‘Flash Forward’ No Season 2 – Show Cancelled by ABC

Flash Forward TV Show, which survived just long enough to show full season 1, is now cancelled, so don’t await for the Season 2.

Flash Forward, the high-concept drama premiered strong, then dropped steadily in the ratings. The show was already at the edge of cancellation mid-season 1, but ABC did order full season 1, so at least show fans were able to see the ending of the season 1. Still, it’s sad that there will be no Season 2. Share your thoughts in the comments.

Source: EW

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713 Responses to “‘Flash Forward’ No Season 2 – Show Cancelled by ABC”

  1. v1ewer said:

    Thank you for cancellation.
    Couldn’t stand watching another bad episode… ;)

  2. Bob said:

    This is bull!!! This is one of the best new shows I have seen in a while. What, just because it answers the question it proposes throughout the season at the end unlike stupid ass Lost, it can’t continue? ABC screwed this show over by putting it on a dumb night with dumb promoting. I can’t believe how many idiots were disappointed at the end of Lost. It was a dumb show that just wrote entertaining plotlines and failed to make them make sense. I’m glad all these idiots wh watched for so many years were still led with questions at the end. I heard that ABC chose between cancelling Flashforward or V and they chose V!?!?! WTF is that? V? Wow wow wow wow wow! V???

  3. marko said:

    Here is a comment from Serbia. It’s a good show and I love watching it. People who work in ABC are morons. It’s that simple!


  4. FF Fan said:

    Its the best season ever made, ABC will have to take it back when all we fans have told them our part!

  5. jonh said:

    I think V and Flashforward shouldn’t be canceled either. V and Flashforward are the best series that i had seen!! ABC Sucks!

  6. Joey said:

    This is the stupidest thing ABC can do for itself. This show was something I looked forward to each week and I can tell you that this show deserves another season.

  7. Dee said:

    My husband and I are very disappointed. We watched this show every week. It just goes to show that if you have to think about the show instead of just passively observe, the show will be cancelled!

  8. Omar said:

    I really liked the show and hope they will see it was much better than V

  9. Dana said:

    Best show ABC has! Bring back for another season. PLEASE!

  10. Stacey said:

    It’s completely ABC’s fault that the ratings dropped from 12 million to 7 million. When the show first aired it was amazing and it was still amazing when it came back in March. But being off the air for three months made viewers lose interest in waiting for it to reappear. Who can remember what they were watching 3 months ago?

    The show’s amazing. Having watched all the episodes online from start to finish I know how good it is. But for viewers who watched episodes 1-3 and then had to wait 3 months for the rest of the episodes lost interst because there were so many details to remember.

    I think if they brought it back next year, which I hope they do, and aired it without any breaks it would be a big hit again.

    Hoping it comes back. It’s a great, unique, show!!!!!

  11. Disappointed Fan said:

    ugh… GREAT shows like this are CANCELLED but shows like LOST and BIGGEST LOSER and all that other crap can CONTINUE!!! absolute BULL… i feel like spitting on someone…. or suing someone! ABC screwed up royally!

  12. Matthew said:


  13. John said:

    The whole problem is that FlashForward was to complicated for allot of people, and for the Board of ABC, where for some reason Stargate SGU is getting a second season on SyFy and its so shit, the problem was for Flashforward was the huge christmas (sorry Holiday) brake that it took during the holiday season, and then expected people to get back into it. and as Bob said, V, the reason it had a slightly higher ratings is due to its Name and the reputation of the series from the 80’s. but the whole problem with ratings now is that channels should have programs all on demand with adverts and get the ratings that way, because to many people download the programmes, as why the last 2 episodes of Lost was simucast world wide.

  14. sam said:

    i thought flash foward was an amazing show, it was just given a stupid time to air!!!!
    i wish there was a season 2…..

  15. Simon said:

    Thank you for cancellation???
    what are u saying???

    it’s the best shows i have ever seennn!!!

  16. Mike_bro said:

    I agree, I haven’t seen any that is even close to this exciting, rare, unique and awesome series. I hope that they will change their minds and start doin’ the second season, cause I think this kind of series what the audience needs. It has everything…mystery and so on there is always something new that reveals and makes it even exciting than before…I think that it has a well over thought storyline and you HAVE to adore it. Peace out!

  17. ABC HATER said:

    screw u ABC watch even the ratings from the other countries ffs don’t cancel the show in the middle there are still lots of answers to give ffs cancel smt more indecent like desperate whorewives and other bullshits this is one of the most decent movies i watched in years!!!

  18. Kasia said:

    stupid decission, made by idiots! FF the best show I have ever seen, interesting and thrilling, best show ever!! :(

  19. Gabriel said:

    Just like Carnivale: the good ones don’t survive!!

  20. Sam said:

    I want season 2 !

  21. ThisalD said:

    Dont do that….we need 2nd……..

  22. R.K said:

    This is not right but hear me out :

    at least release the Second Season on DVD or Something or Make a Movie out of it that way we know what will happened plus ABC will get their Money , of-course we all know its all about the money for big Companies , I don’t blame them ,
    but here is what I say if u keep Canceling Shows out , because the ratings went down, the first reason these ratings go down is because they keep on canceling shows.

    Either don’t show the thing or if u decide to Cancel , let the viewers know like they need to pay Extra or something to watch the rest of it because our ratings are going down ,
    now let say there r 100,000 people watching the show all of the sudden 60000 of them say booooo this sucks , now there are still 40000 who are watching the show,
    but these 40000 want it all the way , like my self i want it to see the second season , so yes i would pay for ( Example : $1.99 to for each show to see ), this way the viewers get what they want , ABC or others make their money plus they wont have as many cancellations , and every one is happy.

    again i will so pay too see FlashForward season 2

  23. dione said:

    what and why bring it on dvd

  24. Doug said:

    Please bring back Flash Forward for Season 2. At the very minimum, please give us a movie for closure. This is one of the best shows I have ever watched. The problem is that it is difficult to make shows that have this kind of depth, because most people aren’t this intelligent or deep to be able to grasp and enjoy it.

    For those of us who loved and supported this show, we deserve a series to end with a solid conclusion, not a cliffhanger.

    Thanks for a great Season 1.

  25. Patrick said:

    Abc you guys must be really screw up in the head. Your ass should be served on a sliver platter. They wanted to cancell Chuck from NBC but the fans demanded it return and that what we should do for flashforward.

  26. ff fanatic said:

    Stupid ABC! Wont be watching anything in that channel anymore, im scared that it will also be cancelled. I protest against ABC!!!

  27. Luis Cotovio said:

    This brings back the same discussion of wether or not a network, when producing a show, should be “forced” to produce a proper ending. Many shows out there are canceled and plot threads are left dangling. For the networks its all business, a show doesn’t have numbers, they cancel it. What they forget is that even the “low” numbers a show like FlashForward have correspond to millions of people. Add to those the viewers outside the U.S.. That makes several million people that “invest” their time watching a show and liking it only to have a bunch of pencil necks at some office decide they’re not enough to warrant the effort. I think it’s disrespectful for the audience. I believe if a network wants to cancel a show, it should be obligated, even if only from a moral stand point, to at least wrap the shows it cancels in a proper way. With the advent of DVD and BluRay it’s not even a matter of air-time. Make these extra episodes as direct-to-DVD episodes, put them on-line, anything is possible these days. But show the viewer more respect
    FlashForward was a good show, probably the most original i’ve seen in quite some time. It had a slow start but after it’s return in March it just got better and better. It, and us, the viewers, and there’s quite a few out here, deserved a lot better than what we got from ABC. If anyone that can do anything actually reads this, pick FlashForward from the ashes and give it at least a chance to be more than it was, give a chance to be trully great. And give the viewers the respect they deserve.

  28. PTRCK said:

    I need season 2! I am from Brazil, and i love the show. I cant understand this rating drops. I watched LOST,all the seasons, and after de 3 season they got really LOST and the end was terrible.
    Please ABC do something for the fans os FlashForward.

  29. jack said:

    that can’t be right…..in my flash forward i was watching season 2 of flashforward!!!!

  30. davocarli said:

    I think they could/should have made a second season devoted to investigating December 12 2016… The end.

    Great show, I’m dissapointed

  31. CMS said:

    It was long overdue. Flash Forward was a cheap knockoff of LOST. But nobody cares about any of these characters like they did on LOST. Plus they force feed you these flash forward scenes over and over and over and over again! It was a stupid show and I am glad it is gone. These actors are too good to get stuck doing that crap.

  32. Mike said:


    yeah thats the way it should be done.
    I’d also pay money to see the next seasen of this amazing show.

    good idea man

  33. dan said:

    what a p-ss take i am so fu(ked off… ABC are a joke they are a group of uneducated morons who have no idea of what a good show is. Here in Britain FF is so popular and we are gutted they have canceled it with so many questions left over. when they canceled SCC that was bad but this is a huge mistake.

    - ABC need to be told this is not acceptable lets do something about this…

    any ideas?

  34. Dario said:

    I’m from Portugal and i watch Flash Forward every week… Currently its the best show that is passing here, i dont know why are they canceling! whats the rates in US for this show? i want to know why are they canceling -.-’

  35. Stanislav said:

    I’m from BULGARIA. You probably don’t even know where the country is. And yet I’m watching the show because it’s making me thrill every single time! Abc, nbc, etc.. You totally suck guys. Always canceling the best shows. I really don’t wanna offend You but I’m kinda forced. Do You get it. I remember back in time how they canceled “Jon Doe”. Not sure who exactly did it though. And again the other great show – “Reaper” I mean Jeez at least make a decent final. During the holidays I was waking up with the thought “one day closer till FF is back on”. Anyway.. “Good” job guys.

  36. Rachel said:

    We need a season 2 of FF. It left us off with so many questions! This show great and i always looked forward to it. I am very sad and ABC defiantly screwed up. Please have a season 2!

  37. maria silva said:

    hi there!im from Portugal and I love FlashForward!!!PLEASE BRING IT BACK ABC….

  38. Galaxy said:

    A quick message from Slovenia.

    ABC – you are retards! WE WANT SEASON 2! You just can’t let people disappointed! Shame on you ABC.

  39. ashley said:

    I’m for Bulgaria and i love FF!!!! That was the beeest show I’ve seenn eveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want season 2!!!!

  40. steph said:

    I live in wakes in united kingdom and im getting to watch ginal rpisodr tomorrow night. I am devastated tat there won’t be a series 2. I believe that a massive broadcaster as ance are, they should be looking at the figuree world wide to see if they are getting the viewers, its the same in the UK, most people in the uk dont like what our broadcasters put on telly but Americans do, and nine times out of ten if the program is going to suceed over therr and not here they wiok go to America to air it so why cant ance do the same

    Rant over lol I want more flashforward.

  41. Andy said:

    No Second Season? Fuck you ABC! Not enough airings in the US? Well, I’m from Germany and I would have paid per Episode to watch FF in english on time.
    Sell your shows worldwide via internet and you get your money. I’m sick of waiting half a year to see good shows with a crappy german dub on tv and then hear there will be no more seasons! I would have paid your $1.99 on iTunes. But I can’t get it in good old Europe…

  42. osis said:

    I don not know what to say, ABC we want season 2 from you

  43. MoJack said:

    ABC…. A BUNDLE OF CUNTS….Best series ever never would have stop watching it…

  44. Heather said:

    It seems really stupid for them to cancel it, yet still show a season finale that implies a second season. I agree with R.K. At least put the second season(if it’s already been filmed) onto DVD or something similar. I would definitely pay to see it if I had to.

    If they wouldn’t make us wait for shows to come out, they wouldn’t lose viewers. It’s a shame they don’t see or care about this.

    (A bit unrelated, but I fear for the show ‘Past Life’ as well. That just came off a 3 month hiatus.)

  45. Cristhian said:

    As usual, great series that get you so hooked up like this get cancelled… Honestly, don’t you see ratings from other countries??

    Anyways, If someone starts a fan movement to bring this series back, sent directly to ABC’s board and we get… say 15 million fans worldwide they may reconsider…


    anyways… crappy schedules make up for crappy ratings… Someone should tell them just that…

  46. Christine said:


  47. natasa said:

    it’s a fantastic tv show anda i hope that it will have a second season.here in greece has thousands of fans

  48. britt said:

    I dont understand this because THERE WAS A SEASON TWO! Is there going to be a third?

  49. From europe said:

    We want season 2 !!!!!
    Let’s open a group on facebook and bring the entire world to make their sound!
    please dont cancel it!!!

  50. Tobias said:

    Hi, greetings from Berlin, Germany. This show is extraordinary, the cancellation simply shows me once more, what happens with the people …keyword: stultification

  51. Darth Revan mester said:

    I’m from Hungary and I agree with you all: FlashForward Season 2 ASASP! Or at least a movie.

  52. kokm@wres said:

    This tv series is one of the most awasome tv shows I had ever seen
    How dare they. I don’t get it I think should be second season

  53. Duncan said:

    I’m from Scotland and loved this series. No season 2 noway!
    GUTTED dahmn u :-(

  54. Trevor said:

    Gutted. I don’t remember ever enjoying a series as much as this ever (aged 57).

  55. Rob said:

    Bring on the second season!!!!!, big success in Ireland and UK, give it a chance. I think that the majority of people who stopped watching it were frustrated “lost fans” and predicted that it would be another “lost” Sorry to say that this will be the reason for no second season.

    Have faith America, this will not be another lost if you give it a chance!


  56. AggieDip said:

    I live in Northern Ireland and am shocked to hear there will be no season 2!!.. I watched the first episode and was hooked!!… At least bring out a dvd or something for us fans who do want to see more!!!

  57. jill said:

    y man it was such a good show wankas

  58. david said:

    wot was the point in showin the end of season 1 and leavein every body waitin 2 see wot happens then PUT IT BACK ON PLEASE

  59. Abdul said:




  60. Chris said:

    If you are disappointed you can read the original late 1990s books guys!
    The main themes are similar, but do not expect to see many of the characters and angles of the tv series. If you ever want to see an example of how a tv station changes a story for public consumption then this is it!
    The book in itself isn’t perfect but I enjoyed it and yes worth a read in my opinion.

  61. leanne usherwood said:

    I hav just sat and watched last nights episode which was amazing and a cliff hanger can not wait for next one but then we find out the show has been cancelled which is bull u can not leave it there they did this with the invasion series aswell we hav watched every week and are gripped so u should think about what u r doing it will always be what happened next and i do not think it very fair when u pull the plug people should know what u always intend to do with a series before we get gripped by what is happening so i will say again this is bull.

  62. Dzesika said:


  63. Anthony Wharton said:

    just as the show really started to get exciting and telling the answers , it finishes . I feel robbed what a waste of time , get your act together and get season 2 made there are far worse programmes on air .

  64. fangirl75 said:

    Just when I was getting into the show! >_< American TV no longer has rhyme or reason.

  65. Margo said:

    Im totally gutted that Flash Forward had been cancelled…. I was sooooo looking forward to season 2, how can ABC do this to us, don’t they look at the rating around the world!!!!

    Well and truly pissed off.

    Please tell these comments will be showing the ABC twats!

  66. CMS said:

    Flash Forward was a complete waste of time. The show was ridiculous and I am SO GLAD IT WAS FINALLY CANCELLED! Good riddance!

  67. Tammie said:

    Total travesty I mean come on is still so much to develop. The best program out there by miles I hung waiting for it to return in march …. Travesty

  68. Nicola said:

    I am from England and I religiously watched FF every week on channel 5. Doesn’t channel 5 have the power to persuade them to do a 2nd series? The way it ended was cruel to avid fans like me.

    Please bring it back!

  69. TRK said:

    It’s no use complaining here.

    Send a *paper* letter to the head of programming at ABC and explain why you think they should continue.

    Then send a *paper* letter to the SyFy channel asking them to pick it up.

    Remember, Star Trek was canceled after the first season, but fan pressure brought it back.

  70. Jenny said:

    there should definatly be a season 2 of flash forward i watch it everyweek and have never missed an episode its the only program i actually look forward to watching BRING IT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  71. Kristy said:

    I am so disapointed that there won’t be a second season!! This is show is absolutly amazing and always has you at the edge of your seat!! This is completely unfair and I’m dying to know what happens next.

  72. P.Doff said:

    CMS What a CRETIN how can you be ” SO GLAD IT WAS FINALLY CANCELLED!…” If you found it so offensive to watch then why not just change the channel to something more appropriate to your level, much less than take the time to rant about how bad it was?

  73. Jb said:

    P.Doff is right also ABC listen to the public an excellent show should never have been axed

  74. Flasher said:

    ABC what are you thinking… This is an excellent show. Get your act together and sort out series 2.

  75. steph said:

    I’m from Lincoln, England. Flash forward is huge over here, i know so many people that watch it! What is with ABC!?
    Ahhh us lot moaning is not gunna get it put back on! i say a facebook group is order “we want season 2 of Flash forward” :)
    It’s blaitently a fool proof plan! ;)

  76. Fred Bloggs said:

    I doubt only a few people will bother to read all the comments in thread but in any case here is my take on things.

    Flash Forward is an interesting concept for a show and has the potential to go a long way. It didn’t give you information you didn’t need nor did it have entire episode that did nothing to further the plot or characters and I doubt if it where to come to a conclusion it wouldn’t require did it need a phylosophy degree to start understand it’s finale as was unfortunately the case with Lost.

    I believe it is certainly true that V has gained a certain audience following through those that watched the 80’s original series (yes, I’m that old that I watched it!) but that ‘loyalty’ will soon dwindle if the show doesn’t get a lot better a lot faster (there was more real sci-fi, action and special effects in the first few episodes of the original than the whole first series of the new V).

    There are so many shows that are piloted, aired then and cancelled but we do seem to take notice of them more now than in the past. perhaps that is down to our current blogging culture and our hunger for information but perhaps it is because of the studios using their viewers as their test audience rather than having real half-season test viewerships like they used to and so the shows they drop get aired and seen rather than just shelved having not been seen.

    Specifically with regard to Flash Forward I just see this as another victim of stupid management of the tv studios.

    They just don’t seem to grasp a number of factors that are in play at the moment such as of course the global financial situation, an actor’s willingness to work for channels that cancel shows, their audience and not least the needs of the advertisers that bring in their revenue.

    The world is suffering financially at the moment as we all know but what the studio bosses seem to be forgetting is that if they continue to cancel shows, good or bad, they will simply drive viewers away and leave themselves with no audience.

    In a world with so many alternatives to TV it will only result in their key viewer segment watching movies, going to the cinema, playing video games or just going out to party and socialise all of which will result in them either loosing thier advertising revenue or not being able to charge so much for an advertisement slot and so start a downward spiral of their income.

    I’ve read quite a few articles and web-blogs with comments and quotes from actors that felt angry enough about the cancellation of their show that as soon as their contractual obligations ended they were happy to stick the knife into the studios.

    One actress (who shall remain nameless) said she had read a lot about Joss Whedon’s battle with studios and discussed the similarities of his situation with that if her show with her fellow cast and crew members.

    The interesting thing about that is that she went on to say that most of her fellow cast all agreed that they would potentially give the studio some bad press at their first opportunity and not work for them for the forseeable future in fear that the same cancellation situation might occur again.

    Of the unnamed actress and her cast, most of them I understand and now are well trained and respected performers having worked both on stage and big-screen prior to their recent small-screen work and so are thankfully in a position to move into another field if they wanted.

    Can you imagine however if it became the norm in that the actors of cancelled shows decide to abandon TV work? If they aren’t careful, based upon that acting casts comments the studio could end up with no talent pool in which to fish when casting new shows they want to try-out for a season (sarcasm implied in that last part).

    Just think how many shows that got cancelled where you’ve seen those actors appear pretty much instantly in another show. If actors have shows cancelled from underneath them they will loose faith in joining the cast of piloting shows which will result in poor acting in new shows which in turn gets them cancelled because of poor rating and once again the studio is left out of pocket.

    It’s all a downward spiral which I guess the studio can kind of see through their diminishing finances but they seem to have forgotten the old saying ’speculate to accumulate’ which was more often that not the way studios had to work to produce their shows.

    Can you imagine what would have happened if the bean counters had control over the studios in the days of Cleopatra and Ben Hurr, the movies just wouldn’t have been made (not a great analogy to the current TV cancellations granted but it does back up the need to take some risks which is what I was getting at).

    R.I.P. Flash Forward but I hope you get a Frankenstein shock to bring you back to life as no matter how good or bad you where, you deserve better than you’ve receieved.

    Cheers All !


  77. Terry said:

    Oh my God! Season 1 was brilliant, I am shocked to hear that there is no plans for Season 2, especially after Season 1 ended on a bit of a cliffhanger… did Mark live?

    If a second season doesn’t happen I will be extremely dissapointed!

  78. GM said:

    Lack of focus, too many episode that didnt lead anywhere and side stories that were just padding.

    Pity because I thought the show had real potential when it started.

  79. m said:

    I am so gutted they cancelled. It was a really great show and how we are all left hanging at the end of season1 its total bull

  80. lila said:

    why? why? why? it s such a great show.

  81. zeshaan said:

    y the hell did thy cancel flashforward
    i hope thy think again and just make a season 2 .

  82. Joplin said:

    Hey CMS Press another button on your remote, simple really!!!
    As for ABC why cancel such a xlnt show idiots jus because some people didnt understand it, why should the rest of us miss out.

    People should start a facebook petition.

  83. doug said:

    For those of us who have an iq greater than 50, i have to say that cancelling this show is a great mistake.
    Hopefully someone with some insight will buy the rights and produce another excellent season of the show.

    This was one of the best shows on UK television…..

  84. Tony said:

    Its sad to see such a great show go down the drain like this i never watch TV and i watch this show out of everything else its better than that CSI crap in my opinion. complex story line if your watching the show in the middle of the season but a great story line truelly original sad ABC doesnt see it

  85. Marek said:

    I’m from Poland and and realy ejoy FF…

    But I think that ABC put this information to make some advertising, and in few months we’ll got message about S 2.

