‘Primeval’ Feature Film Under Development


Impossible Pictures and Warner Bros. are preparing to adapt Primeval to the big screen.

Primeval is a British sci-fi series that follows a group of scientists who track down and capture prehistoric creatures which are breaking through a rift in time to the present day.

The popular series first aired in the UK during 2007 and is now in its third season.  It was created by Tim Haines (who is well known for his creature work on BBC’s Walking with Dinosaurs) and is produced for UK’s ITV by Impossible Pictures, a production company founded by Haines and Jasper James (also of Walking with Dinosaurs fame).

It is not yet known if actors from the television series will appear in the feature film.

Work will begin on the film later this year.

In additional Primeval news, Impossible Pictures are apparently in talks to produce a version of the series specifically for a US audience.

Watch the Primeval Series 3 Trailer:

YouTube Preview Image

Visit: Primeval Official Website

Visit: Primeval (ITV Website)

Source: Broadcast Now

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6 Responses to “‘Primeval’ Feature Film Under Development”

  1. M.A.T. said:

    Ecstatic that there’s going to be two more seasons, I’ve been a fan of Brit sci-fi since I was a kid, and this is the absolute best of the lot (a US production of this show would be complete mess).

    M.A.T. from Canada.

  2. xionay said:

    i LOVE this show. dinosaurs+time travel=win for me
    im praying the movie at least has cameos from the original cast. their the reason the shows just works. As for the setting i hope part of it is at least in England at the ARC….

    and i agree, the us version of this show will fail.

  3. Lana said:

    Love this series and glad to hear it will be continued!I could see Disney or Universal picking up the concept for a “ride”. The creatures look realistic and the actors parts have a natural flow. Highly recommend!

  4. kvzk said:

    Primeval is the best show ever, ive got all the box sets, most of the figeruse and im the biggest fan in britain!!!!! cant wait for the new series!!!!!!! i watch it every night its on on saterdays with my gran!!!! im so excited, cant wait for 2011!!!!!

  5. Sherry said:

    My best friend and I are hooked on Primeval! After watching series one through three, we were pretty sad not to find series four on TV here in the States, and left hanging as to what would happen to Abby, and Conner when they woke up in the morning while in that tree.

    Please keep the series coming!!! It’s the best Sci-Fi story I’ve ever seen, with the exception of Jurassic Park. Albeit Jurassic Park were movies; Primeval had a new episode every week. It was something to look forward to, and talk about later.

    Please keep the same actors from the show in the movie. If you don’t the movie just won’t be the same. The actors have such a great dynamic as a group that no one else can take their place.

    Keep the episodes coming!!!!!!!

  6. Denis William Baillie said:

    I love primevil sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much and I think I am the biggest primevil fan in the world.I cant pick my favourite person because they all play there part sensationally well I watch the series all the time.I cant choose which is my favourite series because they were all so good.Dont stop at series 4 keep the series coming.