Is Heath Ledger Appearing in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’?


As the production date of the last Batman’s film The Dark Knight Rises draws nearer, we start wondering more and more intensely who the movie’s villain is going to be. And according to some rumours, Christopher Nolan is planning to bring Joker back… using the late Heath Ledger’s performance. The idea allegedly was to use the fragments of cut scenes and other unused footage so that the Joker could appear on the screen, at least for some moments - this way the movie would pay tribute to Heath Ledger.

However, being asked about this issue, Nolan and his wife Emma Thomas (who is also a producing partner for the movie) have officially denied that this rumour bears any resemblance to the truth. In the past, Christopher Nolan also had said that he had had no plans to return to the Joker, and the only things he let to slip away were that Tom Hardy was going to play one of the key roles (however, it is still not clear whether he will be a good guy or a bad guy).


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