‘Stargate Universe’ S01E05 ‘Light’ Trailer and Promo Images

Check out the official synopsis, promo trailer, and images from the Stargate Universe, Season 1 Episode 5 ‘Light’.

All the goodies after the jump.

Official synopsis:

The crew are in close proximity to one of the three planets. Col. Young tells everyone that only seventeen people can go in the shuttle and a lottery will determine their fate.

Promo trailer:

YouTube Preview Image

Gallery of images:

Stargate Universe S01E05 ‘Light’ airs on Friday October 23, 2009.

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10 Responses to “‘Stargate Universe’ S01E05 ‘Light’ Trailer and Promo Images”

  1. jani said:

    awful. “light” is their last chance. after that i won’t watch sgu anymore. it’s not stargate.

  2. JD said:

    SGU is simply brilliant. I suggest you don’t bother with ‘light’, it’s obvious the show is way too good for you.

  3. David said:

    I too am simply blown away by SGU. It is like the Sci Fi PTB gave me the perfect show. I won’t go as far as to proclaim that the show is too good for you, but perhaps Doll House will be more to your liking.

  4. Felix said:

    I was a late SG-1 fan and true hater of the SGA, simply put I blamed the characters, the actors did there thing, but it was trying to be SG-1. This new SGU way better graphics like what you have to the end of SG-1 but different in it own way. The characters make them selves, they just make this it’s own series. I am pleased if your not then do your own thing, we are all different in many ways and I kindly respect your difference in the matter. ELI RULES THE SGU SCENE!!!! lol

  5. TalkingMonkey1 said:

    Nice images, almost as good as the Steppin Out ones, but not quite…

  6. JimboFett said:

    Battlestargate Voyagerverse rules! If you don’t like it it must be over your head!

  7. Moonstar said:

    I am still testing the waters on SG Universe. After the disappoinment with SG Atlantis (only made it through 2 episodes), I am pleased to say that I have watched the first three of Universe. I hope all the political/leadership fighting ends soon and we can start enjoying the possibilities of what Destiny has for us. If I want to watch political intrigue, I have CNN and CSPAN. To expand my imagination’s horizons; I depend on SyFy, Discover, Science channels and their like. I can imagine that it is hard to recreate the charm of SG1 while introducing new story lines…but so far the only character name I remember is Eli (not a good sign). I wish this show much luck, I hope it is around for years.

  8. Movied said:

    I must agree with Moonstar. At the same time I am trying to put myself in the shoes of these other viewers that they are trying to attract and see where they are going with this new approach. I hope for them that its worth the risk. Out of all the stargate movies and DVD that i have bought and seen i have never felt the need to forward coz every moment was important to watch.But in Universe i want to be positive, patient and hope for the best.

  9. nath said:

    the thing i love most about stargate in general is the idea of the ancients being our ancestors and findin a ship millions of years old thats gone round galaxy’s depositing stargates makes alot of sence and i think in this series we r gonna get a lot of those unanswered questions …answered

  10. chris said:

    I have enjoyed all of the stargates. This one is a culmination of all of them together. Less politics though, but the stories will fill in all the needs we humans need. Its great, watch it and enjoy.
    Do yourself a favour and have fun.
    You can watch and enjoy this all the time.