Roddenberry: Spock’s devil look was meant to provoke women

A letter sent in an answer to fan’ question! In 1973 Gene Roddenberry had sent a letter to a question of his fan about Spock’s devil look. Roddenberry discussed (at length!) the original Star Trek series, describing what the essence of the show was about, why it cancelled, and dropping this tidbit about Spock’s devilish appearance:
“We did think Spock became very interesting to fans, I did purposely give him a slight look of the ‘devil’ because I thought that might be particularly provocative to women, particularly when his nature contrasted so greatly to this. I’ll take credit for formulating Spock and guiding the character, then give as much credit to Leonard Nimoy for making it work, and also credit to the writers who kept it going in many story situations.”
Check out the letter here: .
It’s especially touching to see how much time and concern The Great Bird of the Galaxy spent chatting with viewers back when you had to do it via letters instead of e-mail or Twitter.

Source: Sci-Fi Wire

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