Replica Model of Star Trek’s new USS Enterprise

Scale model and exact detail replica of the new USS Enterprise

Scale model and exact detail replica of the new USS Enterprise

Star Trek fans are going to go crazy over this very cool replica model of the new USS Enterprise from J.J. Abram’s upcoming Star Trek XI.    I don’t know much about this except that it’s a scale model to the exact detail of the new ship design,  it requires batteries (it plays digitized sounds from the movie and has lights), and it comes with display stand that allows you to articulate the angle of the ship.  It looks damn cool and that’s enough for me.

The model ships in March but pre-orders are available now from Entertainment Earth.  No serious Star Trek fan would miss out on adding one of these to their collection.

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9 Responses to “Replica Model of Star Trek’s new USS Enterprise”

  1. Joe Spitzer said:

    Tying to find someone who has disasembled the Stsrship Enterprize Toy from ArtAsylum Diamond Select Toys – want to do the same without destroying it…..

  2. Bryan Weber said:

    This new Enterprise is an eyesore. They should have stuck closer to the original design.
    It looks like what you might get if you asked a five year old to draw the Enterprise after showing them a five second clip of the original series.

  3. Nigel Boone said:

    I agree with Bryan Weber – partially. It’s actually quite elegant: for a sculpture. As a starship it’s rubbish, not functional enough, nor like enough to the original.

  4. Jason Day said:

    I think it’s an excellent design and in the movie it simply rocks.

    Bryan, if a five year old could draw it from a five second clip, then being considerably older with exposure to longer clips, you should be able to design something much better than what is in the movie. Please post a link or accept that this Enterprise is better than anything you could do and admit you’re just an armchair critic.

    Nigel, you sound very experienced with real starships. Might I suggest that if you’re problem relates to the fact that a fictional movie spaceship isn’t real enough for you that you’re problem extends way beyond the latest USS Enterprise design and into a tightly constructed white jacket.

  5. Nigel Boone said:

    Yes Jason, I can honestly, truly say that the Starship Enterprise is not real enough for me. That’s because I am a Star Trek fan. Roll on the discovery of FTL drive! I liked this movie – the script was great, even though it implies the potential non-existence of all the other Captains, all of whose exploits I love watching on TV. The performances were superb, too -Messrs Pine, Quinto and Urban nailed their characters ‘good and proper.’ But if I buy the model kit of that redisign of the Constitution class it’ll be to throw darts at it. Ye cannae beat a Matt Jeffries/Andrew Probert original!! Now nurse Chapel – my straps!! Is that a tall, mute Native American throwing a fridge through that window?

  6. Darren said:

    Lol. I actually like the design too, particularly the chocolate version :P

  7. Jason Day said:

    Nigel, I’m a Star Trek fan too. I’ve watched every single episode since the very first one and most more than once. But I’m going to have to go with Darren on this one – I too prefer the Chocolate one.

  8. Tim said:

    The new enterprise is by far the most attactive design. I would love to know where to find a chocolate one!

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