Terminator Salvation Game – Play Online Free

Terminator Salvation Game

Sony have launched a free online Terminator Salvation game – at least, that’s what it’s meant to be.

First I tried to register, but nothing happened except the cool music kept playing.  Then I tried to play as a Guest, but the same thing happened – it kept up with ‘Connecting’ but after endless waiting nothing happened.

The music was cool though…

Anyway, I thought maybe it was a problem with Firefox, so I tried Chrome.  Nup.  I then tried Internet Explorer.  Nup.  So basically Sony have launched this game and I can’t play it so I can’t write about it.   The introduction looked cool though.

I’ll try to connect again another day, but in the meantime maybe you’ll have better luck than me (if so, please post a comment!):


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16 Responses to “Terminator Salvation Game – Play Online Free”

  1. FilmEdge said:

    Odd, this is the first report I’ve heard of trouble either registering or playing the TERMINATOR:SALVATION online game. I’ve never encountered a problem in Firefox. Hopefully you’ll have better luck soon.

    Meanwhile, I wrote up a full article at my site — you’re welcome to share it with your readers, or link to it if you prefer.

  2. Darren said:

    Yeah, odd, and also it continues. I’m unable to get past the !Connecting message again today.

    Also posted an article linking to your review, thanks for that!

  3. anyme said:

    Same problem. What the heck? Do they even have anything beyond connecting..? Waste of time waiting for nothing to happen

  4. Darren said:

    Yeah, I’ve never been able to play it. No idea why, just the same problem no matter what browser, time of day…no explanation.

  5. Ir.K said:

    Same thing! So weird! I need to know how to play because I am dying to see what it’s like! the introduction was cool. Anyway, if you have any answers about this problem I would like to know

  6. Darren said:

    Unfortunately I actually gave up trying….

  7. Wazzar said:

    Logged in to it today.

    Created account and started up in less than a minute total.

    Team-play 1/1 1/1/1
    Pvp as above I guess.

    Have yet to play the game as I am at work LOL

  8. EV3RY said:

    I got connected within seconds although the game is not great but is ok for a freebie I suppose.

  9. julio said:

    diss game is a good game you cot chat

  10. julio said:

    good game is this ha

  11. billi said:

    won’t let me connect sometimes but some time you can connect you just get to get lucky but if u play it it will amaz u =]!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. no indetity said:

    this game so best and cool…like counter strike…i like it….

  13. fart mcfart said:

    i played the game and its boring because udont have any levels u cant upgrade anything so i dont like it

  14. vikash gupta said:

    i like it

  15. vikash gupta said:

    i like it.

  16. $id said:

    hi thise game is very uniq game
    i can’t say in any word