  86. Ben said:

    I’m from Germany and i can’t believe, that there won’t never be a season 2. That can’t be real!
    I looked every single episode and i loved it.
    In my opinion, FF is one of the most exciting shows in the TV and it isn’t supposed to be stopped after one season and much less if it ends like that.
    I think, there are so many people who wish to have another season or at least some more episodes to find out, what happened to Mark Benford and what’s up with the helicopter in the end concerning Mark.

  87. Alice said:


  88. pj said:

    Flash Forward was brilliant! It should not have been cancelled. PLEASE resurrect!! Suspense, intelligence, plots within plots! What more do you need?

  89. R.K said:

    We are in the future now , so put Shit Online , ABC is Making United States of America ,

    Look stupid , is that what u want ABC? for us to look Stupid ?

    well if u do then u should look around u and outside the box cause The world is

    Watching ,

    Bring back SEOSON 2 OF FLASH FORWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  90. S.Y said:

    I loved the series. I checked this morning to find out about season
    2, and was horrified to find that it had been cancelled.

  91. Anthony said:

    this show was top 5 on tv .Maybe another network will pick it up. the concept of the show was diffrent. Anybody with half a brain could understand. ABC sux. i watched lost and was disappointed. Its all about eh power of a dollar.

  92. CCC said:

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRGHHHHH ! just watched last episode and had to find out when new series starting ! gutted – what a bunch of morons. FF was awesome – only thing worth watching on CHANNEL 5 , BRING IT BACK YOU ARSEHOLES.

    I’d happily pay for next series on DVD –

    It proved to us in GB that the US can make decent programmes.
    LOST – wish they had lost it – Heroes – bored after 1st series , This was awesome .


  93. Rainor said:

    ABC series never more to me.

    Here, from Brazil, FY ABC.

  94. Leah said:

    Best show ever… I would like to know how to save it (unlikely- dumb ABC)
    I guess I’ll just have to read the book :(

  95. Mia said:

    I’m from the US. I know at least about 10 people who loved watching it too, we would all talk about what happened on it. I enjoyed watching the show, and am disappointed it’s going to be cancelled. It was one of my fave shows, I hope they change their minds & it gets aired, or another channel picks it up & it will be ABC’s loss.

  96. FEDERICO said:

    i don’t get it, apparently everybody on the net, 90% or so, say that this show is the best and it shouldn’t be cancelled. i think this way too, i love it so much that when i heard there won’t be season two i cried. people that don’t like this show are just too slow minded, i study physics and believe me, this show got more than a point. the question is: if everybody or so loves it, is abc stupid or what? i’m puzzled O.o

  97. anton said:

    the best tv series ive ever seen beeter than all the other
    rubish they put on.
    i hope they change there minds and make a series 2….
    ABC should have a flash forward them selves and see there
    are a lot of fan of the show.
    even the people who slated it still found them selves here
    and talking about it…..

  98. Jori said:

    After the last episode I was thinking that writer’s are morons as cliffhangers were far away for being exciting enough to keep the interest up for next season…OR that the show is just, like many others, getting canceled.

    After all in my opinion 2nd season would have not been needed, most things were put together quite well. Only thing that pisses me off is that explanation why bad guys wanted to have an another backout and what did they gain out of it as they succeeded was left open.

    Better alternative ending to story would have been that bad guys would have had failed and got caught…few million people saved, end of story. Unlike good movies unfortunately series 9 times out 10 are having shitty endings, especially when decision of channel patrons have been to cancel the serie they do not want to invest more money and efforts for proper ending of story.

  99. bruce944 said:

    Totally gutted their will be no season 2 abc have made a huge mistake here! bring it back!!!!!

  100. Gordon Duff said:

    I live in Scotland and have just watched the Season 1 Finale with my wife and kids and we were all desperate to find out when Season 2 would start. I’m not looking forward to explaining to the kids that there won’t be a season 2. Althought 11 and 14, both of them were hooked on FF and my 11 year old would make us stop the program to explain what was happening at various points. Even so, he still followed it and loved coming up with theories of his own about what would happen next.

    Please ABC, see sense and commission season 2. With a properly publicised and sensibly scheduled re-run you could generate enough of an audience to warrant season 2 and possibly beyond.

  101. Danny said:

    The Thing that sucks the most is that they ended the 1st season as if there was going to be a second one and if your a veiwer who has really gotten into the series the abc have blatently just slapped us in the face.

    ABC sort it out you choose v over Flashforward WTF!!!!!! is “v” ive never heard of it theres aparently a pertition on the web for a continuation of FlashForward please search around for it and sign up so they ABC will pull there fingers out of there arses and wake the fuck up !!!!


    p.s fuck you ABC

  102. justph said:


  103. philana said:

    Whyy….. Here in singapore… and really like this series… Dont quite understand after the end of season 1!!! Totally want to have a closure after the last episode of Season1!!!!

  104. Debs said:

    Agreed, this has been the best series on TV for a while, at least it had a strong story line and the plot followed through without deviating too much. I believe the ratings dropped because of the gap in viewings. Give it prime time and consistency on the viewing and the ratings will shoot back up there, we need a season 2, there is more left to explore, BRING IT ON !

  105. Maggie said:

    I don’t think that this show should have been cancelled I believe that it deserves a second series if you agree you can sign a petition at the address below.



  106. Nate Dogg said:

    I dont watch tv often yet i stay current with alot of shows via internet availability etc. I just finished flashforward which I had never heard of (poor promotion=strike 1). A friend gave me the 1st ten episodes to watch and we watched the first 10 minutes together. From the very beginning we were both hooked. Much like Heroes the writing was genius and deliberate, evoking a journey of suspense, action, and significant side story. Admittedly I eventually noticed the abc studios logo and began to worry.
    I dont often pay attention to the network logo, but it would seem that abc has a remarkable ability to pass on apparent gold mines (better off ted= strike 2). This show on any other network would generate 6 or 7 years easily I truly believe. Yet abc management manages yet again to kill a show before its prime. Before I even knew that the show was canceled, I felt that abc would ruin the natural course of the show (mabe I had a flashforward and was drunk like Benford). Point is mabe this wasnt the best show on tv (although I believe thats definitely up for debate) but it deserved the chance to develop and certainly wasnt the worst.
    The true test of a shows greatness was best summed earlier and should be released posthumously as a DVD special or a small time movie follow-up. I firmly believe that ‘ratings’ and sales would bring the show back to life much like tracy did in the final episode. Someone or several someones should be fired from abc studios because it is apparent that sound decision making is long gone. I doubt this post will change anyones life, but the truth should be told loud far and wide: FF is/was an amazing show and warrants a proper run by a competent network!

  107. k said:

    Watched it on DVD for the first time at a friends house, it was f@*king amazing, i am hooked, this really sucks that it is cancelled…does ABC stand for A Bullshit Company?

  108. FF Follower said:

    I have been following Flash Forward religiously every since the 2nd half. (I did not manage to catch it consistently during 1st half because it was air over here in the weekends in Asia).

    I’m disappointed at the cancellation because it left so many unanswered questions. & it was a great show compared to Lost where i drifted off after i couldn’t make sense of its plot. FF is definitely one of the nicest show!

    if there’s no S2, then please give us a better S1 ending instead leaving us hanging there….

  109. Zak said:

    Im from South Africa and I really love this show! The season finale was AWESOME! It just left me wanting more…but then I hear that there’s not gonna be a season 2:( I am REALLY sad and disappointed.


  110. UK FF fan said:

    I used to look forward to every episode, a truly enjoyable and thought provoking series cleverly written with a good cast. It should never have been axed.

    I would urge anyone posting on this board to join the various petition groups on facebook, online petitions etc (just google them!). ABC should know how fans feel about this even contact them directly. One petition has over thirty four thousand signatures already, so maybe we can make a difference.

    There is also a planned flash forward day on June 10th for people to protest outside ABC studios, join in if you can. I don’t know if the moderators of this site could pass on our comments to ABC???

    Anyway why let idiots choose what we can or cannot watch, action creates change!

    Thank You.

  111. Mark Benford said:

    Flash Forward S2 cancelled? ABC! are you insane?
    Millions of people gone crazy of this FF shit. Cancel yourself Mr. ABC chairman.

    Cancel ABC, not the FFS2.

  112. youssef said:

    ABC this a huge mistake canceling flash forward. It’s the best series i watched ever.It’s your fault viewers dropped beacause of the long time u stopped airing the show. Please bring back season2 i just cant wait.Im from Egypt btw.

  113. Paulo said:

    Grettings from Portugal!
    I still can’t believe that they canceled FlashForward i’m always checking the internet to see if there’s a change in that but only bad news i even contacted ABC with e-mail once and today again this time telling them to at least have the decency to check this website to see how the FF fans feel about all this but as they are i really don’t think there even gonna bother that’s how you see what kind of company they are. Let’s all send them e-mails asking for FF season 2. Just go to ABC and click on contacts and send them. PLEASE HELP SAVE FF!!!

  114. msl said:

    Flashforward was the show I was gonna watch after LOST came to an end. And now when there’s no more LOST and now when I know there wont be any season 2 of Flashforward, what other kind of show am I gonna watch?! Flashforward was the new hit after LOST finished, why didn’t they just make season 2 and see how it went, they would be surprised to see how many people would start watching it since there’s no more LOST.

    And now we are never gonna know if Mark died and what new futures they had… ABC YOU CAN’T DO THIS! IT’S YOUR FAULT IF PEOPLE STARTS DOING SUICIDE!

  115. Timics said:

    Greetings from Hungary!

    I am (or was) a huge fan of this series! I have seen the last two episodes on the INTERNET, as I could not wait for the hungarian translation! I was so excited after seeing the last episode, I was looking forward to the next season – and now it turns out, that it has been cancelled??? :(

    So many questions are not solved! What about the second black out, how will people deal with the new flash forwards, who did this and why and how? I thought that this finally was a series with a message – and a dénouement!

    This series was one of the best shows in TV! Good characters, good actors, a really good story! I think, it is a huge mistake to cancel the further episodes! There are so many opportunities in this story!

    Even so, maybe series-business is not for FF – maybe someday we can see a really exciting movie from this very good story!



  116. Sean said:

    Brilliant show. Cant believe that there will be no season 2! Dumb-Ass ABC! Bunch of Morons.

  117. Lloyd said:

    Unreal!!! How can ABC cancel one of the best show on TV. My family and I watch this show every week. We are glued to the TV. This is a BAD decision!


  118. Shaheed said:

    Loved the show!

    Bring it back!

  119. dbeth said:

    Common its one of the best series i’ve ever watched! Very unique yet catchy…Please let there be season 2! Actors, actresses, the entire cast are all good… honestly… we’l b waiting for the season 2! More Power!

  120. Olga said:

    I also think the show season 2 should appear!!!!!!!!!!It’s really an interesting thing!
    Bring it back please

  121. Bob said:

    This show was great…didn’t miss an episode and enjoyed the whole season. I had to TIVO it just so my husband and I could watch together as he didn’t want to miss it either. I hope ABC reconsiders

  122. Sapphire said:

    i dont want to sound rude but how could you cancel the show? i have been watching this show on tv ever since it started and i go back and watch them on the internet! this is my favorite show and i always look forward to it on thursdays! a lot of people watch this show! you have to have a season 2! if you dont ill be really devastated! please abc! give this show another chance for season 2! plaese?

  123. Flash Forward Fan said:

    This is a shame. This is a thought provoking show that is both enteraining and innovative. I am sure ABC will put some new moronic ‘Reality’ TV show on in its place. I hope they reconsider and give the show another season.

  124. itsme said:

    I am from South Africa and the finale hasn’t been added as yet. But how disappointing to know its not going to be renewed. I agree, what an awesome show

  125. hokage33 said:

    i say no one to watch ABC anymore until flashforward it’s not renewed. if u are wathing something, download it. or beat up the supitd fuck director from ABC. you know what i would do? i would go to the director, put a knife to his neck and i would say “i’m exactly where i’m supposed to be” and then stabbed him in the eye, and ask him “what did you see?”
    We need blackout’s every day all around the glob.
    This fuckin idiot morons from ABC won’t go for a single blackout from the fans. we have to do anything. Anything at all.

  126. Sebastian said:

    hello….i love this show…please not cancel them…i was seen from the begining and i whant to see season 2 too …comment from Romania..now i watch the episodes from season 1 to the internet..sorry my bad english…please continue the show…a big fan FLASHFOWARD

  127. Light Six said:

    Hello, here from the netherlands, this is sad news there will not be a second season. Now we dont get to know what happend.

    So lets hope it will be comming eventually.

  128. waiyan said:

    i’m from Hong Kong~ Flash Forward is such an amazing TV show ever for me, I wait for it and watch it every week!!!
    how can ABC cancel such a great show!?

    I WANT SEASON 2!!!!!!!!!! PLEASEEEEE!!!
    I want ANSWER to the 2nd flash forward on Apr 29 2010!

  129. Kai said:

    Unlike other things we have watched, me and my wife have never missed a FF episode. I can’t belive ABC are so oblivious to the shows popularity her (UK) and elsewhere around the world. There is no one I know who has seen the show who does not like it. I guess the people at ABC who made the decision must have suffered their own blackout! Your version of the future during your blackout must surely be wrong!

  130. arjun said:

    COMING FROM A FAN FROM INDIA>>>>>> the best show i have ever watched..!!
    iv seen evrythn frm lost to prison break but this flashforward was jus exceptional…. it ws jus amazing. n i want it to be back for the second season.
    i also want to thank d whole team of flashforward for makin sumthin so unique, n entertaining us throughout d series. it ws jus superb.
    n i enjoyed it thoroughly coz i downloaded all d episodes on net so i saw from episode 1 to d las at 1 stretch.
    thank u guz…. u guz acted brilliantly all of u( stars of flashforward)..!!

  131. santina said:

    OMG~ what shall we do without season 2?
    we are in Hong Kong and this is the best show on our english channel over these couple of years!

  132. serena said:

    totally agree with santina’s words,’we are in Hong Kong and this is the best show on our english channel over these couple of years!’. This show is the best in recent years and my parents just cant wait for the next season! i think cutting out the show is a mistake of ABC and lots of people may disappointed wif this bad dicision!

  133. peaches said:

    I am seriously gutted. It was the best show ever. my family and I watched every single episode. It oue time and meant a lot to me.
    ABC has issues they need sorting out.

  134. jani said:

    FlashForward is my best!! GO SEASON2!
    I love FF!

  135. Patricia said:

    In mine Flash Forward i saw Season 2 !

    Greetings from The Netherlands :-)

  136. Derick said:

    Freakin’best show ever ABC needs to rethink this one…

  137. darryn said:


    i am from south africa and watch this show every tuesday when it airs here season is almost over thanks abc for screwing us again

  138. Miroljub said:

    Best regards from Montenegro…….
    ….FlashForward: “Future Shock” in the New Year 2015
    ….Until then, just imagine how much will be the season….
    ….I think a minimum of 3

    Flashforward is an interesting series and will not be canceled


  139. Kay said:

    NO WAY!!! I’m originally from S.Korea and now located in Toronto.. I love FF! this is one of my fav ever! Ever since I saw the first episode I always thought it was brilliant and told my friends to watch it too! Can’t believe I can’t watch the season 2.. it does make my life unhappy! ABC shouldn’t rely too much on the # of viewers in the states because there are a lot more FF fans all over the world which brings them the enormous ripple effect!

  140. Susi said:

    ABC is crazy.. Flash Forward is the best show i’ve ever seen and now they are cancelling it??!! i think that’s a giant mistake.. It’s much better then all these series like ncis and csi.. I think that ABC will lose lots of fnas cause FF is really a fantastic show!
    and they can’t just let it with such an ending… :’(
    Fuck you ABC!!! we want FF back!! <3

  141. DIas said:

    Pleassssse, save FF!!! This is the best serial i’ve ever seen. Abc is going to do a big fault by closing such good serial. It’s really good serial everywhere even in Kazakhstan, where i’m from, there are many fans! So save it at least for one more season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  142. Basker said:

    iam from india and i watch this by downloading everyweek…i loved this show and i cant wait for the 2 months gap.. but now no season 2… lol this is a very nice and well writen script and too good.. pls comeback season 2′

  143. A pist off fan said:

    First of all i never heard the show until like 3 weeks ago when my sister showed me it. I watched the 1st one and automatically i was hooked on it. This is a big disapoint. This is the only show i got into, Really ABC Your **** Lame.

  144. Ben said:

    We want next season and if they could come up with another one for SURFACE (excellent but too short)
    I want my money back… oops!

  145. What happened said:

    Flash forward was a brilliant and intriguing idea, forget ratings, make the show, finish the story. These are not ads, they are only funded by adds.. make the whole story.. or all of the big networks out there will eventually fall behind and disappear in the wake of the newer download and on demand media network models.

    I liked flash forward, it made you think..


  146. javier said:

    I’m from spain. I need the second season!!!!!!

  147. Lucas said:

    I want the season 2 COME MIERDAS!!!!

  148. jay said:

    Flash Forward was awesome. Always left me at the end of the show kinda mad cause i had to wait a week to see what happens next. Reminds me of the show the flash. It was on for one season when i was 11 and then canceled. I vote they bring the show back and get rid of the pointless shows. Who cares about reality tv. Oh yay dancing with the stars boring so you think you can dance lame Americas got talent waste o space. Just a few. You get rid of flash forward to bring in rookie blue oh come on do we need another cop drama sheesh. I thought we had enough with what we have. To one of the above posts your right. Whos gonna have interest when you cut off before xmas and do not return till march. Plus the way you left season one just kinda i mean really pissed me off. Its like a good book you read and find out theres no ending its missing. Bring it back omg.

  149. J. said:

    Leaving the programme with such a long break over the christmas holidays, and returning it some 3 months later, way outside of prime time at lik 11:30pm! It was only by fluke that i heard about it returning to television. The show ended with such a clifg hanger, and was excellent and creating and keeping the suspense of its views, which is more than i can say for those long time ABC studio programmes such as Grey’s Anatomy, which is just getting a little ridiculous.
    I was a big fan of flash forward since it was first broadcasted here in October last year. It had such a unique story line, totally different to everything else. And the dramas weren’t over used by other TV shows.

  150. J. said:

    is there some sort of petition we can sign or some way of protesting against the cancellation that will actually make the producers think again???

  151. MICHAEL WAN said:

    Please bring Flashforward back! I cant believe that you have cancelled it! It can become so big and everyone in England loves it. Please reconsider

  152. Ann said:

    I am very disappointed that there will be no series 2. This show has been my viewing highlight each week and even prompted me to buy the novel on which it is based. Please reconsider. It is always imaginative and exhilarating and such a refreshing change from the mind-numbing reality TV that bombards us so much these days.

  153. Huge FF fan said:

    I thought FF had well written and believable interaction between characters and the way the storylines unfolded was intelligent and intriguing. ABC execs you’d be smart to bring it back!

  154. sofia said:

    i dont believe this crap!why are they canceling the show?no!no!no!im from portugal and iam glued to it,ABC DONT REALIZE how good this show is.shame

  155. Igor said:

    Its shame, this was really a good series. Actually one of best i ever sow….Bad Move ABC, very bad!!!

  156. worldita said:

    to bad they decided to cancel it would have loved to watch season 2. found it refreshing and as many said so so so much better than stupid lost… it even beated prison break follow up seasons!
    who knows they may still change their mind and if they don’t i hope another channel will sponor it!

  157. bucaneer said:

    i’am living in the netherlands.i love flash forwards. but now i hear that the show is cancelled what is this ??????? no season 2 ABC is suck I WANT SEASON 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  158. Ximena said:

    Please bring Flashforward back! its an amazing show. even better than lost! come on ABC! you prefered V? really i got bored in the first episonde it sucked! so please make a second season of flashforward. i watched it in Guatemala! see how far the show came?

  159. Pawel said:

    I got so many people hooked on this show. I watch more of them online, so ABC should not just look at tv ratings. I think its an amazing show for the open minded people. I believe it would be amazing if it continues.

  160. Patrick said:

    I live in The Netherlands and they are going to air it starting this thursday. I just watched episode 22 from the internet and it’s a shame the are cancelling the series. I will write a lettre to the airing party not to buy series from ABC again if it’s not complete.

    This sucks!!!!

  161. Sankalp said:

    Please start Season 2. Its one of the best Tv shows ive seen after a while now, i was so thrilled to watch the whole season 1 and still am thrilled for the following one’s.

    Please get it back its an awsum series.

  162. Jan said:

    What!? No season 2?? How could it be?

    I think it was one of the best show I have seen….

  163. Jan said:

    Btw, I am from HongKong and I can surely tell u that, this show is being HIT in here.

    How the hell can ABC cut such good show but letting the stupid “LOST” stay for this long??

    Stupid ABC

  164. yeah said:

    I felt that same problem. Waiting the show continuing 3 bloody months is totally ABC’s own fault!

    I totally dropped off after that 3 months, and wasn’t so interested watching it anymore. But today I watched the final episode and got thrilled when the season 2 starts and then i found out “NEVER!”???? so thank you very much!! :( !

    The show got more and more interesting in the end.
    I think that compering to Lost is very stupid anyway. And I don’t want to start to watch another typical… excuse me “american-money-sucking” shows, that just continues, continues, continues, continues and then get the ending that feels like it had made in a hurry. Why would just have 2 (and maximum 3!) seasons? Just to get the answers solved and keep the interest up?

  165. Kollegah said:

    Oh man, kann echt nicht angehen. Die Serie ist so dermaßen geil und sie wird einfach nicht fortgesetzt :( ABC bitte ueberlegt es ecuh noch einmal.

  166. candace p said:

    i cant stand how abc decides these shows, most the reason i dont watch tv is bc abc is so stupid bout keepin good shows on the air! what i dont understand is y! if ratings were up and everyone was loving it…why did u take the break to begin w? and y! after the break did u decide to some back…(prolly never intending to show a season 2) ? i would rather of had them cancel da dang thing 3-4 even 5 episodes b4 the last one then to show the rest of the season! bc this series is soo good of course is the reason so many ppl are angry now! WHICH should prove to abc that the show was amazing, and after watchin the rest of the season finally…. we are more interrested then ever b4, an now im hearin that there wont be another season? thats dumb. and news flash for abc… things change sometime… and not everyone will sit rnd for several mos waiting for a series to FINALLY finish what it started when it decided to end for a 3 mo break! thats dumb, u think we plan on the time slot for flash forward and then what when u go on break we pause our lives? nope several ppl obviously ddnt bc ur ratings went down.. not to mention the season comin back on wasnt promoted very well at all! i just barely found out literally days b4 it was to air! and im a huge fan of it! so are several in my fam and several friends!

    maybe u should start checkin ur ratings online as well.. i know tht doesnt count it doesnt matter.. but perhaps it would give u insight into whats wrong and y ur ratings went down….like perhaps awesome show in a stupid time slot.. obviously if ppl are watchin online bc they cant make the time. ever wonder if maybe u woulda started the series at a good time slot that perhaps u would have started with wat more viewers then wat u started with,…. and perhaps w all those viewer if u hadnt split the series perhaps u would have kept if not possibly gained way more viewer… from the looks of these comments and from experiencing the series myself.. i know im not to far off!

    well ive said my piece on a blog board that abc will not read.. and if by chance someone who’s worth n e thing from the abc agency does decide to read this… then im sure nothing will happen. its abc’s way of say how much they actually care for their viewer… (aka or the lack of caring for their viewer!)

    but just in case someone important from abc reads this.. just in case they want to make more money and just incase someone somehow gets some good sense in their head up there at abc…. want u to know.. im with the others who said… .I WOULD DEFF.PAY TO SEE MORE EPISODES! ATLEAST …… AT THE VERY LEAST…. ANOTHER SEASON W SOME KIND OF CLOSING! U CANT ACTUALLY END A SEASON LIKE THEY JUST DID! THATS ACTUALLY VERY UNPROFESSIONAL AND VERY PLAIN OUT RUDE AND UNDESERVING TO THE VIEWERS!!!!!

  167. yosoyelmanho said:

    TV Channels are not understanding internet force in tv movies, they want to sell their advertisments on tv and they have to sell their advertisements on tv movies, make principal character always drink coca-cola or pepsi, is much more expensive than a 20 secs advertisment because hundreds of millions ppl can see that and tvs around the world and internet. USA media: put your head out of your ass hole and you will see there is a whole world out of the USA.

  168. Thradar said:

    I finally finished season 1, had about 8 episodes sitting on the DVR. The series was a mess, much like Heroes was after the first season. Too many characters, too many time lines, too many flash backs, characters I didn’t care about, poor writing, etc.

    Glad it was canceled, I never would have watched a season 2 had it received a green light.

  169. Brandon said:

    does ABC even know what they are doing. FlashForward was the best show that i have ever seen and i was so excited that it kept going for another season. The problem is that a lot of people nowadays dont like to think! Thats what i loved about the show is that you got to figure things out as it went along! So ABC, you screwed up big time here!

  170. Assunta said:

    I’m from Australia and we are so disappointed that it was cancelled. We would sit down every week as a family to watch the epoisde. What possesses these exceutives sitting in their offices to make such decisions, are they aware of the following it has??? Just goes to show that it is all about profits not about quality!!!
    Flashforward RIP.

  171. samo said:

    how can you still thinking that we are going to watch new series if you kill them after 1 season ??????

  172. Andreas said:


    Why do you complain?????????
    I like Flash Forward, V or even Caprica.
    I am from Europe, I can complain. I don’t have any influence in ABC decisions.
    You have!
    If there is enough protest or even collective boycott of ABC for a period, they have to listen.
    Imagine ABC does not have anybody watching its program for a certain period. Trust me, they will react.
    If you want the series back for another season, start an initiative. Tell all people you know not to watch ABC, send e-mails to everybody you know, telling them to send it to all people they know and so on.
    Inform the channel why or for what purpose you do it and don’t watch the channel till they decide to react!!!!!!

  173. Irene said:

    Can’t believe that they cancelled the show. The problem was that you actually needed a brain to watch it. Maybe it was a bit too complicted for ABC studio executives to understand, but we were doing fine over here in Hong Kong.

    Really really disappointed with ABC for the cancellation.

  174. louise said:

    cant believe there’s not going to be another series it’s bin the only thing worth watching recently i really got into it unlike that crap lost at least it’s name was right coz it had me totally lost within minuets!! pleeeeeese let there be another series!!!

  175. FFF - Flash Forward Fan said:

    I’m from Germany. And here are so many people disappointed, too.
    Flash Forward is really a very good series, better than Lost. (6 seasons and bad ending)

    Whats about a Flash Forward “Direct to DVD/BluRay” Production?

  176. tony said:

    omg guyz you realy suck i loved that show watch all the commets stupid abc!

  177. Pete said:

    It´s really sad that there will be no season 2 for this great show. I watched it from Germany where today came the last episode. I was surprised and shocked bout this fact. We are all dissapointed that US series only get their continuation when the US television ratings are good. Please take a look around the globe when making such decisions.


  178. anonymous said:

    Why is it canceled o.0!!!!

    I love it I watched it in 2/3 days!

    I want a season 2 common

    And I think saying that ABC … Isn’t gone make them to make season 2 but…

    If they think clearly and so many people react on this show. That that means that this is a good show!

  179. Nicole said:

    FlashForward is the best show since LOST (but LOST rules!:) and I don’t get why people rather watch crap like Reality TV Shows or the various hospital drama’s, which are nothing but unimaginative and foreseeable.
    ABC can’t actually be blamed, because they only continue the successful shows. Some people that I know complained that FF is “too complicated” and some stopped watching after they missed an episode (again too complex).
    The problem is that most people want to switch their brain off when they watch TV. That’s actually a shame!

    I’m from Austria BTW! European TV ratings should also be considered and be able influence the decision if a show will be canceled or not!

  180. w00t said:


  181. CLover said:

    What did you said??!!!!
    Are ABC is moron????
    It’s a very very good show…. One of the BEST I EVER SEEN!!!!
    How Could They do this??

  182. mesut said:

    Hi I am from Germany, we all love this series and hope for a second season ..
    I am really sad because it’s all still open .. No one knows what happened to Mark .. Very sad Abc!! -.-

  183. gold said:

    this is SO SO GREAT TV SHOW, ABS is SUCKS,damn i want your canceled is shut down and best project live and we wanna watch more episode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  184. gold said:

    I’m from serbia !!!!

  185. gold said:

    more episode, ABC common ……

  186. Letrine el Yorugua said:

    if the series end will be like Lost, better cancelled
    si el final iba a ser las misma mierda que el de Lost, mejor que la hayan cancelado

  187. Dakkie said:

    NOOOO :(

    plz let there be a season 2 !!

    i want to know what is going to happen, i loved that show.

  188. lil dj said:

    This is some of the biggest bull I’ve heard in a while. Im p’ed off. Why would abc cancel FF. They are dum. im sick of people like abc canceling good shows like ff wtf man. what is abc’s number? i would like some thing to tell them. im made as. i won’t to see a season to. dang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  189. lil dj said:

    i meant two in my first comment

  190. British Fan said:

    flash forward is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i admit that the first few episodes worn’t to good but it DEFANTLY picked up
    one of the reasons ABC droped it is that they unnder estimate the population and doubt they understand the shows complicated plot
    luckly there are rumours of a s2nd season

  191. Doctorious said:

    I love this show, they really should air another season ;)



  192. LUKE said:

    Don’t cancel it its awesome… This is just lame if u cancel such a good show .

  193. Hans said:

    check out the IMDB rating of V and FLASHFORWARD, ff has 15 k votes and is rated 8.1, ”V” has 4k votes and is rated 7.7, so which show would u cancel ? Btw whats the point of V anyways :D

  194. Hans said:

    check out the IMDB rating of V and FLASHFORWARD, ff has 15 k votes and is rated 8.1, ”V” has 4k votes and is rated 7.7, so which show would u cancel ? Btw whats the point of V anyways :D asd

  195. Noufa said:

    Hi, am from Kuwait I love this show please we want season 2

  196. Thomas said:

    Please make a further season, this show is amazing.

  197. Henry said:

    Hi, one of the best series I’ve ever seen, if I could pay for it in the Netherlands for watching season 2 via itunes/iPad I would.

  198. Patto said:

    Flashfoward is the best show on tv so why would ABC want to cancle it
    We need season 2

  199. Bartosz said:

    I’m from Poland. I am sure that most of you guys even do not recognize the name of country, but nevermind…
    FF is really best show I have ever seen. When I saw first episode I just could not wait to see next one. It is really sad that season two will not gonna happen. peace

  200. Kevin said:

    It’s the best serie i’ve ever seen. I’m from The Netherlands and episodes 1/4 have been broadcasted. I saw the whole season and I can’t believe there isn’t coming another season! Were the ratings and numbers that bad in the US? Here and in the rest of Europe flashforward is considered an amazing serie.

    Even if I had to pay to watch it I would do it. I still got loads of questions and so many things haven’t been answered. It’s a shame! Hopefully they will change their decision in the future.

  201. kirstie14344 said:

    hey ABC!
    me and my family were really looking forward for season2!
    this show is even very popular here in the PHILIPPINES!
    so why are u saying that this show has a small rating?????????!!!!!
    if this shgow clicked in the PHILIPPINES, how much more to the other countires!!!!!!!!
    pls make a just decision or else you will lose millions of viewers!

  202. silvermoz said:

    Why did you begin producing something that you should cancel?
    The way it was, everyone in my house was enjoying this show..
    Is there any way for us who liked the show to close down the ABC company?? It’s screwing the world’s entertainment..
    Damn it

  203. Arkadi said:

    ABC you broke my hope!
    Ths serial was my favorite :(
    It has his unice storie and base that was new for people
    and it’s looks like a movie!

    and you just canceled it?
    What?Lost batter?

  204. Israeli FF fane said:

    I’m from Israel and I love the show – PLEASE!!!!!!!

  205. Arch enemy of ABC and other mindless studios said:

    Ehh cmon. This is another one of those times abc or any other studio stopped an awesome series from happening… And for what? For more episodes of Desperate House Wifes? More rediculous episodes of Lost??? All studios with short sighted view or just blinded by quick flow of money are going to pay for this with their lives(ehh no, it’s not a threat, I’m talking about their lives torn apart :P ). You have to play anything on a one card sometimes. No one wins a big amount of money/respect/(put anything here) if he/she doesn’t take a risk. So please… Ah hell, I could even beg you to let season 2 of Flashforward happen. It’s inevitable…… :) For bored fans of Flashforward – Here’s another brilliant piece of tv – Jurneyman. Oh btw, don’t let abc ruin second episode of Jurneyman as well, I’m counting on you fans, we are the only thing why studios like abc is still standing on their feet. Here’s my e-mail if anyone has the same vision as I do. rotflout@interia.pl Waiting for some responses, beacause I’m rly pissed off :)

  206. someone said:

    hey, i got a flash forward yesterday and i saw flashforward season 2 is coming soon.

  207. salexlima said:

    The show had too many mistakes, lots of things that are not logic, I’m glad it has been cancelled. It’s a pity because it started really well. Examples of mistakes:

    On the 1st episode, Olivia was in bed in her FlashForward. She gets up, goes to the stairs and looks down to her lover who is in the dark watching TV. In another episode, they show his kid’s FlashForward: he was in the same house (in the kitchen, I think) but all the lights were on and both kids were awake.

    Charlie (the little girl) saw the kid in her FlashForward. Afterwards she meets him in real life. She is aware that there was a FlashForward, she should have noticed at some point that she never met the kid in the real world.

  208. Brydon said:

    Flash Forward was popular here in New Zealand. Tonight I just watched the last four hours of the season in a row. It is an excellent show – I would have thought that with the obvious international support for the show ABC could make a profit from it?!

  209. yassar arafat said:

    bring it back…..it was awesome……….

  210. Kortopy said:

    yes flash forward is better than lost, i think,,

    and im a Lost fan…

    the story is strong and the cast is great


  211. sven & debby said:

    Booooooooo, we want the second one to !!!

  212. Adrina said:

    I’m from Malaysia and my family and I love the show so much! Can’t believe it got canceled. Please o please bring it back!!
    Over here, they promoted the show quite heavily. And it’s so unfair for us to watch the awesome first season knowing that there won’t be a second. At least let us know what the visions means in the 2nd flashforward.

  213. Roei said:

    My BF & I have been following this show like addicts…it’s the best TV series ever since 24….BRING IT BACK!!!!!!

  214. chris said:

    This is definitely one of the best series in a long time…I doubt Lost & V could beat this show if viewers could hv d opportunity to watch FF without the 3 month break.

    ABC needs to bring back Season 2.

  215. ASHESH said:

    this is the show i lv it. u guys schewed it up….

  216. Leon said:

    The Netherlands wants Flashforward back!!!! So please ABC bring it back!!!

  217. Rik said:

    I just finished watching season 1 and I really like this series. This is the first series since Dexter that I really like. And today I found out that the second season will not be shown..? I’d really hate it if the show got cancelled.

    I would urge ABC to broadcast the show !!!

    Greetings from The Netherlands,
    A huge fan !

  218. wynton said:

    i cant believe you would do this… i hate you so much abc this show is awesome its the only thing my gf and i can watch together… stupid ppl… we need all the f4wd staff to do a season 2 charity cauz abc is gay

  219. Brenda said:

    I can not believe they cancelled FlashForward…I was talking to a baseball mom the other night and we were talking about shows we can’t wait to come back and I was saying I can’t wait till FlashForward comes back and she said it was canceled I was like WHAT??? I hope there are enough people out there contacting the station cause I am getting really sick of the Reality shows….Get rid of some of those and bring back Flash Forward…

  220. MT said:

    WTF! i want season 2! I love this serie!

  221. Juice said:

    Sweden here.

    I have to say, ABC is run by morons! I have not encountered a single person who does not like the series and yet they cancel it. This is the one single series I look forward to the next episode all of the time! Intriguing plot and marvelous story telling!

    A comment to ABC, use google! search for flashforward season 2 and you will find at least 1 000 000 comments from fans who want the next season!

  222. Alex said:

    We are from Venezuela and we join all the people asking for a second season. Flashforward was a smart show, with a great plot. Please bring it back, if we have to pay online, we will do it!

  223. ella said:

    To all non Americans I don’t think abc gives a shit about how many of you watch it they only care about US ratings (if this is wrong then an American can straighten me out) As far as I’m concerned Europeans etc. have way better taste in television than Americans do I would assume that if non Americans watching American tv shows counted then a lot of great shows would of made it for example ghost whisperer stargate atlantis jericho Roswell carnivle etc. All the decent shows are canceled while they keep crap like american teenage sluts desperate house bitches. Stab in the back shows that have absolute no morale compass. I don’t even bother with tv I just wait to see if it well be good then watch it off the internet. I know that won’t help a bit in the ratings of good shows but I can’t stand it anymore .

  224. Raul said:

    I’ll like to say this politely if I may.

    Fuck ABC, they suck as a channel, to start V its all full of aliens and shit, while flashforward became a success to many people that enjoy sci-fi but not in a alien gay way, flashforward is a show that kept you thinking about life and trylly things that mattered and it allways kept you wondering what will be the future like, for all those people. well, after a long day of work I trully enjoyed watching flashforward with my wife, it gave meaning to us, now that is cancelled what am I going to watch, v????? no sir, that show is not for us, I prefer turning the tv off or watch the news… Lost was a very good show, and as flashforward we gave meaning to it, after work all we want is to relax, and watch tv, being by your wife. Well to finish this, ABC you fucking suck, and my respect for all of you that watch v, you may think is a good show and it gives meaning to you as flashforward did to us, how would you react if it were v that gets cancelled?

    thanks for reading this

  225. capebabs said:

    Please bring back Flashforward. It was a fantastic show and I always hungered for the next show. I’m heartbroken that I cannot see what happens next. It almost angers me and makes me wonder where you get your stats from to choose to cancel it.
    It had the feel of another “Lost” which was a big hit.

    from a group of Flashforward fans!

  226. Daz said:

    OMFG! ABC what the hell are you thinking? I love Flashforward and just typed in the Internet now to see when season 2 starts and find this, wtf?

    Can’t someone else ‘buy’ it?


  227. RobDubs said:

    i agree with raul F-u ABC. i’m done.

  228. Faisal said:

    Please bring back Flash Forward for Season 2 !!!

    its the best show its have seen !!!

  229. Ella said:

    Flashforward was one of the best programs on, now there is nothing on tv and i just found out that there isnt going to be a second series. that is so not fair!

  230. Dana said:

    I didn’t even know when they started to air new episodes after the 3 monthes off air. I had to watch them all online. If the ratings dropped that is ABCs fault. I wasn’t even aware when the new episodes were comming on, so I was never able to even watch them when they aired. This was my absolute favorite show! The only show that I looked forward to watching, when I knew it was on it was always recorded. Abc you suck for canceling it! flashforward deserves another season! Just look at all the people that are pissed, would they actually rant about something that wasn’t so great? Well I would not. maybe another network can pick it up. I would love to see the storyline continue…. well, on a better network!


    OMG! ABC!!! ur going to loose all your fans…
    even the Europeans ones!

    worse thing to do EVER~!

  232. Francis said:

    I’m from the Philippines. I LOVE FLASHFORWARD so much. Its the only thing I look forward to each week on TV. Pretty disappointing they won’t make Season 2. Still a lot of Things unanswered. Now I couldn’t sleep thinking about the unanswered questions. YOU SUCK ABC


  233. Maarten said:

    ABC probably won’t even read these comments, but for the hell of it here goes.

    Flashforward is one of the best series I have ever seen.
    Me and my brother are huge fans of ‘Band of Brothers’, and the other day I made a comparisson between FlashForward and BoB.
    Both being amazing series, my brother looked at me like I was a complete idiot, but now when we’re at episode 9 in the Netherlands we’re both addicted to FlashForward.

    It’s a damn shame this show will never get a second season, but there is not much we can do I guess.
    So thanks for an amazing first season, and maybe if you have some spare millions there at ABC then I ask of you to consider making a season 2 of FlashForward.


    Maarten from the Netherlands.

  234. con said:

    season 2, season 2 season 2 season 2 season 2 season 2 season 2. Not watched any other program from ABC normally produce such rubbish, be gone ABC, bring back Flashforward. thats right you know what you need to do.

  235. jano said:

    flash forward was the best tv serie after LOST

  236. Winnie said:

    Hi, I am from South East Asia, Singapore.

    This is terrible! I need to know what happen to Mark Benford? What Demetri is going to see in his next flash forward? What is going to happen to Jane? I need to know if Jane and Demetri are going to be together..

    Is there a way I can purchase FlashForward Season 2 DVD or VCD?

  237. Mariana said:

    I am so angry! This is so stupid. Even my daughter that is 10 years old liked that show , we absolutely loved it !

    STUPID people are all over the world!!!!!!

  238. smallie said:

    Hello from the Netherlands.

    Almost done with the first season and was looking to see when the next would come. Then I see here that there isnt going to be a season 2. WHY!!!!?

    Me and my wife just loved the first season, almost as good as Dexter and Heroes. Even though there will not be a second season, we sure are planning to buy the season 1 box when it’s out here.

    Is there allready an petition started? (is if it would help, but never hurts to try :)



  239. Ricardo said:


    Why abc is cancelling the show? my wife and I see the show week after week, is one of the best shows we have ever seen!… excellent cast! ( Peyton list and Dr.Olivia Benford )..
    you do not have the wright to leave us with the intrigue.. you are forcing us, to change the channel and go to Warner to see 2 and 1/2 Men. ( BEST SHOW EVER, by the way.. ), but we were very pleased with FLASHFORWARD too!. I demand to know what happens with demetri, mark, olivia and the whole world.


  240. Ricardo said:

    Brannon Braga: SELL THE SHOW TO ANOTHER CHANNEL and continue to write the story, much better than Startrek, 24,4400, Heroes and much more!!!… we love the show, cast, story,etc. what you want us to do? maybe read the book of Mr. Robert J. Sawyer????.
    abc should make an internet questionary of Votes and ask about the cancelling of the show.. I asure you that the show has many,many,many,many thousands or millions of fans. those “numbers” are wrong to abc??????…..are they forcing us to watch V instead?
    no man, you are wrong… V is poor show. i prefer to watch the news or another serious channel.

  241. Rodrigo said:

    we are many fans of flashforward i can not understand how is possible in most of the forums want to continue this series in my opinion are throwing away one of the best series they’ve created, including its actors
    how to make ABC set to air this series so good I do not think that post or the like do but hey it’s something

  242. Andreas said:

    Hi, I´m from Finland. I love FlashForward.

    Why is it that every single thing is nowadays considered unprofitable unless it makes billions in revenues??? Isn’t it fare enough you keep the company running and produce quality entertainment?! You people at ABC are morons. Now bring the show back!

  243. dijk said:

    give us at least season 2! The more the better! Great tv serie!

  244. Angel Chen said:

    Hey, I am from the south-east Asia, Taiwan.

    I feel sorry that ABC decided to cancel the Flashforward season two, because it’s really one of the best American television serises I have ever seen before.

    The topic is cool which gives people a lot to think about, and the actors and actress are quite good, espacially Christine Woods the one who played Janis, I love her the most.

    I highly suggest that ABC continue this great tv serise and i will wait patiently.

  245. Pitje said:

    F*ck the Abc show producers..
    i don’t get it..flash is one of the best shows there is, even here in holland i know loats of people that are watching it..

    again holland sais screw abc

    flash forward is the shit

  246. Koen said:

    Here some comments from the Netherlands!

    How could you stop this show? It’s the best show i’ve ever seen and I will stay at home for this, but now you’re stopping it…. I can’t believe it!

    Stupid ABC! What did you do!!!!

  247. steve from holland said:

    Come on ABC
    This is one of the best srie after lost..
    What kind of people work there??

    I say boycot ABC

  248. Siôn said:

    It cant be. Flashforward is excellent! I could not stop watching it. Just as I could not stop watching heroes. The scripts have already been written, so just publish the book then. Do something with it! Shame!

  249. Ed and Barb said:

    We are really sorry to see this not coming back. We were starting to really like the characters. We would like to see it come back, even if in a tv special series of maybe 2 or 4 hours, maybe a mini.

  250. Mr. Mao said:

    Hey, FF is really a good show and it is really big time hit in the greatest China. If ABC of USA is stupid enough to stop making season 2, we will make it in China and broadcost it ourselves.

  251. Maverick said:

    Please like others have posted give us closure with a movie, mini-series, or on DVD. I would buy it in an INSTANT!!! Please ABC…complete FF for us! Thanks!

  252. from holland said:

    From Holland, now running season one and it´s fantastic!
    too bad that season 2 is cancelled.
    but i think it will come, but only a few months later!

  253. Andrew said:

    FUCK ABC I mean it was one of the best and now they cancel it!!!!!!!!!!!!I am from europe and I can’t belive that USA teenagers prefere stupid vampire stories! ABC sucks

  254. Billy said:


    Am from holland and i can tell you guys that everyone watches this show in Holland…..

    I really can’t believe that your pulling out the plugg..

    Dont do this gutys, ABC you can win a lot when 5.000.000 US people is already watching FF. Am Sure only more will join.

    In Holland everybody stays at home for this show…:O

    And sorry for my bad english..

  255. Dem said:

    I really don’t know if someone from the ABC is “monitoring” all these comments but it would be much better it they do. FlashForward is one of the best tv series I have ever seen. What can I say the story ,the cast,the entire project is amazing.They must at least give us an ending.
    A fun from Greece

  256. morrison said:

    we need season 2 cause didnt understand the ending of this show

  257. Nelis said:

    Yes indeed, they should totally make a season 2!

    Unbelievable that they cancelled the show, really wanted to see season 2!

    Greetings from Holland

  258. Supertah said:

    I live in Thailand so trust me, i saw a lot of awful series here and ff is not one of them please do complete the show. At least let me know that Mark is alive.

  259. parham said:

    I love flash forward Please complete flash forward Please

  260. me said:

    I don’t like many series because I easely get bored with them, but this was worth the time, so bring a second season. It sucks when you search for an air date for the second season just to find out it got cancelled.

    btw wasn’t the last line ‘they found him’ or ‘they found mark’?

    either way nothing that clearly indicates he’s still alive, might be his body

  261. elvis said:

    Please in the name of jesus bring back the season 2 ABC dont do this ………..please

  262. Shane said:

    What is ABC thinking? This was a great series but you have to promote and have it on at a good time. Re-evaluate and lets get season 2 started.

  263. Ed and Robbie from Holland said:

    Here another message from Holland, what did you do ABC ????

    me and my son watched the whole season,
    and we can only say we loved it …..but till
    our surprise we found out that ABC cancelled season 2….
    what the fuck is going on with you guy’s from ABC!!!

    Get our show back !!!!

    Greetz.. Ed and Robbie

  264. Rani said:

    This is just BS!!!!!!!

    I don’t know where stupid ABC gets their statistics but EVERYONE I know absolutely loves this damn show!

    Bring it back!!!

  265. Patrick said:

    from Switzerland: very clever story, really sorry to learn that there will be no further seasons! was looking forward to the next episodes. probably a problem of the possibility to download episodes on the internet so people don’t watch the series on tv if it is aired at a “unfortunate” time.

  266. Sheena said:

    i want flashforwars season 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(


  267. talha said:

    I want to see ff season 2 ,season 1 was really fantastic…

  268. René said:

    A good show, i hope that there will be a second (or more) season(s), at ABC or an other broadcaster.

    Greetings from Holland.

  269. Chiril said:

    oh nooo ! Are you crazy? FF is one of the best TV SHOWS I’ve ever seen ! Can’t understand why did ABC took that kind of stupid idea of cancelling the show, this is gross ! Bring us back FlashForward !

  270. uri058 said:

    nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo it the best show i see never.

  271. Sam said:

    it is one of the best shows ever and i can’t believe they ae cancelling the second series. After such a dramatic end to the first season, it surely has to be continued. I am setting up a facebook page right now

  272. diana said:

    I really loved the show and I can’t believe they’ve canceled season 2.I hope they change their mind becuase i’m looking forward for another season or even more!!

  273. cristi stefanescu said:

    Why did you cancel the show???

    Make seson 2 it’s a great show!

  274. laura said:

    Hey! everyone was waiting for FF season 2…don’t let down all this fans!My friends and I are very anxious to see what happens next. Give it back to us!

    Thank you,
    Greetings from Romania :)

  275. cristi said:

    They can’t do this to us! my girlfriend and I…we are watching this movie and we are very curious to see what season2 brings us new.Since the script already exist I don’t understand why they stopped it. Here in Romania a lot of people are watching this show.

  276. AHOUD said:

    hi am ahoud from KSA..am crazy fan on FF and this is the best show ever .. ABC WAKE UP THIS IS NOT WRITE U WILL LOSE YOUR FAN
    think abut us plz u shodent think abut the crab (money)
    hope u understand this



  277. FFsmorf said:

    If they’re not going to air FF for SEASON 2, then that’s going to be ABC’s record breaking dumbest act. The best series ever. Try to realize that ABC people. Bring back FLASH FORWARD . . .

  278. Boosty said:

    Awesome show. I paid for all episdoes on itunes to help support the show. Still, its a shame its canned, after 1 episode. I saw the WIKI that detailed the viewers. How many people do they expect to watch something ffs!

    I think I am cursed, all shows I love get canned, if it wasn’t Angel, Dead Like Me, Futurama, Quantum Leap, Earth 2, 7 Days, Sliders etc, I’d go on, but now I am too scared to watch anything for fear of liking it only to see its cancellation.

    Please renew for a second season, if not ABC, then another network, buy the rights and go for it!

    PS What a cliffhanger at Season 1’s end!

  279. Moe said:


  280. alon said:

    why they are so stupid that show was amazing i never seen show like that the only reason the rating was low is cuz at first its realy hard to understand and not everyone is smart enough to understand it but after episode 5-6 i couldnt stop watching it and cause for alot of people its more comfortable to watch the episodes on PC and download them than see it at late hours of night and day at one day a week i know more than 20 people that i have showed them this show and they now addicted to it and they want season 2 and show the show to thier friends to see how stupid them to cancel such a good show

  281. Mina said:

    I’m from Asia…I love this show , I think it’s really really better than most of series(like LOST final season)…
    It will be great renew for season 2 by ABC or any network

  282. The Jubes said:

    maybe they cancel the shows that make us all sit up and watch cause they want us to conform to what they wanna put on and watch mindless shite, it’s pathetic, i’m in england and me and a load of mates used to meet at the pub 3-4 times a week and in the 4-5hrs we were there the show was brought up loads, it was a damn good talkin point and had loads to offer in terms of script, action and setting, i feel sorry for the writer, he’s written a piece of complete genius and look what they done to it. it’s a damn shame and too be honest i think i’ll be avoiding any of the future ABC unts shows to save myself dissapointment. you idiots really need to get intouch with what people wanna see. not impressed with you at all, i feel robbed as i bet many many others do, sort your shit out and get season 2 on the go, i know how much us english folk watched it. infact charge channel 5 more for it cause it was that good that they’ll defo pay it and make sure you put it on at the same time as in the states to stop people downloadin it, thats the way forward you clever clever people!

  283. The Jubes said:

    oh, thta was sit in the pub for 4-5 hrs

  284. The Jubes said:

    i read a comment from some1 earlier who was wondering weather anybody at ABC unts was reading this, if there is some1 reading this i urge you to at the least if those arseholes aren’t gonna make a 2nd season get the script and post it online so we can read it and make our own season 2. such a damn shame you guys have fucked us all

  285. Gretchen J said:

    I can’t believe it!~ Why take such a long break in jan and feb of this year?? maybe that’s how they lost viewers……
    This is crap! What a shame. I was absolutely looking forward to taking that 1 hour a week for me!

  286. Jeff said:

    Way to go ABC, why don’t you just put on another reality piece of crap show on instead so all the idiots out there can just watch a show and not have to think, becuase that stuff gets ratings.

  287. chris said:

    Bring back Flash Foerward
    V sucks, just another rehashed (badly)old TV series that didnty work the first time

  288. Adi said:

    Oh come on this is a great show Studio must have the confidence about this show There are lots of other shows which doesn’t go very well but after that they make history So we must give one chance to this also

  289. Peter said:

    From Slovakia

    I want Flashforward Season 2 pls :)

  290. Lucas said:

    I just watched the show in Holland and couldn’t wait watching the next episode. Therefore I hope ABC will be wise enough to understand that they are disapointing millions op viewers all over the world by not making a second season.

    I really hope that they will make up there minds.

    Regards, Lucas

  291. stacey brown said:

    if the guys from abc are even bothering to lok at this page then you will see from this alone how many fans of flashforward are out there so come on get your fingers out and make another serise it was of the best out there!!!!

  292. gaby said:

    I want Flashforward Season 2 !!!

  293. AdamC said:

    i say we boycott ABC, this is what happens every time i get into one of these stupid series with ABC and NBC and fox its like if i like it they kill it, i say enough is enough they look at the wrong #s cuz from my research i count thousands of people that like this show from here and other sites and i guess we dont matter to them well if we dont matter then they wont miss us let there ratings drop and then maybe they will think about stopping killing shows like this they should at least allow any series do a end season if they are to be canceled to appease us who did give time and effort to watch the series…..

  294. JJ said:

    Lost isnt stupid BTW… the point in it not making the end clear is like we understand the ending as we do, there may be no obviouse answer but we all have our own ideas of what the end means and i suppose thatswhat was intended. Hence the name lost :)

  295. Sjeip said:

    I was very dissapointed to hear ABC cancelled FlashForward. I watched season 1 and i´m thrilled to see season 2. But too bad. There isnt coming a season 2. I think im getting cold turkey syndrome.

  296. Yammy said:

    I rarely watch TV, except for Flashforward which is intriguing indeed. No drama is as witty as this one. All the actor and actress played really well, and they are charming too! I am expecting a new series because this is the only one drama I love to watch!!

  297. fool said:

    Do you really think, ABC, that we’re that stupid? Heroes, Flashforward? That’s the best shows on your channel and lot of people watched them, but suddenly, there’s no people to watch it? You need to ask yourself, what is going to happen with your channel if you cancel all the good stuff!? It’s going to be: BYE BYE, ABC!!!

  298. rsj102000 said:

    i just finished watching the first season and i was impressed. one of the best series i have ever seen along witht the wire’ true blood’ house’ fringe’ lie to me and friday night lights. so i google to see when season 2 starts and her i am bummed out. well heres to what was a great show. maybe another network will pick it up

  299. stergios said:

    HELLAS want season 2 Flash Forward.The best of the best

  300. ClaudieX said:

    PEOPLE !!! Is the ABC !!! They dont have money to afford a season if it isnt perfect and all the world is watching it.
    ABC is in bad economic situation !!

  301. Eme said:

    I feel like an addict who’s just had their drugs taken away. Over a series of days, I’ve watched the entire season 1 of FlashForward. I agree that taking the show off air for three months is a big part in why the ratings dropped. I stopped watching it then too. But after watching the whole season together, it’s one of the most creative,plot-twisting, compelling, leave-you-hanging-off-your-seat-for-more television shows I’ve had a pleasure of watching. I’m so pleased to have seen a show that’s not based on celebrities, reality or crime shows with over played, predictable plots. I would like to see a season two of this series because it’s definitely a breath of fresh air in an extremely stale repeat of the same television shows… So I want ABC to say yes to a season 2. It’s gonna be fun! =P

  302. Juan Yanguez said:

    I like FF, like other said on this blog, I’m willing to pay to see the season 2 of FF.

  303. marcia said:

    FlashForward is an excellent drama series, got me on the edge of my seat and i want more!!!! Please do season 2 we love it in the UK.

  304. parisa said:

    flash forward was veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood and i hope it will have continue . h love flash forward veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy much . ” thanks “

  305. parisa said:

    abc , how can you break our heart ? only we want to know what is the end of flash forward ? only this . do you know how many people want this ? do you think is it abig wish ?
    please abc ………….. .
    so we are waiting for flash forward season 2 …….please , abc .


  306. Rueben said:

    Hi, Rueben from Malaysia here! FlashForward is undoubtedly the No. 1 series in Asia.. Dont believe me! Do a survey! Are u guys in ABC insane or what! U gotta have a 2nd season.. Damn! this is why my cousin living in the USA says that ABC sucks and that NBC & CBS rules! I dont give a fuck what ur ratings are back in the USA. NEWSFLASH! U guys aren’t the only ones living on this planet!
    Give back the FlashForwards fans all over the world what they need & want!

  307. Terry said:

    I’m from Holland and even here this show has a lot of fans..
    So hopefully they will consider there decision of cancelling it.

  308. Jan said:

    I am from Holland as well.
    Just saw 12 episodes in 4 days. Wow. Awesome impact. Really nice show.
    Was looking for info on season 2 and came across this.
    Flash Forward canceled. Bad decision abc.

    I could concure with the thought that the show should have an ending. At least a second year. Or a film would be nice.
    It will get it’s revenues needed to make it worthwhile for you abc.

    Regards, Jan.

  309. Erin said:

    I am so pissed off that the show was cancelled. That was the only show, ever that I watched religiously. I loved that show, and I looked forward to every episode. Damn it ABC I am very upset.

  310. tammy said:


  311. ariadne said:

    hmm I am also from holland and LOVE no NEED this show…
    all my friends r FF-junky’s and we all need our weekly fix of FF.
    every thursday I put my kids on hold for 2 episodes and just can’t get enough of it.
    millenium was ok, xfiles was great but FlashForward has potential to be the biggest mindblowing xperiance ever!


  312. Joey said:

    wow.. best show ever.. been looking around waiting for season 2 and now this.. I can’t believe this. tis unfair, I’ve seen worse shows on ABC besides this one, like dancing with the stars and lost.. pls bring back FlashForward..

  313. Doug said:

    Flash Forward is a great show unlike LOST. Was so Lost watching it till it doesn’t make any sense at all. I guess the decision maker in ABC is really LOST to air LOST but discontinued Flash Forward!

  314. Ashley said:

    I think this is bullshit. How do we know if mark is dead or what will happen? Who is going to answer all of our questions. I am a love of all abc shows but this makes me so mad and I even want to watch it anymore but I can’t trust all to keep a show on.

  315. tom said:

    I watched every episode of Lost, and by the end of it, I was watching more out of habit than enjoyment. NO amount of “thinking” could let you figure it out. But Flash Forward was a fresh and exciting series. I looked “forward” to each episode as the characters were either “pushed” or “elected” to move towards their fate. I guess ABC didn’t see a future in a very good and thought provoking series that required the viewer to think, rather than be fed the traditional pablum we get from most shows.

  316. svensway said:

    we watch the show in the nehterlands and its great!!

    We don’t understand why there’s no season 2, very bad idea!!!

    Hope fore the future!!

  317. unwatcher said:

    in abc’s flash forward…..it was the last flash forward

  318. Joanne said:

    I am extremely disappointed that Flashforward has been cancelled. It was a great show, and I always looked forward to seeing it each week! Please give it another try, as I know plenty of people loved it in Canada!

  319. Paula said:

    I am totally disgusted with ABC for canceling FF. I just want to know why the people who make the decisions on which show stays and which show goes would just go. I am sick of getting into watching a show for it to only be canceled. Bring back Flashforward and get rid of one of the stupid shows that is supposed to be funny and are not even close to funny. I am going to watch any other channel except ABC!!!!!!

  320. repana said:

    why???????????? it was the best show after lost!!! and again, WHY????????

  321. Reinier O said:

    Here a comment from Holland/the Netherlands.

    I’m so dissappointed to find out that there won’t be a second Season! I watch A LOT of series and Flashforward is one of the very few worth watching. I think it is a GREAT serie.

    Lately I’m losing trust in TV-series. You get familiar with the characters, get curious about the ending, but before you know the show is cancelled. Where’s the commitment of te station?

    Isn’t there a possibility to adopt a serie? Come on, ABC, be creative! Use the current technology, create fan groups, paying members or something.

    I want a second season!!!!!

  322. Uche said:

    ABC are bastards for cancelling the show. We love the show here at Nigeria

  323. sasss said:

    ABC SUX. Still hopong to see 2nd episode

  324. Coijo e tal said:

    Filhos de uma grande puta!
    Aqueles caralhos da ABC são sempre a mesma merda!

    Come back “Flashy”!

  325. josh said:

    maybe abc thinks it is a bad show in their country but all over the world people are very positive about this show. i saw in the comments country’s like:
    -the netherlands
    -and so on and so on.

    it’s just a very bad thing that they cancelled this show. the next show they bring up must be 10x as good if i’m going to watch it.

  326. Joost said:

    in holland, the first season just ended last night, with pretty much good ratings: avarage 24000 of 16 mil ppl saw it.

    the ending was spectacular.
    the last scene of the second flash forward, charlie sees something what could be used very good for a second season
    it’s just that i’m disappointed that there will not be a second season

  327. Mark said:


    I live in the Netherlands and really enjoyed season 1, and really want a season 2.

  328. Ibrahim Waziri Jnr. said:

    ABC i guess u guys dont have any flash forward…. but alot of us (viewers), in our flash forward, we find our selves watching season 2, so u better find a way to change your future.
    In Nigeria, this is one of the best TV show ever!

  329. eric said:

    es incrible que despues de tanto interes y terminar un seson fabuloso y mantenerte en tencion ahora desaparece la serie para que en ese espacio pongan un programa que no valga la pena

  330. eric said:

    soy de Puerto Rico y estoy bien desilucionado

  331. Sam said:

    This serie needs a second season! we had a lot of people watching it in the netherlands. This serie needs a proper ending! give it a chance ABC, come one!

    I was looking forward to it every single day, just saying to myself: “yay it’s almost thusday! Flash Forward time” and now you guys cancel it?? my god! Come one! this serie is good, keep it going!

  332. Kenny said:

    Was shocked to hear there will be no season 2!!
    Didnt knew that all over the world people have been watching Flash Forward!!
    I,m from Holland and here the last episode has been broadcasted last week.
    Can’t another broadcaster buy the copy rights of the show from ABC??
    They could even sell the episodes on pay-per-view or release a DVD!!!
    Hope that season 2 will be aired soon!!!

  333. michael said:

    omgggggggggggggggg how can u cancel so good show ???????

  334. Parsa said:

    ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!?! you guys cancelled flashforward??? Is this a fukn joke? This is the best series i have ever seen in my life for sure.
    God, the people at ABC have down syndome…

  335. Parsa said:

    Heyy if you guys want ABC to show FlashForward again, just stop watchin ABC till they show it again
    Thatll teach em about ratings… Bastards..

  336. Ben said:

    I’ve been waiting for ages for FF to return to our screens & just found that its been cancelled. I can’t believe it. Most the episodes were decent and usually kept me wanting the next episode straight away (like Prison Break did). I doubt ABC will read this or take any notice of our comments. I’m from the UK and loads of my mates love it. Bring it back?

  337. Michiel said:

    Dammmzzz what is that,I totally liked this serie.
    We were hookded with it and now I hear it stopped WTF…

    People who dont liked it,dont have a lot of immagination or just to small brains to understand and maybe people at ABC also…

    Grrrrr I was looking forward to the second series..

  338. Doru said:

    Hi, i am from Romania and here all my friends (and me) love FF so please make season 2 ABC.
    thanks for your time

  339. Michael said:

    After having seen the first several episodes on a DVD, I purchased the entire 22-episode Season One boxed set. My wife and I watched all 22 episodes in under a week; very compelling television. What a disappointment to read that ABC cancelled such a splendid series. I’m hoping some other cable network like AMC (they’ve carried “Mad Men” 4 seasons) can purchase it. Or at least let it go direct-to-DVD.

  340. Petie said:

    What is wrong with this Television??? Why are they cancelling all the good series? I watched 2-3 series which were cancelled by ABC after the first season with the worst ending ever….. At least make them end better, don’t just tease the fans…

  341. glenn said:

    PLZ MAKE SEASON 2 !!! all people from netherlands

  342. Christine said:

    Now ABC will wonder why everyone went back to being CBS watchers! Cancel the good shows and cancel out your viewers!! Their loss.

  343. Troy said:

    What a bunch of shankenoffs. Why would they do this to us? This show was the greatest show ever next to 24. I will miss them both greatly. Abc you guy’s are a bunch of krakenoffs and should finish what you started!!!!!

  344. John H said:

    What a shit. At last a show that I watched till “the END”.
    It feels like reading a book that misses the last 5 pages.

    Hope that the ©rights go to another and there will be a real finish.

  345. Lolo said:

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? This was SUCH a great show, exciting, fast-paced, kept me glued to the tv for the whole season! Who are the idiots making these decisions anyway??? If they don’t bring it back then ABC are a bunch of lunatics

  346. Hein said:

    Too bad there will be no next season. Maybe the succes in other countries will change ABC’s mind. Hopefully…

    Hein en Marjo

  347. negar said:

    unbelivable!!! why should such a good serie be cancelled?
    and FYI in my flash forward i saw that abc channel has been closed up mabey that is why you guys have’nt seen any thing!!!

