‘Legend of the Seeker’ Season 3 Cancelled

According to Entertainment Weekly, The Legend of the Seeker TV show has been cancelled after the season 2 has finished. ABC Studios have tried to find some interested parties to continue, but no luck. So after 2 successful seasons the show is the history. Share your thoughts in the comments.

Based on The Sword of Truth fantasy novels and produced by Sam Raimi and Robert Tapert, Seeker has been averaging 2.2 million viewers in its second season. But now, sadly enough, there is no more season 3 for the Seeker.

Source: EW

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376 Responses to “‘Legend of the Seeker’ Season 3 Cancelled”

  1. Rachel Kiley said:

    Hi, maybe you could write an article about the significant fan efforts to save the show? Http://www.saveourseeker.com

  2. Chase said:

    Absolutely gutted.. LOTS was one of the best new shows on TV, and what a sad week, when LOTS and LOST ends. “Tears” was really a brilliant finale episode.

  3. roy watkins said:

    It is a pure shame that a series such as the legend of the seeker is going to be removed/ It has given me hours of true enjoyment. it has removed me from this time work and wories and taken me to time adventure. Please do not remove this show

  4. jaime said:

    ya’ll need to make season 3 ya’ll should keep richard as the seeker and bring another guy into the season chaos i made that up if you do plan to make it use that …..

  5. stephanie said:

    make season 3 for everyone ya’ll should continue making that and make it love acton killing

  6. Merle Freeman said:

    Say it isn’t so. I’m sure as soon as more people learn of the cancellation, someone will decide to make a third season.

  7. Mike said:

    This sucks!!!! i love this show, and i was looking forward to season three.

  8. Vegard said:

    It says that the article was copied from the EW website. And if you go there you can see that it dates April 26th. A lot of campaigning has been made since that so .. There’s still hope! :D

  9. Jane_Doh said:

    Then all of you who think this isn’t right, come and do something about it!!!! Don’t just moan and sulk, get motivated.


    or join the facebook group: Legend of the Seeker – We Want Season 3,4,5……


    The more I hear that season 3 is ‘cancelled’, the more satisfying it will be when it returns.

  10. Greg Gagliardi said:

    legend of the seeker is the best action as well as storylines and should continue with a 3rd season

  11. kristy said:

    Please don’t cancel the the legend of the seeker. This is an amazing show! I watch it all the time on Netflix with my daughter. We didnt even know which channel it was on or when it aired so we watched it on Netflix. Maybe if you made it more clear which channel it was on, and when it aired, more people would definitley be watching it. So many fans are going to be crushed if this show gets canceled. Alot of fans have been trying to save this show, even on facebook!

  12. Summer said:

    Really loved this show. It was morally and ethically sound with fun special effects and an awesome cast. Even joined them on FB. Now what am I gonna do on Sundays?

  13. lily said:

    Me too mike I LOVE this show! and That totally sucks cuz i want to know what happens and if the two love birds get to gather and have a baby plus How does this person writing this stuff about it being canceled is true! how does he/she know!?

  14. cat said:

    this is easily the best show on TV!! I can not believe it is being cancelled….it is so satisfying to watch and NEVER a dull moment…it moves so fast. The fight scenes are brilliant without being bloody and gory..and over the last two years the series has grown with such depth of charachter..and it offers so many positive messages for people about tolerance and getting along and respect between people. It is all a huge disapointment to see it get cancelled!! I waited faithfully for this show every week and watched it on NETFLIX without commercial interruption. I guess it was just too good to be true! I am definilty going to read the books now! I guess it is all I have left of it! I love Craig Parker as Darken Ral too!! What an awesome actor! Well folks….there is always live streaming of the past episodes on NETFLIX. Peace- out! LONG LIVE LEGEND OF THE SEEKER!!!

  15. Judy said:

    There should be a system where people who would like to have good shows, such as LOTS to watch could subscribe and the shows would be produced with the money. I would be first in line to pay $25 to $30 for a subscription. That is less than $2 an episode and LOTS is much better than most movies. If only half of the people who watched LOTS would subscribe, they would have $25 to $30 million dollars to do a third season. We would have the show to watch, all the people who made the show would still have jobs and most of the money the TV channels paid for the show and DVD sales would be profit. How about it, ABC? How about it, fans. The only way we are going to have decent shows to watch is to pay for them somehow. We will soon be left with only the crummy reality shows to watch – boring.

  16. mom of 2 boys said:

    Two of my children love this show and so do I. My three year old says seeker seeker when ever the show comes on. He really likes it. Me being a mother of two that really like I would love for it to come back for the sake of my children.

  17. Igor k said:

    Its pretty strange and indeed sad that they decided to cancel
    because now that Nikki is alive there should be the third prophecy about the powerful two bloodlines [Rahl and Zeds bloodlines] which is Richard and a stronger force is Darken/Nikki or somthing worse..

  18. Cory said:

    This show is great. The backdrop is amazing, story is amazing, the charaters are great! Here’s to holding in there for season 3!

    mom of 2 boys, You let your 3 year old watch this show? A little violent, bloody, scary and provocative for children no?

    Its no wonder why this world gets worse and worse. People keep pushing the envelope with what is acceptable to small children.

  19. lsr911 said:

    legend of the seeker is my favorite show. im soooo sad. i look forward to seeing this show each week.

  20. Kevin said:

    Legend of the Seeker was one of the rare shows my daughters and I watched together and equally enjoyed. Telling them the show is canceled is going be as easy as the ‘Santa isnt real’ talk. It was really neat seeing the girls ask ‘daddy is seeker on tonight?’

    Here’s to hoping for season 3 and several to follow.

  21. tone said:

    Please tell me am dreaming and its not true,since i started watcing it,when its time for lots,i stop whatever am doing right away..

  22. Cary said:

    it’s just a pitty… the characters are amazing and the story as well… maybe there will be a protest… I hope that the company will reconsider it! :-(

  23. Laura said:

    I absolutely love legend of the seeker and to be quite honest didn’t realize that the show had such a major following. It’s a great family friendly show with enough excitement to entertain everyone in the family. I can’t wait for the show to return.

  24. Laura said:

    Legend of the Seeker is suppose to be returning next season. As far as knowing which channel the show aired; the show aired on three different channels: Channel 6, 2, and 30. You couldn’t miss the show even if you tried.

  25. Mikeon said:

    How disappointinn & before I was there expectinn season 3

  26. John said:

    Good riddance. Loved the books, and was actually happy that the show didn’t just mirror the books, since then it wouldn’t have had that much potential. Anyone who wanted that story could read the books. Much like I was thrilled that battlestar galactica also went it’s own direction, not following the original.

    But I’m glad it’s going away. People saying this was the best show on TV? Seriously? I’m not even panning it because it wasn’t as good as the books, I’m just panning it because I really thought it was bad. Lousy acting, pathetic stories, a bad guy who was the biggest pansy and totally incapable of being a threat to one person yet ran all of D’hara? There was no feel for the characters, no planning it seemed in the plot lines, no depth to the stories, and no logic to why the characters did as they did… It seemed hacked together every week, and the only thing worth watching it for was the feminine charms…

    Wish it had been better but they just didn’t seem to even try, better giving it the coup then letting it rot on in agony…

    And no, not a troll, not looking for reactions and flame wars, just saying not everyone is in love with this show. Of all the sci fi / fantasy fans I know, there is not one single one who liked this show, both people who read the original books and those who didn’t.

    Hopefully this opens the possibility for someone with a real story to tell…

  27. Megan said:

    Please don’t cancel the Legend of the Seeker! It is a great show and is not meant to be canceled. As fans, i think we should all write letters of complaint or anything possible to do our part to save the Seeker.
    Long Live the Seeker!

  28. Lisa said:

    I found a site last night that said it wasn’t going to be cancelled but I couldn’t find it when I just tried to look again. But I did find a different one that said it was going to continue just on a different channel. They weren’t sure which one but I’m sure it will soon be released. At least it better be. It can’t end. Nikki was brought to Darken Rahl and he said he had plans for her. It can’t just end like that. It’s not possible! I think everyone is doing a great job supporting the show though. We’ll come through. Legend of the Seeker is the only show I watch anymore. They can’t get rid of it. What would I do?:(

  29. Nora said:

    Well I sure hope it returns Laura because I am going to miss it terribly if it does not. Please let it be soooo… its my favorite action show to watch every week!

  30. foam roofing said:

    That’s really too bad they cancelled Legend of the Seeker. It was really an enjoyable show– a breath of fresh air really. There really wasn’t another network show like it. I watched all of seasons 1-2 and I thought it was great. I guess they thought the ratings were not high enough. I think some of the ratings lie these days though.. so many people are watching hulu or from other online places. They need to figure out a business model that can profit enough from online viewers in the USA to keep shows alive better.

  31. Alex said:

    OMGGGG NO *cries* this was the most epic show ever how could they cancel it. D: All the good shows always get cancelled. Im dead inside now this is what I looked forward to every saturday after a long week of work. Ive already read all the books what now I need my weekly dose of new seeker episodes.

  32. Johnny said:


    I am so so soooooo happy to have found out that LoTS will be coming back for a 3rd season as it is by far one of my most favorite shows of all time.

    I found out the news today on Next Episode….and they are ALWAYS the first to put out when a show is cancelled or coming back for another season (and I have yet to see them wrong).

    Up until today they had just posted that there was no news on LoTS returning for a new season…but today they updated it to :

    The show has been renewed for a 3rd season.

    Go and see for yourself…


    Thank the good spirits that we will see our seeker as well as all the others come back for a 3rd go around…!!!


  33. book fan said:

    I am not sorry they are cancelling the show. I am a huge fan of the book series and even of the first season of the show. What the heck happend to the second season? The show became laime. GET GOOD WRITERS!!! BTW I don’t mind changes from the book, but if you do; it needs to be for the better, not for the worse. Also, Richard should have remained being a wizard

  34. Richard said:

    I can believe that they are cancelling the show, when a good show finally comes around, they find a reason to get rid of it. I have read all of the ‘Sword of Truth’ books, and there is so much material to be covered. Like Nathan Ral (the prophet)also related to Richard. Also when Richard explores the Wizards Keep. And when Richard comes into his own abilities (the only wizard in thousands of years to posess the magic of good and dark, and to master both of them). After busting your butt working, it felt good to get home & open a cold one, relax, put your feet up and watch a good show. I don’t care much for reality shows, whose reality are they showing? Not mine. They should continue with the show, or take a chance with one more season, before they make up their minds. Lets all hope…..

  35. derascal said:

    Hopefully someone recognizes they have made a big mistake and
    will know that this is a must see series….The Legend of the Seeker needs a new home … so Season 3 can begin on time and the fans can continue to support and grow our numbers… The Legend of the Seeker — new and unique — The journey should continue!!


    Hope has a Warrior — The Seeker

  36. Joyce said:

    I can’t believe it, in fact, I refuse! Season 3: Let it BE! Save the Seeker, it will survive!!

  37. lauri said:

    My husnabd stopped drinking after 25 years and he found this show when it first came on, we have watched it together faithfully everysince , that was our reward, now its being taken away , PLEASE make a season 3

  38. Matthew said:

    you can’t cancel the show!!!!!!!!!!!
    Some 1 stop this madness PLZ!!!!
    this Is my favorite show, I’ve read all the TG books 7x. There is so much more that can be brought to the show.
    what about Jagong for cry’n out loud? if ya wanna stop the seasons at least stop after the Jagong is defeated…

    I mean really this show is the best show out there, you can’t stop it, I demand more… lol
    Publish that some1 plz.

  39. seekermaddness91 said:

    pls pls rescue the seeker he is trapped in the world of nothing he is sad and starving, he needs a new birthday party this year, and new secrets revealed, old friends reunite, the only thing this show needs is better writers, just let the author write it or something, even if Jangong is going to die he is still going to continue, just look at Heroes on NBC, its still on and it has season 6, stop the stupid soaps on abc and let seeker scoot in he is a good actor he looks awesome, plus that bad ass confessor, pls pls release it and pay attention to your story!!!!!!

  40. seekermaddness91 said:

    oh forgot the wizard, pls rescue him he is trapped in the underworld!!! Just dont let the seeker end like that and give richard back his powers this is almost nothing like the book, and where is the mud people!!!

  41. seekermaddness91 said:


  42. Shannon said:

    I love this show. I am really sadden that they have cancelled such a great show. The books are good, but I enjoy watching the show weekly. I watch it with my husband faithfully. I ownthe 1st season & will buy the 2nd season when it comes out.

    Please ABC/Disney bring back “Legend of the Seeker” its my favorite show on tv. Its better than all them stupid reality shows, which more & more are popping up every season. I hope the Seeker Fans will find a way to get the show back for more seasons & the people who make the show will find a way to continue to keep it going. We may not have the viewing ratings for Seeker like “Lost” or “Suvivior” but we fans love our show & want more. Thanks.

  43. Lloyd said:

    This is a very good show… I love it.. hope season 3 comes… a great show like this should not be put in history..

  44. William said:

    Laura, the show was canceled. A colleague of mine was one of the writers from Legend of the Seeker series. And as far as I know, he doesn’t have his job anymore. Even the actors were told that there won’t be season 3. HOWEVER, according to a recent interview Bridget Regan (Kahlan) hasn’t been released from her contract. SO… there’s still a chance if we all unite together in our effort to save the show. I started going to saveourseeker.com and participated in some of the email/letter writing campaigns. I think we all should join in.

    I just recently found out about the show through Netflix.com. Before that, I have never heard anything about the show. When I did finally catch up with the show a couple of months ago, I had a hard time finding the show on tv. It’s varies from region to region. In LA area, it’s playing on KTLA channel but on a Saturday at 3 (but it moves around if there’s a sport event) and Sunday at 1 am. I finally gave up and just watched the rest of the show online and on netflix.

    I wish the Seeker series had been given a better time slot on a regular network like NBC, CW, or FOX. I know for sure it would’ve done so much better. And a better advertisements would have helped too. LOTS is definitely one of the most exciting tv series on TV. The cinematography, special effects, and score are way better than most of the other primetime shows. The casts are great and they have great chemistry. The characters are interesting. And on top of all those, it tells stories about HOPE, VIRTUES, and LOVE… which are absent in all reality shows that pretty much hog most of the television airtime.

    Please give us Legend of the Seeker season 3!!!!

  45. Dan Rollins said:

    I was surprised to hear this in the news, and I guess it is so. I am disappointed that this fledgeling show is being cancelled so soon.

    On the otherhand, the option not to follow precicely as Terry Goodkind has written his books was more discourageing. There are so many story-lines that were so severly messed around with it makes these books of Terry Goodkind a wisper of a story.

