Star Wars Insider Magazine Exclusive Collectors Edition

Star Wars Insider Magazine is on sale at the moment but you won’t see this version on the news stands – the Exclusive Collectors Cover edition is available only through comic book stores:

If you haven’t heard, David Prowse – the original actor behind Darth Vader – is presently suffering the early stages of prostate cancer, and so is literally in a battle for his life.  Being aware of his real life battle makes the content of this issue all the more interesting as it contains a feature that looks back upon Prowse’s legendary Vader performance.

“What I did at the beginning was establish the walk, and then everything else fell into place. I decided how I wanted to make everybody subservient apart from Grand Moff Tarkin. It got to the point where I adopted a quick, purposeful stride, meaning everybody had to trot quickly alongside me to catch up!,” says Prowse in the issue.

It’s an interesting read – and we wish David a full recovery.

To grab yourself a copy of the collectors edition step into your local comic store or use the locator below to find one nearby:

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