Prequel of ‘District 9′

District 9 was rumored to get a sequel but now director Neill Bloomkamp has revealed that he instead plans a prequel! Amidst all the hullabaloo about District 9 turning out to be the first choice of the critics and also the film being nominated for the Producers Guild Award, it is now official that the film will have a prequel and not a sequel as reported earlier. In   interview to the LA Times’ Hero Complex, the director also refuted all news of District 9 being turned into a TV series. A prequel of District 9 would certainly give Neil Bloomkamp the opportunity to make things a little more interesting! What do you all say?

Source: LATimes

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6 Responses to “Prequel of ‘District 9′”

  1. Rosebud said:

    Makes sense. There’s hardly any back story at all in the current film.

  2. magnum40 said:

    i wanna sequel

  3. Prawnkus said:

    YEAH! Bring On The Sequel!!

  4. Brian said:

    Wait why do a Prequel when we need a sequel cause Christopher still has to come back three years later?

  5. Adam said:

    I reckon a prequel would be cool. Maybe a car chase and a chase in the actually mother ship! :)

  6. Anonymity said:

    Why not do both? It would be interesting if they combined the sequel with prequel scenes/elements, perhaps telling the story in reverse, leaving the third act to depict what will happen to Wilkus and the fate Christopher’s return will bring… Or is that too “Hollywood” for this movie?