    Sure, if one did not read these books the story line presented on television palpable. However, I have read the first two books in this series, and the television show should have been rated “M” for mature and the vivid storytelling places the reader in a very live very action-packed of wizadry, swords, dragons surrounded with mystery and a back-story that the reader quickly gleans nonstop until the finish!

    Shame on the directors, shame on the producers, and dam that contract that Terry Goodkind signed to mettle with the original story line.

  46. Cath said:

    I can’t believe it. I’m soooo bummed. The seeker cannot be
    cancelled. Please!!!!!!!! But if it does get
    picked up let it be on dishnetwork as
    well as directv!!!!

  47. Angelo said:

    Guys maybe the person behind in cancelling the show is under the influenced of the Keeper or Darken Rahl. :)

    I hope the show continues i love their adventures.
    I hope they started working on Season 3

  48. Ajk said:

    I think that we should write letters to all networks in regards to this show, contact fox, and WBZ, and Scyfy and let them know exactly what kind of show and followers and fans are watching it and loving all of it.

    The whole lack of advertisement for this show is its demise without a doubt it’s the best show on TV… i think that CW TV would fair well with this show.

    Look at the garbage on TV…. jersey shore, reality shows on mtv in general… what the hell are they putting on TV now, it’s the good shows that get booted, hell the OC was better than the crap they’re coming out with now, and smallville, a slow boring show is already done 7 seasons… why don’t they continue this legend in legend of the seeker, clearly the problem is marketing and lack of sales, it’s been said viewers online are insane, yet actual TV viewings are lacking, so buy the DVDs, buy the episodes, tune in for the repeat of the 2nd season at night, and stop making the rating go down, if there’s a bit of hope for our Seeker we need to stand up and prove it!

  49. Jason said:

    I am glad the series is canceled. The word abomination comes to mind when I think about how bad the show is. Given how good the books are they took all the elements of story put them into the blender and spewed them out in random order. I mean Kahlen being raised by the sisters of light(shudder)is horrible. The only thing the show did well was the casting I do think Craig Horner as Richard and Bridget Regan as Kahlen fit the look of the characters very well.

  50. amanda said:

    I really enjoy this show a lot. I loved season 2 and I couldn’t stop watching it. Right when the episode came out I watched it on Netflix. I REALLY want a third season to be made because this is definately in the top 5 of my favorite tv shows:)

  51. valeska said:


  52. malithsgg said:

    Please give us Legend of the Seeker season 3!!!! SAVE OUR SEEKER!!!!!

  53. Rainy Autumn Cooper said:

    I will truly miss the show. I love everything about the show. My daughter and I look forward to watching legend of the seeker every week. Although my daughter is 5 years old and I make her close her eyes when there are adult things going on, for the most part she loves, loves, loves legend of the seeker. She loves Kaylen and Richard, and enjoyes the fact that she knows who’s good and evil…I am very sad that there won’t be a next season or more season’s to come. It’s very hard these days to find a common show that you can watch with your child, besides “reality” and cartoons…If there’s something we can do to help bring back Legend of The Seeker, please e-mail me…Good Luck and love you all with the show….

  54. Rainy Autumn Cooper said:

    Just one more thing….There is so many things left to be said and seen by viewers, don’t leave us hangin’….Bring back our seeker…

  55. Eleca Shawn. said:

    LOTS was the best. you should re-consider bringing back season 3, 4 and even 5.I always watch season 1 and 2 because i cant get enough of the confessor an the seeker himself…..PLEASE BRING SEASON 3….PLEASE.

  56. Danika said:

    I find it sad that the show is being cancelled. I just recently discovered LOTS and am hooked. Keep the seeker alive, we need a little such a fantasy world in our lives!!!!

  57. smitty62 said:

    It always sux when you get a good series and the studio ends it cuz they dont think enough people watch it….they base this crap on at the time viewing. They dont think of the busy lives of people who still watch it..it just gets dvr’d. The fan base for LOTS is huge…and i for one really hope that someone (hopefully Sci-Fi) takes the reigns on this cuz it is a great franchise.

  58. nikki said:

    Seeker is by far my favorite show, I’m on ep 19 on netflix & almost dont want to keep watching because i dont want it to end. My whole family loves this show, how often does that happen? I’m sick to death of stupid realty t.v., LOTS is the total package as far as a show goes, please please please bring back our Seeker

  59. wu said:

    My name is Wu and I’m from china. I’m so sorry to hear that LOTS was cancelled, and I can do nothing for it because there are no official or legal ways for me to buy this show in mainland. But I can give some advice. I think the reason why such a brilliant show like LOTS was cancelled could be its advertising. Though I can’t see it on my TV, I know that this show doesn’t have much popularity. I suggest if we really want the seeker back, we should tell anyone we know about this show, so ABC would see the potential of it and start it again.

  60. Stef said:


    please don’t cancel it! :( ((((

    LOTS is AMAZING!!! so thrilling, adventurous, unique!!!

  61. HowieFromSeattle said:

    Please don’t cancel LOTS, I just discovered it on Netflix and want to see a 3rd season! This is by far the best show I’ve watched in a LONG time!!! I love the story and action, its magical… this coming from a 35yr old father!! Please Please PLEASE bring it back… TY

  62. Tom Tilly said:

    LOTS is a great show action good story line etc,im a 43 yer old father who hasnt missed a episode,Here in Australia only season 1 has played i hope they show season2,please let there be a 3rd season as this would give me somthing to look forward too.

    thanks Tom “Sydney”

  63. Ahmed said:

    Hellooooo 2 richard, and many loveeee 2 kaylan & cara. I hope i will soon be watching leg of d seeker 3.please do not abandon us.do save us from d tears of sorrow & heart break.expecting season 3

  64. Kw said:

    I think that the cast should make a movie about the show so that they can show what happens in the end of the show. I think everyone would enjoy seeing what happens between Richard and Kaylhan, I was very devastated when I heard that Legend of the Seeker was going to be canceled, and my mother suggested that I send a letter to Craig Horner so that he could convince them not to cancel it. YOU MUST NOT LET THEM CANCEL LEGEND OF THE SEEKER!!!!! I LOVE THE CHEMISTRY BETWEEN RICHARD AND KAYLHAN, IT MUST NOT END!!!!!!!!!

  65. ian said:

    i really don’t get it, this is really absurd, why is always like this whenever there is good show on tv were canceled and leave the story hanging by the thread, it is not fair, i believe there are so many viewers are very sad and disappointed, why the seeker must be ended like this.

  66. oshioke-king m.k.o said:

    the worse thing that can ever happen to TV series is removing legend of the seeker out. we the fans from Nigeria cannot stand to hear that a season 3 will not be seen. without missing words this is the best series i have ever seen. please dont stop.

  67. Jeff said:

    WHAT?!?!?!?! LOTS was by far the best show on television today! There are soo many shows still on that are horrible. every week we had people come over and watch it. My parents got into the show and they dodnt even watch tv! How does a show like this get canceled? PLEASE bring it back!!!

  68. Stevie said:

    Some people say to go to this site http://next-episode.net/legend-of-the-seeker and that here there is proof that legend of the seeker is in for a third season. Well don’t believe then ’cause that is bullshit. Ya’ll may hear or believe what ya’ll want to, but here is an advice for ya’ll youngster, don’t got tellin’ us what you want to hear, because it’ll come back on you. I know ya’ll don’t understand, but if ya’ll think deep, ya’ll understand.

    Stevie, Texas

  69. Joe said:

    Absolutely loved season 1 and season 2 of Legend of the Seeker. Too bad there will not be a season 3. One thing that disappointed me in season 2 towards the last episodes was the in-your-face lesbianism. Although some people may find this acceptable, it was rather shocking. Yet another case of media attempting to make homosexuality a social norm. The hard undeniable fact is that it remains a minority group with the majority of heterosexuals frowing on (but tolerating) it. The young generations of kids watching the show are likely to become desensitized to these things because of media games like this. The genre of this series is not in the category of gay or lesbian so I expect to watch the show without being ambushed. Live and let live.

  70. Eiheal said:

    Honestly, I think they should continue it. A lot of people don;t know about the show yet, and those who hav’t discovered it don’t know the adventure, romance, and amazing affects the series has to offer. Most of my friends, who didn’t hear about Legend of the Seeker, all loved it after they watched their first episode. Also, many people don’t watch TV as much as they watch their favorite shows on the computer due to schedule difficulties. If ABC decides to record season 3, I’m sure the ratings will go even higher due to craved fans being deprived of their most favored action series.

  71. VHER& HELEN said:


  72. Nayriel said:

    Recently discovered the show its not fair it won’t screen for a 3rd season!!!!!Most people don’t know about the show just advertise it More!!!!
    Save our Seeker

  73. melissa said:

    Dios mio !!!! como puede ser posible que una serie tan espectacular como esta se valla a quedar asi!!???? Es la mejor serie que e visto en toda mi vida. Yo considero que podrian mover esto mundialmente. Yo vivo en Puerto Rico y aqui no es televisado, la veo por internet y considero que se deberia llevar a otros paises, fuera de los EEUU. La e recomendado a varios amigos y quedaron encantados. Espero que encuentren una pronta solucion.

  74. anthonia said:

    i started ccrying when they say the show is canceled becauz not a lot of people watch it. a lot of eople dont watch it becuz they dont know about it if people know about it they will watch it i mean the show as everythin drama, adventure, romance, and a lot of other thing so abc plz dont cancel the show a lot of people enjoy it and u just need to let people know about the show.

  75. Bob from Jersey said:

    Oh look! There’s my TV falling out the window. “Bye bye, TV!”

  76. Maya said:

    Okay seriously, I am so sick and tired of really good shows getting cancelled left, right and center. It’s really annoying to begin watching something that’s interesting and isn’t dupilcted and has character depth and then bam, it’s up an cancelled. Legend of the Seeker is an awesome show created by an ingenious novelist and of course, the people behind the epicness that was Xena and Hercules, and other shows that I used to watch that are no longer on and then I can’t find them in DVD anymore cause people won’t run them any longer. It’s the same with Firefly and Dollhouse. Honestly, I’m tired of people replacing good shows with trash.

  77. Hope said:

    Omg! U pple shud nt cancel d season 3 of ma best film,if u do dat,den d journe of richard 4rm d heartlands,midlands..etc has been in vain ‘cos u’re gonna let billions of fans do?n.Like an old man i kno in season 1 used 2 speak:’in dis life,u can onli go front,not back’.Fist rule.

  78. alex said:

    Salvation has you the dowsing fan so I am French and I can say that thanks to internet I could know about this wonderful series, which has had only a ghostly, no advertising, TV spot, I think that this series will have continued but on internet to a max of pub via facebook and any social network and who know little be looking for another financing abroad.

    salut a vous fan du sourcier je suis donc français et je peut dire que grace à internet j’ai pu connaitre cette magnifique série, qui n’a connu qu’une diffusion fantomatique, aucune publicité, spot télé, je pense que cette série devrai continuée mais sur internet faire une max de pub via facebook et tout les réseau sociaux et qui sais peu être chercher d’autre financement à l’étranger

  79. Jan Marsman said:

    Legend of the Seeker is truly the only show that I looked forward to and put down my book and got off the computer to watch. Please have a Season# 3.

  80. Rick said:

    Seriously? Cancelled? Are you out of your frickin minds? America loves this show, not to mention the few of us who have/are reading the books. I dont think that the fans of LOTS, should go and have to read the books in order, just to get a glimpse of what Season 3 should of been about or whatnot. This is a joke. You think just because you have the power to cancel tv shows, that it makes you god? NO! You have let down many viewers, I being one of them. I was finally happy to hear when Season 1 of LOTS came out, I dont think I slept 24 hours prior to the 1st airing. I love this show, I have turned all my friends and family to this show. They are disgusted with what ABC/Disney has done to our Seeker, First Wizard, Mother Confessor and our Mord Sith, You have done a blow to the fans and frankly have pissed them off to no extent, and here we are working our butts off trying to get a 3rd season, and we are not even getting noticed for the work we are doing, what is going on? ABC and DISNEY and ignoring our efforts, why you might ask? Because the only thing they care about are ratings and if the show is a sucess or not. This would be, well i dont know what number it is, but this is like the 34th show that I have liked and what happened? YOU CANCELLED IT!

  81. Someone in Kenya said:

    No way……how can u remove the series and the way it was of the hook men…..imagine i would miss reading my exam to watch the legend of the seeker…

  82. Kelsie said:

    Alright, well I read the books. Actually I’m just finishing Confessor. GREAT BOOK, I might add.
    I have to agree with another person that posted on this.
    Compaired to the books, Legend of the Seeker couldn’t even be an equal, even though books are usually better than then shows or movies anyways.

    I only really watched this show because I read the books, just to see how the people would compare the two. I’m not saying that I don’t like the show! I do, but the books are just amazing! They took me awhile to read, but it was sure worth it.

    I still want a third season to be made, please don’t stop making this show!

  83. Blood said:

    I suppose I’ll keep this thread going….. (Tears)… Good show bad timing, help the cause at saveourseeker.com , also If your not too poor go buy the first season , I got mine friday for 35$$, If they see a demand they will fill it. When season 2 hits shelves buy it….

  84. lily said:

    NOOOO!!! PLEASE I NEED A SEASON 3! i love LOTS it’s the best show! i would love to see richards and kahlans baby season 3 would be amazing wth a powerful baby joining their family!!!

  85. troy said:

    that is sooooo bad, my mates here in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia is following each episode….i hope they will reconsider their decision. :-(

  86. Rebekah said:

    I was so excited when my favorite book was being turned into a TV series, but when I actually saw it I was disappointed. It didn’t follow in line with the books. Like some in this blog said they threw everything in a blender and pieced the show together. The more I watched the more I was disappointed. Maybe the reason there are low ratings is because a good portion of the viewers who are die hard Sword of Truth fans stopped watching. If the show was to be successful they should have followed the book. It worked for Harry Potter why not Legend of the Seeker? I do think that some of the characters were great but still it needs to follow the book. i.e make the D’harans Blond with blue eyes especially Darken Rahl, Nikki always in wore black and had blond hair. I don’t think this show will recover. Someone else needs to come along, say Joss Whedon and remake the show according to the books and then the ratings will be through the roof!

  87. najib said:

    To be candid,third serie of legend of seeker is not suppose to be cancelled.becouse it is among fantacy series in the world of movies.

  88. SeekerFan said:

    I am an advid fan of the show and “plead” with ABC not to pull the plug on the show.

