Its An Honor for the SciFi World

The Library of Congress has honored the three SciFi flicks Alien, E.T. the Extra Terrestrial and Star Wars by adding them to their National Film Registry. This is the latest addition to the list after they had done so in the year 1989. This gesture proves that the films are considered to be really significant, thus their preservation is a need. The list consists of 22 more films that have been added and consists of some of the path breaking movies made during this period. It is indeed a great gesture on the part of Library of Congress to have given recognition to films that not only proved to be a treat to watch but also changed the way SciFi movies were produced. All the three deserved to be in the list; kudos to their creators!

Source: Scifiwire

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One Response to “Its An Honor for the SciFi World”

  1. v1ewer said:

    Wow! The science fiction genre is finally catching on, even becoming mainstream… ;)
    Way to go!