Sterling Beaumon Sheds Some Light On ‘Lost’


Jon Gries (Roger Linus), Sterling Beaumon (young Ben), Horace Goodspeed (Doug Hutchison) in Lost

Lost’s Sterling Beaumon (aka young Ben) has offered TV Guide a few teasing hints relative to the time travel storyline and has answered two nagging questions that have been on many fans lips:  Can they change the future and how old is young Ben anyway?

If you haven’t seen last week’s episode of Lost (5.10 ‘He’s Our You’) then you probably won’t want to read on from here as this contains spoilers.  If you have seen it, then you’re safe to read on although there are some answers offered up that you might still consider to be spoilers (that’s a small warning right there – it might even be fair to say these are major spoilers). Anyway, you’ve been warned…

In the interview Emerson says that Sayid’s shooting of young Ben might end up being the scene with the greatest significance of any on the show.

“It will be talked about quite often. That scene may have the greatest significance of any on this show,” says Beaumon.

He hints that the time travel element of the series might be about to get very interesting by commenting on whether or not the future can be changed:

“Well, if you go back in the season to when they first met up with [Amy], they tell Daniel, “We can’t interfere, because we can’t change time,” and Daniel says, “It doesn’t matter now, because we’re stuck here.” So now they can change time. So that big older mean Ben that we know very well may not even exist.”

And how old is young Ben?  Some people believe young Ben is too young for the year the series is now set in…but is his age actually correct?

Yes, I was just reading the message boards — I know, I’m so bad — and there are some things I want to address. For example, Ben arrived on the island in 1974, when he was 12 years old. Now it’s three years later, so he’s like 14 or 15. When Sayid refers to “12-year-old Ben” [in the episode "He's Our You"], he just didn’t know. They will later say how old I really am. Also, some people are thinking that Ben killed his dad in the van fire that he set; he didn’t. Older Ben killed his dad in, like, 1995. Those are just a few things I’m seeing out there.

You can read the full interview at TV Guide here.

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