‘Doctor Who’: Casting News


Today, on January 6th, filming for the Matthew Graham-penned episodes five and six of Doctor Who returned to Cardiff Castle, and that is exactly where three of the show’s guest stars have been spotted on-site in the story. Read the latest casting news after a jump! View the rest of this article »

11 Sci-Fi TV Shows We Look Forward To In 2011

Are you wondering what the TV shows the Sci-Fi channels will bring to us this year? Have a look at the most looked-forward-to TV series for the new 2011 year after a jump! View the rest of this article »

Hunger Games Audition Movie: Short Film ‘Katniss and Rue’

With casting for The Hunger Games series upcoming at the very begining of 2011, young actors and actresses, as well as their agents, are preparing to storm the casting directors just to get an audition for one of the roles in the movie. John Lyde from MainStay Productions has created a short film ‘Katniss and Rue’ which serves as an audition piece for The Hunger Games movie and put it on youtube. So could we possibly presume that Katniss and Rue might already have been found? Watch the short film and read about the young actresses after a jump! View the rest of this article »

January Jones On Playing Emma Frost in ‘X-Men: First Class’

January Jones

January Jones who is known, above all, for the Betty Draper’s part in Mad Men, is starring as Emma Frost in X-Men: First Class - a prequel to X-men that is scheduled to opening in theatres on June 3, 2011. Read on after a jump to get some glimpses of January’s interview about playing Emma. View the rest of this article »

‘Smallville’: New Season, New Poster

To the joy of its multiple fans, the Smallville series return from the midseason break later this month – on January 28th. The show will launch its final season, and a new poster has already been released. Have a look at the poster and read about the mystery it holds after a jump! View the rest of this article »

‘Monsters’ Director To Direct ‘Godzilla’


Monsters director Gareth Edwards will direct the  Godzilla reboot. Does he seem the right man for the job? Let us have a look! View the rest of this article »

Top Film Events of the Week: Midnight Movies Galore, Ben Affleck & ‘The Thing’

Now that the holidays’ fever has gone, it is high time we took a closer look at what’s on in the movie theatres around the U.S. Even though this week’s offerings do not really seem very abundant, still let us have a look at what’s on! Read after a jump. View the rest of this article »

‘Stargate Extinction’ Is Extinct?

With the recent cancellation of Stargate Universe by SyFy, the brakes have been put upon whatever progress the Stargate franchise (including Startage. Atlantis) had made before, and the movie is now being shelved. Are there any good news at all? Read on after a jump! View the rest of this article »

Primeval Prequel Episodes


If you cannot wait for the return of Primeval whose fourth season comes back on the first day of the new 2011 year both in the UK and the USA, then this post is for you as it features five prequel webisodes of the show! Watch them after a jump. View the rest of this article »

Andrew Garfield On Production Of ‘Spider-Man’


Read some key parts of Andrew Garfield’s interviews to London’s Capital FM and BBC News during which he talks about Marc Webb’s Spider-Man reboot. It was during his first day of shooting when Andrew and his co-star Emma Stone learned of their respective nominations (Stone’s for her performance in Easy A).

View the rest of this article »