  348. Riz said:

    I just got done reading all the major broadcast channels fall previews. When I realized that Flashforward was not back on, i nearly sh_t. I watch alot of TV on alot of networks. I cannot understand why good shows keep getting cancelled. Who are these people that have the ratings boxes in their houses? Come put a box in my house and you’ll see the 15 or so shows I watch. Your ratings are useless if you keep pissing off people that watch your new shows. ABC you are idiots!

    Flashforward was such a different idea than much of crap reality shows that are on TV these days. I can’t believe it’s gone. You kept V? Are you serious?

  349. Monkey said:

    I’m from Puerto Rico…. Great show, I’m soooo mmmaaaddd to see flashforward been cancel. I want a season 2!!!

  350. Arthur said:

    Please make season 2. Fascinating SF series, enormous Cliffhanger, a myriad of stories still to be told. Someone wrote allready on behalf of all the people in the Netherlands, well indeed, I am one of them…

  351. Sonny said:

    What the F***, how come season 2 is cancelled, I wish its just postponed, It’s my favorite from all of the ABC shows, ABC please have it back, I waited the season 2 for so long.

  352. Benjamín said:

    THIS IS A CALL to the entire community to stop watching any ABC series!!!!!

  353. Shannon said:


  354. Guy Levi said:

    Hello there
    I from Israel and want to inform to ABC that this sohw was the best show I ever seeing .I pass it out to my frineds and there sucked into it.

    I hoop that we will make a good buz so ABC will understand that thay need to bring back FlashForward for seconed sesson

  355. fresco1337 said:

    OMG!!! ABC, you are the worst EVER, because you cancelled the show!! I want Season 2!!!

  356. bob said:

    this is one of the best tv shows out there every weeek it left u with a million questions just like alll the great shows example being lost. anddd it is a shame and ABC willl regret dropping that show

  357. Ron Hayes said:

    Man I was looking forward to flashforward this season. It was my favorite show. In my opinion it shouldn’t have been cancelled. Who knows season two could have brought the ratings back up, maybe even to rival lost. Now if you want to talk about a show that sucked at the end look at lost i followed that show from the beginning to the end. Even after the finale there was a ton of questions that wasnt answered and the finale just sucked balls. Flashfoward could have been the best show that ABC has or had ever. PLEASE BRING IT BACK.

  358. Karen said:


    I cannot beleive this. i am a mauritian and was used to follow the season 1 on canal + and it is just over. Now i am learning that there will be no season 2.
    Fastforward was the best ever. this idea of worldwide blackout is just amazing.
    WHY??? Stop it when it was ansering a lot of questions and when we are anticipating what is next??
    Those deciding are just crap…

  359. NiNa said:

    Greetings from Greece,
    Can you (ABC people)answer this question please?There many comments here and all of them ask you to continue the show….doesn’t it give you (ABC people) food for thought?In my opinion FF is the best show I have ever seen. You shouldn’t cancel shows like these. So,I send you my comment,I join my voice with the rest of the viewers and hope that you will bring it back in the end.

  360. Sandra said:

    Here a message from the Netherlands.
    There is not much i can say that has not already been said in the earlier messages above. Just would like the say that it’s clear this show is loved all over the world.
    Would like to ask ABC to give it one more shot whit a second season.

  361. Aria said:

    I am from iran.I’m very Very sad Because Cancelled season 2 flash forward.And I Waiting for season 2 flash forward

  362. Dennis said:

    Here another person from the Netherlands,
    I loved watching season 1 and I really hope that there will be a season 2, it’s such a shame that good shows like this can’t continue because of ABC saying it’s not worth the trouble. I’m sorry to say this, but ABC doesn’t know sh*t about what people want.

  363. clive said:

    This was a good show, the pace was spoiled by the number of advert breaks when shown in the UK then the long break over the writers strike. But despite that it was different & interesting. ABC have shot them selves in the foot with not ordering another series, not only losing the fans for this but for any other similar program – whats the point investing your time watching a twisting plot line when it just gets un-plugged.

  364. dumy said:

    Also from another part of the world: to bad for the cancelation. I was looking forward to the second season. The show seamed much better than the alternatives on TV. Hope ABC reconsiders it’s decision and puts the show back on the air and stops broadcasting lame shows like “V”.

  365. Sandi said:

    WTF???? I can not believe that ABC has dropped Flash Forward! I was SO LOOKING FORWARD to Season 2! The finale of Season 1 left so many unanswered questions. That show was one of the most intriguing, thought provoking, edge-of-your seat story lines in a long time! The powers that be at ABC are STUPID!!! If it weren’t for Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice, I would BOYCOT ABC altogether!!! They really don’t have ANY other shows WORTH WATCHING!!! I am praying that they reconsider this after reading all of these responses! If not, hopefully another network will pick it up!

  366. Bob said:

    Msg from the Netherlands
    I’ve watched every episode from season 1, and now they’ve canceled it?? FUCKING BULLSHIT!!! Look at all those people who have posted something on this site already, and you see that a lot of people are disappointed… What else should I watch now??

  367. GEORGIA said:

    I think that flash forward is the best show I have ever seen. everyone who was watching this show was amazed. and they were waiting for series every week. so I think that ABC did the most none reasonable decision by canceling show. I think they should know how many people were watching this show and maybe something will change


  368. FF Lover said:

    Those brainless f#ckers at ABC made one of the biggest mistake canceling this genius and well written gem of a show. I can’t phathom what the hell those jackasses that pulled the plug were thinking. Flash Foward left me intrigued and always wanting more at the end of each episode.

    I need some antacids to digest how they managed to choose to keep V over Flash Foward.

    In my flash foward ABC does not exist on my cable box…

  369. Sebas Croes said:

    My god… unbelivable… they have an obligation to air more seasons, becouse in the first season, there are flashes at least up untill 2016!!!!!! damnd ABC… wish CBS had the copyrights…

    if someone knows anything we can do to get flashforawrd back, please mail me at sebascroes@gmail.com

    thanks and good luck to you all trying to get it back.

  370. T-Ron said:

    Flash Forward is like a freshman quarterback, in the sense that it may have started out bad, but by the time the quarterback is a senior, the whole country will be watching. In the words or Bill O’Reilly, ABC you are a pinhead!

  371. Derek said:

    Here is what needs to happen. Somebody that lives out in L.A. needs to get ahold of CBS or NBC and get them to take over the rights to the show since it was canceled. Hell im surprised even FOX hasn’t picked it up as good as it was. Hire all the original actors back and finish making a few more seasons. They had plenty of viewers, for a show that had more substinance then crap shows out there now that basically just fill air time. FOX, NBC, or CBS, here all of our cries! Somebody bring it back! You will make more in sales of the season DVDs then you could imagine!

    Everybody thats on here should look up the Fox, CBS, or NBC network administrator and send them letters or email. Tell em to pick up the slack ABC has lost.

  372. jarodjames said:

    ABC, what in the hell? FF is one best series I’ve ever watched.. come on… we need the 2nd season…

  373. Generalul said:

    Seeing the community’s backlash, i would really think about season 2. Take Jericho’s example: at least make 8 more episodes to finish the story and satisfy all these loyal viewers.

  374. Andrius said:

    I watched the whole season online in a week. The show is amazing. Still can’t believe, there’s no continuing at all. If ABC don’t want this show any more, maybe other networks will. Flash forward is very high quality drama, i’m looking forward for ABC to change their minds.

  375. tiger said:

    thiswas a really stupid decision abc,,u had the whole carribbean hooked even my good friend tim duncan from the spurs nba team.. Bad Bad choice.

  376. thetribegirl said:

    omg FF is the best show i have seen i cant believe they are not making series 2. ABC might not like the show but millions of people do. make a series 2 before it is to late

  377. Mek said:

    So, I have just realized that Flashforward will not return. Just when I decided to invest time to watching the shows when they actually air and not go to hulu.com to watch them. I thought I’d support the network, but now…

    I guess I’ll be continuing to watch my other favorites online. I’m not going to go too far and say that ABC sucks…I’m sure they know that by now and the fact that I’m giving my opinion really doesn’t matter, they do what they want anyway.

    Life goes on, I’ll live with what I think happened at the end of the show…

    So upset and hurt…

  378. nelli said:

    i soooooooooo hate those morons who called for its cancellation. that was one of the best tv series ve followed. hate u ABC.

  379. Simona said:

    Please continue with season 2. I can wait to watch it.

  380. JudahFirst said:

    Flash Forward was one of the best new shows on television!! Now that 24 is over, I was really looking forward to having a new fast-paced, action-packed story line to follow with characters I really cared about. One of the most creative shows I think I’ve ever seen. How utterly disappointing that it’s gone. I had no idea they were even thinking of canceling. :(

  381. Amanda said:

    So disappointed to find out there will be no season 2!! I am hooked and I was just telling my friends how amazing it was! Bring it back ABC!

  382. Jim said:

    Well here we are in September and I’m looking to see when season II will air only to find out it won’t. Ratings drop so ABC gives up? So if US auto sales drop they should stop making cars? How about ramping up the writing instead of quitting like a group that ran out of ideas? Is this the new American way, to give up when things get tough? ABC is sending a clear message here. They are only money motivated and do not respect the fact that we all have invested the time to watch. What’s the point of watching anything ABC has if they can justify an early cancellation due to ratings? If there’s no point in watching ABC programming, then I suppose there’s no point in advertising on this station either. Would you want your product aired on a station that clearly does not care about it’s audience? We are no longer people in their eyes, just mindless consumers. I’m going back to books… no ads every 5 minutes, no 3 month breaks and no cancellations half way through. Thanks ABC for wasting 22 hours of my life I will never get back! Don’t even get me started on LOST!!!
    ABC = Anything But Closure

  383. Henry said:

    I demand season 2, this is the best tv show i ever seen, it is ridiculous that a show like Lost manage to finish with such bad scripts and such a lack of imagination and in the other hand they cancel this amazing show Flash Forward.

    Please please please think about it one more time and run season 2.

  384. hating ABC said:

    f***ing idiots. ratings go down because the big breaks you put in there! I didn’t even know the second half of season one was starting back up because
    A. in three months so much happened i forgot all about the show coming back on
    B. YOU DIDNT ADVERTISE the start again! WTF! And you guys get paid high $$$ for this crap.

    Make the right decision and bring back FlashForward!


  385. Tomás said:

    How can ABC possibly cancel the show??
    I watched every single episode of Lost and loved it (despite of its ending that doesn’t solve a damn…), and flashforward promises to be even better!
    After this season one finale, please ABC do NOT cancel the show!!!!

    Tomás, Portugal

  386. William said:

    This sucks!!!…ABC all they do is wait our time! ABC SUCKS!!!!!

  387. sad tvviewer said:

    I just starting watching ABC with great shows like Flashforward. I guess it’s back to CBS and NBC for Dramas. I sure hope they change their mind and bring it back midseason.

  388. stephy said:

    hey you guys of ABC are you nuts or what this is the best movie series i’ve seen for years 1,000,000 times yes for the 2nd seasons
    viva fastforward…………………..

  389. misbrownie said:


  390. steven said:

    noooooooo why did they have to cancel it, it was one of the best shows going had so much good drama in it and hated waiting for the next episode everyweek the cliffhanger at the end as well they should bring it back because i want to know what happens next come ABC network bring it back for one last season at least :)

  391. fofi said:

    flash forward was one of the best shows i ever seen…it is interesting and complicate,i couldn’t resist…i saw season 1 in two days…. I WANT SEASON 2!!!!

  392. ramia said:

    I love this show……………ABC shouldn’t have cancelled it… it is a great show along with the V … it is a change from the usual TV shows…
    Please, bring it back…..

  393. Said said:

    I’m sure about 1 thing : If ABC or FOX or any other company was thinking about European people ( as many as American ), they wouldn’t stop it… But they are selfish, and they see no further than their noses…

  394. iztern said:

    what!!!! no….. how can ABC cancelled flash foward for their upcoming sequel… i been following all the season one series and suddenlly the just let me hanging in question.i really hoped they will changed their minds and continue with seasons 2.For those who didnt like this show,. you guys are suck and have no taste in good series. screw you

  395. steve said:

    ABC are pieces of shit….FACT!

  396. ffward 4 ever said:

    if u morons are gonna cancel pls some1 with common sense bring it bak on a new channel i would if i could plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss its epic

  397. Ged said:

    bring ff back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  398. maria barcelo said:

    Leason ABC dosent surprise me with this news it’s like they live for it this is not the first or the last show i bet that they do this to. I am so mad i could just bust, I mean come on man what are you looking for , for people to just up and leave your channal in all? Man try a little harder you have loyel people watching iam scared to start watching one of your shows because of this. what if it desides to cancel….

  399. Axo said:

    who sayed is good for cancelation is total idiot,if you dont like dont wach there is ppl wich ones want to look next season,good movie,dont understan ppl at all why you creating something to destroy it,fucking noobs at all

  400. Cynthia said:

    this must be a JOKE!!! thousands and millions are waiting for season 2!!!

  401. thanos said:

    I’m from Greece.ABC is a company who only thinks about money!It’s very sad that the show is cancelled!Bring it on another channel directors of it!Plz!

  402. Kaz said:

    What is the point in selling flashforward on dvd with a **”to be continued”** ending and then not bringing it back on.ABC sure know how to lose their ratings by doing stupid things like this. They will lose their viewers and their ratings for other shows will end up going down also.As mentioned already reaper was also cancelled which annoyed me.At least give the viewers a decent finale if you cant keep a show going or find a top man/woman who knows how to do the job right!! Bring Back Flash Forward!!

  403. Ivan from Argentina said:

    I think the show was cancelled because the guys from ABC didnt understand it. It is simply to complicated for handicaped people.

  404. natalie said:

    The biggest mistake they made was having the break for 3months. Even i lost a little interest in flashforward til i watched them all again. I am from England and i know loads of people that would watch season 2, but thanks to ABC cancelling the show, we cannot watch it on channel five. how can they keep the show “lost” on for however it lastest for, as i only watched season 1 and do not even know how many seasons they managed to pull that one on for. I mean even people here that were fans were disappointed in the ending, yet take of something new like flashforward. Flashforward is nothing and i repeat NOTHING like lost at all.i wouldnt go watching any seasons of that!!! i just hope that if enough fans complain that they can or will do something about it. i mean ABC are earning so much, “ABC im sorry your not earning how much YOU want to, therefore cancel a show that YOUR customers, who PAY YOU in the first place wanna watch”. bad customer service skills…….how do you get your viewers!!

  405. Michelle said:

    OMG!!!! What the hell!!!! There was no reason why this show was canceled. ABC doesn’t have any good shows outside of Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice. This one was very different and quite frankly one of the best shows I’ve seen a very long time. I agree with everyone else. At minimum they could have provided a decent season finale. This why people are gravitating towards cable tv shows instead of primetime television. They are complete idiots!!! I wish this show could get picked up by a cable tv network. I hope the new shows on ABC tank!!!

  406. Adrian said:

    I am from Romania and I hate seeing that ABC doe not have the decency to at least make a good finale of the show. I agree that at least a movie should be on air, to properly end one of the most intriguing shows ever. I personally consider it better than “LOST”.
    And guys, do you know or remeber “Jericho”? It was in the same situation, but the fans forced the network to make a new seasons (does “nuts for Jericho” ring a bell?)

  407. Aiden said:

    It doesn’t top prison break anyway

  408. clyox said:

    Hello! I´m from Romania and I know a lot of people who would like to see another season. I can´t belive the decision they’ve made. Shame on them! We want it back!

  409. clyox said:

    and if ABC does not have money to continue it, maybe another channel would like to make our dreams come true, paying for it.

  410. liron said:

    what a mistake!! It’s the BEST series ever made!!

  411. Brian & Pam Sorensen said:

    It is so disappointing that ABC cancelled Flash Forward. We have been waiting since the last episode to see what’s next. Instead of showing something good (for once)they decide to cancel a show that that people actually like to watch. Although you have those brain-dead idiots that have to watch those stupid “reality” shows that no one in their right minds would watch even if it was the last form of entertainment on earth!
    I don’t understand where these tv executives get their degrees from. Could it be they are all honor graduates from IMARETARD University?? If they had one brain cell left in their heads from all the drugs they’ve used in their life time, they would keep Flash Forward on tv & show something that peoploe want to watch!!!
    SCREW ABC!!!!!!!!!!!!

  412. Julie said:

    im so sad that this show got cancelled! it was one of my favourite shows ever!!! i want a season 2!!!! :(

  413. eric said:

    I’m from the Philippines…. Great show. A BIG YES for Season 2. Looking forward for Season 2.

  414. sarah said:

    totally gutted that we wont know what happened, ive only just found out as i was looking wen it was due to start again, used to love my flashforward nights….. BRING IT BACK!!!!!

  415. mohamed ahmed said:

    it’s not fair at all that ABC cancelled Flashforward,really it’s avery good and i’m still looking for the 2nd season, How utterly disappointing that it’s gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  416. Jann said:

    I have only just found out that Season 2 has been cancelled. I am very disappointed as Flash Forward is an excellent show. I TOO WANT SEASON 2.

  417. Brenda Fox said:

    Please reconsider. This is a well-produced show and my hubby and I loved it. We have been looking forward to season 2!

  418. serra said:

    Hi. I’m from Turkey. abc really must be crazy.This series very nice. Please bring it back !!!

  419. Paul said:

    I SIMPLY CAN’T beleive this… This season… was great… after Lost had finished This was the season that I prefered!

    ABC wake up… put it back on air…

    what is this… simply can’t beleive it!

    I’m loosing faith in ABC ;-(

  420. Angel said:

    I loved Flash Forward and am very sad it will not be airing for another season! PLEASE BRING BACK FLASH FORWARD!

  421. Debbie said:

    If you wanna cancel a show fine but al least show some respect to the fans and give us a proper ending!!!!! ABC you suck big time.

  422. Mary W said:

    What! No second season. I cant believe it. I dont watch many shows but this one sucked me in. I WANT season 2 and I want it now. ABC for once listen to the public.

  423. Shrey Agarwal said:

    Here’s a comment from India. I know tons of people here who love the show. Screw ABC.

  424. Philip said:

    How stupid is ABC… Flash Forward was AWESOME!!!
    Hopefully SciFi Channel or somebody will pick it back up and continue it. But I’d bet it won’t happen because they would have to try to hire all those great actors back from their busy schedule. Screw-ups at ABC!!!

  425. Paulo (Portugal) said:

    This was my favourite show from the past 3 years.

    Huge shame it was cancelled before we (fans) could see even a consistent season 1 ending!

  426. Yash said:

    Please bring the series back I’m from Sweden n I loved it !
    Was just askin around if there would be a second season but they told me it was cancelled. What a SHOCKER! ABC u messed up a winner!

  427. ANDREW WILDMAN said:


  428. Archi said:

    Holland here,

    I’ve just finished watching season 1, and was eagerly scanning the web to find out when season 2 would air. To my horror I found out there isn’t going to be a second season.


    I Feel like I just bought a horse with it’s rear end missing, very entertaining for a while, but utterly useless in the long run. I mean c’mon, it’s not only bad-business screwing your costumers over. It’s damned indecent asshole behavior!

    This is an just other big Fuck You to the audience, We don’t care about you, just about your money.

    I know FF didn’t pick you up and took you along for the ride from the first episode on, like LOST did. But LOST got worse and worse as the episodes went by only to end in a flaming ball of whale puke. While Flash Forward was just getting better and better, and hadn’t even reached it’s full potential yet! ANOTHER GREAT SHOW CANCELED. Finally a show that encourages you to think and use your brains, BUT NO let’s replace it by some commercially raped mind liquifying reality piece of shit.

    I know probably no one of ABC will ever read this, and if they do they probably won’t care about anything I have to say. Cause that seems to be ABC’s motto:
    “Thanks you for letting us screw you over, please give us your money”

    ABC you SUCK!, you are a bunch of nit-witted losers, with a complete lack of any moral standards!

    Hope a decent studio buys the rights…

  429. DunCancelTheShowMan said:

    I’ve seen this in my FlashForward…that’s why we’ve got to bring the show back…WE’VE GOTTA CHANGE THE VERY FUTURE OF THIS SHOW~!! Or else the Flash gonna come true..

  430. maria said:

    Absolutly completely gutted!!! Loved the series!

  431. slim burna said:

    complete rubbish. flashforward is the best series ever

  432. Stefan said:

    How is that possible, no S2??? This can’t be right, is it? It is a marketing BS… It’s gotta b a season 2 – Otherwise – wath’s the point?

  433. thedutchman said:

    My 2 cents : ABC, that was a bad move.
    Liked that show a lot.

  434. gerard said:

    ABC, why in the world would you cancel a show where in the show the story line wasn’t even over? I mean really? WHY?? auk so you cancel the show, I get that, but at least write a book about what happens so were not left not knowing what the hell happened! I loved flash forward! It was an exiting show and I looked forward for it every thursday night and cleared my schedule. Why did you guys even cancel it? Because of a few bad ratings? What do critics no anyway? They probably just base what they right on a book that tells them what’s good or bad. I know teachers do. How do you think the actors of Flash Forward feel about this? Do you think they don’t care? That they only made the show because they make millions of dollars out of it? I watch interviews with them, and they have fun making it! And I doubt that their bosses tell them to say that. So you might want to re-think what you have done ABC, because billions of people don’t like it.

  435. Someonethatsupset said:

    This is just lame..
    I have been waiting forever just to see another episode of the “V” and Flashforward, I thought they were excellent shows and with out them I hope ABC’s ratings drop! That was about the lamest thing you could have done, dropping the show why? I mean I started to tell a lot of my friends about it and they were like “O dude this show is really complicated, you actually have to watch it to understand it”. Isn’t that how all shows are? I had all the shows recorded on my television so he came over one day and watched them all from start to finish. We were barely half way done and he’s sitting there saying that Im not going threw the commercials fast enough. He had gotten really into it just like me and when he heard that it was canceled he went ballistic, he said “ill never watch another show from ABC if Flashforward isn’t renewed/continued”. I personally like both the V and Flashforward, they were really great shows..
    If television producers would actually put on shows that people actually want to watch then there ratings might actually be good, but they always half-a** these shows to where they just plain out suck.

    thanks for allowing me to post this comment,
    Someone who wants things for the television business to change for the better..

    You can comment me on my email if you have any further comments

  436. Dylan said:

    Are You kidding me? Look, you want to cancel flash foward because of it’s ratings, I understand that, but ending it when there just getting somewhere in the story line? That doesn’t make any sense. I was extremely exited for another season of flash foward bringing our understandings of the show deeper until we hit the final finale in which we know the begining middle and ending. This just isn’t right!!! WE WANT FLASH FOWARD BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  437. yuliya said:


  438. Casey.F said:

    I’m from australia and abc didn’t even preview the whole first season I was so dissapointed that I bought it on DVD from USA watched the whole first season loved every bit of suspense action drama and great acting. But when the ending came it made me angry because it left so many unanswered questions that should be answered in SEASON TWO !!! You really should air season 2 it had a interesting story line and great actors I’m
    sure they are dissapointed too
    that the season got cancelled just really sad :( please please please we want season two !!!

  439. criss said:

    ok! i’m not sad, i’m mad!!! i was looking forward for season 2 to be released and now this! not fair! i enjoyed the show and i think it is a stupid mistake that they canceled it!

  440. Miguel said:

    A message from Portugal. Those ABC’s morons are always the same, they do all the crap they want. But its always their falt for the ratings going down. Their lousy control in hours they put shows on and the dreadful management they have. So many good shows they ended and yet they control all the situation, just like politics.
    But its life, they can’t please everybody. YOU ABC MORONS, hope you choke in you money and ratings, and don’t full around with people’s fun and entertainment, because we are tired.

  441. Rosanne said:

    Please bring it back…I thoroughly enjoyed the characters and want to know what happened to them!!! It was unique, we need unique shows!!!

  442. Stefan said:

    I just realized that the show is, perhaps, just too complicated for the IQ’s of the masses in the US.

  443. Steve said:

    What’s new, one more good show to be canceled and more than likely replaced by some stupid reality show.

  444. cassey said:

    I watched the whole series over this weekend on hulu and just found out that there is no season two. Wow. I am really really dissapionted. I love abc, but this is definetly one of the bad choices they have made. Lost wasalso amazing the ending was dissapointing but still beuatiful.

  445. Mandy said:

    I am truly disappointed that ABC chose to cancel this series. I loved watching the show, and have been wondering when season 2 would premier. I just now found out it would not. I don’t want to call ABC out but WTF..first they cancel V then flashforward? What are they thinking? While asinine shows such as Biggest Loser, 16 and Pregnant, America has talent and all of the other related BS on the TV today become “big hits” the shows that should be given a chance are canceled. To me, it makes no sense. I understand that I am a very small fish in an enormous pond, but WTF…I am truly disappointed.

  446. Yahoo! Number 1 said:

    wtf!! f u ABC!

  447. asgard said:

    Quote : I just realized that the show is, perhaps, just too complicated for the IQ’s of the masses in the US.

    I may agree with you, cause so many shows have been canceled such as : Surface, Invasion, Flash Forward ….
    Really i don’t understand how can good shows being canceled.
    In USA , most of shows who still on air many years are mostly stupid Soaps / comedys.
    Fortunualy , MGM, HBO, …. make series with ends.
    But i’am very but very disapointed with the cancelation that the group of 3 ( ABC-CBS-NBC ) have made over these last years.
    If in USA these shows are not seen , probably because of the amount of Advertisements and due to put it in hours that everyone sleep , the same does not happen in Europe wher the shows are broadcast without cut of advertisements and if so, 1 cut of 5min and is broadcast at premium time!
    So , if in USA it don’t work, keep going on for the worldwide audiences , at least like that US viewvers can allways have a chance to see it too, i speak for Flash Forward but also other series who are great!

  448. Konsta Saarinen said:

    “jonh said:
    May 27th, 2010 at 3:38 pm
    I think V and Flashforward shouldn’t be canceled either. V and Flashforward are the best series that i had seen!! ABC Sucks!”

    I agree with that, ABC Sucks indeed!

    Konsta Saarinen 16

  449. Victoria said:

    Bad on you abc! One of the only things I looked forward to on Thursday nights was this show, I even ordered cable after not having it for 2 years just for this show! Boooooooo!

  450. Debbie said:

    And crappy shows like Private Practice, Castle, Dancing with the stars, Cougar Town gets to continue O.M.G. this really sucks big time!!!!! I hate you ABC!!!!!!!!!!!!

  451. Boris said:

    Shame! ABC sucks!!!!

  452. ASHESH said:

    we do want season 2

  453. Joanna said:

    Bring back Flashforward.

    Excellent series, excellent cast, great plot!

    We want Season 2!!!!!!!!

  454. rockie said:

    i’m really dissappointed, i just finished season 1 and i really love it, looking forward for the next season, checked the net and found out that they cancelled the show.. i don’t know why they cancelled such great show..

    one of the best series i’ve watched.

  455. Prasun said:

    Please ABC productions
    let flash forward season2 get aired
    lots of fans are missing it

  456. Alice said:

    ABC…..Show some respect, it’s clear that Flash forward is a HIT Season & yet you guys cancell the second one.
    I’m from South Africa and i’m sure there are so many people who watch it here.
    Just give the people what they want then everyone stays haapy.
    If not with your company, put it on DVD like many other people requested….
    WE WANT SEASON 2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  457. Paul E said:

    Typical! We finally get a REALLY good story, and the network idiots drop it because the choose to place ratings boxes in the homes of other idiots (probably family members).

    It looks like we will have to be subject to more “reality TV” … proof there is a move to dumb down the IQ of the population. Watch mankind devolve! From now on, I am going to stick to watching reruns of older English dramas and comedy, since it seems we will always be subject to cancellations by the American networks.

  458. emix65 said:

    here’s a comment from Italy.
    flashforward, great great show.
    just because no boobs or naked ass, the share was not so good like others, full of nice girls with no idea how to play them roles.
    Flash Forward had indeed great actors. and this made a great difference.
    hope for the second season.
    long life to flash forward!!!!

  459. abbey said:

    its was the greatest show ever…ABC please bring it back!!!!!!!

  460. Robert said:

    i am from Australia and i think that ABC are real idiots for putting flash forward of and instead they show other crap like the biggest loser and desperate housewives . make another season of it they`re still lots of questions unanswered

  461. sina said:

    i am from iran and i enjoy watching series like flashforward.it is really one of those great ones,i dont whats going on there,i mean in america in ABC,but i am sure if it continues it will be successful anyway i hope sth good will happen

  462. lynne said:

    NNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! this cant b true. I just googled when next season starts in UK and found out its cancelled WTF no way this was best show on tv just now.

    I was so lookin forward 2 it ABC r nuts!!!

    and by the way 7 million is still a lot of people and that was only in USA WOT ABOUT THE REST OF THE WORLD????? dont we matter?????

    This must b sorted ABC must bring it back

  463. cathy harris said:

    This is ridiculous!!!! I cannot beleive they cancelled season 2.

    Flash Forward was an absolutely brilliant series and i bought the DVD so i could watch it all again and i cant beleive that everything on TV at the moment is just crap and stupid drivvle and FINALLY we get a great series like this despite having huuuuuuuge breaks btw series and having it put on air at the most ridiculous time.
    Who is making these crazy decisions. Please Please bring it back and finish this amazing series. The actors deserve it to they were all awesome.
    I hope somebody sees sense eventually!!!!!

  464. Savannah Leaver said:

    WHAT!NO SEASON 2! wow that has to be the most stupid thing i eva heard!!! you make a series with out an ending and then you dont bring a new seasin to finnish it!!! do the producers have brains?! well obviousley not!!!! stupid spaz monkeys!!! thats jast ridiculess!!! you better think again!!! coz you’ll ahve soooooooooooo many people dissapointed with you guys!!!!! ugh how could you do this too your veiwers!!! stupid stupid stupid!!!

  465. Evelyn said:

    it’s so sad… :/

  466. CossmY said:

    Pass that show to another studio. FF is a super ideea ! Don`t waste it ! Forget about large profits , you already earned money with others shows. I think that over 90% of people who saw at least one episode, liked FF. So make a f*ckin` move quiqly, biatches !!! Cossmy from Romania!

  467. WOW said:

    So dissapointed, Flash Forward was a freaking awesome show with an addictive story line. Thanks ABC, you really came through this time!

  468. Pissed off said:

    WWWWWWWhhhhhhy… tv had finally got back to something good and it is cancelled? Let me guess we need more real life tv that is script or better yet so much hate people look forward to it…im done with tv…i will pull out my vhs and watch that

  469. Karl said:

    Flash forward kept you on the edge of your seat every week and actually made you sit up and pay attention, unlike some of ABC’s other junk, but I guess it seems junk goes when it pays $$$

    Perhaps ABC should hire some execs who actually have the ability to think, or would that require too much thought! ;)

  470. Roger said:

    I am a french Canadian from Quebec and Flash forward was one of the best serie I watched.We need a second saeson.

  471. kim said:

    I think this is complete bull shit.. The only thing good abc has right now if football other then that there stupid new shows are dumb and I will not watch them. Thank you abc for taking this great show away from us because once again you did something stupudd. Abc may need to sit down and look at this site and see how great of a decision they made. Thanks abc.

  472. raymond said:

    I love this show. I hope ABC will continue to bring it back….Flash Forward was the only show that I waited every week to watch……I agree 7 million viewers still alot…..

  473. kim said:

    My bad football is not even on abc. That just makes the channel even worse.

  474. chat said:

    I’m from Malaysia. Monday is always a kick-ass day for me… Why?? Because I get to watch FLASHFORWARD!!! And knowing it that there will not be a Season 2!!!!??? Oh man… This is wrong… I love the show. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE… SEASON 2!!! SEASON 2!!!

    Final say….


    I’m complaining you ABC!!! All the way from the other side of the planet… PLEASE BRING IT BACK ON!!!!!

  475. Kia said:

    WHAT?? You can’t cancel the show!! I want to know what happens. This is actually the only show that I have cared to watch every week over the last couple of years, so “of course” it has to be cancelled. Could you at least make a rounding-off-episode (double length or something) for some kind of closure?

    I am from Denmark, by the way.

  476. Max Hague said:

    WTF WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY Flashforward is AWESOME, I’m from the UK and know loads of people that loved it and want it BACK!!!!! well disapointed :{ God damn u ABC hate u!!!!

  477. yalibelko said:

    commet from ISRAEL:
    please give us back ff me and friends are totally disappointed.

  478. Joe said:

    There has to be more to this story than a simple cancellation. This show was looking like the next BIG thing on tv and it had an amazing cast and an amazing storyline. The shows that took over like “The Event” has aweful actors…

    what really happened here? BRING BACK FLASHFORWARD!!!

  479. FIZZI said:


  480. CallumPaterson said:

    Reply to v1ewer You dick it was great

  481. Fredric said:

    Comment from philippines…
    please release another FF… because there are so many watching it.. and anticipating the next sequel… please..

  482. melvin mikee said:

    In my FlashForward I saw the show being brought back and that we all ended up happy hehehehe… But seriously, why did they have to cancel the show. I had so many deduction about the possible outcomes of season 1 hehehe.. Hope they change their minds….

  483. Siri said:

    I’ve never heard of this show. What is it about?

  484. From Israel said:

    This Is the best show I seen ever (and I watch TV a lot)

    dont cancel it.. its very big mistake!!

  485. Ivan said:

    It’s one of the best TV series I have ever seen.

    Yes for season 2!!!!!!

  486. manasi said:

    hey cum on……seiously…….iys one of the best freking shows ever………cum on guys we want it back.

  487. Ariete said:

    From Spain, very sorry to hear that it is not going to be a season 2. I am sure the writers would have came with a good plot just as they did in season 1.

  488. dark said:

    din partea un mare bag pula in mata ABC

  489. wendy said:


    no season 2?
    it can not be like that
    i never watch shows or series, but this was the best ever made and now there isn’t no more???
    what should i watch now?
    this is not fair!!!
    PLEASE give us season 2!!!

    grtz wendy

  490. Nelson Batalha said:

    Hello..I’m from Portugal
    I’m seeing only now the FF serie 1…I’m very picky with the stuff I watch in TV..just few series I watch from start until the end. Lost was one of them….and FF another one…I don’t understand the reason why it was cancelled. Compared with Lost it is also good, with a great plot and maybe with a better cast of actors…ABC should try to pass in TV serie 1 again,without interruptions..and in prime time, as lost and they will see….people care and get interrested

  491. eima said:

    Hello… I’m from Lithuania. It’s very sad to hear season 2 is cancelled. I think it’s not a final ABC decision and we will season 2! Flashfoward is one of the best TV shows I’ve ever seen. Almost all my friends, classmates watch this TV show and even my parents… Give us season 2!

  492. Ron said:

    ABC PLEASE bring back season 2 of Flasfoward! I think that ABC should have put the show on primetime. The show was good, with an awesome plot plus it was interesting. What can we do as viewer to get the show back? Pease advice!
    Thank You!

  493. Chris said:

    I’m starting to have a feeling that ABC and other US stations are cancelling the best shows just because people in US are too stupid to understand them… so the ratings drop.
    Maybe ABC should start making ratings in countries other than US, where more people can understand and enjoy such a really great shows as FlashForward.
    There are so many other dumb and boring serials so I can’t understand why they had to cancel the one that wass really much better, interesting, thrilling and taking all our attention!
    I come from Poland and most of my friends here are also very angry with ABC because of cancelling FF!
    Please, come back with 2nd season!!!

  494. tham said:

    omg …


    abc please think about it

    all this ppl asking you for season 2 .. and you still ignoring them?

    me:if there is no season 2 i stop watching your chanal

    abc: like we care ,, ( go to the hell )

    :D DD come on .. bring it back !!

  495. Tony said:

    what i cam suppose do now…in my blackout i saw my wedding in the season 2….Please ABC let’s make the season2

  496. Shan said:

    ABC is dumb not to do Season 2. Great show.

  497. kaza said:

    we want season 2!!!!! this is wery good tv show, it keep you nailed to the seat :-D
    please make season 2 :-D

  498. jane said:

    oh my god, just went on to the computer to check when new series of flashforward is coming back, but low and behold ITS NOT! come on abc you show so much other crap but wont do a second series of the best t.v show ever.Take a moment and read some of the comments, THE PEOPLE ARE NOT HAPPY! we want flashforward back.

  499. jaywi11 said:

    We all want Season 2. ABC ARE YOU LISTENING??? Cannot believe that these is not another series underway, Its November 6 and people are still writing their requests to get another season.

    Help us with our addiction please ABC!!!!!

    I’m buying a copy of the DVD set

    Facebook groups
    In my Flash Forward I was watching season 2 :) [facebook group]
    We Want Flash Forward Season 2 [facebook group]

  500. TRISHA RATHOD said:

    this is terrible… WE WANT SEASON 2!!!! flashforward ROCKS!!! and we want it to continue… pls pls pls pls oh pretty plsssss make a season 2!!!!!

  501. Chris said:

    Well this is pretty disappointing.. Was wondering when the next season was coming out.. do a Google check.. “ABC has canceled season 2″

    It kept me entertained.. hopefully they change their minds. No idea how or why V continued!

    Well there goes high hopes :(

  502. sandra said:

    how can they canceled it????
    we must need to se how it get to mark?
    did he die?
    just do one more episode so we can get any answer

  503. said:

    Je suis attérée par l’arrêt de cette série qui selon moi avait la même qualité que 24H chrono ou d’autres ayant perduré pluseurs années. C’est vraiment dommage.

  504. Andy said:

    Are you out of your freaking mind?
    How can you cancel a master piece like this one?
    Im so dissapointed :(

  505. PO'd n' Aggro said:

    V won over Flashforward… really? that’s pretty stupid to me, cuz while they both are sci-fi i would prefer the mysteries of a possible end of the world experiment over the really cliche aliens come to earth claiming to make peace but secretly have another agenda, “OMG! are they really plotting something?” guess what? V just got another major competitor in the name of the show The Event… so good luck with that, cuz I’ll be watching that while actively ignoring V and hoping that i can get as much of the ‘think about it and try to piece it together’ entertainment as i can from it while being PO’d about seeing and hearing that Flashforward was cancelled. I say, if u have to, try and make a movie for tv so that those of us who did watch it can possibly see what would happen next. FYI, i haven’t been this mad since John Doe was cancelled quite a few years back.

  506. laura said:

    what the hell a cant belive they can get away with that, season 2 come on listen to the fans its been the best thing i have seen sinnce prison break,why why why dose this always happen 2 me

  507. tham said:

    ye he is alive .. in his girl flash forword in last episode

    she said thay found him and she was so happy

    so he is alive

    but my Question is why did that put another flash forword in last episode ,
    when there is no S2 ?

  508. Mackem Imp said:

    We were wondering when FF would return, Christmas shopping last week and found Series One DVD, googled and am stupified that it has been cancelled – I agree with previous comments – you are Morons ABC, this was a fantastic series, great plot, great acting and each week couldn’t wait for the next episode. We deserve answers – you limped along with Lost which I couldn’t follow after the first series. Give us a Series 2 or, as suggested, a film or one off episode. I am so unsure about watching any of your future programmes in case the same happens again. By the way, we are from England and know loads of people who watched it so I don’t understand about your stupid ratings :0(

  509. Yash said:

    Flashforward loses and V wins… and in comparison, FF was miles ahead of V even tho i enjoyed both. FF had quality and made you think, unlike this other garbage that comes out of American TV studios.

    Whats happens to the quality instead of how much advert money can we make… ABC its your fault the ratings were so bad, too long breaks… you can’t break into a series like FF, you don’t expect this day of individuals to have their minds locked in for 3 months, it ridiculous..

    Undo the bad mistake you made and run season 2 with no breaks and you will make millions happy..

    money is not everything… you will make your profits.. tv studios just need to stop being greedy and it will be better for TV..

    no thanks from the international supporters of Amercian TV Series.. you see to forget about us multi-millions of viewers..

  510. Sentinel said:

    Dear ABC
    my name is Arash from iran and I send my coment by Persian until you realize that your series is viewed in Iran and other countries are viewed

    ?? ????
    ?????? ????? ???? ?? ?? ?? ???? ?? ??? ???? ???? ?? ????? ?? ???? ??? ??? ????? ????? ? ???? ?? ?????? ?? ????? ??? ??? ??? ? ?? ?????? ?? ????? ???? ????? ???? ???
    ???? ?? ????? ????? ?????? ?? ??? ?????? ??? ?? ????? ??? ????????? ????? ????? ? ?? ???? ???? ??????? ????? ?? ????? ??? ???? ?? ???? ????? ?????
    ???????? ?? ??????? ????? ???? ???? ??? ?? ??? ????? ???? ??????

  511. Mark UK said:

    Bloody gutted! ABC did spoil it for themselves and us by having that massive Christmas break, someone should have told them that christmas finishes in December not March!! Even as a fan it was hard to pick it back up, but we did, only to have the bloody thing cancelled on us….shame on you ABC. Anyway things move on and so do we and now I’m really getting my teeth into The Event, it holds my attention like FF did, by moving from present to past with some great characters. Not sure if it is an ABC series but if it is…F F Sake don’t cancel it on us!!! Watchin’ in England!!

  512. sigga said:

    Hi I’m from France and FF is the best show I’ve seen since 24.
    I hope to se season 2 one day.

  513. mohammad said:

    I’m from iran.what the hell is going on?why?this is the best season i ever seen in whole of my life

  514. PEYMAN said:

    I really cant understand why ABC cancels all of his valuable shows. I am deeply sorry for decision makers in ABC. they insult their viewers. Flash forward and V were the best TV shows. At least better that shows like LOST!!!

  515. Tes said:

    I just dont get it! I can’t believe it that there won’t be season 2. It’s the best series I have ever seen during the past 10 years.
    Plzzzz make season 2!

  516. R1 said:

    Pointless cancellation of a show.
    Fans disappointed clearly, as you can see from the comments.
    If any industrial espionage agents read this, please refer it to your superiors that viewers are asking for the show.

  517. jenny said:

    Have been waiting and waiting for season 2. It is a brilliant programme. Shan’t bother with anything else you produce if you’re going to cut them short. Bad decision!!

  518. Kyle Bendford said:

    DAMN ABC!!!
    the manager is suck!!
    the employee are morons!!!!
    they left the last episode with some mystery

  519. Karmenu Dalli said:


    This is why companies like yours (ABC) get demolished! Viewers have an opinion too about what they see on tv and you take it away thus take away their attention!

    I’m from Malta and I know cos this was what happened to some companies like yours!

    And by the way, (V) had it’s time in the past and you won’t give FF a second chance? (V) was already shot once with 2 seasons running and just because they made a remake of the old one and maybe you stood with your mommy and saw it, and eventually liked it, you decided to cancel an original script!

    You’re the ones that making the mistakes here! And you’re gonna regret it from fans and viewers!

    K.Dalli (Malta)

  520. Renan said:

    Hi from brazil, what a hell, i cant believe that wont be season2. ABC is just losing without FF
    FF is the best series I ever seen before
    I hope they change their mind

  521. flutterby said:

    Series have never really managed to catch my attention for very long, but FF had me hooked from beginning to end. From SA and battling to understand why such a thought provoking series would be canceled. Perhaps people prefer being brain dead and not having their minds stimulated. Dumb-ass decision to cancel if you ask me! Wonder if ABC have researchers that will even pick up on a site like this, if they even noticed their faux pas!
    Well, let’s hope their intelligence is greater than what they’ve displayed to date.

