‘Fissure’ Webisode 2: The House


The second part of Russ Pond’s sci-fi thriller Fissure has been released titled ‘The House’.  Watch it now:

YouTube Preview Image

Fissure is an indie thriller with a sci-fi twist.  It follows Detective Paul Grunning (James MacDonald), a man with a tragic past who finds himself knee deep in a time bending situation where he must question his own mind and the nature of reality whilst racing to solve the mystery surrounding him before it is too late.

Fissure’s filmmakers are in the process of releasing the first 35 minutes of the movie as 9 free online webisodes.  35 minutes into the film there’s a huge twist, and they hope that by the time you’ve watched the last webisode you’ll be hooked and want to see the full movie on DVD to find out what happens next.

Learn more about Russ Pond’s Fissure here.

Visit the Official Website: www.fissure.tv

Fissure will be released on DVD on August 11, 2009.

Click here to preorder Fissure on DVD from Amazon

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