Matt Morgan to star in Iron Man 2 and Smallville?

Matt Morgan in talks for Smallville and Iron Man 2?

Matt Morgan in talks for Smallville and Iron Man 2?

According to Wrestlezone, TNA and American Gladiators star Matt Morgan may be in talks to star as a villain in Iron Man 2.  They don’t say much, but according to the report “he can’t talk about it” and “he  attributes the interest in him by casting directors to the work he’s done on American Gladiators. He talks about all the great things that have happened since appearing on the show.”  For some reason the word ‘Rhyno’ came to mind when I read that.

Iron Man 2 isn’t the only super-hero rumor related to Morgan.  According to the same Wrestlezone article he’s also in talks to play Doomsday in Smallville.   The story goes Morgan was trying out for another part that he was too large for, but after trying out they [whoever they are] thought he would make a good Doomsday.   Problem was Dario Delacio was already cast in the part for Season 8.  The work around was to write him in as Doomsday in Season 9.  Or so the rumor goes.

All rumors, nothing official.  I only have one question about this:  do people really care about rumors?

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