‘Star Wars’: R2D2 Projector With Millennium Falcon Remote

Star Wars Coolness: R2D2 Projection System (click to enlarge)

Star Wars Coolness: R2D2 Projection System (click to check it out)

As far as Star Wars collectibles go, this one is awesome – an R2D2 1:2 scale replica mobile entertainment system.

He projects movies, has an integrated iPod dock, works with gaming consoles, plays CD’s and DVD’s, is fully motorized such that he can move in all directions, spin his head, arch forward and back, and everything he does can be controlled from a remote control Millennium Falcon.

Seriously, I want one.

Check out the full details here: Star Wars: R2D2 Projection System

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5 Responses to “‘Star Wars’: R2D2 Projector With Millennium Falcon Remote”

  1. Greg said:

    It is neat… But having the blue panels on top of his head light up like that in a strange touch. He’s a droid, not a jukebox!

  2. Guy said:

    Lol! I want one too, and technically he’s a Droid and a Jukebox hehehe.

  3. Darren said:

    Actually I think the lighting up blue panels are a marketing touch only on the images. Watch the following promo video in which his head clearly doesn’t light up.

  4. Kezz said:

    Super sweet! I want one too. I used to have an R2D2 phone that rang in R2’s voice – that was awesome. Glad to see those panels don’t actually light up – you need the dark of course. Add 1 to my shopping list :D

  5. adam said: