Fourth ‘Lost’ Soundtrack Available May 12

Front Cover - Lost Season 4 Soundtrack

Front Cover - Lost Season 4 Soundtrack

Fans of the music score to J.J. Abrams’ Lost will be pleased to know that soundtrack label Varese Sarabande will release a fourth CD of Michael Giacchino’s Lost score on May 12 – and it will contain over 75 minutes of music from Lost Season 4.

Unlike most series on television, every single episode of Lost is scored with a 34-piece orchestra.

“It gives a soul to the music,” says Giacchino. “When you write for an orchestra, the sky’s the limit. It has this raw, organic quality or an amazingly emotional, internal quality. If I were to do this show with a synthesizer or samples, it would have a hollow, dead feel.”

Amazingly, Giacchino has continued to score 30-plus minutes of music for each of Lost’s episodes despite a schedule that has seen him busy scoring Paramount’s Star Trek, Disney/Pixar’s Up, and Universal’s Land of the Lost.  How does he manage it?  He scores each episode of Lost in about two days – partly because after 100 episodes of the series he has amassed so many themes and character motifs that he can quickly adapt previously written material to new scenes.

“I treat it like an opera,” Giacchino says. “Every character has a theme; some have two or three versions. There are themes for the island, the smoke monster, the hatch. … It’s fun to go back to those.”

Back Cover - Lost Season 4 Soundtrack

Back Cover - Lost Season 4 Soundtrack

Here’s the track listing from the new CD (click on bold tracks to hear a sample):

1. Giving Up the Ghost (2:40)
2. Locke’ing Horns (1:52)
3. Lost Away — Or Is It? (1:41)
4. Backgammon Gambit (1:19)
5. Time and Time Again (2:42)
6. The Constant (3:52)
7. Maternity Hell (2:31)
8. Karma Jin-itiative (1:24)
9. Ji Yeon (3:09)
10. Michael’s Right To Remain Wrong (1:54)
11. Bodies and Bungalows (1:23)
12. Benundrum (3:24)
13. Hostile Negotiations (2:21)
14. Locke-about (6:05)
15. There’s No Place Like Home (2:35)
16. Nadia On Your Life (1:42)
17. C4-titude (2:00)
18. Of Mice and Ben (2:19)
19. Keamy Away From Him (4:58)
20. Timecrunch (2:06)
21. Can’t Kill Keamy (1:48)
22. Bobbing For Freighters (5:20)
23. Locke of the Island (7:07)
24. Lying For the Island (4:53)
25. Landing Party (3:23)
26. Hoffs-Drawlar (3:50)

Source: Variety and Varese Sarabande (visit for more or to pre-order your copy)

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