Sci-fi series ‘Lost’ edges closer to its conclusion

Jack, Lost Season 5Lost is an awesome series for many reasons.  Perhaps one of the best things about the series is the way in which it has secretly created more interest in science fiction.  I say ’secretly’ because even after such things as monsters, time travel and vanishing islands have featured in the series many people still don’t acknowledge Lost is a sci-fi story.

It’s amusing to see Lost rope in many traditional sci-fi haters without them knowing it.  Because the series places heavy emphasis on character development, it has managed to successfully mask its science fiction foundation under the ‘mainstream’ appeal of its character driven drama.  By doing so it has effectively nudged potential new sci-fi fans into taking baby steps towards a love of the genre where, ironically, they will discover all good sci-fi is supported by interesting and emotionally involving characters.

Speaking of ‘good’ things, all good things must come to an end and Lost is no different.  Though it may seem like it just goes on and on, Lost is in fact a plot driven story that has a beginning, middle, and a definite end.  The series is already well past the beginning and middle and is now accelerating towards what the executive producers claim is a climax to shock everyone.

From all reports season five is going to move the story along at a faster pace than ever before.  Viewers will be less subjected to flash-forwards or flash-backs than in any previous season as the plot speeds towards a resolution in the sixth and final season.  I’m probably looking more forward to the fifth season than any season prior, mainly because I’m keen to see more of the sci-fi undertone that was alluded to in the very first episode.  The fourth season certainly set up the scene, and reports from the executive producers also indicate the fifth is going to be quite a ride.

Initial reports from those who have seen the opening of the new season (yes, some people have been this fortunate) is that it is not to be missed.  From all accounts it offers three hours of brilliant television (a one hour recap and then two back to back episodes).  So keep the 21st of January (next week) free.

In the meantime you might like to head on over to the Chicago Tribune and read an in-depth interview with the show’s executive producers where they discuss many of their thoughts on the series.  It’s an interesting interview and well worth the read, especially if you want to know a little bit more about how the execs see the series playing out.

Oh yes.  If you didn’t catch the fourth season of Lost, it’s now available on blu-ray.  Get it here.

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