‘Smallville’ Gets the Wonder Twins?

Wonder Twins

David Gallagher and Allison Scagliotti are the Wonder Twins?

David Gallagher (7th Heaven / Phenomenon) and Allison Scagliotti (Warehouse 13) have been cast to appear in the upcoming ninth season of Smallville.

If the rumors turn out correct, it looks like they’ll be playing the characters of Zan and Jayna, aka the Wonder Twins from Superfriends.  Brings back childhood memories…

The first episode of Smallville’s season 9, titled ‘Savior’, will air on the CW Network September 25,2009.

Source: Kryptonsite

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8 Responses to “‘Smallville’ Gets the Wonder Twins?”

  1. OM said:

    “Shape of…a CATASTROPHY!”

    “Form of…an EPIC FAIL!!!”

  2. Kezz said:

    Thought I should note, I’ve been chuckling constantly about this comment for days now, and “EPIC FAIL” is my new favorite phrase. :D

  3. Bubba said:


  4. draco said:

    They managed to get two of the lamest characters from that cartoon for Smallville? Why? The Wonder Twins were more annoying than Scrappy Doo if memory serves.

  5. Darren said:

    That may be so, but it did lead to OM giving us a nice new phrase to play with.


  6. Steven said:

    That is good news! You people need to stop acting like you did not enjoy the “Wonder Twins” and embrace our childhood in live action. I am glad “Smallville” is willing to show characters we could relate to. Now if they could only have Bruce Wayne come to “Smallville” it would be just as interesting as Zan and Jayna.

  7. Gigantografias said:

    Excelente estoy esperando que salga el capitulo 9 de la temporada 9 de smallville

  8. tarjetas personales said:

    la liga americana de la justicia.. excelente episodio