Thai ‘District 9′ Posters Look More Like ‘District 10′

Misleading images from Thai posters for 'District 9'

Misleading images from Thai posters for 'District 9' (click to enlarge)

The images above are clipped from two Thai posters promoting District 9.

If you’ve seen District 9 then you would know that these images are completely misleading.  One makes it look like the film includes an army of mech-robots whilst the other makes it look like the mechs are giants supported by multiple mother ships.  Both combine to infer the film is about an alien invasion of mega-proportions which, of course, it isn’t.

I can’t help but think these images are what we’d be expecting to see in the potential sequel District 10 than they are District 9

Full posters after the jump.

Source: Cinematical / Images via IMP Awards

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