  522. hamid said:

    hi to all i am from iran
    iam so sorry about the cancelled ff
    i hope that season2 will be continue
    thank u abc
    i’m shame inested u

  523. Hesam Moghaddam said:

    R U kidding me?
    i just found out today? i’m still shocked
    A really dull and stupid show like Lost should run
    for like 6 years and Flashforward is cancelled off.
    It was one of the most exciting TV shows i’ve ever seen
    and i’m saying this as a TV Show fanatic and constant watcher!
    Anyhow, screw ABC and its stupid managers.
    Hope it gets on again

  524. iftikhar said:

    F/F IS BEST BEST SHOW i have ever seen ..plzzzzzzzzzz dont cancel it……dont let us believe that ABC is a bunch of screwed people…GOD knows i am not watching any of the ABC ANYMORE….

  525. Joe Bath said:

    WHAT!!!! no season 2, i live in new Zealand, and it was a huge hit. and now after a few months of waiting for next seasons I see this WTF. ABC corporation is a screw up and a fail.

  526. JeroenNetherlands said:

    There was a season2 in my flashforward

  527. MG said:

    they should put it back on!

  528. Liam Miller said:

    ABC have failed as have other networks such as Fox (Firefly), NBC (surface) etc.

    FlashForward is one of the best TV programs I’ve seen for a long time, it’s such a disappointment to find out it’s been cancelled. Perhaps if they gave the viewer a chance to vote if a season should be cancelled or continued we’d have a lot better entertainment on TV

    ABC You Fail!

    Liam Miller

  529. salamon said:

    One of the best shows. I hope they rethink the cancellation.

    Eddy Salamon (Isarael)

  530. hi said:

    greatest show. a different tv station should air season 2.

  531. Duane said:

    Why the hell would you cancel series 2??? seriously!!! me and my fiancé love watching FlashForward! In my opinion and i believe so many others would agree that flashfoward is amazing and just can not end in this way! there has to be a way for season 2 to come out! what if it didn’t go on t.v…and straight on to dvd? i don’t know…but there just has to be a way! i’m missing it already =[ …. THE SHOW MUST GO ON!!!!!

  532. gary said:

    hi…i feel as if my best friend had just passed on. granted there is more to life than tv shows, but, Flash Forward was one of those rare breeds with good writing, acting, imagination, direction (both kinds), all combined to make an extremely watchable show for viewers.

    It certainly wouldn’t hurt to have a season two, three, etc. As well, a Movie or DVD continuation is not a bad idea either.

    The gentleman from Portugal(?) was correct. John Doe was another well thought out night time “soap”.


  533. travis said:

    men i loved that series…. plz abc do season 2.

  534. vjohn said:

    what did you see? abc !?

  535. Di said:

    What the hell are ABC thinking? Flashforward is a unique, exciting and thought provoking show. One of the few gems amid a torrent of mindless rubbish. Bring it back, you morons!

  536. crystal said:

    I think it was an incredibly stupid decision for abc to cancel Flash Forward. The show did extremely well, got them really good ratings and so it does not make sense that they canceled it. On top of that, my fiance and I really enjoyed watching the show together. It was one of those shows that we both liked and could watch together. It had a good premise, good actors and I just don’t understand why they would cancel it.

  537. Darlyn said:

    please do season 2 . this is the most beautiful series that ive watch . . please please plesae

  538. John said:

    How stupid they cancelled 2nd season, ppl who doesnt like the series sucks.
    And ABC is fxxx up in the head

  539. Sue said:

    You have got to be kidding me!! You cancelled a great show and really didn’t even give it a chance. Instead we have to watch reality shows. Flash Forward was the best. I rarely watch TV because of the choices, but I couldn’t wait to get home to watch Flash. I didn’t even answer the telephone when it was on. Everyone knew not to bother me. Please bring it back on. The characters, acting and story line was great.

  540. MVU said:

    bring it back! bring it back! i love FlashForward!

  541. Lee said:

    I hope one of the UK broadcasters take the show off ABC’s hands and air it over here… it was a very popular show over here, and i think the reason for the ratings drop is ABC’s idiotic 3 month break mid-season…. people are bound to lose track of where they are with a show if theres a 3 month break in the middle of it….
    get in sorted and get season 2 and more on the go !!!!

  542. MNKK said:

    Don’t worry FF S. 2, because ” in my FF I’ve been watching FF S.2 till the last episode “.

  543. jose said:

    this show needs to come back
    many fans were left wondering what was going to happen in season 2 especially how season one ended
    wtf abc BRING BACK FLASHFORWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  544. Risse said:



  545. Ben said:

    Wow! Just finished season one on NetFlix and am shocked to read this. I loved this show. Maybe SciFi channel will pick it up. SOMEONE PICK IT UP PLEASEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! :(

  546. cj ordway said:

    All good show get cancelled like stagate sg1,stargate atlantis and lot more all the good one now this sucks -cj ordway age 14

  547. Jules and Rich said:

    Can’t believe it, most upset, my husband and I watched every week here in the UK it was fab and what ever happened to Mark!!!! He was in the building!!!!

  548. Leif Eriksson said:

    Can’t believe what I am reading. Cancelling it !?!?!? Here in Sweden we are following episod 1 now and it is damn good. They can’t be seriuos. I am sure they will bring up this for a new desicion

  549. wolfy said:

    Hey, this is the best show ever made and you just stop it?this is the most stupid thing who guys ever think of..sorry but you are kind of idiots..just fuckin’ finish it!

  550. Geeva, NZ said:

    The reason ABC cancelled FF was because they were getting pressure to cancel it by “higher” authorities due to the fact that the story is/was too revealing on a number of topics, namely..

    *the observer effect (i.e, so called ‘law of attraction’)
    *thought creates reality
    *free will vs determinism
    *you cant change a future you keep thinking about
    *what you resist persists
    *what occupies your attention the most is what is most likely to occur
    *taking physical action to prevent a future you fear happening wont prevent it from happening unless you replace it with another vision for a future

    and so on…

    Too revealing on so many levels.

  551. Angry@ABC said:

    OMG what the F ABC are idiots between them and CWTV I dont know who’s worst both these networks are know for canceling good shows after one or two seasons. Flash Forward was amazing the best show that has came on television in a long long time. ABC cancel flash forward and put crap like MY GENERATION, BOSTON MEDS, BETTER WITH YOU and the list goes on none of these shows are better than Flash Forward……and what ever happened to the show Happy Town again another one of ABC shows that has left the viewer with no conclusion. This is all a big load of Cow Sh*&! What the hell is ABC doing…….Bring back season two or make a movie out of the joker you morons!

  552. Normand said:


    i from Canada, i like Flash Forward

    from french Fan

  553. modi said:

    One of the best shows of all time

    I just have one question bothering me in FF,

    Simon Kampus has a flashforward of himself killing another guy who supposedly killed his father, but how did he have a flashforward if he was awake during the black out.??????

    Please answer my question …

  554. Aimee said:

    This was a brilliant series! Sooooo disappointed that it was cancelled! Every series I seem to get into gets cancelled. Even Surface and the Legend of the Seeker. Bummer!

  555. Scott said:

    I just finished watching season 1 on Hulu. Now to learn that there is no season 2. If I ever run into any affiliate of ABC, I will pummel them. As a matter of fact I am tempted to go down to ABC in person and start busting things up.Those Mother Fuckers! They are now officially on my shit list. I will never watch ABC again!…………………Mark Benford Rocks!

  556. Scott also said:

    A.B.C. = Another Bad Choice.

  557. Scott said:

    I just finished watching season 1 on Hulu. I just found out ABC cancelled it and there is no season 2. If I ever run into an affiliate of ABC I will pummel them. I am so mad that I am half tempted to go down to ABC and start busting things up. This is obviously ANOTHER BAD CHOICE by ABC. I wish very bad things to ABC. I hope they go bankrupt and burn in hell! Mark Benford Rocks!

  558. zofan said:

    plee… i want wseason 2

    season 2.

    season 2.


  559. Rebecca said:

    Flash Foward is one of the best tv series that I have ever watched. To find that it has been cancelled is very disturbing and, quite frankly, I am extremely disappointed. WHY CANCEL ONE OF THE BEST SHOWS THIS COUNTRY HAS PRODUCED??? WHY ABC, WHY????

  560. Tom said:

    I what season 2 of flashforward!!! So badly!! :(

  561. Mary said:

    Maybe you change your mind. Flash Forward is a good show.

  562. Stephen said:

    Seriously to cancel season 2 is totally stupid but of course to put reality show of ppl that bitch eachother is better …..im sick of this shyt Flash forward was the hottest series ever made and now they are going to leave us with an end like that .well thanks abc u just lost a viewer and i guess im not the only one who cancelled abc form his cable list !!!

  563. Michele said:

    Me and my husband really like Flash Forward! I want there to be a season 2!!

  564. Luis Gonçalves said:

    Everyone I know watched the first season It was great, very intense and well written. The guys on ABC made a huge mistake. I just hope they realise it in time to save it!

    PS: never heard about V.

  565. surbhi said:


    please please please bring the second season of flashforward,
    i live in india, totally love it….
    please please
    we are left with so many questions….

  566. eli said:

    please make season2 of flash forward. THIS MOVE IS THE BEST ME AND MY HUSBAND EVER SEEN.The subject is new.

  567. Lynda said:

    I am so sad. Flash forward has been part of our family movie night.Even my teenager loves the show. We dvrd it and are watching it again. If my teenager, my husband and I love it.what is the issue?

  568. Aleksandr said:

    It’s sad that people prefer shows that require less attention to get to the point. Shows like Flash Forward is one of the best i have seen so far. They left enough questions to continue with the show. If the amount of viewers dropped from 12m to 7m, that’s just sad that ABC did not have guts to continue with the show. As far as i can think 7 million watchers are a lot of people.

  569. Vasilis Toulias said:

    Here from Greece, I would just like to contribute one more vote on reopening the show for Season 2.
    It’s an incredible show amidst mediocre ones. I will definitely buy it on DVD or Bluray, just to support the actors and crew and “prove” my vote for Season 2.

  570. Mike said:

    I’m from South Africa. Love the show, half ways through season 1. I can’t go long without my FF fix. Now I Find out that there is no season 2?

    I’m shocked. The best series I’ve seen so far. I really hope there is a season 2 in ABC’s flash forward.

  571. MAsoud said:

    I am from Denmark

    it was a great show. some times people makes stupid and wrong dessision, this was one of them. I hope that ABC can see what fans want and do the right thing whitch is season 2.

  572. Aleksandr said:

    the only right rhing here is to launch this show until 5th season – until the end.

  573. Vytautas said:

    ABC!!! Ate you stupid! I am from Lithuania in here is no good serials. Flasforward is the beast second D.House…. But still when i watched a 1 season 22 i was thinkin “O nice it will be second part
    I can’t waut tull 2season” But now You canceled?! Give another chanse for Flasforward.

  574. Josif said:

    Im from Macedonia

    So so so stupid dessision to cancel show like this!!!
    ABC F**K YOU!!!
    We need mooore seasons!!!

  575. Linda said:

    Very dissapointed, I even stuck a sticky note on fridge so I wouldn’t forget to watch when it comes back on, was really looking forward to Season 2. Shame on ABC

  576. Narco said:

    The show is great,its really shame
    If they know that there will be only one season
    they should make another end :(

  577. gullso said:

    We are from Faroe Island !!!

    ABC, how could you cancel FlashForward? I mean it´s one of the best show we have seen for years. The ending in season 1 made no sense at all we need more, so I beg you to START producing season 2 fast!! :)

  578. RG said:

    Really! What the f…! They keep “V” but kick ” Flash forward”?? Doesn’t make any sense to me! ABC – you’re morons! The first season of the “new V series” is so fu….. lame, I don’t have words for it. Get some actors who can act, the we’ll talk…and wee also now how it will end(!) Flash forward? Would have been great series if it have been renewed! But then, we all know that Buffy the Vampire Slayer made seven seasons… Quality to not count…

  579. Oliver said:

    Hi there

    I not watched season 1 yet, i’ve got it all on my hard drive ready to watch, but if there is no season 2 is it really worth it??
    I don’t want to watch it all then find out it leaves it on a right cliffhanger!!


  580. jayson said:

    yeah season one leaves you hanging bad….
    they should make season 2 its was just starting to really get good!

  581. amir said:

    I want flash forward season 2, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  582. Chris said:


    Well I really enjoyed watching season one, and was actually a little shocked that there would be nothing else coming..??? I mean is my taste in good television drama, and the taste of the majority here a little off…???

    I am an Australian living in France, and i do enjoy a good American drama series when they come along – and Flash Forward was good!! Normally my preference for good drama is fairly close to the mark of the general population and so and i would have expected more than one season. All i can assume is that A B C did a poor job with airing the series in the States – bad times?, holiday breaks..

    PITY.. FF was a cool series..

  583. joharah said:

    i hate u ABC wt were u thinking???
    i was waiting for it to be aired again!

  584. Ryuuk said:

    GOD DAMMIT!, And here I was waiting for season 2 to start in September or November. Oh well BIG FU to ABC and that was the only show that I watch on their channel oh well back to Supernatural and Smallville. CW11>ABC gg.

  585. morteza said:

    please create season two of flash forward please please please its very good seial

  586. morteza said:

    please create ff two please its very good please create ff two please its very good please create ff two please its very good
    please create ff two please its very good please create ff two please its very good please create ff two please its very good

  587. Mark from Australia said:

    just plain wrong…. Great show, with a story line that I literally could hardly wait to see the next episode.

    Like other great shows – regret will hit – e.g.: FireFly

    Bring it back – pay per view / DVD set / what ever -you clearly have enough fans willing to watch and pay…. ABC – its as easy as 123….

  588. Rosemarie said:

    What a shame this show is cancelled. I was so looking forward to the next season. I hope ABC will reconsider their decision to show the next season.

  589. Jay said:

    ABC should be fired youve got 7million people that really love the show and just because you lose some money which your fault for the 3 month delay doesnt even come close to a reason why it should be cancelled. If the show was 5 years in and losing that much I can see the reason but you idiots dont even think like that.You say dump it because this show is doing better. If all of us fans are wrong then tell us the real reason why you caned a perfect show for us who are wanting another season from what I have read youve already filmed they second so put it out there you money hungry tv pimps.

  590. cher said:

    i just watched all of season 1. i can not believe there is no season 2 to turn to. it was an AWESOME series. so compelling, well acted and interesting. i am honestly shocked to learn it was cancelled. wrong decision. ABC reconsider. you made a BIG mistake.

  591. shaki said:

    madar jendeha kos kesha khak bar saretun kiram dahane ABC. tof tof tof (67 sale az Iran)

  592. HANDAN said:


  593. gdgt said:

    It is such a shame that every great or really humourous show is being cancelled; that leaves us with the one braincell haha not funny shows and the very predictable soaps. What is that???

    Get started on season 2 of FlashForward, please!!

  594. Wendy said:

    YES FOR SEASON 2.. from holland

  595. Patrick from philippines said:

    I Bought a DVD for season 1 and this is the best TV series i’ve ever seen, I hope that ABC will read the comments of the avid fans of flash forward…Hoping for Season 2…Please make our wishes come true.

  596. Sundip said:

    In my flashforward, I saw myself watching the second season of flashforward!

  597. Laura Mihaela said:

    I love season 1 and I was waiting the second…
    So Yes I Wait Season 2 from Romania :)

  598. mattyblay said:

    Epic series, one of the best series ive watched on telly, thought provoking and clever, great acting, brilliant characters.
    The way i look at it is: there were about 3 series fitted into the first season. There were a lot of episodes there.
    I can see how it could be difficult for some people to get it, you really needed to watch from start to finish in order. I think it will grow its fanbase more and more through people watching its brilliance online and watching dvd.

    great show,

  599. Paul said:

    I’m writing from Namibia. Flashforward is one of the best shows I’ve seen in a long time. Keeps you riveted to your seat and I couldnt wait for subsequent episodes. All the really shit shows go on for ages but this one is cancelled? i don’t know who is deciding this up in ABC but it’s SUCH a mistake. Can’t we do something about this people. Isnt there some forum we can post on? We have to fight this!


  600. Paul said:

    Go to this site and find out how we all can get flashforward season 2 back on the go.

    Please guys,…help out with this:


  601. pot mancera said:

    ASIAN here! bought the DVD of season 1 3months ago. ABC we all need the second season! make our Christmas a merry one.

  602. Carol said:

    I fully agree with Paul, I’m from Namibia too

  603. Farshad said:

    I want season 2
    I want season 2
    I want season 2

  604. Thai Man said:

    Oh shit !

    It’s great series I have seen

    season 2 PLZ

  605. Ivan said:


    season 2

    great serie

  606. Athena said:

    I agree with EVERYONE above when I say give us season 2 then 3 then 4 etc…..FF was an AMAZING show! There are 500000 cop shows, weight loss shows, and ONE show that was so new and brilliant, not like ANYTHING else out there, and THAT is why I LOVED it! WHAT are you thinking cancelling it???? Complete idiots!! SUCH a creative & innovative show! PLEASE bring it back! I NEED to find out what happened to Mark!

  607. shiva said:

    oh god! please i love flash forward so much !please make to season 2 we wait all around world wait for flash forward 2!and you know it!you sure about it!


    tnx im iranian…… of iran and i want of you….. of all iranian plz

  608. rebekah watts said:

    wtf plz bring bk season 2 been waiting 4 ages didnt no it wasnt coming bk im well annoyed now how stupid me and my dad watched it every week its amazing. come on channel 5

    becky from the UK

  609. Sergio said:

    Not only the show was the only series ever that made me set an alarm so I would not loose an episode, I consider the cancelation of utter irresponsability from ABC.
    How can they possibily say that the show was being watched if it was being shown in many many countries.
    As an exemple in Portugal 2 channels ware showing in diferent days of the week, 1 via cabel TV and normal open channels.
    I feel cheeted by ABC and really think that they are demonstrating a level of desregard for the viewers that could only be compared to a Pirate TV station being produced in a shed of any back garden.

    Yours Sincerely


  610. Someonethatsupset said:

    Well thats awesome season 2 of the V and not another of flashfoward?

    Well that sucks, Im actually happy for the V, but why bring back a show thats worse than another show that got cancelled (flashfoward), if you ask me,


  611. Someonethatsupset said:

    (worse than a better)

  612. Bunners said:

    Just seen that the first season is being replayed on “fiver” (uk)and my wife and i are watching it again. we saw it first time round but enjoyed it so much we’re watching it again.
    So PLEASE PLEASE rethink your decission ABC board members, and make at least 1 more season for us fans

  613. Mazwi said:

    Season 1 was awesome, I’m very disappointed season 2 isn’t being created…

  614. Yourmum uk said:

    That’s actual shit the show was pretty awesome and should of ended better knowing that they wernt gonna make a second season !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  615. Nonsense said:

    Loved this show after buying the series on dvd. Watched the whole series in a week. This has to come back. Never watched a series where all the characters were so involved and a plot that was well thought out . Benford and Simcoe and Demetri were great characters. ABC have now shown they do not know what they are doing and leaving CBS and NBC and Fox to charge of them.

    Sharif from London

  616. Zack said:

    Huh!! ABC… They did the same wyt some other series and nw flashforward?? this comment is coming from Ghana.. a country in africa.. even though ABC is unavailable in our location, we manage 2 dwnload ‘em off d internet.. and dis w@ u give us.. B@ i Must admit lookn @ d whole thing.. it was obvious it was gonna be cancelled.. 1. Agent benford- who is d main character clearly died.. 2. multiple causes of the blackout, was it simon, d. frost, in afghanistan or in somalia// i must agree d writers were gettn it all messd up.. i learnt they were changed twice

  617. Phil said:

    Whos in charge… the US drags out terrible programs and then stops good ones… I know alot of people in the UK paiting for serise 2… fire the staff!!

  618. alma said:

    hey ABC what are you guys gonna do with all these notes all these persons want to watch flash forward again!!!!! that was the best show I have ever watched

  619. chris77 said:

    What a bull!!! just cancelling one of the coolest series, just like that!?!?!?… ABC did not even know how many peaple are eager to wait for the next episode week by week… Flash Forward was one of the best series ever, compared with lost!

    Hope you give Flash Forward chance!!!!!!

  620. Sam said:

    I love season 1 , watched all episodes in 3 days :) . Looking fwd for the season 2.

  621. Colleen said:

    Bring back this show! It’s so amazing! I was a huge Lost fan but this show is like Lost/Fringe/and a Doctor show all put into one. It explains a lot faster and easier than that show and it was on for 6 seasons. BRING IT BACK!!

  622. Sk said:

    Stupid ppl….i dont get why they make such a good tv shows for the americans who are unable to understand far away from their own borders….
    Ohh man……they should come up with the next season i just wrote to ABC about it…lets await if there is a future or not…

  623. Bet said:

    I don’t want the second season: I NEED IT!!
    What the hell were they thinking when they canceled it??

  624. meg said:

    iv jst came to relise tht season 2 has been cancled after waiting for ages to see wat would happen since i very much enjoyed season 1 n its mad to cancel since it was a very interesting n good show
    i hope tht abc relise what a big mistake theyve made in canceling the show as many people enjoyed it n will be gutted tht theyl nt get 2 see what will happen

  625. Manav Dawar said:

    Please bring Flash forward back or atleast just one episode to have a decent ending. There are so many questions still left to be answered.

  626. Dobson said:

    This is may be the reason ABC cancelled the show…

    just like some of the characters in the show they didn’t have a flashforward so…

    This was the only show I watched on ABC…they would know a good show if it hit them in the face. Too bad so sad for them becuase I believe another station (hopefully cable)will pick the show and have great success.

  627. Dobson said:

    Correction: they WOULDN’T know a good show if it hit themin the face.

  628. Paul said:

    I like both V and FF – but really? You choose a remake series over an original one? I am like one of the other commentators here, the schedulers killed the show with over 3 months off. Seriously, how do you expect viewers to remember?