  89. Rae Lloyd said:

    I really enjoyed season 1 and most of 2 up to the part with the lesbian kissing. It was pretty disgusting. I don’t think the majority of people go for this and it’s probably why they stopped watching it.

  90. Thomas said:

    Rumor 1 # What I have heard there will be a season 3……ABC supposedly said there will be a season 3 and they have listen to the Fan base because of the Author of the Book joined the battle so ABC Finally GAVE IN…Coming out sometimes in 2010-2011
    Rumor 2# I have also heard that Syfy bought the show from ABC and they are making season 3….
    I believe in the first rumor is more true than second one….There is a season 3 that is what matters the most. ABC should have Advertise this show more…I personally found out about this show on Netflix….I never saw advertisements on TV……I am a big fan of Merlin and this show….I can’t wait to see season 3!!!!!!

  91. Stef said:

    I think it is a bad decision to discontinue the show because nowadays more people do not catch their tv shows on tv anymore. There are much more avenues through other internet sources and if we pile all these viewers together it’ll be much greater than just 2.2 million on average.

    Season 3 should continue because it’s one of the rare few series where the ENTIRE show is not heavily based on a mono theme (like sexuality) which so many other shows today does. It brings viewers back to what is good and should be celebrated in our society. And yeah, the point where the last episode leaves people hanging because there’re still unresolved issues of Nicci.

    And for what it’s worth, I’m from Singapore and I do know of friends and family who are just CRAZY about this show. Save the Seeker!

  92. Tiffany Pree said:

    Sorry They Sold All There Props and Stuff On eBay.
    I Guess You Will Have To Read The Books To See What Happens.

  93. Tim said:

    Love the show!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t believe they are cancelling the show!! All the shows out there and they want to canell this one. I just finished watching both seasons again on dvd, they need to bring this back!!!!

  94. sciencer said:

    I knew this was going to happen..
    WEll it ended and i am glad it ended with a good ending. Compared to other great shows!

    ” dead like me” which also got canceled due to lack of public awareness.

    Hulu had all the episodes of “dead like me” there is a movie to end the show off so I suggest that you watch the episodes first.

  95. Johnny said:

    Hello LOTS fans. I too am highly disappointed that our show was canceled and have done as much as I can do to see it return.

    I have faced the cold bitter fact that the show may never come back but I wanted this amazing story to continue.

    With my busy life, I don’t have time to just stop and read the books (as much as I would like) considering they are about 500+ pages per book. So what I did was I got the “audio books” and all I can say is AMAZING…!!

    I listen to them on my ipod everywhere I go and while I am driving to and from work. I already completed the prequel “Debt of Bones” and am almost done with the 1st book in the series “Wizards First Rule”.

    I can’t put into words how incredible these audio books are. There are 2 versions of Audiobooks, and one of the versions (the one I am listening to) the narrator is an AMAZING actor and very animated. He creates unique voices for each character (and he sounds just like the character (i.e. – a man, boy, girl, or woman). He “acts” out each character with deep emotion and narrates the words of the author in a way that sweeps you away with all the action, magic, and romance that was intended by Terry Goodkind (the author). Each word spoken paints the most vivid pictures in the mind and reveals the story in a way that is truly magical. YOU MUST GET THE BOOKS NARRATED BY NICK SULLIVAN…!! It’s like listening to Radio theater.

    Also, there is so much of the story that was left out in the TV show that is bought to life in the books. All I can say is if you love Richard, Kahlan, Zed, Cara, and the show LoTS…you will be swept away with the audiobooks and will feel connect to the seeker once again…!!! I hope you LoTS lovers give the audio book a chance….all I can say is you won’t be sorry. =)

  96. Amanda said:

    Damn it. . . I was actually hoping for a season 3! I read all the books after the first season came out and even though there are severe strays from the story line its still really good! They can totally bring it back i mean there really is soo much more! Come on! Where is the war? When does Jagang come and kick some ass?? Really? Why cancel a perfectly awesome amazing show? Why not cancel some of the other crap that they’re pushing on us? Id rather some prissy teenaged girl show go than LoTS

    I dont think its too late to Save our Seeker! Keep hope alive. Hope is Kindle <3 <3


  97. Paulina said:

    This sucks! This was the best show on tv! What is wrong with those people??? We need to find a way to get season 3! Save our seeker

  98. jann said:

    I am so very disappointed.
    The great shows seem to get canceled while the cookie cutter crime shows go on and on and on.
    I would like to lend my support to get the show back on the air.
    I have read the whole series. It is somewhat different than the show but both genres made one want more.

  99. Sydney said:

    I am very disappointed that this show is being cancelled. I believe that it is one of the best shows that has aired in a very long time.

  100. daniel said:

    hey if u guyz need a new seeker i’m available lol!

  101. jmlwolf said:

    While I agree that compared to the rest of the crap on tv lots was fantastic. I enjoyed both seasons and have them on dvd. However; I knew from the second episode that the series was doomed. The lots books worked so well because the story was written by a brilliant author(Terry Goodkind) even if there was a LOT of repetition in the facts in each book. The writers of the series just were not on that level. I doubt they even read the books. It appeared they just flipped through them and picked out some names and events, got drunk and threw something together. I can’t understand why they would want to destroy such a great work of art or why terry would let them. Money I guess…. What would be best for me would be a full length series of movies REALLY based on the books. As far as the casting went the actors were fine, but they weren’t much like the characters in the books. Richard is a BIG man. Horner looked to small to handle the sword as described in the book. I guess I like the books better, but I would watch season 3 if it were available.

  102. george said:

    why they can’t just keep the serie go on?i mean come on it must have big numbers for sure right?so why they can’t continued it?

  103. vicky said:

    what cancelled, i love them i just been waiting for a new season coming out its the best show ever.

  104. Sarah said:

    Sam Raimi, I have been a fan of yours since Hercules and Zena. Now, my son is a fan due to the The Seeker.. this is his generation of Hercules and Zena.. so to all the fans, don’t give up trying to get the show back and to those networks in doubt, i am sure pay-offs will be earned at re-runs..so what do you say TNT or USA NETWORK?!

  105. kiambuthi said:

    you should come up with a novel for season three

  106. Jose Hernandez said:

    They need to continue the story, because they ended the second season with Richard sealing the veil to the underworld and then at the end we see Darken Rahl taking Nicci a prisoner. If anyone read the books(like I did) you would know that there is a lot to tell. THEY NEED TO CONTINUE!!!!!

  107. Andrew Galluzzo said:

    i have read all the books up to the naked empire and have been watching the show religiously and now its done yall need to start season 3 up and do the pillars of creation

  108. george said:

    the only thing that i can say is that everyone from my friends that i told them about legend of the seeker they loved it even my mother stuck on tv and watched 1 episode after another :P

  109. george said:

    guy’s i send a message on ABC about the seeker to keep it on and they send me that and i did it.it would be nice all of us who like the serie to do it and who knows we may do something about the serie in the end if they keep receiving messages from to many people

    As you can imagine, we receive thousands of messages a day from our viewers and while we appreciate you taking the time to provide feedback regarding our programming, we are not able to respond to each one directly.

    We encourage you to continue to communicate with us!

    –We suggest you send technical questions about the videos featured on our website DIRECTLY to the ABC.com technical staff:
    Go to ABC.com
    Go to the top and click on “watch episodes”
    Go to the top of the screen
    There are two RED buttons: HELP and FEEDBACK
    Click on “FEEDBACK”

    This is the way to apply for a show on the ABC TV network.

    Some shows may NOT be casting at this time. So if the show name is not listed under “Casting, keep checking back.

  110. Debbie said:

    bring back the seeker – it is one of the truly original shows on tv – I am so sick and tired of networks cancelling good show for the god awfull reality shows -

  111. EMMA said:

    seeker is the best show on earth! the costumes, special effects and places are perfect. shame there is no third season! NOOOOOOO!

  112. Dhexthur said:

    I hate that I learned this news… I don;t want LOTS to end with just 2 seasons. It’s a shame that people don’t appreciate an excellent show such as this. I simply hate it. I would pray to the Creator that LOTS will have season 3 and more seasons to come… Ü

  113. ife said:

    wat a hrtbrk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  114. FARUKHAN said:

    please don’t canceled season 3 coz the show is very intresting and it is a very good film

  115. watzaakhan 07 said:

    eeker is the best show on earth! the costumes, special effects and places are perfect. shame there is no third season! NOOOOOOO!
    guy’s i send a message on ABC about the seeker to keep it on and they send me that and i did it.it would be nice all of us who like the serie to do it and who knows we may do something about the serie in the end if they keep receiving messages from to many people

    As you can imagine, we receive thousands of messages a day from our viewers and while we appreciate you taking the time to provide feedback regarding our programming, we are not able to respond to each one directly.

    We encourage you to continue to communicate with us!

    –We suggest you send technical questions about the videos featured on our website DIRECTLY to the ABC.com technical staff:
    Go to ABC.com
    Go to the top and click on “watch episodes”
    Go to the top of the screen
    There are two RED buttons: HELP and FEEDBACK
    Click on “FEEDBACK”

    This is the way to apply for a show on the ABC TV network.

    Some shows may NOT be casting at this time. So if the show name is not listed under “Casting, keep checking back.

  116. long live the SEEKER said:

    really upset i just went online today to find out when the next season was coming out and it says it won’t i am so angry unlike most people on here i do not believe that this show is the best ever but i must admitt i really enjoyed i read all the books and compared the show sucked but not bad enogh to take it of air i hate when ppl do that not what am i going to watch on sunday besides true blood..

  117. al said:

    If they would have just stuck to the books it would have been more successful.

  118. Doug said:

    Leave it to ABC to cancel the good shows. Just can’t understand why they would want to show dull and boring Soaps instead of some good family entertainment.

  119. GQ said:

    I really enjoyed the show. Feel sad that it’s been canceled. :(

  120. diana said:


  121. Hina said:

    I just started the series five days ago and I’m already done with both seasons, that’s how much I love this show and I am so disappointed that ABC would cancel a show this amazing… they should have done more to save it, shown it at a better time, or advertised it better, because honestly, I hadn’t even heard of it until a few months ago!

    ABC made a big mistake, the story, the actors, the direction, it’s all so well put together… and now they messed it all up!

  122. Mark said:

    My youngest son and I have watched every episode of seasons one and two and found them thoroughly enjoyable. Over and over again there are quality science fiction shows that get aired then cut off. This show with 2.2 million viewers is hardly a bad investment. Let’s hope this can be turned around and that we will once again find this show ready for season three and even more. Please save our show.

  123. Scott said:

    Sigh. Add this to the ever growing list of good TV shows canceled before their time. Yet trash like American Idol comes back year after year. Sigh.

    My list of good shows that were prematurely canceled:
    Dead Like Me
    Pushing Daisies
    Arrested Development
    and now… Legend of the Seeker

    Futurama used to be on this list but was thankfully resurrected. At least some (most) of these shows got a movie or book or comic after they were canceled to help tie up loose ends.

  124. dulshan said:

    This is is my favorite TV series. My friend & I love it very much. It the most creative fantasy I have ever seen.I m waiting for its 3rd season. Pls, produce 3rd season.

  125. me said:

    i feel the viewers should be the ones to decide whether a show should go on or not. i mean we are the ones watching the show not them. im tired of the networks canelling good shows and putting one pointless shows. legend of the seeker teaches something other than dumb shows like the Hill or gossip girls those are just pointless shows that show the lives of spoiled overprivilaged teenagers who dont know what to do with their lives other than trash talking, spending big money and acting like brats

  126. vahid said:

    what a shame.what a sadness that we should share.come on guy’s it’s shamefull that you want cancel this show.in iran we adore this show.it is or may be was the best show we ever seen.i can say that it is perfect than and beautifuller than every show ever shown.i dont know to say what about this decision that you make.come on start new season we need season 3.please

  127. Carissa said:

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DONT TAKE IT AWAY!!!!!! I love this show and its so hard to find a good show like this! Shows like Legend of the Seeker Hercules and Xena Rock!!! Someone PLEASE Keep this show running!!!

  128. melissa said:

    everytime abc makes a good and interesting show they cancel it and leave its veiwers like me wanting more this isnt the first time that this has happened if legend of the seeker was successfull for the first two season it will be successful for the third ill be waiting for u to put it back on which will hopefully happen make ur veiwers happy or else u wont have any left

  129. Sarah Maybee said:

    Im very upset! Actually pissed off. i was really looking forward
    to watching season 3. It’s too good of a show to cancelled. Legend of the Seeker was my favorite show to watch ever sunday night at 8pm after getting off work from the hospital, i look forward to getting home before it started, very entertaining. I just cant believe that no one will sponsor a third season, it almost breaks my heart!

  130. MadameSeekerLuver said:

    Legend of the Seeker was a remarkable show that many loved and even imagined in their head. This show had everything that no other show ever would have: suspense, action, real special effects that left a mystery in your head, and nature. Everything seemed real and the chemistry between Richard and Kahlan became powerful and unforgettable. They shouldn’t cancel the show with such a cliffhanger at the end. Kahlan and Richard could finally be together and have children, I would like to know if they ever will become a family. Plus, Nicci in the hands of Rahl and the Mord-Sith, is just………………EXCITING!!! There should be a SEASON 3 with NO doubt. The end was just the beginning of a new era of Legend of the Seeker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  131. dino said:

    this sucks, legend of the seeker is wanted by thousands of people world wide they must continue season 3!

  132. JustAGuy said:

    If you’re truly a fan and want to be pro-active in trying to get the show aired for continuing seasons… go to the link below to find your local station and write them a note! I just did it for my local station and am posting my letter below for others to use as an example of how to respecfully write to a corporation from which you want something…


    Here is my comment to my local station:

    “I am very disconcerted by learning that “Legend of the Seeker” has been discontinued because there has been a lack of interest from local programming “channels.”

    As a 37 year-old male, and business owner, I can understand how such programming gains popularity from a large demographic. I would think that advertising for a show like this would be quite easy and worth your air time.

    Please feel compelled to request a third season from ABC as the fans, including myself and family, are incredibly disappointed that an adventurous, fantastical show that basis story line around morality and the benefits of doing good, while helping others, is an asset to your company and your viewers. Please understand that it seems to many of us (viewers) that good entertainment appears to be slipping from available “broadcast” programming and that we have definitely (and finally) found it in “Legend of the Seeker”, only to have it stripped from us prematurely.

    We respectfully request more seasons be produced and aired and thank you for your consideration in providing for our entertainment pleasure and marketing avenues.”

    Seriously folks… it does no good to voice a couple lines of how you feel on blogs and forums, YOU NEED TO WRITE THE POWERS THAT BE and can actually make things happen. YOU have that power. So please find out who your local broadcaster is for ABC and write them a note to get this show back on.

