‘Stargate Universe’ S01E18 ‘Subversion’ Preview Clips and Images

Check out the official synopsis, promo trailer, and images from the Stargate Universe, Season 1 Episode 18 ‘Subversion’.

All the goodies after the jump.

Official synopsis:

Earth’s Stargate Program isn’t the only group in the Milky Way that’s interested in the Ancients’ Destiny. What’s worse, this long-time foe may have a spy among those closest to the Icarus project.

Promo trailer:

YouTube Preview Image

Gallery of images:

Stargate Universe S01E18 ‘Subversion’ airs on Friday May 21, 2010.

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2 Responses to “‘Stargate Universe’ S01E18 ‘Subversion’ Preview Clips and Images”

  1. Dawn Shrewsbury said:

    My husband doesn’t believe me that the woman in the pics is Kate Beckinsale. Please verify this for me.

  2. Shawn said:

    Your husbant is correct. It is Rhona Mitra – however, she did play Sonja in the most recent Underworld installment: Rise of the Lycans.