Hugh Jackman Talks ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine 2′

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Although production of a sequel to X-Men Origins: Wolverine heavily hinges on the success of the first movie, that isn’t stopping Hugh Jackman developing the idea.

From MTV:

“I won’t lie to you, I have been talking to writers,” Jackman told MTV News. “I’m a big fan of the Japanese saga in the comic book.”

“However, it was also another one of my goals that you could see the end of this movie parlaying straight into ['X-Men'], finding that guy in the bar, fighting, drinking, with not much recollection of what’s going on,” added Jackman. “I thought that was important. However, we’ll find out beginning of May if there’s still an audience for it, if people still like the character. There’s no point in telling the story if no one wants to hear it.”

Clearly, Jackman’s not one to change his mind, as this isn’t the first time he’s mentioned to MTV his desire to take Wolverine to Japan. However, for those fans out there who think he’s simply parlaying his successful run as Wolverine into an extended vacation to the Japanese countryside, the actor makes it quite apparent that he definitely knows his Wolverine.

“There are so many areas of that Japanese story,” Jackman explained. “I love the idea of this kind of anarchic character, the outsider, being in this world — I can see it aesthetically, too — full of honor and tradition and customs and someone who’s really anti-all of that, and trying to negotiate his way. The idea of the samurai, too — and the tradition there. It’s really great. In the comic book he gets his ass kicked by a couple of samurai — not even mutants. He’s shocked by that at first.”

We have no doubt X-Men Origins: Wolverine is going to be a success, and so we also have no doubt a sequel will emerge.  As fans of the comic, we can’t think of a better step to take than to explore the Japanese story arc.  After all, fans of the comic know all too well that much of Logan’s comic character was forged there.

“There’s also a great, very intricate story there with Mariko,” adds Jackman in reference to one of Wolverine’s lost loves. “And so many cool ways we could go.”

Source: MTV

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26 Responses to “Hugh Jackman Talks ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine 2′”

  1. KILL3R said:

    I became a great fan of wolverine after seeing huge jackman in this role!!!!!!!!ooh!!!!wat to say he was just perfectmaterial for the film……he was born to feed us with his spectacular role….but pleas,please,please continue that wolverins origine sequal series…….i cnt wait to see more of him in his role as the wolverine!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. wolverinefan said:

    I have loved wolverine ever since I was a kid. He is my favourite hero, well anti hero. I love x-men 1,2 and 3 but I think x-men origins wolverine was the best and I would love to see a sequel.I dont know much about the Japan stoy,s but if huge jackman say,s there good I belive him. I am looking forward to x-men origins magneto and x-men first class but it won,t be as good if wolverines not the mane charecter but I hope he has a part in the films or at least a cameo.I heard that wolverine will be in the deadpool spinoff I hope so. x-men origins wolverine 2 and x-men origins deadpool are what I am most looking forward too. Also it would be cool to see wolverine in the avengers movie but only played by huge jackman no one else can play wolverine as well as him. WOLVERINE RULES.

  3. Unknown said:

    I think all of the spin-offs are going to be really good i cant wait to see them.

  4. wolverinefan said:

    I am very happy about all of the movies and I hope after all of the prequels they make a x-men days of the future past movie with,bishop,deadpool,cabel and wolverine still played by hugh jackman. Also I would perfer if they made the movies more for adults with lost of blood.

  5. Sabertoothrocks said:

    I also feel no one else could ever outdue Hugh Jackman’s performance as Wolverine, and im very anxious for wolverine 2. I want to see a bit more of a patchwork for Sabertooth building up to X-Men one. Liev Schreiber did an amazing job and I pray he’ll be in the sequel.

  6. thunderstrike said:

    it would be amazing to have another wolverine film it will be even if it had storm and beast in it

  7. wolverinefan said:

    storm and beast what? Actually that would be cool.

  8. Aimee said:

    I think Origins was fantastic and i loved that we were finally introduced to the other characters like Gambit who i wish wouldn’t been in the other x-men movies Taylor did a great job with him. However even though the next wolverine movie is to take place in Japan i would love to see Mr. Sinister included in there somewhere i think it’s perfect timing to finally get to see him in an X-men film. just my thoughts but i even have a person in mind to play him, Robert Pattinson would be perfect for the role. he’s British like mr. sinister and he has a deep voice as he demonstrated on the Twilight soundtrack. just my thoughts though.

  9. wolverinefan said:

    mr sinister would be good in wolverine 2 but i dout it. but he could be in x-men first class. i would like x-23,omega red and silver samrai to be in wolverine 2.

  10. Drifter17 said:

    I love Wolverine, and Hugh Jackman does an AMAZING job of playing him. I never read the comics, the reson I love Wolverine is because of Hugh Jackman so I’m excited for a sequel. Japan is kinda random for me because I’ve only watched the X-men movies so I’m kinda put-off by the idea of it being in Japan…I’m sure it will be a fantastic movie though simply because it’s Hugh Jackman returning once again as Wolverine. I guess I’ll just have to get used to the idea of Wolverine going to Japan! =)

  11. wolverinefan said:

    i hope huge jackman plays wolverine in every (wolverine,x-men,marvel)film.