  133. sarah k. said:

    I for one am disappointed about the cancellation. I was waiting all summer waiting for it to come back only to find that it won’t. LOTS was one of the best fantasy tv series to come along in a long time. It had everything you wanted in a show like that. Coming from someone who read the whole series, I was happy to see it come alive on tv. Its just a shame that more people didn’t see the beauty in the show, and it will be missed.

  134. jay said:

    Legend of the Seeker is an awesome t v show. I can’t believe it would get canceled. I really hope it isn’t going to get canceled

  135. Jonathan said:

    LOTS is so far the best movie have ever watched,canceling it is not proper and i think if there was away,let us funs of LOTS organize ourselves form a task force to save LOTS 3 ,4 etc and even fund the screening of the other remaining seasons.LEGEND OF THE SEEKER FOREVER.

  136. Cory Main said:

    Seriously, to those responsible for cancelling this show, FUCK YOU!

  137. Kathryn said:

    They have to make a season three yeah it may not be the most popular show but alot of people love it and i am one of them…it wouldnt be right to make the first 2 seasons and not finish it because alot of people are looking forward to it….

  138. Kathryn said:


  139. simcity said:

    hi, um.
    look i love this show. and i think its a HUGE mistake to take it off the air. so im begging anyone who has the power to do so, keep it going and keep it on the air :S

  140. James said:

    LOTS is without a doubt one of the best family shows of all time. In this day and age where sex and gore sell, this show has acting, script, story line and on and on. Having started to read the books after the first season and getting a visual of the characters, I am really looking forward to a 3rd season. Someone please STEP IT UP!!!!!

  141. NOT IMPRESSED said:

    The only reason I watched the first season was because of the books and I think the show would have continued if it followed the books even slightly better. What they did to the books was sacrilege!!

  142. chris said:

    if they dont make more legend of the seeker, I will kill myself! and then my blood will be on your (whoever you are) hands! can you honestly live with that? ;)
    seriously bring back the seeker! i cant live without zed!!

  143. asbcaj said:

    i am happy coz craig honer(seeker)will become poor and craig horner if you read this fuck you.

  144. peter said:

    its not fair………… i want to see more action and u knw………..fighting………confessing……..agiels whining….wizard fire……………I WANT IT BACK

  145. george said:

    no fuck you asbcaj oh nice nick by the way :P man if you’re jealous of craig horner then don’t see the serie it’s easy nobody’s told you to do it i find him very good actor and his perfect for his role so step back bitch!!! :P

  146. Azad said:

    Im very sad about Legend of the seeker being cancelled, i love the show and enjoy watching it!

  147. gary said:

    ABC is so stupid every time they find a winner they give up on it.. Losers what do you expect of a Channel that backed Obama..

  148. trilochan dangwal said:

    it was on of the best serials i have seen in recent past it is said on part of abc studios that they r nt able to continue such profitable season.

  149. David Tuders said:

    Wow are you serious when it finally started to get good it gets canceled that bites…

  150. Vicy Giwa said:

    its not fair!!!!!! i want to see wat happens to d seeker

  151. Faith Christopher said:

    men u guys really suck

  152. Nav said:

    This is the best show I’ve seen in a long time and if the advertising was better more people would definitely watch it everytime I’ve introduced this show to anyone they have loved it and thank me for introducing it to them so if uou can market this show a little more people will watch because the actors are all amazing and I’ve read the books and for a show following based on a book series it is simply amazing, don’t take this away from us it deserves to go on.

  153. Renee said:

    STARZ has some interest in the show. Call 866-888-4010 and let them know that you would love to see LOTS on their network. They take your information (Name, e-mail, etc.). They send you notification if they decide to pick the show up.

    Call them now!!! I just did. (I googled the number before calling to make sure it was not a hoax.)

  154. Jesse said:

    This is just a shame. LOTS was a loved show everywhere. Season 3 should definately be filmed at the very least. Give us some time to settle into the fact that we won’t be watching it anymore. It was honestly one of the best shows on TV today. The Fan-Base is world-wide. I know this because, i myself live in Kuwait and loads and loads of my friends watch it!! If its spread to Kuwait, how many more countries has it touched. ABC Should definatley re-think this, I’m sure everyone would tune in for the season 3 <3 I Love LOTS a lot!!!!


  155. Snazzlefrazzz12 said:

    I agree with Jesse! I mean this show didn’t just go national but international. First of all I have 2 friends who live in Brazil and 5 who live in England, France, Italy, Switzerland, and Ireland. Every time I talk to thm they say thet LOTS rocks and tell me that they’re watching it to. So you see, if it’s SOOOOOO famous they should continue. I can tell you that LOTS is 10,000% better than….. Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse. So, please………. SEASON 3…. I NEED YOU!!!!! ABC continue with the show!!!!! PLEASE

  156. ROBERT M KING SR. said:


  157. ROBERT M KING SR. said:


  158. Steven Lavin said:

    I can not believe this…. What the heck is wrong with these people? This is one of the best shows out there ( Legend of the seeker). I am truly disappointed.

  159. Angel Mingo said:

    WWWWWHHHHHYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!! DONT DO THIS TO US!!!!! I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!!!! Every time it comes on i would be there to watch it…My parents even bought netflix so i could watch it over and over again. And now that u guys r cancelling it, it feels like you have torn a part of me out. When i heard the news i couldnt believe it…this show is the best show that i have ever seen!!!! I just wish u guys wouldnt cancel it please dont cancel it. I want to know what happens to Sister Nicci and Darken Rahl and the Seeker and Kahlan, the Mother Confesser. My favorite character is Cara, LOVED HER!!! So please dont cancel this show…PLEASE!!! It beats everyother show that i have ever seen!!! I LOVE LEGEND OF THE SEEKER!!!!!

  160. Richard said:

    This is a terrible shame but fear not there will be a take off on the series. It’s called “Legend of thee Obama” and its coming soon to a living room near you. It might even play for 8 long years!! And this time the characters (and the dangers) are REAL!

  161. victor said:

    It is truly saddening that such an awesome show will be canceled. LOTS was one of the best shows on TV! The good ones always get canceled.

  162. Stephen said:

    Hey I was watching that!

  163. saba said:

    I am so sad to hear that my top favorit tv series is canceled. It’s the best show that I have ever watched.

  164. Maggie said:

    I can’t believe they are canceling this show! I just discovered LOTS 5 days ago. I watched the first episode on Netflix cause I had nothing better to do and it looked interesting. After the first episode I was hooked. I finished watching both seasons in just four days. I went online to find out when the third season is coming out and they said it was canceled. This show is probably one of the best shows on television. They shouldn’t just cancel a show just because the ratings they’re getting. People don’t just watch shows on tv anymore they watch them on the internet as well. And if they do watch the show on tv most people just record the show instead of watching it live. We need to prevent this from happening look through other peoples posts some have put down how we can try to save the show. We have to convince ABC not to cancel this show it’s simply AMAZING!

  165. Buck Ofama said:

    Here’s the reason they cancelled that fantastic show. Any show on television that has to do with honor,ethos, and morality is banished from seeing the light of day. Hollywood is so typical and predictable that they forget who pays the bills. Plus, Kahlan has too much makeup and the Seeker looks like GI Joe in the second season. Hollywood is good at ruining things not developing creative engaging shows. But when one comes along they toss it in the bin marked “not propoganda”. It’s time to boycott Hollywood. By the way, if you look closely online you can get the series for free. HaHa hollywood bigwigs, I got it for free; you can too before it comes out on DVD with a special limited collectors “two thumbs up” edition. Huck Follywood!!

  166. Buck Ofama said:

    Only kiddin’ folks, it’s not online anywhere for free, but you can watch clips on you tube something? Still Huck Follywood though!

  167. jbhjbobbjj said:

    this show was amazing! i really wish that they could make a third season. but they strayed so far away from the books that there is no possible was for them to continue. in season 2 they had events that made it not possible for the next season like when richard lost his power, that was not suppose to happen. also his sister should not have been introduced yet she does not even come in till like the 8th book. also the hole politics of the world in the show is wrong, the mother confessor should be the ruler of all the midlands and there was 3 boundaries(another between the midlands and dahara)
    also they never explained the types of magic and the magic of the sword which has a big part in the next books.

  168. Melanie said:

    I have been waiting all summer for the start of season 3 and just now stumbled upon this info. what a major disappointment!!!!!!! I totally love this show. I even started reading the books because I couldn’t wait for the next season to start. And now it won’t?!!! Dumb! I hate this. This is stupid.

  169. Peter said:

    come on people this show cant be cancelled its a great show. if i had money i would donate money but im too pore. you cant cancel it just cant… you have to make season 3… make it and people will love it in the future. they cant stop the story now. grrrrrrr. people if u have $ please donate at “saveourseeker.com” thank you very one.

  170. Michelle said:

    I am another one who is absolutely in LOVE with this show!! I didn’t know about it either until I accidentally ran into it while skimming through the stations late at night!! Me and my hubby LOVE the story and the special effects are amazing along with the story line and the characters interactions with one another!! Its just a great show!! I’m so tired of the way the networks are set up to cancel shows without really knowing whose watching!! Its just not fair!! Plus I feel this show didn’t get the kind of promoting it needed! How is anyone supposed to know about it and get a chance to love it if no one even knows about it because its not advertised properly?? So dumb!! Please don’t cancel it!! I am tired of getting into a show and then it being taken away…Sad!!!

  171. zain said:

    please do not remove the show..whenever i watch the show it takes me on an adventure sometimes i wish i was in the episodes..so please dont remove the show because we need a show like this on t.v.. there is no other show like this and iv always wanted a show with magic and fighting and romance and all and u guys made it happen so please dont remove the show

  172. bayode seun said:

    I’m going to go crazy if season 3 is not produced. You gat to do something about that or else fans of legend of the seeker would eat the producer up!

  173. collins ejiofor said:

    I have been watching this film since the begining to the end and my favourite people was the seeker, mother confessor, the mord sith, the wizard and darken rahl the film is a kind of film that all the fans will like lt to have season 6,7or 8 if possible, And now i am hearing that season 3 might not be renewed if i may ask while i know i will not get the answer but sincerely we the fans of this movie want let there be season 3. ‘On like the word of the seeker they must be a way’. you guys should find a way don’t let us down.

  174. Johnny said:

    It is with a VERY heavy heart that I post this.

    As I am sure that a lot of you are aware…STARZ was looking into picking up LoTS and carrying it into season 3 on their network.

    I have been calling every week to get updates on the status.

    I just hung up with them and the CSR supervisor I was talking to informed me that the programming department has decided NOT to pick up LoTS at this time but that they might bid on the show sometime in the future.

    She also said that the executives at STARZ were quite taken back with the flood of phone calls and e-mails requests they have received for the network to carry the show.

    She also said that STARZ is still logging the names, cable provider, ans e-mail addresses of every person who calls to request LoTS and is forwarding them to the programming department.

    Guys…we have already made an impact and got the “big wigs” at STARZ attention…if enough people keep calling them….they may re-consider picking the show up.

    Call STARZ now (866-888-4010 – Toll Free)…and tell them you would like to see LoTS on their network…and tell them how much you like the show….and give them all the reasons why they should carry season 3.

    We may just change their minds…!!!

  175. christian said:

    WOW Cancelled really, Are you kidding me. I found the show on netflix so I joined late. But when i started watching it with my wife we finished both seasons in a week. I’ve been anxiously waiting for the next season.Its truly the best show I’ve seen in a long time. If ABC wont pick up another season what about sci-fi. The show is way better then dumb zena or hercules or all those other dumb fantasy shows how can it have only 2 seasons. I just might not watch another ABC show ever again since there dropping it. I suggest everyone do the same then ABC can go out of business and we can get some quality shows back. ENOUGH OF THE STUPID REALITY SHOWS THERE GETTING OLD NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  176. christian said:

    you know star trek wasn’t popular at 1st either they had only three seasons. this show will only grow in popularity. bring it back and keep it going. find another network or whatever just tell me when and where and you’ll see me sitting in my lazyboy zoned out.

  177. otterman20 said:

    Someone recently raved to me about this show of which I had never heard of before so I gave it a try and immediately thought it to be one of the coolest TV shows I’ve seen in years. Terrific fantasy adventure, great production values and great cast. I really think that this show could gain an almost Star Trek-like cult following after the original Star Trek series was cancelled too soon. I now try to tell everyone I know about this show but sadly every one I tell has never even heard of it. Two seasons of this show is not enough. I’m already having serious LOTS withdrawal.

  178. posh said:

    Am so dissapointed….l dont know what to say…but to me the seeker is worth watching….there is something about it that l love and l dont know what to say…l’ve watched season 3…wat next???????????

  179. Alan said:

    Okay I dont know if any of this is truely helping but if posting a response on the web could save this brillant show heres my “2 cents”. I no longer enjoy tv to the extent i have canceled cable but i still like to watch a movie now and again so i got net flix with this i was able to pick what i want to watch and when after many instant movies the netflix began to suggest shows to me and the LOTS keep poping up so i finial bit I ended up watching half of the first season in one day i couldnt stop watching it I could not believe this was a regular tv show it was so cinamtic it had plot character development great action scenes it the magic effects werent hokie you realy believed this fantasy world. well in less than two weeks i was able to finish both seasons i went to que up 3 but it didnt appear as an option so now here i am on the net looking up 3 and and i find this. are you kidding me no season three come this blows xena and hercules out of the water and they carried on for along time. if it would help i ll run out and get cable again. What can be done to convince the network to carry more seasons if that star trek series and futureroma and family guy can be brought back surely we can bring back LOTS.

  180. shon said:

    Well, this sucks. Just like My So-Called Life in the 90’s, Just like Reaper in the 00’s… Why the hell is ABC Studios canceling all the good shows they start doing without even giving it a chance. I agree that the show needed a firm time slot with better promotion.. I feel bad for all the cast and crew that are now out of work because of the cancellation. If Walt Disney were alive today, he would have seen the good of this show and saved it. I bet he’s rolling in his grave at some of the executive decisions being made at Disney now. (BTW; I’m a huge Disney fan.) Call, write, fax, e-mail ABC Studios and tell them to reverse their decision in canceling this show. Only a few good shows come every so often, and Legend Of The Seeker was one of them.

  181. steven said:

    MAKE SEASON 3. how can you just stop there. there is so much more to tell. im so dissapointed.

  182. Heather S said:

    me and my husband watch this show and we love it. you cant cancel such a great show. millions will be disappointed. we are all showing our love for this show, so now come on and make a season 3 already.

