New Images From Richard Kelly’s ‘The Box’

James Marsden and Cameron Diaz in 'The Box'

James Marsden and Cameron Diaz in 'The Box'

Director Richard Kelly’s (Donnie Darko / Southland Tales) new sci-fi film The Box tells the story of Norma (Cameron Diaz), Arthur Lewis (James Marsden) and their young child who receive a simple wooden box (with a button) as a gift from a mysterious stranger (Frank Langella). The stranger tells them that the box will magically bestow them one million dollars if they press the button, but that the consequences of doing so will be the death of another person elsewhere whom they don’t know. The movie follows the consequences as they face and act upon their moral dilemma.

This article contains five new images from the film (four more after the jump) and although these particular images might be a tad boring make no mistake, The Box is more of a sci-fi film than you might think (to say any more would ruin it).

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Promotional Image from Richard Kelly's 'The Box'

Cameron Diaz in 'The Box'

The Box

The Box

The Box was originally a 6-8 page short story by Richard Matheson titled Button, Button.  It was published in Playboy in 1970 and then adapted by Matheson for The Twilight Zone in 1985. Richard Kelly’s version is also set in the 70’s (1976 to be precise), and extends the original short story by delving further into the main characters back stories.

Watch the trailer here.
Learn more details from the San Diego Comic-Con.

The Box will be released Friday November 6, 2009.

Source: Spoiler TV

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  1. Jim said:

    I remember the Twilight Zone episode. It was a good hald hour of television. I’m having trouble imagining it as a full-length feature. It’s kind of like “Harper Valley PTA,” a film based on a three-minute song.