Third Stargate SG-1 movie in the works

Richard Dean Anderson will star in the third Stargate SG-1 movieAlthough the first Stargate SG-1 movie (The Ark of Truth) was a little lack luster, after watching the second Stargate SG-1 movie (Stargate Continuum) I’ve been very eager for a third movie.  After all, Stargate Continuum was brilliant.  Good news is Stargate SG-1 co-creator Brad Wright is working on it.  Bad news is, we’re going to have to wait until at least 2010 for it to hit our screens.

Though the third movie has no title yet, word is the film will focus on Jack O’Neill.  Yep, Richard Dean Anderson will be back in the lead role.  O’Neill’s character is cool, but between you and me, I’d prefer he wasn’t going to be the pivotal focus.  His time has come and gone in my view and, just like in Stargate Continuum, I personally would prefer to see him only as a guest star these days.  Yet, I can’t complain entirely.  The second word is that Claudia Black won’t be in the next movie, so no Vala Mal Doran.  I’m not unhappy about that, because whilst she’s mildly amusing, overall she’s the most annoying thing about SG-1 in my view.  It might be just me, but I didn’t go for her in Farscape either, so a movie length SG-1 without her presence is music to my ears.

The next movie is being written by Brad Wright and Stargate Atlantis writer-producer Carl Binder.  Given how much I’ve enjoyed Atlantis, especially in the last couple of seasons, I’m pretty pleased to hear that.

There is a little let-down though.  Although we’re getting an SG-1 movie made for DVD,  Stargate Atlantis Executive Producer Joseph Mallozzi has stated that MGM won’t or at least haven’t committed to a theatrical release film.  Maybe they are scared of spending money, or maybe they want a different team of production talent behind any big-budget Stargate film.  Whatever the case is, the powers that be are holding off on a big budget Stargate film for now.  And that bites.

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10 Responses to “Third Stargate SG-1 movie in the works”

  1. Candy said:

    Richard Dean Anderson will never go as long as he has the fan group he now has. He was the Stargate’s main francise and still is. He has had enourmous sucess in 3 major TV series. I read letter after letter wanting to see more of him. You think when a person gets older, no one cares or wants to see a talented man again on the screen. Well think again. There are a lot of people out there that appreciates and enjoys RDA. I personally stopped watching SG1 when he left. It just held no interest.

  2. mange said:

    i agree with candy another stargate film with rda in the lead role is great i also stopped watchin when he left so another stargate bring it on.

  3. Dan Gibson said:

    Just a little heads up for the exec(s) and cast of Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis. You are still very, very much needed. I understand the fear of being typecast and not wanting that to happen. But today when kids…and (adults) need heros, (real or imaginary) and people to believe in More Than Ever, throwing in the Towel or in this case Stargate Uniform is a Big Mistake. You will always have chances to play other roles and proove your abilities which in this writer’s opinion you need not worry about. You have already prooven yourselves many times over. But continuing to give hope to the millions of fans that maybe there are some decent people out there, through your roles in Stargate and Stargate Atlantis, I can think of far, far worse ways to end a career than that. As A Fan and A Friend…Love and Happiness to all of you.

  4. keir said:

    does colonel Jack’o'neil survive every series

  5. keir said:

    i can’t beileve my new step dad didn’t tell me about the stargate atlantis i mean he told me all about stargate and he didn’t tell me about atlantis i found out about it in a magazine

  6. Rose said:

    I personally love Richard Dean Anderson as Jack O’Neill and am super excited about a third Stargate movie with him as the lead role. I lost interest and wasn’t excited about Stargate when he left the show. I just thought that Stargate wasn’t Stargate when he left. He gave so much to the show and when he left it just wasn’t the same. I’m a huge Stargate fan and the thought of RDA coming back as a lead role in a third movie makes me really happy.

  7. Dale B. said:

    I too was saddened to see SG-1 bite the dust as I was among the many following that the show had amassed over the years. I always looked forward to seeing each new episode of it every week. Then the powers that be pulled the plug for whatever reason, and voila, we got Stargate Atlantis, which by the way I started watching since there was no more SG-1 to watch. And we know what happened to it also, but only sooner, 5 seasons later, it was pulled off the market, again, for whatever reasons. And I really enjoyed watching Atlantis after a while, and had become a dedicated fan of it. But now, we have SGU, but it is so off in a very dark different direction than the other 2 shows, that it is very difficult to sit and watch thus far. I am trying to keep an open mind about it, as I feel that some form of SG is better than nothing. But realistically I so miss the old SG-1 and its characters. They clicked so well together. Naturally I look forward to the upcoming release of the 3rd direct to DVD SG-1 Movie, and will add it to my collection. I just want the powers that be to know that I for one will continue to support the SG-1 franchise as much as I can, and hopefully I am not alone and that the sales of this next DVD will tell a good story, showing that their is still a large fan base for SG-1. The writing, and acting was just so good in that show, not to mention the O’neill sense of humor.

  8. billy mac said:

    INDEED!! Huge fan off sg1 gutted it was cancelled glad there at least doing movies an i’m looking foward to the next one, liked the direction they took atlantics, and keeping an open mind on universe but my heart is still sg1.

  9. Mr ryan said:

    omg with jack in it it is going to be awesome sauce an instant win. and i probaly dont agree with you on claudia not being a great character i loved her in it. yes mainly because i love farscape but i loved the part she played that of course is my opinion. it would be awesome if they could of had all the sg1 cast in it would make for a great movie.

  10. Julie Merritt said:

    I am a fan of Actor Bill Bowder of Stargate SG-1. Hope he will be in other shows. I hope in the next movies of Stargate SG-1 they will have his character romantically involved with someone like Claudia Black.