  183. Adeniyi B said:

    What a bad news to here that my favorite show is canceled, men you guys just have to do something about it cuz it’s like throwing an arrow into my heart deliberately and it hurts like HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL.So have a rethink.

  184. BSA said:

    What a bad news to hear that one of my favorite shows is canceled, men you guys just have to do something about it cuz it’s like throwing an arrow into my chest deliberately and it hurts like HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL.So have a rethink and bring back season 3.

  185. Kirby said:

    I have to say at first I was disappointed in the show, because I was a HUGE fan of the books and had been waiting for a movie to come out for years!! The show didn’t really follow Terry Goodkinds story to a ‘T’ which kind of upset me at first, but after watching season One all the way through it started to grow on me. Season 2 was even better and I really loved the show by the end… hopefully this small form of petitioning can help the show possibly come back for a 3rd season, because i really want to see whats in store!!

    But if it doesn’t I recommend the books to any fan.. They are amazing and the T.V. show just cannot live up to them! If your a fan of the show you should really read the books, you’ll love them.

  186. Scott said:

    ABC is stupid! This show needs to be on a premium channel. I read some posts and what I was looking for were people who have READ the books. Terry Goodkind did a phenominal job with this series and ordinary TV can not do it justice! If STARZ really is thinking about picking up the series please have a staffer read the books and don’t leave the good parts out. It’s a true good vs. evil story. The good are for the most part good and the bad are way EVIL! Death, destruction, nudity, and rape just to name a few things that The order likes to do on a daily basis. This series could be epic!

  187. Janez said:

    This show is really the best I ever saw it. Plese don’t cancelled it. Here in Europe we are watched too and we are waiting for new seasons :)

    And I am 100% sure that this show could in fortune have much more fans and a higher rating. For now only a small number of people watched it because people don’t know that she show existed, but in time the number will for sure increase. Every one loves epics.

  188. Donna said:

    The Legend of the Seeker is one of the best book and TV series that I have had the pleasure of reading, seeing. I don’t understand why anyone would want to cancel such a good show. Please, Please don’t take my show away from me. :(

  189. Aaron Stewart said:

    OMG!!!!!! When I heard that LOTS season 3 was cancelled I actually cried! Right now I am on Naked Empire in the book series and I am absolutely loving it!!!! They should totally continue the LOTS television series! Richard, Kahlan, Zedd, and Cara changed the way I view life. Those four made this past year in high school, which was my senior year by the way, they made this past year one of my best years ever! They were the reason why I couldnt wait for saturday! Please please please please please please PLEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEE bring back Legend of the Seeker! I need my addiction back and I cant quit cold turkey!

  190. Samantha said:

    I am very upset to find out that Season 3 is not going to be made. I have watched Season 1 and 2 and was so hoping to see Season 3. We’ve almost made it a habit to watch at least one episode a night. Please, please, please! Make and air Season 3!!!

  191. Samantha said:

    Don’t cancel Season 3!!! Please! I want to see it!!!

  192. ktsamuri said:

    i just found out that thay are not makeing lots #3 i was sad it is the best tv show i have ever seen and i wish that they make lots #3 becuas if thay what on makeing it the origanl cast may not be avable and i hate to see a new cast the old ones aer relly good so ill i got to say is MAKE LOTS #3 PLEZ ITS A GOOD SHOW

  193. Curtis said:

    Have any of you people actually read the freaking series? Aside from some names, the tv series has little to nothing to do with the series! I was SOOOOO excited and happy when I saw the very first preview for the very first time! I couldn’t believe they were going to make a show from one of my all time favorite book series.


    I was literally outraged by the time I watched a couple episodes. The only things in it that even remotely resembled the books were the names.

    This crap they put on TV was like the took all the books of the series, tore out a chapter or 2 here and there, threw them in the air, and put them together however they landed on the ground. It has turned out to be one of the WORST tv shows I’ve ever seen made from a book series.

  194. Rebekah said:

    You hit the nail on the head with your post. I just wish there weren’t so many delusional people posting how great the show was. I think instead of making a season three they need to re-do the show with writers that will follow the books more closely. SHAME ON YOU Sam Raimi!

  195. james said:

    we really do need to c season three, the story is not done. it going be like other movies if you take it off the air. it was very good and it can be better, please bring the show back. their are still a lot of viewers and fans that wanna coutine to watch the show. I would really like to see the story to proceed. thank you and please hurry

  196. Tank said:

    I personally thought that this show was one the best Adventure/Fantasy shows in the last few years, in my opinion I thought it outdid Xena and rivaled with Hercules, its a shame it has been cancelled, instead of trying to find a party to make a season 3 they should find a party that would take the time to make a movie, due to the simple fact that more people would watch a movie then a TV show and it would generate more money.

  197. Savi said:

    I am so incredibly upset that the show is being cancelled. We have watched Richard and Kaylan (is that is how u spell it) and there are so many gaps. I think that a third season needs to air. There are probably so many low ratings because the show airs on Saturdays because people have things to do, but when i would miss an episode I would find some way to watch it later on ;) . I really wish that a season three come out in the fall. It was and is really a great show :) ttfn

  198. Erika said:

    Like Rachel Kiley has said, fans including myself have put so much effort into SaveOurSeeker. (: PLEASE! I know many do not like the show, thinking it’s a disgrace to the series but I enjoy watching it even if it’s not good enough to everyone’s standards.

  199. Paul said:

    Didn’t read the books, but am now interested because of the TV show. Came across it on Hulu as I never saw any advertisement for the show otherwise. Really loved the TV show! Just wish there was a season 3….

  200. Chris Thigpen said:

    I’m ticked off yall have cancelled all of the really good shows this year there is no reason to watch tv anymore. yall have replaced them all with crappy shows that aren’t worth anything. i loved Heroes and I was really liking Flash Forward and also Legend of the Seeker but no yall have to go and cut off the best shows that have been made in a long time. I think I’m going to start a tv strike where we just start boycotting it and that will make you guys think. Seriously put the good shows back on and stop replacing the good ones with this reality tv crap that’s not even real!!

  201. blonsky said:

    no how can the movie just end like that?pls i want see the stone of tears,its just the beginning,pls i make una act the movie to the end abeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeg plsssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  202. claire said:

    i love legend of the seeker im a huge fan of the show i love because theres all the stuff that i love put together magic action romance and they should make a season 3 because we all love it

  203. ricky said:

    i have never watched a show and actually like what it brought to t.v., but LOTS has changed my world, it is one of the best t.v. shows i have ever watched, i have read almost all of these posts and over half of them say to keep this movie aired.
    i like this show, i like how they made the people, and the creation they put into the action, it is and will always be my favorite T.V. series EVER!!!

    so please keep this show going, and keep us happy, and those of you who think the show was crap, you dont know was good t.v. is!!!

  204. ricky said:

    i dont know about alot of other people, but for me i think LOTS has been one of the best t.v. series i have ever seen. if season 3 does not air i will be lose without a good t.v show to watch for a long time until i get to see a good movie, or another t.v. series, and for me im not too hopeful of that, so please oh please let LOTS continue to show their good series on t.v.

    alot of these other posts have said the samething about how great this series has been, not all t.v. series are going to be like the books, and i think that gives things a twist, so again please continue the show. for all of the viewers out there:)

  205. seeker112fan said:

    Don’t cancell LOTS its one of the best shows on TV it should be promoted properly and I’m sure even more people would watch !!!!!

  206. Gilbert R. Dimapilis said:

    though i haven’t watched all the episodes of season 2, i’m still interested in watching the next seasons if there will be. so please don’t cancel the show. i’m begging you!!!

  207. tiffany said:

    Please we need The legend of the seeker sesion 3 because I love it…Please dont cancel it

  208. GOD said:

    DO NOT CANCEL THIS SHOW OR YOU WILL BE PUNISHED FOR ALL ETERNITY!! It is my greatest piece of art!…p.s. please stop destroying the side quests!

  209. GOD said:

    yes, yes, yes,…. this show is awsome, its just it sould be called “based on the legend of the seeker”…because you guys SUCK at rewriting the books into screenplay! In no way shape or form is it accurate, nor portray the true struggle richard rahl went through!….. When his mordsith training only took one episode!?! HAHAHAHAHA….wtf!!!! the Mordsith training hanged EVERYTHING in the book….GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT! and maybe read the book that your writing a show on?

    …Kahlan is a babe! XOXO

  210. RAY said:


  211. aaaaaa said:

    on facebook there is a page called we want LOTS and all ready has 16,000 that just the people on facebook that knowns of it

  212. Samuel Sam said:

    NO NO NO
    Oooooooooooooooh no why cancel it.That the best series i have watched

  213. Jackie said:

    The actual author of the books followed the show closely. I think the only delusional people are the ones who dont have an open mind. The author said if you liked the books take them for what they are and when you watch the show watch it for what it is. They had to change things to make it into a tv show. shame on anyone who comes on this website to complain. We are fans of the tv show and the book and we absolutely WANT the tv show back.

  214. richard powsey said:

    hi i have seen both seasons and enjoyed them i have read all the books it a shame they will not be bringing out season 3 they have cancled a good show it will be hard to find something to feel the empty void it will leave in my life hope they do change there mind and if they do i hope they can make season 3 a little more like the books as and give richard back hes magic as he is supposed to be a war wizard

  215. James said:

    I REALLY liked the show! And yes I also read everyone single one of the books! So yes the tv show didn’t follow the books, if it had it wouldn’t have been on regular tv, it might have been on HBO, but even then they still couldn’t have done the books justice. That being said, the tv show was FUN, but at the same time could still be dark. It was interesting and so I’ll miss it!

  216. ricky said:

    i watch, LOTS as much as i can, you cant take this from e and other viewers, plz keep LOTS showing, and let me be happy :) please, it is the best i have ever watched

  217. gary said:

    that was really one of the biggest mistakes i have to say the lgend of the seeker was my most favorite show oout of any tv show that was out out now

  218. Richard said:


    I agree entirely with your point but you are not the 1st to make this point, only dick heads post shit like this. point me out to one show or movie that portrayed a book in all its glory it doesn’t happen. I saw the show and loved it then I found out it was made from a series of novels so I read them and loved it even more. the fact of the matter is that it was a good show don’t talk about how the show has nothing on the books, think of something original to post and if you’ve got nothing then shut up.

  219. nick said:

    i dont know about you guys, and yes i have read the books, but i thought the series was fine. If you are comparing it to the book no it wasnt as good and it didnt follow it very much. But it was A GOOD show. To the people who havent read the books its amazing and to the people who did read the books, like me, and can look past its, “difference”, its worth makin a third series. i know im gunna call STARZ, abc etc to try to help gettin another series goin.

  220. rebecca said:

    omg im crying even thow im young i love legand of the seeker its amasing every thursday i always look forward 2 LOTS im so sad y cant there b a thrid season ?????????

    someone ansewr my question y??

  221. Carmela said:

    I did love this SHOW
    I guess it was love at the first sight.
    And i’m really upset that it has been cancelled, I mean there’s a lot of insignificant show on TV, how can they cancel such a beautiful TV series.
    this sucks
    I hope they will change their mind, couse I was really waiting for season 3!!!

  222. Dave said:

    We want season 3! It’s an amazing show that lots of people love! With awesome actor/actresses I realllllyyy love that show.
    The best I’ve watched for sure!

  223. Richard said:

    I really hope they do make a third season, its a really good show and it was pulling really good rateings, i don’t know why the cant get the seccond season going

  224. Richard said:


  225. Mystique said:

    I think the people are enjoyin it so continue with 3 i lov it it cnt just stop with season 2

  226. cassandra said:

    I love this show! I look forward to watching it on netflix all the time. It can’t get cancelled. I want the show to be saved.

  227. cassandra said:

    I love this show too much it cant get canceled. I think it should be saved. I look forward to watching the show on netflix all the time. The main guy is hot and awesome, not only that the story line keeps you on your toes.

  228. Sharla said:

    Being an avid reader, I have read ALL of the books in the “Sword of Truth” series and loved every one of them. It saddens me that the show has been cancelled. For those who have read the books know that there are many more stories to be told!!! I wish there was something the fans could do to convince them to continue with the Legend of the Seeker.

  229. Alina said:

    I CANNOT belive that ABC has cancelled this show!!! It was by far one of the best tv show’s I’ve seen in quite awhile. PLEASE continue the seasons for this show! To all those complaining of the story SHUT IT!!!! Its not tit for tat from the book but the main events are there! And I will be calling STARZ to see if by some divine chance we can convince them to pick up the series of ABC is to STUPID and IGNORANT to regonize how far they can go with this series!!! The number is 866-888-4010! Please call and let them know you want this series to go on!!!!!!!!! Long live LOTS!!!!!

  230. Alina said:

    And PLEASE by the “creator’s” will have the common sense to keep the same cast!!!!! Long live LOTS

  231. Matt said:


  232. Tdog said:

    Do not give me that crap about if you read the books you know there are more stories coming. If you read the books then you know that instead of curving away from the story the books told they made a U-turn and fell into a ditch somewhere. The whole second season should have never happened the way it did and everyone here who read the books knows it.

  233. Trust olakunle said:

    It’s not about canceled.it all about envy

  234. HO,HOK PANG said:

    one of the best show in a long time. at least in ended good no like the pretender or sarah o connor chronicles also very good show but with no ending. long live the seeker! i want season 3 please!

  235. karn said:

    I really was looking forword to this I really what season 3 4 5 6 of the seeker It was good.

  236. Robert said:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! Bring the show back. It was the best thing on tv.

  237. FRANK said:


  238. Patrick said:

    Please do something about it and bring this series back to the TV’s again is my favourite SEASON MOVIE in the world

  239. JohnD said:

    I just got into LOTS myself. I have to say it is an awesome series. Instead of cancelling, why doesn’t Syfy take over airing LOTS? Other networks have done it for other shows and succeeded. Think about it. You could get alot more viewers to enjoy a fantastic series. We could get to see more than a 3rd season. And I agree. Keep the same cast.

  240. Rebekah said:


    You hit the nail on the head. I totally agree with you about how they took a U-turn and fell into a ditch. I think instead of renewing the series they should start making movies for each book like the harry potter series. I think a lot of people would enjoy that. They should keep most of the cast members for a movie. With the exception of Nikki character, they need to find someone else to do that part.

  241. Tdog said:

    A movie, if it actually followed the books would be an awesome idea. I am still waiting for the series they are making on I think….showtime following the book series A Song of Fire and Ice. I am hopeing since it is showtime and not regular cable they will really stick with the books and show all the good things instead of changing or glossing over them.

