “racial overtones” in the show.

The reference to “racial overtones” was made in relation to the fact that there is one african-american man in the show and he’s apparently an alien whilst the heroes are all blue eyed and blonde haired.  The moment was controversial because the panel clearly didn’t know how to respond.  Without addressing the question at all, the panel rather rudely proceeded to shut down the question by calling for another “last” question.

The failure of the panel to address the question was odd, even if they attempted to make light of the moment.  If V has no racial undertones by intent, it’s certainly under the microscope for it now. We’ll hear more on this in the future no doubt.

In the end, what was the verdict?

Most viewers thought the pilot wasn’t fantastic but that it offers big potential.  It should be noted that the pilot was actually unfinished.

Watch the panel now:

YouTube Preview Image

Source(s): Collider / Cinemaspy / Blast Magazine / THR

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