Lost 5.13 ‘Some Like It Hoth’ Promo’s


Ken Leung as Miles in Lost 5.13 'Some Like It Hoth'

Here’s the trailer to the next episode of Lost:

Lost 5.13 ‘Some Like It Hoth’
YouTube Preview Image

Episode synopsis:  “After young Ben is reported missing from the infirmary, suspicion mounts among the Dharma Initiative that there are traitors in their midst and Sawyer’s lies about the castaways look set to come undone.

Meanwhile, Miles is asked to deliver a package to a senior Dharma operative as flashbacks reveal how he came to be part of Widmore’s operation to retrieve Ben from the island.

But what is his connection to one of the most important figures in the Dharma Initiative?”


Image of Matthew Fox as 'Jack' on the set of Lost 5.13 'Some Like it Hoth'

Source:  Spoiler TV / ODI

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