  242. Alina said:

    Tdog & Rebekah,

    I’ll admit that as far as following the second book it definitely hit the ditch. But at least they did a decent job w/ the story line and a pretty darn good job with the cast. I agree with Rebekah completely though as far as the Nikki character. She was not right for the part! Movies would suit this by far much better then a TV series but as far as Television is concerened even as far from the book as they fell it was still by far one of the best TV show’s.

  243. wena said:

    there should be a season 3!!!!people from the Philippines like the show a lot!!!

  244. suzanna said:

    i am shocked to find that L.O.T.S is cancelled!! i hope it gets worked out and finds a new network like hopefully scify channel.
    i would really love to keep watching the show cause im addicted to it and plus i have the book series which were from my husband.

  245. Eric said:


    So true, I’m one of those people. :)

    I certainly hope they will revive LotS. This is one of the best adventure shows I’ve watched in a really long time! With that said, I’ll do my part to help spread the word in helping revive this show!


  246. J.J said:

    Please, please, please, do not cancel this show. This is my faviorte show on television. Although I am a busy Masters student, I find time to watch this show. This is the most exciting, entertaining, and real show I have seen on television in ages. Please do not let such a great show, talented actors, and great stories get away. Please, tell me this is a dream and that I am going to wake up any moment. How disappointing this is to the fans who are loyal. I can’t believe other shows that have very little substance, and depth are allowed to stay, but Legend of the Seeker, would even consider being canceled. The thought never crossed my mind. For the fans it is like dangling a carrot in front of the fans faces and giving them a piece of the story, but not seeing it through to completion. Please, please do not cancel the best show on television. I am so bummed. This show appeals to many ages and genders. Please, plese, please, do not cancel this show.

  247. Rebecca said:

    I love legend of the seeker. Legend of the Seeker has been a true imjoyment to me and my family, as well as my friends. There are many possibilities that you could choose for the plot of season three, Darken Raul was involved at the end i would like to know what happens not only in the books but in life, well on t.v., You could also bring a new character to the story, or bring someone from the books. I have bought both seasons of Legend of the Seeker, and i have watched every episode about five times. Yes, i am i huge fan and the word of canceling the show is frighting me. You have very talented actors, such as Craig, Bridget, and Bruce. I’m almost sure that you have a large audience and many ideas that could be used for season three, so i am confused of why you would cancel the show. Moving on, I have read all of Terry Goodkinds books and have enjoyed them very much, seeing them come to life even more was a joy for me, my family, my friends, and my community. I’m sure every else feels the same.


  248. Marlon D said:

    Ever since this show started i loved it from the start, im taking part of a massive campaign to save this show. This is such a good show and a good cast! pls help us to be heard by abc studios disney. please don’t cancel this show!

  249. J.J said:

    I know I have already sent in a response, but I still cannot believe that this show will be canceled. It is like a bad nightmare. This is such a great show with lots of action, great characters, romance. It is something for both men and women. I tell everyone about this show and schedule my Sunday’s around being able to watch it. Please, ABC Studios, do not cancel this show. It is the best thing on television. I really want to see what happens to Richard and Khalin and the other characters.

  250. Richard said:

    Here’s the funny thing, the TV series was dumbed down a bit to suite the needs of a family show. In the books Richard was tortured and messed with, his enemies were brutal and horrible to children and its citizens.

    The TV series was campy and enjoyable to watch. It had its flaws but I looked passed that and welcomed it.
    Since season 2 ended, it really shouldn’t stop Raimi’s Studio from going forward with mini series or TV films to fill in the gaps.

    Though the main reason these shows end like this is about ratings. If you truly are fans then help promote it, it would be better in the long run.

    Look at the Star Trek franchise, fans were dedicated enough to go all out. Some make up their own stories and post them on Youtube, others write short stories or draw.

    As fans we need to do the same with shows like this, dress like Richard or any of the other characters. Who ever is in Illustration? Make posters.
    Terry doesn’t want to go back to the series now, he wants to move on but as fans. We need to contribute in any way possible.

    Show the world that you care enough for a show that doesn’t deserve to die. All Hail Richard Rahl

  251. Miranda said:

    I have always loved to read fantasy. In grade school while others were reading children’s books, I was sitting around with my nose stuck in a 600 plus page thick fantasy book. I have read countless books within the “Science Fiction” Fantasy Genre…Forgotten Realms, Dragon Lance, RA Salvatore, JR Tolken you name it. When I was 15 I came across Terry Goodkind’s Sword Of Truth Series, and not only was I hooked Immediately,but it is by far the best work of fantasy I have ever been lucky enough to read. I have read every one of the books in this series cover to cover, many times over. I was absolutely extatic to learn that they would be bringing the characters that I have loved half my life to the big screen in the show Legend of The Seeker. I must admit that I felt very disheartened at first when I realized how much they had changed the show from the books. Then I read Terry Goodkind’s personal message about coming to the show and enjoying it for what it was. I stuck with it, telling myself to picture the show as new adventures with the characters I love. That was when I began to thouroughly enjoy the show, and the majority of the episodes because quite frankly, all who have read and love the books have to admit that Bridget Reagan is Kahlan Amnell to a T. Bruce Spence is Zeddicus Zu’l Zorander to a T. And while Cara has more depth in the books I am confident that with other seasons Tabrett Bethel would portray Cara Mason to a T. She definately has Cara’s dry humor down pat :) (I am not certain the books cara had a last name though…will have to go back and check.) These books are my absolute favorite of all time, and nothing could ever compare to them in my opinion- but I get extremely irritated with people that claim to be die hard fans of the books yet come here and bash the show when it had gotten more people to pick up the books and read them!!! Shame on you all who do so. Terry Goodkind himself has expressed his annoyance with “fan’s” of the books who bash the show because it has more people finding out about his books. I understand the opinion, I understand why some people would be annoyed, and angry and I do believe that if the show followed the EXACT storyline of the books it would be off the chain, and blow any other show, movie, mini series ever created out of the water! TRUTH be told, the books are that amazing and that is no exageration. Even so…that is still no reason to attack the show and say it sucked because it SO did not. Craig Horner does an amazing portrayal of a character that in my opinion is impossible to cast. I believe he is mad talented to be able to give me “glimpses” of the Richard Cypher (Rahl) that I know and love in the books. Even though I do have two episodes of the show that I hated, because I truly believe they defaced Richard’s character…(Fury, and the episode where they introduced Jennsen and the boxes of Orden corrupted him, oh and I HATE that you took away Richard’s han!!!) …I absolutely LOVE this show, and pray and hope and BEG you to bring it back for not only a third season but many many more!!! Save our Seeker please!!!! Hurry before the actors move on because not just anyone can be Richard and Kahlan!!! Maybe I should go write this and send it to my local station as well :)

  252. Dawn said:

    I can’t believe they are canceling this show and leaving some of the other crap that is on TV these days. I think if they would just move the time to Sunday during say…FAMILY TIME..which is perfect for this show then it would do better for the ratings. You put a show like this on Friday/Saturday night at 9??? Hello??? People live lives on the weekends but Sundays how perfect. Okay I have an idea. Move “The Gates” to Friday/Saturday night and move Legend of the Seeker to Sunday. Both ratings stay up and us fans get to keep Legend of the Seeker. There was so much more they could do with it. There is 13+books they can go off of.

  253. Kamalani said:

    Hey this sucks that there is no thrid season…. I wanted to see it.

  254. shane said:

    thats abc for you when they have a awsome show like legend of the seeker and get rid of it for a shit show i hate when they do that
    i hope the syfi channel picks it up

  255. Miranda said:

    There has been interest, two others that I know of wanted to pick it up. I believe both Syfi and Starz made an offer, and ABC wont sell the rights. It’s frustrating not having a definative answer either way. ABC either has plans to develop another season themselves, or they are just going to let it die because they do not want any other to make money off from it. Unfortunately I think it is the latter, which makes me very angry.

  256. Jason said:


    I totally agree, if they don’t make a third season and refuse to sell the rights just to be *ssholes, I’ll hit the roof. And Cara didnt’ have a last name until the final book when she married Benjamin. Then her nam was Cara Meffritt. I think I misspelled the last name, but you know who I mean.

  257. John said:

    Add one more commment pleading for the show to continue.

    This was recommended by a friend on Netflix and we watched both seasons in only a month or two… we couldn’t stop watching and movies and other TV had to go on hold!

    Now that I know about the show, if more episodes were on TV there’s no way I would miss a single one!

    I never once heard of this show on TV, so I’d say they definitely did a bad job with marketing.


  258. Miranda said:

    They did a horrible job of advertising, I only knew of the show coming on because of being a die hard Terry Goodkind fan and checking his website often. I remember thinking, “I cannot believe I have not seen one preview for the upcomiing show.” Oh and get this, the time that Legend of the Seeker came on for people that live around me…1:00am on Sunday Morning. Seriously??? It is no wonder that the ratings were down! But amazing at how high they were considering the sporadic time slots all across the board. I thought at first I didnt even get the show, but I have a baby at home and discovered it while rocking her back to sleep in the middle of the night. The only option for people given that kind of time slot is DVR!!! And Jason, I know who you mean :) Obviously after she married Benjamin at the end of Confessor, she received a last name. I am pretty sure her lack of last name throughout the entirety of the books prior was because of being mord sith and being taken as a little girl. When I think about it, none of the mord sith went by a last name.

  259. Bart said:

    I love this show and watch it with my 5 year old sister, and my 7 year old brother, hopefully there will be a season 3.

  260. Sabrina said:

    Legend of the Seeker is a great show. I’m not sure what channels it was playing on, but I hadn’t heard of it until I saw a review of the box set on Amazon. The reviews got me very interested and once I saw a few episodes, the show got me hooked right away. I love the action sequences, storylines, and characters. I think the actors do a great job at keeping the story interesting and exciting. I was disappointed when I started seeing info online that the show was being cancelled. There aren’t many really good fantasy series on right now and I think this storyline is great. I hope that they are able to come back for another season, because I’d like to find out how this story continues.

  261. kittycat said:

    ughhhh………….. not fair i want another season….i love this show and with niki back to life at the end of tears(final ep.) they should make more…….ughhhhh :(

  262. gajibo said:

    richard is support to have a magical drug cause he cant bed kahlan if not he will be comfess so another season should be

  263. brick said:

    no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i was hoping to see jagang in season 3.

  264. Akin Swaggs said:

    please dont cancel d show we want a season three

  265. Eliya said:

    Whatt? There are 11 books all, like, 800 pages long and they can’t even make it to book/season three?! That’s just effed up.

  266. Brenda said:

    I am upset to hear that The Seeker is going to be canceled it was one of the few shows on TV that I really enjoyed sometimes it didn’t come on until 1:00am and my son and myself would stay up to watch it together. In fact that was our time together,he is 15 and with the world the way it is now a days I was so happy to be able to share that time with him and it gave him someone worth looking up to in Richard he made mistakes but he is just god inside and really cares about the ones he loves, why is it when something comes along that is good it doesn’t last. we have been counting the days for season three to come along. It would be a shame not to have the seeker return there is not that much good TV that is worth following it weekly and look forward to it’s return. I think the networks to need to listen to what THE VIEWERS WANT!!!!!!!

  267. Lena said:

    I loved the legend of the seeker and it’s a real shame that is has been canceled. I was almost looking forward to see Richard meet Emperor Jagang.

  268. Angela said:

    I am really upset that I found out they removing my favorite show ever. How can they do that to all of us fans, I know I’m not the only one upset about this. Honestly the people should read all of these postings that the fans are putting up and see just how many fans love this show and watch it. How could they do that to me, I am seriously in love with that show. Maybe someone else should do the show and then we would all have our show still. Hopefully someone will see all of this and decide that it is in the best interest to keep the show on. If I could I keep the showing going myself and finsih making them. There is just so much more that we need to know from the characters and they just can’t leave us hanging like that. I love this show with a passion and I am ready to cry that they are getting rid of it. Times are so hard and when I have a rough day or whatever, Legend of the Seeker just makes my day. Really they can’t can’t rid of it, they have to keep it on the air for people like me. HONESTLY I LOVE THIS SHOW, IT IS MY FAVORITE SHOW. WHOEVER’S IDEA IT WAS TO CANCELL THE SHOW AND STOP WITH IT ALL IS A TOTAL IDIOT. PLEASE BRING MY SHOW BACK, PLEASE CONTINUE TO MAKE THEM AND SHOW THEM ON TV.

  269. Angela said:

    Just wanted to add that this REALLY SUCKS.

  270. Rosalinda said:

    Yes, you’ve got to keep the show going on. This show has sparked up my imagination and I so muched enjoyed watching the shows with my sister. We normally don’t get along but whenever this show was on we would scream for each other so we can both sit down and watch it together. Every time we watched a shower we would be so impatient to wait the next week so the show can continue. If the show doesn’t continue, My sister and I will be really devistated =/ I mean Legend of the Seeker is a show actually worth watching and there aren’t that many great shows on TV nowadays. Please keep the show running. It must go on !! Please don’t cancel that show, we want season 3 !

  271. Orry said:

    come on people of the series seaker and all dont give op on oz we love the season its so GREAT thats a way 2 get or thats on some atter life ,, and thats the greatest thing in my life i’m 20 and love the show please dont let oz down !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    dont find people 2 play the series contact me :)

  272. Stephanie said:


  273. Sean said:

    This show was good and i noticed it was based off the books so i then decided to buy the complete series and read all the books and after that i couldnt watch anymore of the series on tv… the books are superb and unfortunately ruined the show for me… but it was great until i read the books… lol

  274. Larry Meyers said:

    This is absolute shame. The books were fantastic and the storylines were faithful to the books for the most part. I really enjoyed the characters coming to life in this series. It always seems like the best ones get cancelled and they keep the really stupid and less interesting shows.

    We can only hope they come to their senses.

  275. Madeline said:

    OMG no u can’t do tht! I love this show it’s my favorite! Plus how can you no how many ppl actually watch it. There are family’s and friends who watch it together because it’s such a fantastic series. You can’t just drop that kind of a bomb on the world. ABC needs to get their act together and put tht show back in! Cuz they just lost a viewer

  276. Teddy said:


  277. Jan said:

    Well it figures that anything I like on TV gets canned. First it was the original Star Trek and I had to wait 20 years for them to revive it. Let’s not hope it takes 20 years for season 3. If there really is no hope for another TV season, all they have to do is get Spielburg to produce a movie to tie up all the loose ends of the story line. I can see it now “Legend of the Seeker – the movie”

  278. lyn said:

    ya i think its bs they can cancel season 3 we rpg players finally find a show that relates to us and now they cancel it i think ABC is a waste of air space now i hope the whole company shuts down and loses money and the owner goes bank erupt why do they decide what goes on and what doesnt oh no there to busy makin reality shows that blow with crying whinning women and no job having middle age men that cant find a women so they go on tv to get laid pfft ABC is a joke go jump off a roof and shuve it ABC bring back our show or forever be the i wanna cry my eyes out reality tv station pfft

  279. Vicmeister said:

    So we watch the Simpson and Family guy and this crap is allowed to show over and over, yet a classy Legend of the Seeker gets cancelled. That is despicable, I am heart broken to say the least. What irresponsible sense of humor to stop a series when it is finally emerging. We all need to boiccot TV.
    Very disappointed indeed.

