Director and Star Of ‘District 9′ Are To Co-operate In Sci-fi Mystery Project?


There have been rumours that Neil Blomkamp is re-teaming with Sharlto Copley for some new project, so seems that cooperation in District 9 proved successful and worth continuing. And sure it is very exciting to know what exactly are they working on – especially taking into accout that the movie is of sci-fi genre.

‘Deadline’ reports that the movie is called Elysium and it tell a tale about the far future, and the action will possibly be set on another planet. Although the new masterpiece is obviously not going to be a sequel to Disctict 9,  it will also dwell upon some sociopolitical ideas – like those that made Blomkamp’s previous work such a hit.  Elysium will be produced in the Hollywood system, and the film director is now in the process of meeting with the major studios concerning such issues as distribution and budgets.

As for Sharlto Copley, it is not clear yet whether or not he will play the leading part, although his past experience allows to presume that he probably might. Nor is there any information as for what other actors are going to take part in the movie.


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