Wolverine’s Jacket From the First ‘X-Men’ Movie

Wolverine's Jacket from the first 'X-Men' Movie

Wolverine's Jacket from the first 'X-Men' Movie

Before I say more, yes I’m aware this photo of Wolverine is from X-Men Origins: Wolverine and not the first X-Men movie. After searching and not finding an image quick enough I decided it really didn’t matter too much.

To be clear, this collectible is modeled on Wolverine’s Jacket from X-Men and not the one in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. But it’s close nonetheless.

Now that we’ve cleared that up, this replica jacket is advertised as having been “extensively researched and replicated using only the finest authentic materials as worn in X-Men, the first movie of the blockbuster trilogy” and as “the only jacket replicating all details and approved by both Marvel and 20th Century Fox.”

The jacket is fully lined and made of heavy grade genuine leather with leather accents, then distressed by hand. By “distressed by hand” they mean the jacket has been handcrafted to look worn, like its been through Wolverine’s battles.

Features heavy duty zippers and a custom X-Men sew in label and custom liner as well as certificate of authenticity.

As an added bonus, the jacket includes a real metal dog tag and chain that match the one worn in the film by Wolverine.

Sold only as a set, the jacket and dog chain can be used as a display collectible or worn for real. Whatever tickles your collecting fancy.

Check it out at Entertainment Earth.

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4 Responses to “Wolverine’s Jacket From the First ‘X-Men’ Movie”

  1. Paul said:

    If I want to buy it, how much does it cost?

  2. ben said:

    this jacket doesnt look like the one from the film really , even if you compare the two pictures you can see the arm strips are too far down the arm and also the orange at the bottom of the jacket should be right at the bottom there shouldnt be the brown part underneath look for yourself they are not the same

  3. ben said:

    i have just seen the above jacket and there are some very clear differences between the original and your one if you make them yourself i would be happy to show you how to correct theses errors in order to have a better product

  4. Daryl said:

    First to Ben I would like to say, you are correct sir, the jacket in the picture is not the same but it does say below it that the picture is from the origins movie, and the jacket is a remake from the one he wore in the first x-men movie so in that sence it is the same jacket.Second, I have been looking for this jacket since the first movie came out and I have to say that I could not be more pleased so thank you.Oh and to Paul, you can find all three jackets at Westedleather.com and it will run you about $260 for either one, hope you find the one your looking for, I know I did.