  280. Srsly said:

    Srsly how does a great show like LOTS get cancelled while trashy shows like Eureka and Warehouse 13 get renewed for 5th and 4th season or whatever the heck they are on now….

  281. AI said:

    I’m am devistated to learn that Legend of the Seeker is over, that show was the highlight of my week. I’m gonna be so lost without it. :(

  282. nono said:

    nooooooooooooooo i was hopeing for a 3rd season. me and my dad were waching it on netflix and we were looking it up and found this and i almost cryed but then i realized im not aloun but i think if abc studios saw this they ould change there mind cuz most fans wat to see wat happens to nikkie,kalian,richerd,zed,and cara just like me. i wish abc studios reads this and changes there mind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    -im really going to miss this show :( :{

  283. yoanag said:

    We are disappointed that no season 3 will be happening. As a first generation Star Trek fan, I was excited to find a series to watch with my son that had some of the same elements. Perhaps in retrospect, the show will be viewed with the same nostalgia. I am SERIOUSLY disappointed there will be no more. Boo!

  284. PapaJoeLoco said:

    Yup. Make way for the so called (scripted and edited) reality shows so many people like. Lets fantasize about shallow self absorbed Hollywood folk instead of watching something creative and imaginative. We live reality everyday and when I watch a show it should be fiction on a level that sparks imagination and fantasy. A world of bad things, and bad people but good somehow prevails. Unlike the miserable spoiled turds on reality shows. LAME!
    I say we ban network television until they get something with substance and bring back shows that were wrongfully axed. Firefly, Dollhouse and Legend of the Seeker for starters. Lets not forget Heroes! “It’s all about the bottom line!” Some tool behind a desk and no personality decides what we like for us. Thanks Guys!

  285. stallionbaby92 said:

    Nooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!! LOTS was my absolute favorite show! They can’t cancel it, there’s still 10+ books to go! Please, please, please bring Legend of the Seeker back!

  286. Meghan said:

    I want the show back.. it makes me sad :( the story isn’t over…

  287. bob uk northeast said:

    please save the legend of the seeker into season-3,my family likes it as well.one of the best shows on tv.i get it on top up tv.it sould be on bbc or c5,itv,c4.

  288. megan said:

    thats stupid!!!! it should continue!! me and my aunt and grandmother love it!! we litterally wait till sat. night 2 watch it!!! and if i cant get to see it my aunt tapes it for me!!! i think it shouldnt be cancelled!!

  289. Candace said:

    NOOOOO what was Rahl going to use nikki for?? was he going to take her han? WTH what am I going to do now that theres no seeker on saterday and sunday. This is the only show other than hells kitchen that I like! PLEASE bring it back!

  290. Ron Hayes said:

    I do believe that if the show stuck more to the books, then it would have lasted a lot longer. I am a huge fan of Terry Goodkinds Sword of Truth series. I have all the books and read them all at least a dozen times. I think I would have liked the show more if I never read the books. The show just took the basic principle of the book and wondered off. So it was kinda of hard to watch the show when you know everybook in detail and see things that didn’t happen in the books and changing some of the peoples roles in the story and even left out crucial parts like the mud people. The sisters of the light were supposed to keep richard longer and not take his power nut learn that he is a war wizard and also he meets his great grandfather nathan rahl, the profet, who is over a thousand years old. I just think that the writers and director should have at least read all of the books first and got a better idae of what they were getting into.

  291. Ernest Junior said:

    why do people sometimes behaves as if they are the most perfect humans on earth. Damn who ever cancelled such an eye catching interesting movie with an extraordinary suspense like that. just like that,damn peeople, grow up and be motivated.

  292. Ernest Junior said:

    Please help complete the movie cos I can`t wait to see wat Rahl is going to do with Nicci, what will happen next. Please help me quench my thirst for the season 3.

  293. JJJJJ said:

    This show sucked. How can you do a show about a book series and not want any help from the actual author. I could not stand watching this poor imitation for the books. Thank you for cancelling it…

  294. Daniela said:

    Please, give us a little hope. Let go the relay 3. The actors will assign themselves to other projects and then a recasting would have to go here. The fact that this then nobody gives is quite clear. Please, composes You over again and takes up the series again. Many fans will owe it You. Lots of love from Germany.


    Sorry for mine in English, it allowed to circumscribe by a translator.

  295. nan said:

    you having to kidding me why is that all of the good shows get cancelled and all of the bad shows stay on. I can’t believe you did not do season 3. cancel something else, but not legend of the seeker it is one of the greatest shows on TV, use your imagination and come up with a new villian

  296. Miranda said:

    It does suck severely, but it truly looks as though there will be no season three, I am afraid. Meanwhile they keep enough crime and hospital shows on tv it could choke a whole fleet of horses. There are virtually no shows that allow for our imaginations to run wild, and teach us the true meaning of hero’s and honor-something few characters project more than Richard Rahl. They would not need to use their imagination at all to come up with a new villian. The show was beginning to hint at Richard needing to face an even bigger battle,and evil then he had up to that point when the Sister’s of the light took him to the palace of the prophets. They were most certaintly hinting at the “Imperial Order” from the “Sword Of Truth” series written by Terry Goodkind (from which the show Legend of the Seeker was based) Let me assure you…Emperor Jagang makes Darken Rahl look like chicken feed. This show could have went on for as many seasons as there are books, and it really does frustrate me!!! Terry Goodkind has even signed on for three more Richard and Kahlan books with Tor, the first to come out in early 2011…he has made the comment that the sword of truth series (which was 13 books long btw) was only a prologue of what was to come Richard and Kahlan’s way…this show could have went on for years. GRR ABC!!!

  297. Miranda said:

    I do believe as you said, that the show would have lasted longer if it followed the books more. Because it would have also had the backing of the uncountable number of SOT fans out there. I discovered the series when i was fifteen, and have read all of them countless times, and they are truly amazing. I do understand why so many of the SOT fans turned from the show, they butchered so many things that I myself almost did so as well. It was excruciating at first that they were not sticking to the storyline. I mean come on, the season finale of the first season was just wrong…seriously people read the first book of the series which the first season of the show was based, read how Richard defeated Darken Rahl, and how incredibly amazing it was in the book- because Rahl stabbing the boxes of Orden and exploding was just dumb. OK MOVING ON…i decided to look at it as new adventures with the characters I have loved forever, and really started to enjoy it by the second season. The actors and actresses portrayed the characters personalities from the books beautifully and that cannot be argued by any fan of the books. Despite understanding the “book” fans rage at the show, I still do not believe it sucked, and that is not something that should ever be said. However, it truthfully lacked in comparisson to the books (although I loved the season finale of the second season) that being said I was still hoping that another station would pick it up, and gear the tv series more towards the books, and that the show would continue. Sad that it wont

  298. Miranda said:

    *also, Sam Raimi was a huge fan of the SOT series and DID read them, before doing the show, just wanted to point that out. :)

  299. Rebekah said:

    So if he was such a “Fan” why did he butcher it? No wonder it was canceled. I haven’t even shed a tear for the show. I don’t care what anyone says, it is NOT a great show. It was mediocre at best.

  300. ajk said:

    To call this show mediocre at best is unbelievable, why would you call it that? Mediocre is buying a toyota camry after all the recalls they have but people still do don’t they? You sir are mediocre because you drive a camry, kill yourself please.

  301. Miranda said:

    Definately cannot call the show mediocre. I am a little surprised fans of the book turned from it so quickly because in my opinion the first season followed major key points of the book pretty well, with some extra things added in there. The only complaint I really had was the power of orden corrupting Richard, and the end of the season finale. The second season really veered off the path of the books, Darken Rahl being Richard’s brother instead of father was not too hard for me to deal with considering Craig Parker made an excellent portrayal. But the swords magic being stronger than Richard, and causing him to kill thousands of people in the ep. “Fury” unnacceptable. implying that Leo was also a “true” seeker, when in the books Richard was the one and only-unacceptable, and finally Richard giving up his han-UNACCEPTABLE!!! Nicci was so powerful all on her own in the books, no idea why they felt they had to have Richard give up his han. STILL the show was an absolute joy to watch the majority of the time, and did not deserve the axe. Still hoping for season three (fingers crossed) But honestly, it will not work with different actors or actresses, not just anyone can portray these characters so hurry up someone please!!!! :)

  302. Rebekah said:

    To AJK: Only ignorant people like yourself drive toyota camry’s. And no I wont kill myself, I love myself to much which you obviously do not. All I have to say to you is get some help!

  303. Rebekah said:

    To Miranda: I did like the show but I didn’t get that excitement I usually got when reading one of the books. That is why I described it as mediocre. I wouldn’t care if it came or went. If they had followed the books more closely, Hell yes I would be very upset if they were canceling. Also I do agree with you about the characters. They can’t be replaced. Although Leo certainly would have made a good Richard. Craig was a bit thin to be playing the seeker.

  304. Miranda said:

    I completely agree that the books are better Rebekah, and hopefully there will still be some epic movies made that follow the books, like in the instance of harry potter, even if the series is renewed. Did still enjoy a lot of the show though personally. It is funny that you mentioned the man playing Leo would make a good Richard, my mother and I both said similar things because Leo looked very much like how you would picture Richard from the books. He even had those amazing gray eyes! *fans herself* I think we tend to forget when we have read all the books that Richard did not start out as the hunky beefcake that he was by the end of the SOT series. Nothing against Craig’s looks but the first season I laughed because Craig Horner looked as though he was twelve, and I remember thinking…oh god, this cannot be the Richard they have chosen. :) He did better at showing me Richard in the second season…more muscles, more facial hair which Richard was “ruggedly” handsome in the books so I appreciated the addition, and it made him look older. Richard being my all time favorite charater from any book or movie makes it really hard for the role to be cast for me. All in all (body size aside) Craig did a good job of showing us some of Richard from the books I think

  305. Miranda said:

    I do have to add though…as handsome as the man is that plays Leo, and as much as he looks like you would picture Richard from the books-I have trouble picturing him kissing Bridgit Reagan, something that was not too hard to watch with Craig ;) (Even when he had spikey modern hair and looked like he was twelve in the first season)

  306. jen said:

    I think they should bring it back theres alot of people and fans in the US that really love its got a good story line to it….my kids even like it…please bring it back..over half the world would love to see this story go on..

  307. ajk said:

    Lol at Rebekah i dont drive cars made after 95, since they have obdII emissions and i could care less about the environment. I like my polluting 11 second Tsi, my rear engined mr2, and my rare and reliable subaru SVX, you drive a camry, just admit it you little square dick. You need too stop giving your opinion on LOS since clearly your talking pure bullshit you crazy tickle me elmo fudge packing trolley licker.

  308. Richard said:

    If you want to kill the world, well the human race will go with it.
    Deal with that Rebekah

  309. Janez said:

    I want season 3. The best show ever!

  310. Rebekah said:

    To AJK: Wow! I haven’t heard such insults since grade school. What are you 5? You really think so little of yourself don’t you? Honestly its people like you who need to leave this post. We are just stating our opinion, SO GET OVER IT!

  311. whogivesashit said:

    Wow, hard to believe. Great story, Great actors, Great backdrop. They definitely need to shoot a season 3, this show is legit.

  312. Hammy said:

    THAT IS SO STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! there has to be another season seriously all of this coments say thaey love this show please do not stop it

  313. Lynn said:

    I just want to add my comment to this list. This show should continue. I really enjoyed watching it on Saturdays. It was one of the only shows on that’s not a murder series like on the other networks. Please bring it back.

  314. Taylor said:

    Why the hell would anyone cancel this show from the looks of it ALOT of people loved it and ALOT still do!!! People have uploaded the series on YouTube and they get alot of views me, my brother, and my sister all watched together and we ate pissed that it is cancelled!!!!!

  315. Richard said:

    the main problem is in the showing and the ratings, not enough people knew about it to watch it. It wasn’t shown on Sy fy or on the Canadian version ’space’ to create a larger fan base.

    It just wasn’t promoted properly since it wasn’t on the right channel either. Not everyone gets HBO anyhow I’ve learned that Space will be airing the two seasons soon.

    I do agree of what most of you are saying, Legend of the Seeker does need to be brought back. Instead of writing here, contact the studio with letters, tell them how much you love it. Dress up as one of the characters, save it before its too late.

    if you really like the series that much then go to the conventions, get noticed by the media that are there.

  316. Mitch said:

    This was definitely an excellent series and should be brought back…

  317. Paola said:

    What a shame, I was so looking forward for the 3rd season….

  318. Lisa said:

    There must be a trend in the last 7 years to cancel good tv shows such as Legend of the Seeker. This is one of the three shows I am pissed off about its early cancellation. Does anyone not know good TV programmng anymore. Why is it so hard to keep a good science fiction show on television these days. Please bring this back!!!!!!!!!!! I was mad that Farscape got cancelled, then Firefly, now this series. Please bring this series back!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  319. Elizabeth said:

    There are not enough good family shows on anymore, unless they’re on cable or HBO, which we do not subscribe. Too bad that all the TV networks only air reality tv and crime shows, which we don’t watch. My four kids, ages 8 to 14, and my husband and I all watched Legend of the Seeker as a family. We really enjoyed it, and if we missed an episode, we’d hook the laptop up to the flatscreen and enjoy it together. We do not watch a lot of tv, but made an exception with Legend of the Seeker. Another good family show bites the dust.

  320. Ryan Clement said:

    This is a sad time for our family of 6. We watched the show faithfully. Please, bring it back. It has been a great bonding expeince for our family.

  321. Georgia said:

    I love the books and I love the show, hopefully there will be too many fans complaining that someone will continue this show. It is great so see what I have imagined in these books play out visually in this TV show. It will be very sad to see it go if it does.
    P.S. The cartoon Avatar the last airbender was another one that ended way too soon. :( lol

  322. Jacob said:

    I am a college student, and I love the occasional TV series. The legend of the seeker is a great show packed with action, love/romance, danger, bravery/heroism, and a touch of comedy. There is no reason why the show should be canceled. I just got finished watching the second season online, and I cant believe its not returning!!! I think that everyone should do something to prove that the show should come back on the air! I agree that the advertisement of the show was terrible! I just heard about it a few months ago and it has been on the air for about 2 years!! If the advertisement would step up their game then so would the fan rating!!! very disappointing, and I think that a donation no matter how small would help to get out seeker and his followers back on the TV!!

