‘The Box’: Two New TV Spots

Warner Bros. has released two new TV Spots for Richard Kelly’s The Box.

The Box tells the story of Norma (Cameron Diaz), Arthur Lewis (James Marsden) and their young child who receive a simple wooden box (with a button) as a gift from a mysterious stranger (Frank Langella). The stranger tells them that the box will magically bestow them one million dollars if they press the button, but that the consequences of doing so will be the death of another person elsewhere whom they don’t know. The movie follows the consequences as they face and act upon their moral dilemma.

Watch them both after the jump.

TV Spot – Opportunity

TV Spot – Second Chance

The Box will be released Friday November 6, 2009.

Visit the Official Website: http://thebox-movie.warnerbros.com/

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One Response to “‘The Box’: Two New TV Spots”

  1. Heidi Winston said:

    Asimov also wrote a short story titled “Button, Button” – the title of Matheson’s short story on which the film was based; I haven’t read it, but from the summary (mind-control,moral decisions about obtaining money, the evils of the miltary – see article on Wikipedia) it sounds as if it bears some relation to the movie – does Matheson or Kelly give Asimov any mention or credit for his story?