Tom Baker To Return To Doctor Who?

Elisabeth Sladen (Sarah Jan) and Tom Baker (the 4th Doctor Who)

Elisabeth Sladen (Sarah Jan) and Tom Baker (the 4th Doctor Who)

In what is possibly the coolest news so far this week, the Daily Express reports that Tom Baker may return for a cameo appearance once Matt Smith takes over from David Tennant as the new Doctor Who

Insiders on the popular sci-fi series say discussions have already been held for the now 75 year old actor to return alongside Elisabeth Sladen (aka Sarah Jane Smith). Sladen first appeared with the 3rd Doctor (played by the late Jon Pertwee) and remained in the series with Tom Baker’s incarnation until 1976.   

Tom Baker is the longest serving Doctor Who having played the fourth Doctor for seven consecutive seasons from 1974 to 1981.   He has also appeared in a number of Doctor Who documentary specials since his final appearance in the series 28 years ago.  

At this stage the BBC have not confirmed the newspaper report.

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7 Responses to “Tom Baker To Return To Doctor Who?”

  1. tracy said:

    i know when tom was at the time quest event on march 7th he said he would concider if they asked him nicely and the script was ok i dont read the papers and think they are full of crap so untill i see it then i will beleave it tom is at a shop signing in may im going so i might ask tom what the lateest is

  2. Darren said:

    I would hope by May we’d already know the answer, but if not, I’ll look forward to hearing about your experience at the signing!

  3. kage said:

    The thought of Tom Baker coming back to Doctor Who, even for a cameo, is SO bloody exciting! Hopefully this time it’s for real (as it’s been rumoured before)… I wonder if it’ll be as The Doctor.. or ‘a doctor’… [Scene: Matt Smith's new incarnation of the doctor is wheeled into the emergency room of a london hospital after his regeneration... As he comes to, he tries to focus on this figure in a long coat standing over him... Suddenly a deep, booming voice can be heard.. "You're going to live," the blurry figure quips, matter-of-factly... The 11th doctor struggles to speak.. "Who.. who are you." ... Our new doctor's eyes finally focus in on the mysterious figure watching over him.. Wearing a white medical doctor's frock and stethoscope placed around his neck in typical medical doctor fashion, the recognizable figure gives an equally recognizable toothy smile, "Why, I'm the doctor... jelly baby?" -- end of scene 1]

  4. Alan Mustaphi said:

    what happened to tom baker and sera jane smith

  5. Alan Mustaphi said:

    Tom Baker and Elizabeth Sladen

  6. sanddra said:

    Bring back Peter Davidson forget about Tom Baker YUCK

  7. Bambi said:

    Eeeee! Kage, I love that! LoL