Warner Bros. Acquires Rights To Make ‘Primeval’ Movie


Almost a month ago we reported that Impossible Pictures and Warner Bros. were in talks to adapt Primeval to the big screen.  Now it’s official as Warner Bros. have announced they’ve acquired screen rights to Primeval in a reported high-six-figure-deal.

Primeval is a British sci-fi series that follows a group of scientists who track down and capture prehistoric creatures which are breaking through a rift in time to the present day.

The popular series first aired in the UK during 2007 and is now in its third season.  It was created by Tim Haines (who is well known for his creature work on BBC’s Walking with Dinosaurs) and is produced for UK’s ITV by Impossible Pictures, a production company founded by Haines and Jasper James (also of Walking with Dinosaurs fame).

Akiva  Goldsman, who scripted the Ron Howard-directed Angels and Demons with David Koepp, will hire a writer to draft the screenplay.

Kerry Foster, Akiva Goldsman and Emily Cummins will produce the new film.

“There is a solid mythology to the series, but the movie has the dinosaur element of Jurassic Park and the time travel element of Lost, and it just feels like the kind of big movie that Warner Bros. does well,” Foster said.

It is not yet known if actors from the television series will appear in the feature film.

If you’ve never seen Primeval, here’s  a taste:

YouTube Preview Image

Source: Variety

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4 Responses to “Warner Bros. Acquires Rights To Make ‘Primeval’ Movie”

  1. Danny said:

    Awwww i would have liked to have season 4 and 5 and thena movie lol but i guess a movie is better then just leaving abby and connor in a tree lol

  2. Kate said:

    Well.. I hope in this movie that they keep the original cast of the primeval tv series!! It would be a great shame if they got new people to do it. I mean if they kept everything as it is but just make a bigger plot and make it longer.. Then I can’t wait to see it! :) After all the actors have made the show it is today!x

  3. Trav said:

    It would be a real shame if the cast was changed. I don’t think I would go and see a feature film that didn’t have the cast I have grown accustomed to. Other wise it’s great news to hear that there will be new episodes. Leaving it with Abby and Connor in a tree was somewhat rude for us fans lol. :)

  4. Sam said:

    I am a staunch fan of Primeval and was not surprised that they initially decided to discontinue. It appears that someone does not review or watch reviews on the series that are presented on TV. We, as a family enjoyed the show because it offered a variety of different approaches to a scientific subject and gave us many choices from which to choose. It was entertaining and full of surprises but we failed to see the need to kill off several of the primary characters of the show.