    I would think Season 2 was at least already shot or 3/4 the way filmed – if your not going to air it, why not publish a DVD of an unaired season. You guys would make money, there are evidently a lot of ppl here that would buy the DVD series.

    You guys make it to where one is scared to watch a new series because they might get interested and then the producers of that station pull it.

  629. Eddi said:

    I have have been to multiple website that all say the same thing… “Bring it back”. I am, for one, a fan of the plot line and deliverance of the plot line. I am also a huge Lost fan. However, Flash-Forward took me away form Lost. The characters are more interesting, the finding of everyone’s involvement was addictive. I believe ABC will find that the will keep all of their LOST cult fans by continuing Flash-Froward. Fun Flash-Forward during “The Event” off season and you have a year round cult.

    ABC, for the record, Flashforward is better than “The Event”. You spent more money on marketing and entered “The Event” on a good time slot of the season. It wasn’t competing with anything.

    Also for accuracy, you should has Hulu for their view count on Flash-Forward. I know nothing of Flash-Forward until its last 4 aired episodes. I basically watched the entire season on Hulu. I spoke with many people and they did not even know about Flash-Forward. Once they viewed it, they were hooked.

    ABC from all the views, I just would like to say, “You made a big mistake cutting out the Flash-Forward series so quickly.”

  630. Darren said:

    This was one of the best shows I have seen in ages. Personally I thought it was far better than Lost. They seemed to make that storyline up as they went and that carried on for ever.

    FLASHFORWARD – R.I.P. You will be sadly missed


  631. Moeez said:

    Bring back
    i love this show.
    stupid ABC ppl

  632. Ameena Gori-Khan said:

    No we need to bring back flash forward.
    Another channel has to bring it back,
    especially the way they ended it I really
    Need to know what happened to Mark.

  633. john (UK) said:

    Unfortunately ABC are doing what all TV companies seem to be doing these days – pandering to the uncultured brain dead element of the population – or the X factor brigade.

    Problem is you need to have a mind and be able to think to understand a show like this, and I’m afraid these people don’t. Hence all the good shows that need you to think are cancelled.

    Oooo lets have another comedancingdinewithmeXfactorapprentice who suck on there thumbs —— pass me the dummy mummy!!!!

  634. alex said:

    this is a major upset. it was a great show and should have been given a better chance. i seriously think that a second season should be reconsidered as i feel that the plots could be taken further and still kept entertaining..

  635. Bonnie said:

    I just now found out Flash Forward would not be returning and am SO disappointed. This is the only show I watch each week and then re-watch on my computer to make sure I saw everything. FF is a thought provoking show….one that made you really concentrate on the show and on nothing else. To bad ABC didn’t realize there are many of us who actually enjoy good TV. Instead they cancelled the best show and lost a viewer. Now I’m watching cable TV because network only has crap on.

  636. goran said:

    This was one of the best shows I have seen in ages. Unfortunately ABC are Stupid and made a big mistake cutting out the Flash-Forward.I hope that ABC can see what fans want and do the right thing.

    Goran( Croatia)

  637. gutted said:

    just found out its cancelled. gutted :(

  638. Diana said:

    I just found out that flashforward is cancelled. Disgusting. What is ABC thinking about; some stupid sitcom. In my opinion I haven’t found one that can keep my interest. Old ones maybe, but these newees are terrible with their phony audience.
    I actually had a conversation regarding Flashforward. It was a great show and the people that I spoke with couldn’t wait for it to return either. Who made this stupid decision? Most likely a person who will eventually mess up ABC no wonder CBS and NBC have you licked. Stupid stupid move. Get it back, it had great twists, good writers and a wonderful cast. Everyone played their part to the utmost. How sad. Bye Bye ABC.

  639. Phil Newman UK said:

    Another late arrival. I just found out about FF being cancelled. I must agree with everything from my countrymans comments earlier we in the UK seem to subjected to the mindless drivel they call “Entertainment”. Sorry to see FF and Caprica go.
    One thoufght tho! this next section was taken from the BBC news this morning. Does ABC li ve here?

    Officials are investigating why more than 1,000 birds – most of them dead – fell out of the sky in the US state of Arkansas on New Year’s Eve.

    The Arkansas Fish and Game Commission (AFGC) said it began receiving reports of the falling birds at about 2330.

    By midnight, more than 1,000 red-winged blackbirds had fallen in one area of the city of Beebe.

  640. ALEXANDRA said:

    This is the one of the best thing i ever had seen!! People from ABC, are YOU NUTS???? No money? No audiences??? where??? In the whole planet???
    Give me a breaK! The next time you people thing in making another serial, think twice, and don’t leave people waiting for…. SEASONS!!

    Greetings from Portugal!!

  641. callum said:

    this is good and bad, good because going by every other show, this would have ended up turnign into a coffusing and crap show, but bad because i feel not everything was answered in the last episode, and at the end Charlie was like 14 years older at least but the envelope said 14 march 2011 which is only 1 year :S

  642. Orfi said:

    I just finished watching season 1 on my pc. I know people from ABC are thinking about rates because rates give them money through commercials! I somehow justify them for doing this. Nevertheless, if they were smart enough, they can find ways to get money from their shows even from the videos that go online! This way, they can still continue the show only distributed online!
    People are saying in their messages that employees in ABC are morons… I disagree! Only their managers are morons! The rest are following orders as good soldiers they are.
    I hope you read this one day dear managers of ABC, cause if you don’t, you are actually more stupid than people think you are!

  643. Matttttrrix said:

    I guess it was wishful thinking?? I was looking forward to another season of FLASH FORWARD! After Prison Break finished, I thought we were doomed watching boring sit-coms! surely FOX can resurrect this series?? It really was a show worth watching……Buggar! I guess there’s no Jack Bauer (24) or Flash Forward 2 look 4wd 2 in 2011 :( (

  644. Michael said:


  645. Mumbi said:

    I was watching the FF on AXN in Kenya and man the show rocked. ABC get ur act together and give us season 2. WE WANT SEASON 2!!!WE WANT SEASON 2!!!WE WANT SEASON 2!!!WE WANT SEASON 2!!!WE WANT SEASON 2!!!WE WANT SEASON 2!!!WE WANT SEASON 2!!!WE WANT SEASON 2!!!WE WANT SEASON 2!!!WE WANT SEASON 2!!!WE WANT SEASON 2!!!WE WANT SEASON 2!!!

  646. Marisol said:

    This is one of the best series with an original idea, outstanding actors and now it’s canceled? You’ve got to be kidding me! I’m really, really disappointed.

  647. DEE said:

    I have to say that FF was one of the best shows I have seen. Many people today do not even watch channels like ABC NBC etc with cable sattelite, internet etc. The only reason myself and many people I know even turn to ABC is because of V and FlashForward…It goes to show the mentality that is being hired there. ABC you have lost a huge audience! The only reason I will turn on ABC is for V now..Before and after that show..I will be elsewhere enjoying their shows.

  648. Alex said:

    ABC are a bunch of morons idiots, cancelled the best series there was at the moment, fckin losers!!!! please god strike those wankers down!!!

  649. ec said:

    I really like your writing style, superb info , thankyou for putting up : D.

  650. jspu said:

    can’t believe it. i’ve been searching and waiting… which i obviously don’t do often… ABC stinks. that was a great show!!! Lost was the only other reason to watch ABC. loved it!!! miss it this season.

  651. nik said:

    BRING BACK FLASHFORWARD !!! The best tv series !

  652. Randi said:

    I am so sorry to read that the show was canceled. I have been waiting for it’s return. It was a great show!! Please bring itback to where you left us hanging!!!
    :-( (

  653. JIG said:

    ABC are so stupid, I LOVE FF,

  654. Kristine said:

    i just finished watching the whole season in 3 days!!!! that’s how much i absolutely LOVED this show and now i find out no season 2 at all!!!…i must say i am a little heartbroken inside so many nice looking men on that show

  655. genetix said:

    Im from Slovakia (Central Europe) and i love this show! I hope there will be season 2… :(

  656. Zuzana said:

    Message from Slovakia. I´m a bit disappointed with cancelling season 2. It was great tv show… But I will wait for another season anyway :)

  657. Weto said:

    This sucks! ABC should have invested in this show and produced a season 2, instead of ruining other good shows, like Scrubs….

  658. kirsty said:

    stupid!keep flash forward!

  659. maria said:

    greeting from Slovakia..hopefully there will be a second season I am really curious if mark is alive and I have many other unaswered questions :(

  660. Tommy said:

    Hey ABC morons, respect your viewers who invested time in watching this show and enjoyed it and make season 2!!! I’ve seen much worse shows done in 5-6 seasons and it seems so unfair.

  661. Xavier said:

    Message from france ! Keep Flash forward on TV ! One of the best serie ever ! GO for season 2 please !!!! Stupid ABC …

  662. Dante said:

    hello, i’m Dante from Belgium, i just started to watch season 1 and i love this show a lot, already from the 1st episode i was on the tip of my chair watching the show!!!
    It’s really stupid they have cancelled it because a lot of people in Belgium and me think this is one of the greatest shows ever made!!
    I really hope they will listen to the fans and try it one more time to show it on tv, then they will see it really is a popular show…


  663. addicted said:

    i have now finally just finished the whole darn season and now im finding out that there will not be a new one!!! how sick is this. i became addicted to that shows i was waiting for the new season…gggrrrrhhh. this sucks. abc you need to put your contract back with the producers please. at least maybe the next season they can just show what there final future will look like. :(

  664. Pole said:

    The Voice of Poland

    The most stupid idea to cancel Season 2.

    One of the best tv shows. Unfinished, as 4400 …

    Fuck, think twice before You start next production, not to finish it.

  665. Alex said:

    In my flash forward I saw season 2 !!!!!

  666. Rastislav said:

    Im from Slovak Republic, com`on abc we need season 2 …

  667. SA said:

    It’s really a pity and a poor decision of ABC to end Flash Forward. This was the first one that got my full attention in years. It is really a pity. When I learnt aboot the cancellation, I remembered reading in newspapers once about drugs for special, very rare diseases that never see the shelves because it is not commercially feasible. For sure, this planet belongs to low-IQ idiots and morons who constitute the vast majority of the population and for whom almost all accomodations are made. I am so disappointed! One last word to ABC though concerning viewers: it all started with one person, remember and was followed by thousands and millions. If you keep on such sense-less, stupid decisions soon it will all end with one person. You lost me already!

  668. Roxy said:

    Another comment from Serbia…this show was the best… I can’t believe they caceled it :(

  669. Helena said:

    I really can’t believe that they won’t make the season 2! It really has to be made… In my opinion (And I’m rly not the only one around here in Finland who thinks so) Flashforward is the best series that has recently been made :) It really deserves more seasons!

    Greetings from Finland, we want season 2!!

  670. Denise said:

    My husband and I are very disappointed about the cancelling of this production. In all Europe it’s a great success and we think that is another unknown reasons, or the man who wrote the script is too intelligent for the american viewers of ABC? May be another television will be interested about this script.
    P.S.: This message is from Romania. I know, we are not important for you…

  671. Jenni said:

    This show was increasingly popular in the UK and something that all could enjoy. The strong characters and constantly changing plots kept people on their toes and eager for more. The writer of this script should come to the UK and make the second series here!
    It is such a shame tha NBC obviously don’t have the intelligence or wit to understand the plot and validity of the show! At the very least we should be entitled to a conclusion one way or another!

    Rant over!

  672. Jano said:

    We are really pissed that there will be no Season 2, that´s problem of majority US serials broadcast in Europe. All of these stories began with great story and after 1st season or in the middle of 2nd were all cancelled. US TV´s (ABC, etc.) don´t realize that all this serial has (or had) success in the Europe or somewhere else. And this cancellation really sucks becuase none of European TV´s has conditions to make such a succesfull serie. We would be glad to see ending or some breaking up of the story.

    Btw. this post comes from Slovakia and I think most people like this series more than any other soap opera from Latin America.

  673. Kate said:

    It would have been better as a movie though. I think it’s too hard to do as a series, but it was a good show.

  674. Isaac said:


  675. Milan said:

    Message from Slovakia, Europe – FF is really really great! Nice concept, fresh story, something new .. Play seasson 2, you morons from ABC!!!

  676. flash2 said:

    i watched all the episodes ine 4 days
    im really a big fan

  677. Svetlana said:

    The Russia wants Flashforward back!!!! WE WANT SEASON 2!!! WE WANT SEASON 2!!! WE WANT SEASON 2!!!

  678. Gwyneth said:

    Just watched the whole of flashforward! Was absolutely brilliant! Can’t believe there is no season 2! What a way to end 1! So many questions unanswered! What happened to Mark!!!!!!!

  679. mehmet said:

    I just checked imdb site for Flash Forward. There had been 17000 votes, yes 17000, with the average score of 8.
    Most of the TV Shows didn’t get that much votes. I guess guys from ABC should consider that.

  680. bobo john said:

    Idiots !
    That’s all i have to say !

    great show, no appreciation…

  681. Tanya McCarty said:

    HEY….ABC, Maybe your station needs a few people canceled in your line up!! Have most of you lost your flipping minds….you are the problem not the show(s)!! changing times and days of shows and the stall tactic that you did on FLASHBACK, well that was down right despicable…..SHAME ON YOU ABC

  682. Tanya McCarter said:

    It is sad to hear about flash forward, I am a faithful watcher and ABC dropped the ball!! I would love to have the show back on to know what happened to everyone, but until then…. I have warehouse 13 and fringe that i am still able to watch faithfully!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  683. steve said:

    sad to learn that there will be no season/series 2.

    ABC blame ratings drop.
    i guess that is what happens when you take a break from airing the show, mid season for 3 months. :-(
    (never understood why they did this)

  684. Chayo Smith said:

    the best show ever. they need 2 come back with season 2.
    it’s a must. i need more answers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  685. kristy said:

    Hi ABC,

    I had been a fan of FLASHFORWARD since it aired for season one, I always looked forward to seeing the show every week and even though they have a lot of fans for this show, not everyone can watch it at the specific time you guys run it, plus not everyone can get tv reception, where I am, I can only watch the shows I like on the internet.

    But I was looking forward to the next season of FLASHFORWARD, some posts I have read before replying are right, why cancel a good show that gives people the suspence, action and drama that shows questions and answers all met, think you guys should try to reconsider for not only FLASHFORWARD but their fans too.

    I see alot of the fans are really pissed at you ABC broadcasters for cancelling a bloody good and descent show while you guys let the series LOST continue, I gave that show up after season one because it was just bullshit, next time you ABC broadcasters want to cancel a show, go for all the shitty ones and leave the good ones on air.

    This is all I got to say, just please bring back FLASHFORWARD, give them another chance as u may find they might end up with a whole lot more fans then you guys at ABC realise.

  686. Frosty said:

    Hi. Im am from Slovakia from Europe.

    We want a more seasons of Flashforward. This serial is very perfect, the one of the best american serial.

    I hope I will see next season. I am speaking for many pepoles of Europe.


  687. Jay said:

    TO ABC!!!!

    I HATE YOUR GUTS!!!! NEVER WATCHING ANYTHING YOU PUT ON TV AGAIIN!!!!!! YOU sUCK SHIT!!!!!!!! ABC PEOPLE ARE IDIOTS IF YOU WANT MORE VIEWERS THEN PUT IT ON A DIFFERENT TIME AND DAY!!!!!!!!!!! I HATE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONSIDER THIS YOU IDIOTS… There had been 17000 votes, THATS RITE 17000, with the average score of 8 so go die in a hole abc!!!!!!!!!!

  688. shahab said:

    hi i am a fan of flash forward from iran i really injoyed this show it was different i already saw lost prison beak and 24 and spartacus also friends gassip girls this show was fantastic for me i wish i could help to keep countinuing this show and i like mark benferd and olivia thery best really by by

  689. Mona said:

    this is F-ING BS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Flashforward was an amazing show!!!
    ABC are obviously retards!!!

  690. Shiron` said:

    Very Good Show. Season 2 would’ve been GREAT

  691. Peter said:

    The firt comment/post “Thank you for cancellation.
    Couldn’t stand watching another bad episode…” must be from someone that does not have any idea of what is something so well writen and so well directed, i bet the person in cause loves series like “Glee” LOLOLOL

    It´s amazing how could a Tv serie like Flashfoward be canceled by ABC when others like LOST wich in my point of view are long lasting torture. Anyway i would love to see Season 2 of Flashfoward, by the way it ended Season 1, Season 2 would have been breathtaking action!

    Maybe, just maybe we could have a online petition and see how it goes ;)

    Congrats for everyone that made Flashfoward possible and fight for Season 2, and perhaps in any other channel. :)

  692. Ochoy said:

    Waaaaaaaaaaaah! Please give us Season 2. We want to see more of Demetri’s arrogant roles and Janis’ double agent missions. The love triangle of Dr. Bryce, Keiko and Nicole. And most of all . . . Agent Mark’s rise & downfall. . The series was too intense, you don’t wanna miss a single episode. Kudos for all the cast and crew of this AMAZING television series. God Bless! Hope there will be no more blackouts :D

  693. kristiano alexandru said:

    hi…i wacht 10 episodes in this moovie,and i want to know if this moovie has an ending good or..its gone to finish bad,i mean that it was necesary to they make and the 2 season to have an finish like a normal moovie..wayting for an answer…and sry for my english..hope somebody understanding what i mean to sayd

  694. kristiano alexandru said:

    hi..one more question..do i have watch the rest of episodes ..or no?do i will be dispointed by the finish of this serial?

  695. Dorothy said:

    This Is CRAP, They always cancel all the good shows like,
    Ghost whisperer
    Their are people out there that really do love sci.fi. What is life if you can’t image beyond?

  696. Daniel D. said:

    They feed us nonsense and stupid shows, but anytime a good thing comes along, like the on-screen adaptation of Robert’s J. Sawyer “Flash Forward”, they cancel it without any given reason. The actors were great, plot even better, couldn’t wait for season 2. Please ABC give it a second thought I think it’s worth…
    For anyone who is interested the novel is worth your while.
    Thank you for your consideration.

  697. Daniel D. said:
  698. Tonya said:

    I am starting to get really irritated that another one of my favorite shows is being cancelled. Why?
    First the 4400, Kyle XY, and now FlashFoward. Am I just weird because I loved these shows?

  699. ... said:

    We want it back ABC.WE are those who rate it so WE want it back.It’s not fear.

  700. Andrew said:

    Hi ABC, I am from england

    I had been a fan of FLASHFORWARD since it aired for season one, I always looked forward to seeing the show every week and even though they have a lot of fans for this show, not everyone can watch it at the specific time you guys run it, plus not everyone can get tv reception, where I am, I can only watch the shows I like on the internet.

    But I was looking forward to the next season of FLASHFORWARD, some posts I have read before replying are right, why cancel a good show that gives people the suspence, action and drama that shows questions and answers all met, think you guys should try to reconsider for not only FLASHFORWARD but their fans too.

    I see alot of the fans are really pissed at you ABC broadcasters for cancelling a bloody good and descent show while you guys let the series LOST continue, I gave that show up after season one because it was just bullshit, next time you ABC broadcasters want to cancel a show, go for all the shitty ones and leave the good ones on air.

    This is all I got to say, just please bring back FLASHFORWARD, give them another chance as u may find they might end up with a whole lot more fans then you guys at ABC realise.

  701. cerry said:

    NOOOO!!! flashforward is amazing we want it back, bring it back =((!!!

  702. Steve said:

    I just asked my wife, when is Flash Forward coming back. I now know it was cancelled. ABC made a bad decision, complete the show ABC. Why get us hooked and then drop it. If you wanted to drop it then give us a final show. I looked forward to seeing it every week. Sorry for all of us. ABC just continues to make the wrong choice…

  703. Lucian-Romania said:

    HI ABC!!! in my flashforward you gave us season 2….so, don’t push the unvivers :)
    Seriously now, it’s a very good show, entertaining, extraordinary acting, intriguing plot and great lines…i like to watch something that makes me think.And this movie gives u a lot of thinking if u see the essence..
    anyway….bad choice for canceling
    Hope will see more of that show…and c’mon!!!!!!! what about that actors???? Fiennes, Cho, Monaghan

  704. Tracy-Jane said:

    Cannot believe it has been cancelled, we never missed an episode we were completely glued to it from the start ——— Please bring back we need a serious 2 it was one of the best programmes on tv –

  705. martina said:

    what…. i am from slovakia…. i wont season 2… no no.. i must be season 2.. it is beautiful serial…. yeah…

  706. Dutch Marc said:

    I still can’t belive ABC is canceling this top series. It’s the best I’ve seen in a long while on Dutch television. A sorry Dutch guy.

  707. Lee said:

    This series was fantastic. I can’t believe there will be no series 2. It’s perfectly poised for an amazing second series. Please ABC, get filming. For me this ranks alongside 24, something I looked forward to watching each episode (or in my case I bought the entire series at once and watched it all in 5 days). MORE FLASH FORWARD!!!

  708. Maria said:

    People. Do you thought about that the gouverment of U.S forsed to close 2 season filming??? Do you thought that this show showed something that can be happening or something that can’t be shown???

  709. hussain said:

    flash is one of the most TV series i loved
    i hope to see season2
    the best tv show ever

  710. Jeffrey said:

    Make a season 2, show a season 2, season 1 leaves ‘Flashforward’ to end with alot of questions :O its a damn good show :o

  711. Roman said:

    Another post from Slovakia (Europe) PLEASE release season 2 on any media!!! PLEASE!!!!!!

  712. Mihailo said:

    Really? No season 2? I watch the whole season in like 3 days, it’s *that* good.
    This was one of the rare tv shows that cought my attention after Battlestar Galactica.
    Fuck you ABC.

  713. Kaioku said:

    please give us season 2. I just finish watching my copy of season 1, for a several time. I love the story so much.
    Please flashforward season 2