True Blood’s Maryann: As Malevolent as a Meat Eating Human

Michelle Forbes is Maryann in 'True Blood'

Michelle Forbes is Maryann in 'True Blood'

If you think True Blood’s Maryann is a sinister, evil character, think again.

In a recent interview with Black Book Mag the actress that brings Maryann to brilliant life, Michelle Forbes, gives her take on the character, explaining that from her perspective as a vegetarian, Maryann is no more malevolent than that of a human who eats animals.

From Black Book Mag:

In the past you said that the character’s barbaric nature isn’t necessarily due to any evil predisposition, but because she lives in a different moral construct than us. Having seen how brutal she can be, do you still maintain that?

I do believe that she’s a character that’s all about perspective. If you think that this is an immortal being. She’s been around since the beginning of time. She’s lived in certain periods of our humanity, where there were people who would sit and watch other men tear each other apart for sport. Children were sacrificed. It’s not unheard of in history. In her mind, she’s seen it all. I think what’s great about the storyline is that it challenges our belief system. You and I can sit here in 2009 and say it’s outrageous that someone would sacrifice humans. My belief system, as a vegetarian, can’t believe that animals are being sacrificed. I stand by that in Maryann’s mind, there’s nothing malevolent. She has a different way of looking at the world.

Nice one!

Read the excellent full interview at Black Book Mag.

The next episode of True Blood, S02E11 ‘Frenzy’, airs on HBO Sunday August 30, 2009.

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