  323. Perry said:

    I just found out this morning that LOTS was cancelled!!! I’m mad as hell!!! This is typical ABC thinking again… I think they are one of the companies that wants to do away with broadcast stations and go all cable/satellite. They don’t want to have to pay for station equipment and power to broadcast programming. They did the same thing to NASCAR, where the Race for the Chase was supposed to be broadcast over ABC, now most of it is on ESPN!

    Die ABC, DIE!!!

    LOTS was a great show, an escape from the hell of the current reality that we have in our world, that now we don’t have. I am in love with Kahlan, and I think her and Richard are wonderful together. And even though I sometimes think of Zed as the Train Man, I don’t hold that against him!

    And I agree!!! Just like when Star Trek was cancelled… Look at the Billion or so dollars that Paramount made, thanks to that franchise!

    Bring back the Seeker! Bring back Mother Confessor!!!

  324. Tee said:

    So disgusted that it has been canceled, I just decided to look it up because I figured it should have started back by now, I loved that show..I hope someone will pick up, maybe Scifi

  325. Maryann said:

    Bring back Legend of the Seeker. A grandmom like me can enjoy it with her grandchildren who enjoyed it much as grandma did.

    What is wrong with the people who cancelled it.

  326. Sid said:

    Please Please bring the show Back.i Love the chemistry between Richard and Kahlan.

  327. Please, please bring back the seeker, my sister and I luv it soo much. Why do you always cancel the good programs on TV. said:

    Please, please bring back the seeker, my sister and I luv it soo much. Why do the the good programs get cancelled?

  328. John Van Note said:

    What the hell is wrong with you idot’s at the CW? You put on some ass shows and pull the good ones………………………What!
    Legend of the Seeker not make alot of money for you guy’s? Alot
    of other people love this show and it is the only new show on a Saturday evening that non-sports nuts will enjoy watching as well as alot sports watching fans enjoy,too…Bring back a great show before you lose all the diehards who enjoy it! Donn’t Screw this one up like alot of other people have done before….

  329. Maria said:

    “A Must See”. Hope they bring Legend of the Seeker back. Love this show so much!!!!!

  330. Dale said:

    It’s sad knowing that Legend of the Seeker got cancelled. Such a shame. What’s wrong with you people? You don’t know what a good show is?

  331. Mercy said:

    I do enjoy watching “Legend of the Seeker”. It’s one of the best shows I’ve ever seen!! I am shocked to find out that it got cancelled. I was really looking forward to the new season. Hope they bring it back!!!!

  332. Will said:

    I never knew of this show until about 2 days ago. I watched the 1st episode via Hulu and immediately fell in love with the show. I am currently enjoying the rest of the series 2 seasons slowly because it is heart breaking that such a GREAT show has been canceled and I just discovered it. Hopefully saveourseeker.com and other websites advocating for more seasons will work out. You have my signature to any effort to get this show back up and running.

  333. balla derrick balson said:

    how could peaple remove the best series so far i have ever watched in this world , the third season should come am waiting for it please do not make me bared in this world by cancelling it

  334. Genniveve said:

    I really want to see what Darken Rahl has planned for Nicci and how Kahlan and Richard will spend their time together since Kahlans powers doesn’t effect him any longer. Its a shame they end the show just when it was getting good. I realy wanted to see what challenges they were going to face next…ugh!

  335. Samantha said:

    I think if all those stupid show’s bassed on real life can stay on then you can let legend of the seeker stay. At least this has more to it than all that drama. This show has brought my husband and me together once a week no matter how busy we may be, we would drop everything to watch. So please bring it back (with all the same actors).

  336. crane denise said:

    We are very sad to see legend of the seeker go we enjoyed this show please reconcider.

  337. somric said:


  338. kirubiel said:

    please save the show by any means necessary. this is one of the most amazing show in tv history yet they cancelled it, please people lets persuade them in to changing their mind.

  339. Aimee said:

    Truly sad! But WHY? Love the way it’s made with ‘film’ feel to it. It’s not a typical show you’ll see on TV marketed toward teens and adults alike.

  340. Richard said:

    Please you have to give it a chance for Legend of the Seeker Season 3!!!! Please..please…please..

  341. kelly said:

    I don’t understand why it is cancelled, I meen, there are so many fans of legend of the seeker. and so many save our seeker’s. they just have to give us a season 3.
    I’m reading the books now, and I understand the story is not finished jet. I even made a speaking exam about 1 of the books, and my klasmates loved it to even the girls so that meens something doesn’t it?
    and I don’t understand why they don’t give LOTS in Belgium. if they do they will make much more fans, trust me :)

  342. kathy said:

    Can’t you please find some way to put legend of the seeker back on for a season 3. I have read all the books and there is so much more to the story. I have a 10 year old daughter who loves legend of the seeker. She has thefull first and second season on dvd. It is a show that can relate to so many diffrent age groups and sexes. Please find a way to put it back on.

  343. brooke said:

    This show, is by far my favourite ever. Sure the popularity of the series hasnt sky rocketed as expected, but you are letting down it’s millions of fans by cancelling it. Im purchasing the series dvd’s, and im gutted i’ll never get to watch the final battles and struggles, of the seeker.

  344. steve said:

    i have just recently discoverd the legend of the seeker it is brilliant i cant belive that it has been cancelled it is one of the best shows on the syfy channel in the uk i hope that abc will continue to try to resurect and bring this show back to our screens some times a seconed time around a series can become even more popular as has recently happend with the return of two uk series after being cancelled i mean dr who and a series called primeavel so i hope abc gives it another go

  345. me said:


  346. Chris said:

    If Legend of the Seeker had a different timespot & day to air, I am sure it would have become a hit. Everyone I know who actually watched it, really loved it! I am really bummed, it was my favorite show!

  347. Pato said:

    Legend of the seeker is one of my best tv shows !!

    Actually it’s the best !!

    You must procced with it and continue the show because it is amazing !!

  348. Alejandrina said:

    Boo i dont want it to be cancelled !!
    They can’t ever change any of the original characters either cause it wouldn’t be the same.. even when i wouldnt have time to sit there and watch it i had it scheduled to be recorded !! lol :)

  349. lanie dean said:

    hi i maybe only a young kid but i do love the show legend of the seeker i havent stopped watching the show since i got the disc not to be mean but it was stupid that they didnt make another season and i really love the show i pray every night they will make a new season and these guys are really big idols to me. i cant and you guys saw how many people already posted abc studios should be able to make another season from how many of these guys are dissapointed and im one of them!!!

  350. Rob said:

    What an Awesome show and a great trilogy would only befitting of a Saga of
    such Magnitude. Legend of the Seeker is One of the best shows I have seen and enjoyed
    in quite a while and I would say it will be one of the Best TV series for many years to come.. A Trilogy end to the Story would only do it Just..
    Here’s hoping they consider a Third show for all the FANS…. Legendary

  351. Gil Contreras said:

    Legend of the Seeker is a great show and am saddened that Season 3 was cancelled

  352. hunter said:

    why cant there be another season of legend of the seeker i mean its such a good show me and my friend catherine love it we are so sad well shes more sad she crys over it and she dosent watch like any tv any more she watches it every day and night all night i mean pppppplllleeeeaaaassssseeeee make another season you left it so beautifuly you could show cara finding love and what happens between kahln and richard also renn and zedd not to mestion lord ruhl and all them i mean come on people please I LOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEEE this show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  353. catherine said:

    hey im catherine and you should know my friend hunter we are in LOVE with the show as shown above i cant see why you wont make another season you left it like you can make thousand more episodes here. please make nother seasn because it was honestly the best show in the whole world!im sorry for whoever loves the show as much as we do i feel your pain! and i cant help sayig i hate whoever hates the show!please dont hate me for liking it though! yes i do cry over the show because its dumb that you couldnt make aother season!thank you for letting me post this hope you like it!

  354. hunter said:

    look people who ever dosent like this show is a dush bag.but dont hate me or take afence i mean its a good show in my opinion.please make another season ppppllleeeaaassseee im beging you please

  355. Brendon said:

    Why do all my favourite tv show’s get axed? Legend of the Seeker is my favourite tv series. It once was fire fly, but that got axed too. ABC don’t give up, please! LOTS has million’s of fans, whoever cancelled it is disappointing a very large fan base. Towards the end of the second season over 2 million people were watching it and through word of mouth and just being an all out BRILLIANT! TV series, that number was increasing.

  356. Cathy said:

    How could there not be a season 3. This sho is great. I stood up all night watching it and it stops. Theres more to the story. It should go on.

  357. Bob25 said:

    I just finished reading the sword of truth series and I fell in love with the story!!! I normally don’t like reading but this was so goooooooooooooooooooooooodd!!!!!! It took me a long time to finish reading it but it was so worth it!!!!! I hope that somone will accept legend of the seeker to their station because people will love this show!!! I’m a huge fan and hope u can find a way to get the season 3 on TV!!! Best of luck:)!!!! I love the show will be so happy for another season:)!!!

  358. joe bidley said:

    It the best of the Spartacus, Xenna, Highlander, Lord of the Rings, Hercules, the Rider and Narnia combined!!! I would like to include Harry Potter but there is no sword fight in Harry Potter so I can not include it. What I am saying is – IT IS THE BEST TV SERIES in the WORLD but has the LEAST MARKETING!!! Please don’t let this go..I would like to watch more of LoS!!

  359. anne said:

    LEGEND OF THE SEEKER needs to go on…People want more of it. Everything in this series is just amazing!!!- the story, the place, the characters!!!

  360. sing yu said:

    It the best of the Spartacus, Xenna, Highlander, Lord of the Rings, Hercules, the Rider and Narnia combined!!! I would like to include Harry Potter but there is no sword fight in Harry Potter so I can not include it. What I am saying is – IT IS THE BEST TV SERIES in the WORLD but has the LEAST MARKETING!!! Please don’t let this go..I would like to watch more of LoS!!

  361. Rita said:

    I love this show, I can’t believe they would cancel such an excellent series.

  362. Daniel said:

    I cannot believe how you stupid TV executives make money when you cancal all the good tv shows and leave all the smut on just because it has more sex in it!?! because sex sells right? Your pathetic and I hope one day someone cancels something you enjoy coming home to everyday after a hard days work. I think that LOTS was the best fantasy show ever made and you cut it lose after two seasons because it did not have enough ratings!?! Well just like I told Fox after they cancelled Sarah Conner Cronichles and Dollhouse I will tell you ABC!!!! You all suck donkey balls!!! The seeker shall reign forever!

  363. Giovanni said:

    Why you canceled the Legend…many people love this movie…think about that…don’t be stupid

  364. Carole B said:

    Why you canceled the legend of the seeker? Everybody adore to watch this movie. Its brilliant movie i never seen before and we need season 3, 4, 5, and more… Please. Do not canceled the legend of the seeker. I love Richard and Kahlan… there are great character together and the Wizard Zedd is a Good Magicien. Cara the mord’sith are helping the seeker and his friends. I love the character Cara she hot and ready to help is friend. Soooo… Please… Do not canceled the legend of the seeker. We love them to continue the show. O.K.

  365. Frank N. Westcott said:

    cancelling ‘legend of the seeker’ wouldn’t be a problem but the number of souls that cancellation will put in sorrow including I myself is what we all can’t stand to watch. I dont know how believe that the show is cancelled. I plead to the crew of the show, do something to help the world and our seeker.

  366. Tadeu Mendonça said:

    How many comments do we need to make for you to keep on making the seeker’s movies? Give wht the people want. I am from Angola and I love watching this legend. Please make season 3…

  367. Sam said:

    Everyone in Nigeria is expecting Season three.
    “the medical doctor recommends Seeker Season III for my health”
    Please don’t cancel the show. Don’t make me beg!

  368. angela said:

    I am from The Philippines and I want the LOTS!!!! Do not deprive us of the BEST TV SERIES EVER made!It is like watching the Lord of Rings every time and that means it is an AWARD WINNING TV Series. You can not blame us that there is only “low rating on this movie” or that it was “watched by less viewers” for it was your VERY POOR promotion of the movie that led to its downfall and DEFINITELY NOT THE ACTORS coz they are the best actors EVER!!

  369. JIM said:


  370. Tony Habib Bari said:

    Really why are they going to stop making this good serie ? I watched full Season 1 and 2 and was really hoping for a 3rd one , there are lots of things still there , i mean ,Rahl is still alive ? Nikki is still alive as a captive , and richard and kahlan can finnaly be togather .. IDK about you guys , But my day is ruined , i will really hope they change their mind …. this is a sad day for me. … ..

  371. solidad said:

    LOTS please continue to make more seasons and just put it in your website. I would love to pay to watch each episode on line. Let ABC realize their BIGGEST MISTAKE ever made!! I am sure it will be watched by millions around the world. JUST PUT IT IN YOUR WEBSITE PLEASE..PLEASE…PLEASE… You don’t have to put up with those TV stations. Make your OWN STATION IN YOUR OWN WEBSITE!!! YOU WILL BE THE FIRST TO DO IT!!!! AND I AM SURE IT WILL BE VERY, VERY, VERY SUCCESSFUL!!!!

  372. Ran said:

    You know it is a bunch of BS. This kinda stuff happens all the time. I watch LOTS every time it comes on and Im not working. Happened with Dollhouse and Tru Calling too. Whats next gonna cancel the news? If its a hit keep it going thats how you make money. Give it a prime time slot instead of 11 at night. Get with the program already. Dumb Dumb Dumb

  373. Ran said:

    Thank God I have all the books too. Ive read over and over

  374. Marie said:

    I love this show! Just when I get into a show they always cancel it!! I just don’t understand…this was a good show with good actors and I love everyone of them!! PLEASE..bring back the show, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!

  375. Andy said:

    If they don’t make a season 3 then they are fools to themselves. For those who have read all of the books, you should hopefully agree that there is still yet loads of episodes that can be made to compensate for the rest of the books.

    Fair enough the movies don’t in turn exact the books events, but which film does.

    Make Seeker Season 3.

    Make the Blood of the Fold, the Imperial Order, the SLIPH, Myrwiswith, Grath (cutest but uglyest character ever), Jangang, The Chimes. Sooooo much more could be made.

  376. Fraz said:

    i have seen first two seasons of legend of the seeker. i realy enjoyed the series. plz continue this series…..