  12. I get credit for this idea! said:

    maybe Daken and X-23 can be his children (long-lost twins with his abilities from an affair he’ll can have in XO:W2)???

    whatcha think???

    Daken — Justin Chon
    X-23 — Jamie Chung

  13. wolverinefan said:

    that is a good idea but it might not tie into x-men 1,2and 3 very well but maybe he fights them not knowing they are his children. that could work.

  14. Johnny Bhatty said:

    I think this is a good Idea for him too take Wolverine to Japan and countinue the Sequel of Wolverine Origins Wolverine Rockz Hugh Jackman Rockz.

  15. septult said:

    these are my ideas for wolverine 2. in japan wolverine joins hydra because he falls in love with madiko but she is already inlove with the silver samrai.meanwhile some guy is doing the dirty work for stryker while he is in prison. the guy creates x-23 and omega red and sends them to kill wolverine. wolverine learns the ways of the samrai and at one point challenges the silver samrai to a fight for the love of madiko. at one point x-23 can change sides and help wolverine fight omega red. thats just some of my ideas.

  16. tommy said:

    it would be cool if they got some new characters in the wolverine 2, like jubilee, banshee, ms marvel, bishop and other random ones that haven’t been included yet.

  17. sagi said:

    I think that they should add bishop in he is a really cool character

  18. Disky said:

    I loved Wolverine, but I was quite disappointed with the movie, because it set up for a sequel, and until now was mentioning of none coming out. So the fact that there is plans of a sequel, I am quite ecstatic. There is so much questions that needed to be answered: How did Sabortooth devolve into such an animal? What is the connection between Wolverine and the other X-Men movies? Just so many questions.

  19. Erna said:

    I love hugh jackman. Such a sexy talented actor! I loved all his movies and although i never really read the xmen comics i played plenty of video games lol and being a girl thats not too common lol but from the games alone i fell in love with wolverine and my fav villan mystique! when the movies came out i fell in love with them all. Hugh Jackman IS Wolverine =)and i dont ever want to see him replaced in any movie!!!!!!! He is an amazing actor and he nails the role! He is PERFECT!

  20. deadpool said:

    deadpool would be good in wolverine 2 and in x men

  21. deadpool said:

    ryan renolds would be good as deadpool

  22. X-man said:

    A Days of Future Past would make for an excellent X-Men movie, except that originally it was Kitty Pryde aka Shadow Cat who went back in time to stop an assanination of Senetor Robert Kelly in the comics, but in the animation Bishop went back in time in a title of Days of Future Past to stop the person from betraying the X-men, unfortunately the person turned out to be Proffessor Charles Xavier/Onslaught. Nathaniel Essex aka Mr. Sinister should NOT make an apperance until En Sabah Nur is ready to show himself, keep it to the comic description, plenty of samurai and ninja also known as the Hand. But as for Deadpool they should have kept him as a failed experiment taken to a hospice and tortured by Ajax and NOT altered into what he was not supposed to be, I mean having Cyclop’s Optic Blast and John Wraith’s teleporting was quite ridiculous, but Ryan Reynolds did play an excellent Merc with a mouth such as Deadpool. But then a Fatal Attactions or The Phalanx saga would make for excellent X-Men movies as well.

  23. X-Man said:

    There was a couple of powers that deadpool should never have had been which disapointed me, was Scott Summers Optic Blast and John Wraith’s Teleport, originally Deadpool had a derivitive form of Wolverine’s healing Factor which enabled him to be impervious to toxins and poisons, but if anyone dismembered a limb then it would grow back leaving but a scar, Wade Wilson killed a team mate Slayback and got rejected from Weapon X, so he was sent to a hospice under Dr. Killebrew and his sadistic assistant Ajax who tortured him, having a sort of “romantic” relationship with Death he taunted and teased Ajax in which resulted in a fellow inmate was given a labotomy so as an order from Death Wade killed the guy, and Ajax in a fit of anger ripped out his heart which grew back leaving a scar then wade attacked Ajax and left him for dead. But Ryan Reynolds played an brilliant Deadpool before the operation. Nathaniel Essex Should not make an apperance until En Sabuh Nur is ready to show himself. I think they should make a “Days of future past” or “The phalanx saga” or a “Legion & Age of apocalypse sagas” but originally in “Days of Future Past” Kitty Pryde aka Shadowcat was transfered into her younger self to stop Mystique from assassinating Senator Robert Kelly, but in the animated series of the same title Bishop was teleported back through time in order to stop Mystique aka Raven Darkholme from immitating Gambit aka Remy LeBeau from assassinating Senator Robert Kelly. But yes they should make those movies.

  24. xmenrules said:

    x-men origins wolverine 2 is gonna be great. i am also looking forward to x-men first class but i dont think first class will be as good because it wont have wolverine in it and it wont be the same but it will still be good though. i hope all the rest of the prequels tie in well. the first x-men origins tied in brilliantly with the x-men trilogy and it set the stage for other movies it was awsome. i cant wait until x-men origins wolverine 2. its gonna be awsome.

  25. beast said:


  26. chazz said:

    I think for the sequel they should put deathstrike in it. I mean, she is part of weapon x and maybe mystique in a cameo. sabretooth has to return also!