‘Doctor Who’ Gets Back Its Gold

Murray Gold is back on Doctor Who with Matt Smith playing the role of Doctor. This talented music director is surely going to add his jingles and theme music to make the show even more interesting. Gold even spoke about his plans to create new theme music for Doctor Who. He has already got over the discussion phase and has even started to work on the project. Viewers of Doctor Who are in for a treat with Gold trying his best to recreate the old magic!

Source: Music From The Movies

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2 Responses to “‘Doctor Who’ Gets Back Its Gold”

  1. Tyler said:

    I just saw Doctor Who: The End of Time Part 2 and it was amazing! It is a little sad to see David Tennant go but I did some research on Matt Smith and I have high hopes for him.

    I’m like a little kid in a candy shop every time I hear there is a new episode of Doctor Who out.

  2. scQue814 said:

    It always amazes me when folks talk about how ‘amazing’ a series fanale is when talking about DW. My own opinion is that these storylines are the most contrived, masturbatory plotlines the series writers ever seem to come up with.

    Strangely, as far as writing goes, I’ve always found the ‘Doctor-lite’ stories to be amazingly well-written (more so than some other series stories)–no doubt because they must eliminate silly plot devices like sonic screwdrivers that solve any dilemma. Don’t get me wrong: I love the Doctor, with or without all his gadgets. But I just don’t see a diagetic reason to include Sarah-Jane, Luke, Mickey, Martha, or any of the characters “resurrected” in the final 15 minutes of “End of Time”.

    Murray Gold, however, has been doing a great job with incidental music and variations on the DW theme. I am glad to hear he is back on board for series five!